Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling the Love...

Okay, some of you probably realize that my career is actually NOT doing podcast updates. As I've posted before, I teach economics at Illinois State University and Heartland Community College. Don't believe me? Check out my ratings at I've got some good reviews in there...I should - I wrote most of those reviews myself.

One of the things I always joke about in class is the fact that economists always seem to have jokes lobbed at them for being wrong.

This weekend must have marked open season for economists, because the slams were coming in at full speed.

Case in point:

I'm walking back to my office after finishing an exam for my Principles course and notice a new addition near the door to the Economics Department office. This strip was recently featured in Greg Mankiw's blog with the simple yet hilarious title: "The secret is out"...

Prickly City

Link courtesy of

As I'm reading it, my department chair notices me and awaits my reaction, which was an immediate request to get a copy of it!

But no, it doesn't end there! Cartoonist and Disney enthusiast Chris Eliopoulos nearly had me dying laughing when I clicked on his Misery Loves Sherman strip in my Google Reader on Tuesday:

Link and permissions Courtesy of Chris Eliopoulos

Just when I think I'm ready to post this entry to the blog, Chris comes through yet again and gives me the overhead image for an upcoming Money and Banking class, when I get into the financial crisis:

Oh all right...I'm willing to bet that I've just about lost all my Disney readers by now (at least now you know what my family endures with the podcast updates). Never fear!!! I can link this up to Disney. If you're not familiar with Chris's work, he is the one responsible for the caricatures of the WDW Today crew on their homepage. Also, Chris did an entire series of strips devoted to the family taking a trip to Disney World. Here's the first strip of the series:

Click on the strip to be taken to the archive of this and then click on "Next" for the subsequent strips. Note: Be sure to check out who all is in the background of the April 27th might be able to recognize 5 of them from somewhere in the podcasting world.

Thanks, guys, for the laughs!

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