Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Podcastus Disneyii Interruptus

Well, folks, my string of nearly 7 months of consecutive podcast updates will sadly be broken today. I got the first half of November's updates completed and was doing a quick turnaround on Monday to get the 16th-30th done and posted. I started at the end of the alphabet and was had gotten up to the mid-M's (around 25-30 podcast shows by my estimate). I decided to quit for a while and clicked on "save" on Word.

Word shuts down on me while trying to save.


Okay, I have the autorecover function going on Word...it had to have saved at least once in the 1.5 hours I had been working on it.





I went to the root directory where the autorecover files are stored, and it's empty.

With the week I've been having, I almost started crying.

Then I remembered: HEY! The episodes I had deleted from iTunes are still in the Recycle Bin. I go in there and try to restore an episode of MouseStation back to iTunes.

Yeah...didn't work. Nothing showed up.

So here's the case: I have a number of shows that I no longer have. While I do have quite a bit from the first half of the alphabet, I feel like I can't give full updates to only them and leave the others hanging, so I've decided to *sob* forego doing updates for that two-week period from November 16-30, 2009. I'll try to recall some of the highlights though:

  • WaltCast had an interview with Lee Cockerell!
  • WDW Today had me nearly crying from laughter at both the "What to Do on Attractions" and the "Secondary Park Icons" episodes (a bench, Len...seriously???).
  • Gordon said "BLECH" a lot in his show on dissecting a 20 mile run with a calf blowing up on you (and had me cracking up in the process...sorry, Gordon, but hearing you say that just made me laugh).
  • Mike and Mark did a good recap of one of our favorite attractions: Mickey's Philharmagic.
  • Van is being classic Van on his Netcot shows (love his sense of humor).
  • OH LOU! does it yet again with an awesome interview with Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry on their collaborative Peter and the Starcatchers books.
  • BMSLou gives some more great video from his recent trip down there.
  • DISCast did a review of Touringplan's new Lines App
  • Matt and Nate did an amazing interview with Henry from Touringplans and also with Shawn and Katie from WaltCast on the same show.
  • MouseStation did a recap on their MouseAdventure. Coupling this show with one of the shows from Disney, Indiana where Scott and Tracey talk about volunteering for the Adventure shows just how much work went into it. Sounds like an amazing event!
  • MouseDroppings...Keegan meets up with the Esquire...'nuf said!
  • Tom Corless and the WDWNT crew did a Timekeeper episode...I never got to see that attraction.
  • Ricky's Inside the Magic had a show with a couple of early reviews of The Princess and the Frog and gives some interesting ideas about the show.
  • Mike, Rikki, and the Be Our Guest crew had a really good interview with Len Testa on why he is how he is.

Trust me, there are other shows that had some great material. If I recall them, I'll add them here so that they can be searchable by the web engines.

Sorry folks...I don't like doing this. Believe me, I like seeing the searches hitting the blog and people clicking through to the podcasts to download - the blog is doing what I hope it does. Barring another snafu, I'll start working on getting caught up with December after the holidays.

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Timberline said...

Nooooo! :-( So sad! Sorry that happened to you, Mush. We appreciate all your hard work, as always! Hope you and your family are having a wonderful Holiday season.