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Disney Podcast Updates, June 1-15, 2010

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the next installment of updates! I've knocked out a month in the past 4 days, so that's progress, isn't it? Lots of stuff on the World of Color show at Disneyland as well as Summer NighTastic at WDW. Also, the Mouse Lounge is back! Over 60 shows are chronicled in this round of updates, with over 200 still in the hopper to get through! Still, the goal is to be nearly caught up so I can go to "real time" by late August.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic. Shawn Rees also does great updates that are more current and hit some different shows over on the Disney Blog. Be sure to check both of these guys' work out!

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 06/08/10 – Episode 17, SO you wonder why they call me Mr. 101?  This video will show you.  This would be extra contend had apple approve my app I applied for. grrrrrr  This is from my March trip with my friend Tammy.  We go on Mr. Toad's wild ride and it goes 101.  The cool thing is we got to be evacuated and now you get to see us walk through the last scene HELL and out.  So enjoy (Mush: I love the CM's comments about getting fired if anyone takes pics). Time: 4:02

    • 06/03/10 – Episode 68, *Headphones Recommended* Hey everyone! This show is going to be jam-packed with awesomeness.  First, we head to Animal Kingdom to go on Kilimanjaro Safaris with a rather... enthusiastic driver.  Then, we head to Epcot to watch Illuminations and get fellow Teenage Disney Geek d_dreamer's first reactions to the show. Then, you'll get to hear me conduct my own theme song (or The Incredibles theme, if that's what you really prefer) at my most recent band concert. Enjoy! (Mush: have you heard back from the driver after you released the show? J Also, great audio on Illuminations) Time: 1:03:31

    • 06/04/10 – Episode 164, This week The Disney Pyramid returns to All About the Mouse. Bryan, Mike Scopa from the WDW Today podcast, and even Jonathan will be playing with one of our lucky listeners for some fabulous Disney prizes. In the news this week: Disneyland's Halloween party makes a move from Disney's California Adventure over to Diseyland, American Idol winner Lee Dewyze visits Disney's Hollywood Studios for a special celebratory appearance, sneak previews open for The Silly Symphony Swings at Disney's California Adventure, and much more. We also have lots of names to add to the AllAbouttheMouseketeer Roll Call this week as well as a whole lot more. Time: 1:35:56
    • 06/09/10 – Video Extra, Enjoy a special edition vidcast of Disney's Electrical Parade shot by good friend of the show Brian fee. Time: 15:03
    • 06/11/10 – Episode 165, Episode 166 - This week, Jonathan welcomes fellow Attorney Mark into the studio where they discuss the pros and cons and ups and downs and lefts and rights of planning and executing a WDW trip - *GASP* - WITHOUT CHILDREN. As in - they want to AVOID kids. Yeah. This should be fun! Time: 1:00:56
    • 06/11/10 – Episode 165.5, This week, Jonathan takes control for a one-month stint as Bryan tends to some personal business. No matter - Listener e-mail was promised, and so we deliver! Along with news, roll call and a few other surprises! Time: 42:17

    • 06/03/10 – Episode 234, Happy Friday, everyone!  Today we discuss Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter Resort.  The panel gives their opinions on some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Moderate Resort.  We discuss who we feel this resort is geared towards, dining options, transportation options, theming, and more! (Mush: Definitely was interested in this show as we'll be staying at POFQ for the first time over Marathon Weekend). Time: 48:21
    • 06/06/10 – Episode 235, Today we are honored to have our friend, Michael, from Tennessee join us to talk about two recent trip to Walt Disney World that were only 1 day long each!  Can you imagine?  Michael took the 4 Parks in 1 Day Challenge on the first trip, and tells us his strategy and how he made it happen!  I promise you will be impressed!  Also, he talks about returning to Walt Disney World a month later with his wife, who he surprised with the trip!  Michael also awards a prize at the end of today's show! Time: 49:35
    • 06/10/10 – Episode 236, Today the panel discusses things to think about when it comes to meeting the characters around the Walt Disney World Resort.  We discuss things to think about when meeting the characters for the first time, tips for getting those autographs the kids want and the pictures the adults want, and where to find unique characters! Time: 39:38
    • 06/13/10 – Episode 237, Today we are lucky to have our friend Marc Lorenzo from the 2010 Disney Mom's Panel join us along with his son, Josiah, to talk about their recent trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends 2010!  We discuss the best way to see all of the activities during Star Wars Weekends, as well as memories that they shared during this trip.  We also discuss Marc's participation in Lou Mongello's 24-Hour Live Show.  Another thing that we discuss is Marc's opinion on staying off-site in an All-Star Vacation Home. Time: 37:38

    • 06/03/10 – Episode 18, This week Team Betamouse talks all about the Google I/O announcing Froyo (Android 2.2) and what these updates mean for touring Disney Parks whether on iPhone, Android, Palm or Blackberry. Time: 52:12
    • 06/10/10 – Episode 19, Today Team Betamouse tackles the changes made to the new online ADR system. Are they successful or a bust? Find out! Time: 35:22

    • 06/05/10 – Episode 93, Pluto is back and he and the rest of the crew are talking Animal Kingdom, Disney music, and Disney planning. On this episode: The World In News - Disney World News; Disney Dance Floor - Animal Kingdom - Top Threes; Bonus Time - Pluto's Favorite Tunes; Monorail Station - Outside the Parks; Email Time - Listener Emails. Time: 1:35:22

    • 06/08/10 – Episode 113, Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney Pin Trading news, upcoming pin trading opportunities around the world, John Rick's Disney Pin Investigation, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #92 (Amber Travis from Joplin, MO), pin releases from the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, and much more!!! Time: 1:15:17
    • 06/13/10 – Episode 114, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts John Rick and Anthony Yacullo for Disney Pin Trading news, upcoming pin trading opportunities around the world, John Rick's Ten Pin list, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #93 (Mike Whartenby from Lawrenceville, NJ), pin releases from the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, and much more!!! Time: 1:41:24

    • 06/08/10 – Episode 75, What is it that moves you? Music, Disney... Or Disney Music? Time: 14:59

    • 06/13/10 – Episode 50 (WOOHOO!!! Congrats!) Welcome to the golden episode of the Disney, Indiana podcast.  Tracey and Scott have reached the 50 episode milestone and to celebrate they look back at Disneyland's 50th anniversary.  They review their trip to Disneyland during the year long 50th anniversary (December 2005) and talk about some of the unique attractions and experiences presented during that time. They also share some more audio from their recent trip to Walt Disney World - don't worry, there is a connection to Disneyland's 50 in the audio! Time: 1:27:44

    • 06/09/10 – Episode 43, We return back to our usual format this week by bringing you two segments. The first is our usual news and rumours as we bring you all the latest information from the parks around the world. Next, we see the return of Around the World in 80 Segments as we take a look at the rides, shows and attractions of Fantasyland. Time: 1:21:45

    • 06/12/10 – Episode 219, California Casual HOJO. Time: 1:04:07
    • 06/13/10 – Episode 218 (that's the order they are in iTunes), Liana and DCA Daniel get to see World of Color before the public does, and they give us a full report! Time: 1:31:46

    • 06/07/10 – Episode 56, Sounds, Dark Rides and some DIY Imagineering. Segment #1 IMW Report Card: Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey (Mush: feel free to move this to segment 2); Segment #2 IMW Bulldozer: Disneyland's Snow White & Pinocchio (Mush: haven't ridden Pinocchio, but I definitely agree on Snow White!); Segment #3 DIY Imagineering: New Fantasyland Ideas; Segment #4 IMW Time Machine:  What's Your Favorite Time at Disney; Segment #5 WEDway: Clearing the Air. (Mush: snort a little pixie dust??? LMAO…oh, and as for "Clearing the Air", definitely no evisceration coming from here. It's good to actually see a more thoughtful, mature, and civil method of disagreeing with someone. Others can learn from this IMHO, though they probably won't take the time to do so. I did read some of the fireworks as they were happening over on Facebook and thought that the attacks (not by you…towards you and the other person involved) were unwarranted…it's the right of the listener/supporter to do what he/she wants.) Time: 22:47

    • 06/06/10 – Video Extra to Episode 270 (below). The Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular debuted on June 5, 2010 at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for a special preview night. Its official premiere takes place on June 6 and will be performed nightly through Aug. 14, 2010. It is presented here in its entirety with binaural sound, so be sure wear your headphones while watching to get the full experience! (Mush: Thanks for posting this…I didn't get the opportunity to see this while down there, and this gave me the chance to see the show) Time: 11:44
    • 06/06/10 – Episode 269, Ricky and Michelle sit down once again to discuss the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure theme park. In addition to both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled talk, we share a complete high-quality audio recording of the entire attraction. Time: 38:24
    • 06/06/10 – Episode 270, Summer Nightastic has arrived to Walt Disney World! After the news, we bring you binaural recordings of the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade and the first public performance of the Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular, both at the Magic Kingdom. Then we head to Disney's Hollywood Studios for a trip on the "enhanced" Tower of Terror. In the end, we wind up back at the Magic Kingdom for another installment of TTA Talk with Ricky, Skipper Ben, and Princess Lisa. Time: 1:24:04
    • 06/13/10 – Video Extra, Voice of Ariel, The Little Mermaid herself, Jodi Benson sang "Part of Your World" and "Under the Sea" (joined by other singers and dancers) at the Disneyland Resort during the special "What's Next?" presentation on June 11, 2010. Time: 4:23
    • 06/13/10 – Video Extra, Talking Mickey Mouse made an in-person appearance at the opening event for Disney's new "World of Color" show on June 10, 2010. Here he converses with Disney CEO Bob Iger, songwriter Richard Sherman, and others. (Mush: the technology needed to pull this off must be nothing short of amazing!) Time: 11:43
    • 06/13/10 – Episode 271, After the news, We bring you to the World of Color world premiere event at the Disney California Adventure theme park. Included this week are a complete review of Disney's new World of Color show plus a binaural recording of the special opening night ceremony featuring Mickey Mouse, Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Tom Stags, and Disney CEO Bob Iger followed by the full World of Color show. Ricky also interviews Walt Disney Imagineer Kevin Eld about World of Color. Skipper Ben returns live to share stories about his time working at Disney's other nighttime show, Fantasmic. Then we wrap up the show with a special treat, the full source audio of World of Color. Time: 2:25:55

    • 06/11/10 – Video Blog 46, Sadly all wonderful Walt Disney World trips must end. On this episode of the Magic Never Ends Video Blog, the Easter 2010 trip comes to a close.nbsp; But the Princess Peanut seeks to cheer us up with some Extreme Close-up shenanigans! While on board the DME bus back to the Orlando airport, we attempt to wrap up the fun adventures of this trip, including an Awesomely Magical time with Princess Peanut at Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Silvermist. (Mush: I hate that bus…good show, despite the fact you're on that bus). Time: 6:36

    • 06/13/10 – On this week's show, we discuss Pixar's latest film, Toy Story 3, in which we discuss Woody (voice of Tom Hanks), the lanky, likable cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen), the fearless space ranger. The comically-mismatched duo eventually learn to put aside their differences when circumstances separate them from their owner, Andy, and they find themselves on a hilarious adventure-filled mission where the only way they can survive is to form an uneasy alliance. Time: 23:13

    • 06/08/10 – Episode 99.6 (perhaps for the temperature outside?), **Headphones HIGHLY suggested** Welcome to my pasty white boy personal hell which is the Summer heat. While going through audio archives, I found an evening meandering out at Tokyo DisneySEA in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. What better way to kill the heat? This is quite the detailed meandering through the most amazing Disney park on Earth. I call out almost everything I'm seeing in great depth and capture much of the aural ambiance that is DisneySEA. Highlights include: -The Resort Liner; -Hotel Hightower of Terror; -20,000 Under the Leagues ;) (I think my brain was frozen); -Journey to the Center of the Earth. Have fun and Enjoy! Meander On! (Mush: when Jeff suggests headphones, you're better off listening to him, especially when he's in Tokyo. His BravisSEAmo audio from a while back is still one of my favorites.) Time: 1:20:53

    • 06/10/10 – Episode 166, Fresh out of preview showings of DCA's new show World of Color, your hosts give a rundown. We talk about several aspects including viewing areas and, of course, give our opinions on World of Color. This show was streamed live so you may hear references to a chat window. Time: 1:39:31

    • 06/05/10 – Almost after 2 months without doing a podcast (Mush: I thought Scott finally got you!), we sit down and watch Walt Disney's 1978 sci fi comedy 'The Cat from Outer Space'. At the end of the show we play a song that's not Disney but Nickelodeon, but should be Disney the way it talks about reaching for your dreams. Time: 27:48

    • 06/13/10 – Episode 78, iPhones, ESPN, Facebook and ALADDIN... Lots of stuff and one of the longest shows we have ever done-but worth it. Time: 1:37:02

    • 06/05/10 – Special Programming Note: To those wondering, Mouse Droppings will be taking a summer hiatus until late July or August. Matt explains. We'd also like to introduce you to a new podcast, Table for One, which will be hosted by the Mouse Droppings Podcast at (I know, that's a mouthful). (Mush: I'll do my best not to miss you, Matt…this will give me some time to get caught up!) Time: 5:07

    • 06/05/10 – Episode 254, Eric and Cathy have returned from their last minute WDW vacation, and they've got some opinions to share.  They debate the benefits versus the drawbacks of having a rental car and staying at a non-Disney property, recount the madness of Star Wars Weekends, discuss the new stuff they did, and ramble on all day about Casey, his adventures, and his first haircut. Time: 1:12:38
    • 06/12/10 – Episode 255, It's time for some Mouse Guest Mailbag as we read your emails and listen to your messages regarding Illuminations, renting cars and such. Then, we've got a couple news items, including our opinions on the teaser trailer for Tangled and California Adventure's new nighttime spectacular World of Color.  Speaking of World of Color, we've got some audio from the live streaming of the Thursday night premiere! Time: 1:17:39

    • 06/12/10 – Episode 5 of Season 4, In this episode of the Mouse Lounge, DCA becomes alight with magic and music with the first public performance of "World of Color!  This audio was captured during the June 11 9:00pm show. This post also marks, after a six month hiatus, the return of The Mouse Lounge Podcast.  (If you think of the Mouse Lounge kinda like how "LOST" was aired, maybe it won't piss you off as much.)   ;) Enjoy! (Mush: I was soooooo happy to see this one in the iTunes list…really good audio of WoC too! Love the show, Gary, and I'm stoked to see 7 more Mouse Lounge shows in the queue to listen to!!!) Time: 31:49

    • 06/02/10 – Episode 408, Steven Miller talks about this year's big pin event, which runs August 27-29. Also, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Tusker House, this week's Twitter/Facebook poll and some listener feedback. Time: 50:15
    • 06/09/10 – Episode 409, Steven Miller talks about Vinylmation figures, plus an important announcement, a new comic, Ask the Kid returns, a Magical Moment and more. Time: 52:47

    • 06/02/10 – Episode 63, Gordon can't shut up and gives you a LONG episode (Mush: his words…not mine). He discusses two things, and why it is important to change underwear daily. (Mush: do the kids know you post all these conversations? LOL). Time: 1:31:10
    • 06/06/10 – Episode 64, Gordon finishes his racing season and heads into the summer months with a new PR in the 10K. He discusses where he is with running and what he wants to do next. Men in red jumpsuits attack his car. He buys some VFFs and goes to Whole Foods. (Mush: I just can't wrap my mind around those VFFs just yet) Time: 55:26
    • 06/11/10 – Extra Episode, Not a normal show. Gordon chats with Jake, the host of the most excellent Run Like Health Podcast ( Both are Vegan and both have recently viewed both Food, Inc. and Earthlings. They sit down and discuss what they saw and how it affected them. DISCLAIMER: if you are downloading this for Running to Disney fun, this is not the show for that. We discuss something we've become passionate about. I do not want to force you to listen to this, nor do I want to sound preachy. Listen if you wish, but just know that this is not a normal RTD episode. This is a chat between two friends about their lifestyle. Time: 46:19
    • 06/13/10 – Episode 65, Gordon runs a 5K with his oldest son, Preston (11). The Honda 5K in Lincoln, Alabama, site of a Honda auto plant. It was a mixture of trails and road, and Preston did great: 38:11 by the Garmin! VMs from cool people follow! (Mush: for those with kids, have the tissues ready. You could hear a father's pride in his son in this episode. Oh, and you'll want to keep those tissues out for episode 67 in the next round of updates. Great show, despite the fact that Preston beat my first 5K time by around 45 seconds!) Time: 1:04:54

    • 06/01/10 – Episode 106, Listener Feedback (Mush: not all from Andy, either!). Topics include the non-timeline for Finding Kraftland being released on DVD (sweet-talk the cats, and they may let you borrow their copy); Disney Dudes love; Michelle from "the mitten" lovin' the shoutouts (yeah, it is cool to hear your stuff on shows); obscure podcasts (Tank Riot); naked non-mole rats not named Rufus; listeners freaking out because the cats inadvertently saying the wrong date on a show; a sucky silent RNR ride; Scurvy Monkey mayhem; and figuring out what/where to eat at Disneyland Paris. Time: 34:03
    • 06/08/10 – Episode 107, Jennifer is joined by our listeners Danielle, Larry, and Dennis to talk about Gay Days at Disney Parks, to celebrate last weekend's Gay Days Orlando. Time: 35:52
    • 06/15/10 – Episode 108, This week's show is a recounting of the sights, sounds and mysteries of Disneyland's Club 33, with enhanced podcast-o-vision (TM). Time: 57:22

    • 06/01/10 – Episode 45, Trip report this week! Time: 49:08
    • 06/08/10 – Episode 46, Katie and Shawn tell you all about our upcoming guests! Show ends kinda faded due to some editing issues. Time: 31:31
    • 06/08/10 – Extra, Shawn's personal twitter account has been copied. His account is "smbonneau". The fake account is "snbonneau". At the time of posting this, the fake account has been deleted by twitter. Time: 5:50
    • 06/15/10 – Episode 47, Matt Hochberg joins us once again this week. The audio gets funky halfway through, but it is an unfixable problem. Time: 28:11

    • 06/01/10 – Episode 146, To kick off this week's show, we have your Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. In this week's report, we'll be discussing final details on the debut of Summer Nightastic! at Walt Disney World, the re-naming of an opening day Magic Kingdom attraction, and how you can take a classic Disney attraction home with you next time you're visiting the parks, among a number of topics. Following the news, we have a very special discussion that I promised we would eventually have. I make good on that promise as I bring in an experienced panel to look back at the Virtual Magic Kingdom for its 5th Anniversary. Regardless if you were an experienced player or never entered Disney's online Magic Kingdom, I think you'll have fun listening to memories and stories from VMK. (Mush: Man, I was a Day 1 member of VMK) Time: 1:49:23
    • 06/13/10 – Episode 147, To kick off this week's show, we have another edition of "The Golden Age". In this discussion featuring Sunset Blvd. at Disney's Hollywood Studios, we will continue our quest land by land, area by area, and space by space, throughout the Vacation Kingdom to find what is truly the Golden Age of the entire Walt Disney World Resort. Following the report, we have another edition of Town Square Talk with Mayor Justin Heyman. On this trip down Main Street WDWNT, we'll be providing information on some exciting live shows, podcast specials, and fan meets being thrown throughout what will be a very exciting summer promotion for the entire WDWNT Network. (Mush: "Summer FANtastic"…like the link with the WDW promo…also, Tom announces that he will be leaving the Disney Pincast show in mid-June). Time: 1:05:09

    • 06/02/10 – Video Extra, Join Lou Mongello on a backstage look at the legendary Main Street Electrical Parade as it prepares for its return to Walt Disney World as part of Summer Nightastic! You'll get a rare look at the parade in its backstage, behind the scenes splendor, and hear from some of the Disney Cast Members who brought the magic to life. Lou will even test his driving skills on one of the float ride vehicles, and who knows... you might even see Tinker Bell! (Mush: Gene Harding is also in this one…hi Gene!) Time: 7:10
    • 06/06/10 – Episode 173, Recently I was joined by numerous listeners both in person and online "in the box" as we broadcast live from Walt Disney World for more than 24 continuous hours over the May 22nd weekend. During that time, we toured the resort, visited Star Wars Weekends, held a private dessert party, and so much more. Join us as we recap the fun and events and announce the winners of our live contest in this week's roundtable. Whether you were there for some or all of the event, or think you may want to join us for a future broadcast, it's a fun look back on a memorable weekend. (Mush: I got to watch an hour or so "in the box"…my hat's off to those who made it the entire 24 hours. I wish I could have seen the Kitchen Sink challenge…the pics were classic!) Time: 1:23:13
    • 06/08/10 – Video Extra, Lou Mongello may be a little short for a Stormtrooper, but that doesn't stop him from traveling warp speed to Disney's Hollywood Studios every year for STAR WARS WEEKENDS at Walt Disney World. Where else can you find unique Star Wars shows and talk face to face with the creative teams behind the films? This year's event will celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back," which first appeared in theaters May 21, 1980. (Mush: Yep…this solidified you as the boys' favorite podcaster. I should have let them see this before we met up with you at the June MOTM…they may have talked more, or been more in awe). Time: 8:37
    • 06/12/10 – Episode 174, It's time to fire up my Walt Disney World Wayback Machine, as we travel back through time to visit some of the history of the Disney parks. This week, our time travel has a double meaning, as it is the focus of the attraction we will visit. For more than a decade, The Timekeeper in Tomorrowland took guests on a celebrity-filled, 360 degree journey through history, meeting famous figures and visiting historic landmarks along the way... before, as in true Disney fashion, something goes wrong and hilarity ensues. We will take a detailed look back at the attraction's history, what almost came to be in Tomorrowland, thoughts on the Circle-Vision technology and much more. Time: 1:05:39

    • 06/02/10 – Episode 728, Listener Questions. Topics include holiday touring, Hatred towards Lost fans, Awesomeness from near my hometown, using the "give a day" vouchers the best way, Harry Potter's effect on WDW attendance, where the hosts get their info (not mine…damn!), hypertension (just seeing if you're paying attention), WKRP in Cincinnati, eating off-property, Innoventions attractions (loved the Storm lines), when Toontown leaves us for good, an interesting question on free-dining, a CM's view on tipping, and crashing the interweb with Mouseworld radio. Time: 28:13
    • 06/04/10 – Episode 729, Today, Beth Blancher joins us from to discuss touring WDW for large guests. Time: 22:20
    • 06/07/10 – Episode 730, Today, in the first in a series of host background shows, Mike Newell discusses the history of MouseWorld Radio. (Mush: really interesting info, Mike. I always wondered how MWR came to be. Thanks for sharing!). Time: 20:19
    • 06/09/10 – Episode 731, Listener questions. Matt's gone, so Newell turns everything upside down and answers questions that were submitted most-recently. Topics include the Disney Princess half-marathon, crowd levels in October, where to stay for marathon weekend, bugless resorts (theoretically), accidental hotel-hopping around the Epcot resorts with DTS, how geeky to be to a first-time visitor, more muppet potential, UG love, 4th of July decisions, a message from Carlos (of the Northern Mouse podcast) about running and touring, space shuttle launches, dining plan vs no dining plan, Christmas decoration viewing at the hotels, and a special guest host popping on for the last question, and lap-sharing. (Mush: it was so nice hearing the proper pronunciation of cities…I was about to do a followup e-mail *insert evil laugh here*). Time: 33:59
    • 06/11/10 – Episode 732, Today, the panel discusses touring the parks during the summer weather. We're aware of the echo, there was no way to fix it, we apologize for the sound quality. (Mush: Suuuuuuuree…you do the summer touring show WHILE I was sweating down there!!!) Time: 24:47

    • 06/01/10 – Episode 239, This week, Paul takes you to Disneyland, to ride Mansion for a lap and a half on the Disneyland Railroad. (Mush: This is like "24", where Paul gives you real-time series of what happens in a day at Disneyland, broken up into around 1 hour segments. This is the next installment). Time: 1:07:42
    • 06/08/10 – Episode 240, This week, TJ tells you about a television superstar & Disney legend... Art Linketter. Then Paul (with the help of FriendoftheMagic Curtis "SalmonLeap") gives you a first look (listen?) at the soon to open "Disney Wonderful World of Color" spectacular. Then, thanks to Calvin's audio mining skills, we have a WWoC source audio medley to enjoy. Time: 59:26
    • 06/11/10 – Special Episode, Disney World of Color Premiere. Time: 44:57
    • 06/15/10 – Episode 241, This week, Space Cadet First Class Paul Barrie takes you and the Westfest ranger corp on an intergalactic adventure to fight the evil Emperor Zurg AND to keep Jimmy's score under half a million points. Then we visit the Tomorrowland Terrace Stage for some Rock and Roll...Wait, are they playing the soundtrack to MULAN?!?!?! Time: 52:57

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