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WDW Family Trip, December 2008, Day 6, Part 2: Fun With Friends

Part 1 is located HERE.

After a few minutes of just standing and watching the silverback, we exit the queue and start walking around. King Louie is out, and Eric wants to see him. Aaron decides he's too cool to do that and heads over to the drums. Sheri stays with Eric while I go across the path to watch Aaron.








Aaron, meanwhile…





Eric gets done and…





It was so quiet that they could have played the drums for a half hour and not gotten in anyone's way. We get done with that, and I do everything I can to steer them to either FOTLK or Nemo, but I got 2 "nos" from the ones that aren't old enough to vote yet. We then decide to shoot for something else we haven't done yet…Rafiki's Planet Watch. We head over to the train station and have about ten minutes before the train arrives. We have a good chat with a CM there who wasn't afraid to tell it like he saw it. The train arrives, and we're on our way. It was neat seeing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff from Safaris, but, at the same time, it kind of takes away from the effect of the attraction (kind of like seeing the parks from Google Earth or something, where you see the service entries and bays and stuff).



We arrive at Planet Watch and stop at the Kids Discovery Club there for the boys to have a little fun. They get their stamp, and we head into Conservation Station. As we walk in, we see a couple of Dream Team members talking by the entrance. We extend pleasantries and walk by them into the building. We look around a little and see Jiminy Cricket posing for pics. We know he's a rarity (we stumbled across him once at AK during the Moose Meet), so we get a couple of pics:





After this, we headed into the viewing room where we can see surgeries going on. Today, they are giving birds physicals. As we get there, we hear a lot of people in the building start a commotion…apparently, the Dream Team was passing out Dream Fastpasses to everyone. I felt bad because there was a Q/A going on with the vets one moment, and a ghost town the next. We stayed and watched for a couple more minutes as we had already done Safaris, we weren't going to do Dinosaur, and only one (likely) or two (possibly) of us would do EE. While it would be a cool souvenir to have, we decided to pass on getting in line for the Dream Fastpasses so someone else who could use them more could get better use out of them.



We walk out to Affection Section…eeeehhhh…skipped it. We decide to head back to the station to make our way back to the rest of the park. It's around 11 now, and we have ressies at noon at Rainforest CafĂ©, so we have a few minutes to waste. We head over to Camp Minnie-Mickey for the character trails but notice that most of them are pretty full, except for Chip and Dale, who were not on the trails but on a pavilion near FOTLK. We hop in line for them. A couple of minutes later we see Donald walking up his trail in tears (it's amazing how he can be in tears when he can't cry…props to the character CMs!!) because nobody is in line for him. He successfully stole a few away from the line we were in. Chip and Dale go in for a quick break and come back out…we see them a couple of minutes later, despite Aaron's protests:





We still have a little bit of time before our ressies, so we meander around a little (my apologies to Jeff Falvo aka "Jeff from Houston", who calls himself the Meandering Mouse on a popular Disney podcast, but "meandering" is the best way to describe what we did). As we meander, DD texts me, and we start to plan our rendezvous for that night at Epcot.



We have the typical meal at Rainforest…when you're not in Disney World, Rainforest is a neat place to visit. When you go to a RFC in WDW, however, you can't help but compare, and it's apples to oranges. Still, it's got decent food, and the boys like it. We splurge and get a volcano to help celebrate Aaron's birthday. Usually, the volcanoes have sparklers in them, but Disney won't allow any form of pyrotechnics indoors at their place. Aaron was still happy:



Daddy…don't bother me during dessert!




We head out and head back to the hotel for a rest. We opened the door to find that Mickey had stopped by to wish Aaron a Happy Birthday, and he gave him a card and a balloon:



This is the first time we've had this happen to us…really nice touch, and you could tell Aaron enjoyed it in the picture. We did too.



We all rested for an hour or so, but, being the last day, we decide to head back to Epcot a little earlier than planned. We get there, and somehow we all agree on SSE. Sheri runs into the car as fast as possible (and gave Aaron a good hip check in the process…2 minutes for roughing!) to make sure that "English" is the language selected. We all get pictures taken (all 4 of us looked up) and make our way up the golf ball. I'm a quick learner because, this time, I had the camera ready for the story pics:






I wanted to have a skiing accident like Aaron did last time, but apparently you have to be Deutch to do that.



We hop out and look around a bit to see if we can find our faces on the huge map…2 of us made it (Sheri and Aaron). The powers that be must have deemed mug too disgusting for display (they didn't want protein spills all around the area). We leave, and I pray to the Dyshitzula, the Goddess of colons, for granting me the freedom to tour the parks for more than 2 hours without needing to offer a sacrifice in one of her porcelain alters.



We head over to the Seas and have another shouting contest with the gulls.



I still want to see Mr. Badelves in a shouting contest with these guys some day to see who wins.




It's amazing how quiet it is at this time of the day, on a PM EMH at EP. As I write this, I realize that the Disney freaks have just about as many acronyms as the military (IHTFP, so, after LMD, we'll head to the BOR with an ONP and try not to get a DUI which will make you FUBAR and require the UCMJ to make you DOA). ANYWAYS….. we find Nemo again and say goodbye to Barbara Manatee.


  Part III Here!


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