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Disney Podcast Updates, September 13-20, 2009

Didn't I say I was getting caught up on these? BWAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! Work and a new time-taker (Cub Scouts) have taken over for a bit, and I again got overwhelmed with trying to get this out. Never fear, however, because I found a more efficient way to do these updates, which should lead to more timely postings.

Anyways, here's another week's worth of shows. I should be able to get caught up in the coming days, so look for more podcast updates in the very near future. Oh, by the way…nobody found the hidden new podcast from the last show (they don't have an update in this one, so you'll have to go back to the previous update post). Also, we're starting to get into a LOT of D23's impossible to elaborate on each one, so I did the D23 shows with a shorter description. That should not be taken as a lower quality show...there are some really good D23 recaps out there!!! I did it mainly as a way to get these out a little quicker.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 9/18/09 – Episode 127, D23 talk with Deb Wills. Also, the premiere of the Disney FEEUUUUD Pyramid! Bryan and Mike Newell are the celebrities in this episode. In-park audio on ToT with a non-fan is included, as is an interview with the Everett, Washington Symphony conductor, Ron Friesen. Jonathan announces during this interview that he will help narrate the upcoming Magical Music of Disney production for the symphony. Time: 2:02:15
    • 9/13/09 – Episode 159, There's no Tom Green or Raven-Symone, but it is a Road Trip Episode. BOG listener Paul from Pittsburgh gives his account of a 20 hour road trip to Disney World and provides pointers on how to make it work. Also included are reviews, including POR. Time: 39:16
    • 9/17/09 – Episode 160, Rikki's rubbing it in that she's at Disney World and we're not! She provides a live trip report (from the Poly beach grrrrrrrrrr) as it's happening, complete with reviews on several dining locations. She is joined by Mike and Debbie for this painfully fun show (yes, Rikki got Debbie on Splash!). Time: 34:46
    • 9/20/09 – Episode 161, Oh boy…another episode where you'll want to have your Kleenex nearby. BOG listener Mary Blaine talks about her experience in helping with a Make-A-Wish trip that will simply blow you away. The trip report can be located at the Be Our Guest Message Boards (that's a direct link to the report). Standing ovation to Disney for doing what they did and to Maroo for giving the info. Time: 42:47
    • 9/14/09 – Episode 14, Marc starts off the show with a little tech talk live with Kyle on Apple's release of the new iPod line (I SO want the new Nano). A discussion on D23 follows. Time: 43:40
    • 9/20/09 – Episode 15, Before delving into the show, Marc gives a little heart-to-heart about Autism (his brother is affected by autism)…Marc is participating in the Long Island Walkdown for Autism Walkathon on October 4th. If you would like to find out more, or if you'd like to help donate, click here. Mark Silverman is interviewed by Marc Silverman (WTF???). Mark is better known as the voice of Rod Serling on TOT and answers Marc's (the host of DISCAST) e-mail. Kyle is back with a talk about the Fantasyland Refurb from D23. Time: 14:27
    • 9/18/09 – Episode 29, Ummmmmmmmmm….I honestly am at a loss for words for this one. Let me start off by saying that I hope Trace doesn't go commando on his upcoming date with Wayne. If THAT doesn't get you listening, I don't know what will…you'll understand when you hear it. Also, Trace is a little bitter about not being able to get to D23. Oh, and Wayne throws in something new for the show! Time: 1:06:43
    • 9/16/09, Episode 77, The 10th anniversary of pin trading is coming up, and lots of news and events are coming out for this. 3 pins are coming out to help celebrate this anniversary. I finally switched over to the enhanced version over on iTunes, and they actually show the pins as they talk about them…LOVE this format. Not a lot of new releases in this episode. They showcase IPLS # 58 is Erica Rudolf. Time: 1:16:03
    • 9/20/09, Episode 31, I hate doing this, but, because I'm trying to get caught up, I'm going to let their words give a fitting description. I love the show and take the time to listen (thanks for the call-out…I feel terrible short-changing y'all by doing this. I'll get back to some sense of normalcy for the next update!!!) Show description: "In today's episode, Scott and Tracey take a look at Disneyland's first half decade: 1950 thru 1959. They review the new offering from Window to the Magic and Spotted Dog Productions called The Original Disneyland: The 1950s. While in the 50s mood, they also review an ABC television special entitled Kodak Presents: Disneyland '59 from the Disneyland DVD Treasures set 'Your Host Walt Disney';. After some music from Buzzy over at WWED, our hosts then get into the Christmas spirit a bit early with a look at the Germany pavilion's holiday storyteller in this month's Holidays Around the World Throughout the Year segment. Then they talk about their trip to see Disney's A Christmas Carol Train at its stop at Greenfield Village in Michigan. They wrap up the show by going over some listener feedback." Time: 1:18:23
    • 9/16/09 – Episode 24, Adam, Juz, and Craig discuss Paris Disney news before bringing on Orlando Sentinel journalist Jason Garcia to talk about WDW news from the D23 expo. Adam includes Day 3 from his audio diary of his most recent trip to WDW. They also give a look at all the Halloween festivities at WDW, including the Boo to You parade, Hallowishes, and MNSSHP. Some last-minute information on the Mousemeets wraps up the show. Also included in the iTunes feed is a form for the Mousemeets. Time: 2:31:29
    • 9/14/09 – So you want to create your own radio show? David gives a little insight on what goes on behind the scenes in this vidcast. Time: 12:56
    • 9/16/09 – Episode 157, Where's Liana? Where's Deb? David recruits Bob from Facebook to help wake Bryan up. These guys are having way too much fun with the enhanced features of the podcast. The basic insanity is included, plus a look at the new radio shows that are in the hopper. Time: 55:06
    • 9/13/09 – Episode 48, D23, recap of some Imagineering highlights from the Expo, including "So You Wanna Be an Imagineer", and "Imagineering the Future of Disney Parks". Time: 1:41:26.
    • 9/15/09 – Episode 232, D23 recap of all 4 days. More episodes to get in-depth looks at particular sessions. Time: 1:58:31
    • 9/20/09 – Episode 233, D23 recap, though it's more like a normal episode. After news and the tip, we get audio from the Parks and Resorts presentation as well as audio from the press conference that followed. Ricky also got to interview Cat Cora at the opening at Kouzzina (where Spoodles used to reside). Skipper Ben has the last 25-30 minutes with some classic (and awesome!) Disneyland vinyl, Walt Disney's Songs and Stories of Uncle Remus, Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Bear, and Br'er Fox from 1970. Time: 2:08:10
    • 9/16/09, Mikey and Lauren give a report on the massive crowds at WDW this time of the year…they had the parking lot to themselves…the monorail to themselves (I love watching Lauren's reaction to his antics in the empty monorail car)…they had Main Street to themselves. He includes some video from the newly-opened TTA (yes, the lights are on in Space Mountain), the demolition of the Tommorowland Skyway Station, and a truly Incredible costume. Time: 5:31
    • 9/20/09, Preview of Season 2 of the podcast. Teaser includes footage of Mikey and Lauren heading out to Ahaheim from Orlando. Time: 3:58
    • 9/20/09 – D23 Roundup with Nathan Rose and Jim Hill. Time: 21:20
    • 9/16/09 – Episode 96, Jeff is back with a show, and, boy has a lot changed for him in the past few months. First off, heartfelt congratulations to Jeff and his wife on the birth of their first child…Vincent Cash "from Houston"! Jeff also has an interesting take on bulletin boards vs. Facebook/Twitter, and, while I don't know if he reads this or not, I whole-heartedly agree with what he's saying (I'm seeing the same thing with the boards that I help moderate). The main audio segment comes from Jeff's April Disney Park World Tour and takes us to Tokyo Disneyland with friend Superdry to ride on the newest attraction, Monster's Inc., Ride and Go Seek (it only took 1 hour to get a fastpass and another 8 hours to ride it…luckily he cuts out most of the boring stuff). Time: 1:22:26
    • 9/16/09 – D23…interviews from the live broadcast from the Expo. Interviews include: Terri Harden, Mark Silverman, Tommy Kirk, and Paige O'Hara. Time: 1:22:26
    • 9/19/09 – Episode 217, D23, with listener "Kathy" as well as with Steve Swanson of the Muppetcast. Time: 1:20:31
    • 9/14/09 – Episode 345, It's Short topics day…the featured attraction segment looks at the Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot. The Yak and Yeti is in the review spotlight today. Andrew does the week in review, and listener feedback ends the show. Time: 45:54
    • 9/16/09 – Episode 346, Mike and Mark are joined by Steven Ng for a D23 recap of Imagineering. Time: 45:00
    • 9/18/09 – Episode 148, Van gives the usual Top Seve…..huh? He changed it up and gives us a Top NINE in this episode on attractions that really need to be fixed up (and now!). I 100% agree with this list! He also talks about the Marvel deal and other news. Time: 25:35
    • 9/17/09 – Episode 31, Gordon offers some good insight on both running and life in general as he starts one of his 6 am runs: don't always focus on the short-term…don't let one event be the deciding factor of your life. After his run, he talks about upcoming running events in the Disney arena. The blog of the week is Feedback ends the show. Time: 1:05:18
    • 9/15/09, Episode 70, Lisa and the Whachamacalit team up for dos and don'ts of Americans touring the Paris Disney resort. Time: 45:23
    • 9/14/09 – Episode 51, Video Podcast, footage from the 2009 Westfest event. This installment focuses on the antics at DCA. Time: 17:41
    • 9/16/09 – Episode 52, D23 recap with Greg, Ray, and Ryan. Time: 42:52
    • 9/14/09 – Toast has made his way to the east coast to help Earl celebrate the start of his 5th year of TOV as well as the 10th anniversary of his moving to Florida and starting to work for the mouse…Congrats, Earl! He starts off the show by teasing us with the announcement that he's on the TTA that just reopened. He's having an Un-D23 party at WDW and loving every minute of it. He breaks tradition by NOT recording from the MK parking lot (as he had for several years). Earl gives some audio from (gasp) another park…Sea World. He gives audio from Clyde and Seymour's evening sea lion show before heading back to WDW to take a ride on POTC. Time: 42:18
    • 9/15/09 – Episode 8, Nice, short show (Shawn is getting ready to travel…he actually met Bono!). A little D23 talk and a short 5-minute medley of park audio at the end. Time: 13:37
    • 9/14/09 – Episode 110, Continuing with the 3D theme from episode 109, they WDWNT hosts do a "world's finest" segment on the best 3D attraction. If you heard the last show, then you can probably guess which one won (hint: it wasn't in Epcot). Justin Heyman is back for another Town Square Talk to discuss what all is going on in the WDWNT series of shows. Time: 39:23
    • 9/20/09 – Episode 111, D23 Roundup with Kenny Siegel, Shawn Hutchison, Lee Scott, Matt Paul, Scott Smith, and Luke Manning. Time: 2:28:50
    • 9/20/09 – Episode 137, D23 Roundtable with members in attendance as well as representation from us box people from Lou's basement (running joke that all those watching Lou's live feed were actually trapped in his basement…I was one of the fortunate ones to escape after a couple of hours). Included in the roundtable is Mark Lorenzo, Deanna Mongello (eventually), Mary Jo Collins (Storytime host), Lisette Torano, Tony Mendyk (The Box People Rep), and Beci Mahnken. Time: 2:00:11
    • 9/14/09 – Episode 617, Matt, Newell, Scopa, and Len welcome Chris Eliopoulos and Uncle Ben (?) to talk about Disney's purchase of Marvel as well as some of the D23 news about Star Tours 2.0 and the Fantasyland redo. Time: 22:56
    • 9/16/09 – Episode 618, Listener questions Wednesday. Time: 29:44
    • 9/18/09 – Episode 619, Stats geeks will love this show (everyone else will, too, but stats geeks will especially love it). Len provides some research findings on the free dining promotions that WDW often offers, and the findings might just surprise you. Time: 15:44
    • 9/15/09 – Episode 25, D23…talk about Fantasyland and Star Tours 2.0 Time: 29:42

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