Friday, September 18, 2009

Disney Podcast Updates, Sep 06- Sep 12.86

WOOHOO!!! I think I'm actually starting to get caught up on these! I'll admit that it was a little depressing to publish the updates last week knowing that I was still over a week behind. I plowed through a bunch of them this week, however, and, instead of having a Friday as my usual "end date" (which would have been September 11th), I plowed through and got updates for the 12th as well as most of the shows that released on the 13th. I still have a Be Our Guest show and an Imagineering My Way episode from the 13th to listen to/review, but I wanted to get these out, especially since I'm anticipating an onslaught of D23 shows coming in over the next couple of weeks. I pulled out a page from the Paul Barrie playbook and have this just about to September 13th in the title. He's on vacation, so he wasn't using the playbook anyway. With this update, I'm only about 3 days behind. Granted, that equates to around 20 podcast shows, but I'll take any victory!

I've added a new podcast in here and contemplated having a contest to see who the first person to discover the new podcast would be, but the only thing I had as a prize was an answer key to a Microeconomics exam from 2005. If anyone wants bragging rights and your name in a bigger font in the next update, see if you can find the new podcast in the list below. I'll add the new show to the megalist soon with a description.

There have been a handful of podcasts that have actually made mention of the little contest going on, and the numbers seem to show that they're getting a bump from that. I'm visualizing that, the last week or two before this thing ends, everyone's going to get competitive and start talking smack about each other in efforts to get votes. People are going to log onto every computer in their business to cast votes. There will be demands for recounts, hanging chads, and ultimately, lawyers involved (Lou Mongello and Aaron Wallace will have the distinct advantages there). Okay, maybe not all of that will happen...I will have a contest update early next week. There are still 46 days for listeners to vote, though I'm guessing those who wanted to vote likely already have done so.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 9/11/09 – Episode 126, They're exhausted with all the All About the Mouseketeer additions over the past several weeks, so Jonathan gives a trip report of his recent experience at Disneyland, including the half-marathon, which gave him the coast-to-coast medal (congrats!) and several meetups. There is a little time to wrap up the show, including a couple of voice mails. They're over 50% of the way to their goal of the Give Kids the World fundraiser. Time: 1:35:34
    • 9/13/09, Video Extra, taken from Disneyland's Blue Bayou, Jonathan meets up with several listeners/friends to talk about the just-completed half-marathon (Happy Birthday, Muriel!). Time: 14:35
    • 9/13/09 – Video Extra, Still at Disneyland, Jonathan presents the new Fireworks spectacular, Magical. Time: 14:something…saw it and forgot it in the 3 seconds it took to delete it and switch windows to type it up.
    • 9/13/09 – Video Extra, Disneyland, Okay…when I first read the description of this, I didn't quite know what to think, but an impromptu game of musical chairs breaking out is exactly what this is! This one actually has some awesome one-liners that will have you rolling ("She didn't say anything"…"Why? Because we have to do a parade!"), some spot-on improv (hats off to the Mad Hatter for this), and a drop-dead gorgeous Alice. This video's a sleeper hit. Download it…you'll like it! Time: 22:47
    • 9/13/09 – Video Extra, Duuuuuuuuddeeeee, it's the last video from Jonathan's Disneyland trip…Turtle Talk with Crush! Time: 15:43
    • 9/06/09 – Episode 157, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere you goooooooo. Listener MaryAnn joins Mike for a discussion on a truly insane yet amazing trip to Disney World at Christmastime. "So what" you might say. Well, she went with 12 other people, with an age range of over 60 years, first-time Disney park folks, a pregnant folk, and a folk in a wheelchair!!! MaryAnn talks about how to keep that many people happy in the busiest place on Earth. And, yes, they did stuff like MVMCP and the Candlelight Processional! Time: 37:54
    • 9/10/09 – Episode 158, Mike, Rikki, Debbie, Pam, and the Disney Dads from the Disney Moms Panel are on the show! Bret Caldwell (DonaldDuckDad) and Doug Ingersoll join the podcast to quiz them on all sorts of items relating to the Disney Moms Panel, which is currently accepting applications for the 2010 panel (I would so put my name in if the training wasn't always during finals week for me!). During/after the quiz Bret and Doug also talk about the application process. A couple of voice mails are played to the panel for the Dads to respond. Time: 54:17
    • 9/07/09 – IYEE # 48, You start at MCO and end up at 6 (yes SIX) Disney parks. Lou provides over 2.5 hours of great in-park audio of several attractions among the parks in WDW and Disneyland, including the openings of most of the parks, Philharmagic, Ellen's Energy Adventure, Playhouse Disney On-Stage, ITTBAB, the REAL Tiki Birds, and a little Broke Hoedown with the Main Street Electrical Parade. Sexy Rexy makes an appearance at the end of the show…for those not familiar with him, you have to listen as words simply don't do him justice. Time: 2:38:26
    • 9/13/09 – BMS # 72, Lou's got a vidcast out, much to the glee of a LOT of folks who were getting a little worried. For the first segment, he talks a bit about the huge recent stories, from the purchase of Marvel to the announcements at D23 (new Fantasyland, Star Tours 2.0, etc). The featured video is the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade from MK (shot from near Exposition Hall). As if right on cue, the summer storm hits about 2/3 of the way through the parade. Some concept art of the new Fantasyland is included at the very end of the show. Time: 28:93
    • 9/06/09 – Show 77, The married folk aren't here for this show (Imagine and Pluto, for those of you not keeping up). Sorcerer, Chris, and Jeff are your hosts for this show, with Jeff starting off with the news. No Monorail and no Dining Experience, but they do talk in-depth with Jeff about his recent WDW birthday trip. Aside from a few snafus (don't listen if you're thinking of planning your first WDW stay on-site). E-mail time and a (gasp) voice mail are next, with a weird (Al) review of a newly-popular song that is gathering a cult following (Judging by all the laughing throughout the song in the background, I think they liked it). They've got lots of new listeners, thanks in part to Chris's interview on Be our Guest. Time: 1:23:44
    • 9/07/09 – Episode 13, Marc's going solo in this short show. He starts off with a monologue on the recent acquisition of Marvel comics and finishes up with the Disney/tech news, including an update on the events at D23, Murphy finally getting over his stage fright at Fantasmic over in Disneyland, Luxo's litigation, a man's dedication to the Disney Cruise Line (he jumped from a Carnival ship and was rescued by DCL), and more. Time: 6:45
    • 9/11/09 – Episode 28, It's Those Darn Disney Dudes as Cat Lisa joins in along with the Dudes' biggest voice mail contributer/stalker (just kidding…it's great to have devoted listeners) Adam. In this show, they provide several scenarios where they put themselves in as CEOs of the Disney corporation and do a little Imagineering Their Way (yeah, yeah, that's already taken, but it was all I could think of as I wrote this up). Topics include the creation/redesign of an attraction (I LOVE Wayne's idea of a Walt Disney attraction that goes well beyond what One Man's Dream does) and creating a new resort on-property (a lot of folks entered Level 5 status with Wayne's suggestion on an attraction-based hotel room). They then take some time to prep Adam for his hopeful first trip to WDW (hint: DING). Adam then makes everyone jealous with is recounting of a visit to Club 33. Time: 1:07:46
    • 9/09/09, Episode 59, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion's debut, Tairy takes a look at the history of the beloved attraction, which dates to long before Disneyland was built. Time: 10:06
    • 9/06/09, Episode 30, Scott and Tracey bring on Matt Cox from the Brunch with the Brits podcast, the Mortis, and Liana to talk/reminisce about their experiences with the Friends of the Magic meet (sounds like a great time was had…anyone have a pic of Liana's hair glowing with all those sticks?). A segment that Scott recorded for another podcast is also included, where they examine the zombie relationship with Disney's Meet the Robinsons (yes, I typed that correctly!). Buzy has a musical interlude, but that's not the only music (don't make noise in the theaters, or the frogs from Meet the Robinsons will get you!). Speaking of theaters, Mortis is back with his update on the new straight-to-his theater show which deals with the Princesses morphing with some Marvel characters (yes, I typed that correctly). The show ends with a final musical piece that words simply can't explain Click here for the song. Time: 1:39:23
    • 9/08/09 – Disney Park Essentials, Volume 1. David is going solo…well, he's got the chat room, but otherwise he's on his own. This is a special podcast that introduces a new audio set, both in CD and downloadable format. Also, this is the first enhanced podcast, and David gives an in-depth explanation on how those work, with artwork, chapters, and more. Lots of in-park audio in this show! Time: 2:07:53
    • 9/11/09 – Episode 47, Greg has a short show today as he is joined my Mr. Mouse Lounge Gary Chambers (temporarily, thanks to tech glitches) and Travelears co-host Ray to give a recap of the first day of the D23 Expo. Time: 11:33
    • 9/06/09 – Episode 231, Marvel's newest superhero, Anonymous Guy, joins Ricky for an in-depth discuss….wha? Ohhhhhhhhhh. Got it! Ricky brings on some anonymous person to talk about…NOW WHAT???!! He's been on before? He's actually a recurring guest? (sigh) Okay…Take 3 After the news, Ricky invites Anonymous Guy, who's a little more in-tune with the Marvel side of the deal to talk a little about the $4 billion deal. Skipper Ben cheers the passing of the 90 day mark for his trip and laments the experience of the online dining reservation system (it hung…and it hung…and it hung). He teases us by giving his eventual reservations for his trip. Ricky then gives the audio of Wishes (video below). Listener Feedback brings up the tail end of the show. Time: 1:16:57
    • 9/06/09 – Video Supplement, Wishes, as seen from the fireworks viewing area of Bay Lake Tower. I'm placing my call to DVC now! Time: 12:59
    • 9/07/09 – With the acquisition of Marvel by the Disney Corporation, Nathan and Jim take on what this means for both entities. And, yes, even Jim was surprised by this announcement. Time: 26:13
    • 9/07/09 – I was listening to this while mowing (I learned my lesson not to have this one cued up when I pick the boys up from school), and the guys had my mind wrapped around volumes of info regarding Space Mountain. Yes, it's an e-mail show, but you know how on-target these guys are. Another great show filled with engineering and architectural gems. Time: 1:41:02
    • 9/13/09 – As I mentioned before, I usually listen to this one while mowing, out of my kids' earshot. Well, I mowed recently, and we haven't had any rain, so I haven't had a chance to listen to this one all the way through it. Mike's sick, so Greg and Shaft take the full duties of hosting the show themselves. It's another e-mail show, which, despite Greg not being here, still means tons of tangents. Time: 2:13:38
    • 9/05/09 – Episode 14, My brothers-in-law absolutely loved the movie played at the Matinee in this episode: Flight of the Navigator. I haven't seen this one, but it has a decent cult following. The Mortis's (and Scott and Tracey and Jessica from Disney, Indiana) give some background on the timeline as well as the plot. The verdict from the kids? Kaity: Thumbs-up!; Athena thousands of thumbs up (she liked the dog); Bridget (Mrs. Mortis): loved recalling forgotten parts; Mortis: still good! After the review, they give some movie "oops" to look for. The last 5-6 minutes gives us a blooper reel of this show. Altogether now…Mortis, Mortis, Mortis, Mortis, Matinee, Matinee, Matinee, Matinee (makes you appreciate the intro all the more) Time: 34:43
    • 9/13/9 – Episode 61, After a talk of the Marvel deal, the best way I could present the remaining segments is to simply give you the lessons learned from the show: Jellyfish have feelings too; Blowfish really must like playing beach ball; Maelstrom may be a Fastpass, but the submarines STILL aren't; and most importantly, Gene Hackman, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, and Matthew McConaughey are no longer real actors, but they did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. You'll have to listen to follow THAT one! Time: 53:40
    • 9/12/09 – Episode 216, The first couple of days from the D23 Expo are chronicled in this show by some folks in attendance there (no, not Eric and Cathy…we all remember the near-divorce that occurred over the summer). Before that, however, the discussion revolves around Marshmallows and Margaritas (among other things) in some newly announced meet-ups at the upcoming Mouseguest Experience at WDW. The mailbag is opened, and they take a stab at getting some of the messages whittled down (the Fastpass debate is still going strong…we'll have to agree to disagree). Also included is a detailed voice mail on tips on doing the parks with 7-month old. Celebrations follows the listener feedback, and the last 30 minutes or so is dedicated to some live reactions from D23. Time: 1:29:27
    • 9/11/09 – Episode 62, There was a pileup on Main Street USA, in this show as a trolley accidently runs over something. A Dapper Dan attempts to resuscitate it, but it appears to have all been in vain. Time: 1:46
    • 9/07/09 – Episode 343, Short topics day! After the tip of the week (including a bonus tip), they look at Snow White's Scary Adventure (I'm still trembling) and then turn to review the Boardwalk Villas. The kid is up next with a question on his most memorable character (all fruit should beware of kid-sized fruit bats over Halloween). MousePlanet review is next (Kungaloosh!), and the show finishes without theme park etiquette but does finish with listener feedback. Time: 50:14
    • 9/09/09 – Episode 344, The featured topic is the topic that has been the feature of many a podcast over the past couple of weeks: Disney's purchase of Marvel. Time: 39:46
    • 9/08/09 – Vidcast 32, America's neighbor to the North takes us to its neighbor to the South as we get a ride-through of the Mexico Pavilion's Grand Fiesta Tour. Time: 7:39
    • 9/10/09 – Episode 49, Carlos, Kevin, and Robb blow the dust off of an older segment for this show…Famous Disney Canadians. This segment spotlights architect Frank Gehry. Following this is an interview with Complete Guide author Julie Neal. Time: 37:19
    • 9/08/09, Episode 69, It's mostly just one darn cat this show as the other cat (Jennifer) is over at Disneyland Paris. Lisa interviews Rich O., known around the Twitter Universe. Rich talks about the experiences of sending medication down to the Orlando area as well as what it's like being an organ donor…for his wife (yes, he gave a kidney to his wife, who has subsequently competed in the U.S. Transplant Games). It's a really touching story. After the interview, we get to hear a ride-through of the Phantom Manor attraction over in Paris. The show wraps with a little punk/ska-core Mickey (that's about the best way I could describe it). Time: 39:52
    • 9/08/09 – Episode 7, Katie's Back!!! She relieves Shawn of doing the news and gets right to it at the onset of the show. After that, they welcome special guest, King Louie of the Podcast world…Lou Mongello joins the duo to talk about all the hats that he wears. They start off with a few questions that you would expect and then introduce a "stump Lou" segment where they try to get the trivia master to miss some trivia (and they hit him up with this before he had his caffeine, too…talk about difficult!). Email is up next, followed by some music that just bugs me (rim shot). Before they get to the blooper reel, they announce their next trip down to the world of Mouse and have a little Hanson news (it's tied to Disney at least…they'll be in concert at DTD). And, yes, it's better to read the e-mails out loud as opposed to reading them to yourself on the podcast (nice outtake!). Time: 45:20
    • 9/09/09 – Episode 109, With the Weekend Update, It's Tom Corless (and you're not!). Lots of news in this episode before the introduction of a new segment that was test-run a few weeks prior. In "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", the crew looks at Mickey's Philharmagic. I think they are cursing the WDWNT forum followers for having this segment lead off with this attraction, for the title of it may as well have been "The Good, The Better, and The Best" (they were having problems coming up with bad items for Philharmagic…it's that good, and I agree!!). Time: 1:05:40
    • 9/06/09 – Episode 135, He's done it again…another mind-blowing interview. This time, Lou brings back Richard Sherman to talk about the newly-released Poppin' Guitars: A Tuneful of Sherman CD, which brings together some of the greatest guitarists of the time to give their own interpretations of famous Sherman Brothers songs, most of which are Disney-related. That's some really soothing music there…great, great interview! Mr. CMO Justin Muchoney then stops by to talk with Lou about each others' ultimate dreams. Listener feedback ends the show. Time: 1:22:21
    • 9/13/09 – Episode 136, It's another Disney Scene Investigation…for you Lodgers who read this, I get a LOT of my trivia questions from these segments! Lou is joined by Craig Wheeler to do a really in-depth look at one of the more loved attractions: The Carousel of Progress. Listener feedback is at the end. Time: 1:10:21
    • 9/07/09 – Episode 614, Len and Scopa (tough quote this week!) join Matt for a topic that will likely generate some good discussion among the listeners (and it has…19 comments already on their web site). The topic? Tips on Tipping at WDW (several different places…not just restaurants). Somebody please tell me that Matt had the webcam on when he did his cat impersonation and got a video capture of that…I was absolutely rolling at that visual!!! Time: 25:03
    • 9/09/09 – Episode 615, the nines are wild in this show. It's Wednesday, which, as the regulars know, is listener question day. Mush's note: yes, I know that that lake in Massachusetts is also called Lake Webster, but that's just not as fun as getting Matt to attempt to pronounce Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. Go Baby Go! Time: 28:38
    • 9/11/09 – Episode 616, I think the tequila was flowing freely before this show as they were even more wound up than usual. Len and Newell field questions from Matt and Scopa on the Segway tours that you can take at Epcot and Ft. Wilderness. This is definitely on my to-do list! Time: 19:35
    • 9/11/09 – Episode 24, With Nate's Disneyland experience, he serves a Len Testa role for Matt to help Nate tackle doing Disnelyand in one day. Also included at the beginning is the news segment. This a good primer for those WDW touring folks thinking of going to Disneyland for the first time. Time: 42:50
    • 9/06/09 – Episode 204, For those who were left hanging from Episode 203, NEVER FEAR! This is part 2 of the Audio Adventure. Some bonus audio is included (around 20 minutes!). Time: 1:04:53
    • 9/13/09 – Episode 205, Wait…where's Paul? Mouseketeer Greg is filling in for the usual host as he is at the D23 Expo. He transforms the place to a tropical hideaway and attempts a corporate coup (did he actually shoot a tiki bird?). He then gives the first part of an audio experience from the Friends of the Magic meet. Several ride thrus and street performers are included. Time: 58:07
    • 9/07/09 – Episode 43, Aaron takes his critical analysis skills to the recent purchase of Marvel by Disney and looks at it from several different vantage points. Another very well thought-out show, though he gets the earworm award for all the renditions of Spiderman. Time: 47:22


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