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Disney Podcast Updates, September 21-30

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, so I can get this posted. Ten more days are here…I am only 70 episodes behind! This will wrap up September, folks. Still nobody mentioning the new podcast that has yet to be announced. Oh, and the contest for the podcasts you listen to is (finally) getting close to ending!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 9/25/09 – Episode 128, This is the catch-up show with tons of listener feedback. Also, news, roll call, and a Mousecall to #1,000. Time: 1:23:35
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 129? Waaaaiiiittt a minute. Two shows got released with a date of the 25th, though the second one is actually for October 4th. I'll wait for this one.
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 162, Memmmooorriesss….all allooooone in the moooooonnligggghtt…I can smile at the oooooollld daaaays…Mike Rikki, Pam (protecting the seas), and Debbie think back to some of the memories from older trips when they first caught the Disney bug. Tears are shed (again) as they talk about the experiences. Time: 44:00
    • 9/27/09, Episode 163, Rikki's rubbing it in that she's down at WDW and we're not with part 1 of her audio captures. What we find out in this show is that the BOG folks have a knack for forcing you to face your greatest fears, with a listener's ride on Haunted Mansion and a teaser for the long-awaited Splash Mountain ride-along. After this show, I so want to find a hammock on the Poly Beach to watch Wishes. Time: 49:04
    • 9/23/09 – IYEE # 49, Ray (TiggerRPH) joins Lou ('Sup?) to give a first-hand account of the D23 Expo. Time: 47:56
    • 9/29/09 – Show 73, This episode contains…very little "Disney"…NOT much Lou…ABSOLUTELY no Bob…AND lots and lots…of Fall and Halloween fun! Lou takes a Disney hiatus (which we all need at times!) to look at Vala's Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, NE. Looks like they put a lot into that place! And, No, that dragon at the end of the clip is not Lucky. Time: 27:01
    • 9/22/09 – Show 78, Man, I love their intro music (the MK opening ceremony music). Everyone but Chris is here for the show to do a D23 recap and other news…all live, along with listener feedback. Time: 1:25:06
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 30, Trace is still bitter as this show is still D23-based. They bring on guests Doug, Hugh, Karl, and Shelley to talk about the Expo. Time: 1:32:25
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 78, This show breaks from the traditional format to allow for an interview with member of the Disney Design Group Tyler Dumas. Time: 1:05:46
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 79, Tom is glad that Tom is not lost at sea (he was on a DCL cruise, where all voice-over IP (what Skype uses) is blocked, so he couldn't record). They start the show about 20 minutes in with pin news…again, I'm LOVING the way they use the enhanced features of the podcast to show you the pins as they talk about them. Pin Trading events is next, first with the Disney-sponsored events, followed by the fan events. Releases is next, including those from Sep 19-Oct 02, since they didn't get to it last show. IPLS # 59 Cynthia Jorgensen from Meridian, IDAHO (sorry John, had to). I need to stop watching the enhanced podcast because I'm going to start down the pin path. Time: 2:25:35
    • 9/30/09, Episode 60, Tairy's back (she's fine…she was on vacation). Everyone was all aBuzz about this show (grrooaannn…that was bad, even by my standards, if I had any). To keep this rating PG or above, I'll forego any Woody jokes here. Yes, folks, she's talking Toy Story and the Buzz Lightyear attractions located throughout the parks. Some hints on how to score big are included (I'm writing these down). Time: 12:40
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 25 (Congrats!!!), Adam, Juz, and Craig start off by giving us some news from the WDW and Disneyland Paris parks. Adam brings us days 4 and 5 from his audio diary of his most recent trip to WDW. The answers to the most recent trivia quiz are revealed and then they give a segment on what to consider when planning a Disney World trip with younger children. Time: 1:55:16
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 158, I was getting spoiled with the enhanced podcast. This show is back in the mp3 format, and their show description is classic: Liana returns after two weeks to find Deb, Brian, and David have changed the shows format. What will happen when Liana returns is anyone's guess, take a listen and find out why the chat room does not always win
      Time: 59:54
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 159, this show is a little different. David is Lost in Love to start off the show…I had a flashback to those junior high dances with that song. Senor Coconut ruined that flashback, though. No Deb tonight, but they'll still function (mostly). In this show, they've got news and rumors in the Lowdown with Liana segment. Leo Holzer of the Northern California NFFC joins the show to talk about the newly-opened Walt Disney Family Museum. Time: 1:18:18
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 49, It's the final D23, recap show. I love how Greg gives his references for each segment. Live audio from the expo, featuring the DeFore brothers talking about a historical restaurant in Disneyland's Frontierland, the Silver Banjo Barbeque. Time: 1:10:11
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 234, More D23 audio (this one is with Imagineers about the Pixar presences in the parks) and Skipper Ben's recounting of when he ran over Britney Spears (he's still alive to talk about it). Ricky also talks with executive chef of the International F&W Festival, Jans Dahlman. Time: 1:10:50
    • 9/24/09, Mikey and Lauren heard that they had the Food and Wine Festival in a soft opening, and they had a Pavlovian response and headed over to the park to see what was up at Epcot. Their first food? Beef skewer from the Buenos Aires kiosk! For you DPNers, you'll have to restrain yourselves from screaming GOATGOATGOAT at the video of the CapeTown kiosk (not sure if that was on the menu or not). It looked like the Bologna kiosk had more than lunch meat on their menu, too (I'll be here all weekend…be sure to tip your waitress!). Oh, and I'm with Lauren on the avocados. One thing I noticed…where the heck is everyone? It almost looks like they're the only ones in World Showcase. Time: 8:07
    • 9/30/09, the show starts off a little blue (literally), but the MCM couple continues their vacation line of shows. They've arrived in Anaheim just in time to ride Space Mountain before it goes down for a refurb (guessing the Halloween Overlay). They also tour Fantasyland and give some ride through of the rides over there). Time: 9:50
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 70, This show is full of all sorts of things…it's an A.D.D. sufferer's nirvana! Shannon gives a restaurant review…The Wave from the Contemporary (insert Will interjection), news, a little discussion about the upcoming feature film, The Princess and the Frog, D23 updates, a review of the tween movie, and The Wizards of Waverly Place. But Wait…there's more! Carlos De Sousa, from the Northern Mouse podcast, and his daughter join MNE for a review of a recent concert featuring the Jonas Brothers. I can't comment on either of those last two because my oldest is only 6. Phineas and Ferb…yeah, I could do pages of commentary, but not Selena Gomez or the Jonaseseseses. Some interesting listener feedback ends the show. Time: 1:40:24
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 15, Watch where you step…the Mortis Family is watching Darby O'Gill and the Little People! Some audio from the movie is included (Banshee??). Scott and Tracey chime in with their movie trivia. The verdict? "Cool effects", "Sean Connery sings pretty good" (the kids asked who Sean Connery was…I'm graying from that comment), "kind of dry" (the movie…not the Irish whiskey consumed while they watched it), all in all, it was one thumb up and one thumb down. FYI, I love the kids' commentary throughout the show. Time: 26:26
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 62, I'm trying to get caught up here, so I'm dumping in the description from the show: In this show, Tairy and I discuss the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland expansion, and what we really don't like about it. We witness the future of Mickey and Minnie in a Toontown Demolition skit. (Mush's note…I'm still going to listen to this show…just for that skit alone!) We then debate touring styles of Commando vs. Spontaneous. I go to the extreme with the "D-Team" as we tour Epcot in another skit.; Finally, we finish the show off with the first ever contest in Mouse Comedy Podcast history Time: 1:23:39
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 14, MATT IS AT THE RICHARD PETTY DRIVING EXPERIENCE!!!! I HAVE TO SHOUT ABOVE THE NOISE OF THE WIND AND THE ENGINE!!! THIS IS DEFINITELY ONE THAT YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR HEADPHONES ON TO LISTEN!!! AFTERWARDS…wait…afterwards, Matt gives his review of the new Toy Story Mania game on the Wii. (and, yes, Matt, I do read the show notes) Time: 40:36
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 28, More D23 talk with Julie Neal and Matt Hochberg. Julie talks about the Fantasyland refurb, while Matt weighs in on Star Tours 2.0. Time: 1:04:48
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 63, Video of Rafiki's Planet Watch train ride from Africa. Time: 4:24
    • 9/22/09 – Episode 347, It's the short day…well, you know what I mean! Mike dons his spacesuit and does the show while doing a spacewalk. After the tip of the week. Mickey's Toontown Fair (the mouse's houses and the duck's boat) make up the featured attraction. One of my favorite restaurants is the subject of the review system spotlight: the Crystal Palace (I'd like an 8:05 reservation, please, and just give me an entire batch of the breakfast lasagna). Andrew does the MousePlanet site update before getting into listener feedback. Time: 35:30
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 348, the Featured Topic for this show is an awesome event that occurs this time of every year at WDW: the International Food and Wine Festival! Time: 35:46
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 349, They do Off-Kilter for the Featured Attraction, which is on my to-see list. They then head over to the west coast to give a review of Disneyland's Bengal Barbecue and give a bonus review of the new Toy Story Mania game on both the Wii and the iPhone. They were going to do listener feedback, but NONE OF YOU SENT ANY IN THIS TIME! Time: 40:10
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 350, Mark's giving Mike the night off for this recording. In this episode, Steven Ng has an interview with Donna Tuggle, who works at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Donna serves as the Director of Education and Public Programming. Time: 22:20
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 140, I really think I should have been using the enhanced features of these podcasts a lot sooner…I never knew Netcot had chapters and images! After the news and a little talk about Steve Barrett's new Hidden Mickeys book, friend and comedian Tim Babb joins Van for a talk of the rumor of Captain EO's return to the parks (Mush's note: I'm with Van on this, though I'm still thinking of a reason why. In all seriousness, I've never seen the attraction, but I simply think that it's time has passed). After that and a little churro talk, the show wraps up with just another part of Van (Michael Jackson audio). An outtake wraps the show. Time: 28:10
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 32, Gordon talks about Southern hand-gestures of greeting in this episode. Okay, there's more…it's some audio from him doing a "short" (that's relative) jog to the local WalMart to get some drugs (yes, they're legal). It's audio that was recently found, and it has him reflecting on all sorts of things pertaining to life, child-raising, and more. Time: 43:54
    • 9/22/09 – Episode 71, This is one of those episodes where you'll just want to spank the hosts (and, no, it's not the cats starting off the show). Special monkey hosts give their view of D23. After that, they get to listener "feedback"…words really can't describe a couple of the phone calls (one involving a gorgeous, large-breasted woman wearing a smile and not much else). I think the guy was smoking something from the 60's. Sufficed to say, let's put a PG-13 rating on this one LMAO!!! Time: 41:44
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 72, This is one of those "learnin' episodes" for me. The cats talk about Disneyland Paris's Animagique and Cinemagique, which I don't know the slightest bit about! Educate yourself and listen in. They include a pretty substantial audio piece of Animagique. Time: 36:32
    • 9/24/09 – Episode 9, Another nice, short show (he's recording while in New York). Katie provides the news segment, and Shawn gives a little tease for their upcoming 10th episode. Time: 6:50
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 10, they made it to 10! While this may not seem like much, I've seen a bunch of podcasts fizzle out after only 5-6 episodes. Shawn and Katie bring back some of the funnier clips from the first shows. Also included is some audio of Katie getting a Mousecall from Bryan and Jonathan from AATM. Time: 1:00:01 (yes, there was one additional second on it!)
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 112, More D23…roundtable discussion with Chris Lastrapes, Anthony Yacullo, Justin Heyman, and Scott Smith. When I also heard that they were going to have a "Back to the Future" segment, I nearly screamed because these are awesome segments, but they tend to be 2+ hours long!!! Luckily it was a quick trip (not much fuel for the flux capacitor, apparently)…they look at an attraction that never really set sail (groan). It's the Discovery River Boats. Time: 1:29:38
    • 9/22/09 – Video extra. Lou has a little homage to the fun had by all at D23. Trace over at the Disney Dudes will be even more bitter when he sees this! Time: 2:43
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 138, From Lou's excellent description: There's no news this week, as I prepare to head out to Walt Disney World this week for the Adventurers Club event, Expedition Everest Challenge, and of course, the start of Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival. And to that end, we'll begin this week's show with an interview with Epcot's Executive Chef, Jens Dahlmann. We'll discuss what's new and exciting during the six-week, entertainment-packed events, filled with fine cuisine and wines from around the world. And since planning your Walt Disney World vacation is the first and often most critical step, I'll talk this week with three experts in doing just that, as members of the 2009 Walt Disney World Mom's Panel join me to talk about the panel, share their stories and experiences, as well as some tips and advice for travelers and potential future panelists. I'll play many more of your listener voicemails at the end of the show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio Show. Time: 1:22:23
    • 9/21/09 – Episode 620, The guys and gal kick off their 5th year of podcasting with a "remember when" show. Keep up the great work, folks! Time: 32:58
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 621, psst…it's Fwednesday…y'all know what that means…That's crazy!!! This listener question episode will have people around you worried about you as you will find yourself laughing several times throughout the show (still have tears from the new Peter's Pants flight attraction). Enjoy your coffee during the show, just please don't disclose those "special" pictures of Matt (Ocheemonee??). I know that only those who have heard the show will get all this, but do yourself a favor get yourself as part of the "in" crowd and listen. The inside jokes are part of what keeps making this show fantastic! Time: 33:01
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 622, The crew work with listener Rick Altman on planning an upcoming WDW trip. Time: 23:57
    • 9/28/09 – Special Extra, audio from the "MagicTunes" event that raised funds prior to the 2009 Magic Meets. Good audio trivia in this one! Time: 41:31
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 58:20
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 54:26
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 58:17
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 42:07
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 623, Part IV of the Planning From Scratch Series. Time: 19:35
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 624, Listener Questions from 1985 (okay, they're not that far behind, though I'm starting to know what it feels like! Time: 30:34
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 206, For those who were left hanging from Episode 203, NEVER FEAR! This is part 2 of the Audio Adventure. Some bonus audio is included (around 20 minutes!). Time: 1:04:53
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 207, Paul brings on guests Kathy and Joe for a talk about the new Walt Disney Family Museum, opening in San Francisco. Time: 1:19:07

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