Friday, September 11, 2009

Disney Podcast Updates, August 22nd – September 5th

AHA! I think I found my main problem in getting these out. I get them listened to in the car or walking around or mowing or…but then I'm not near the computer to write it down. The result? I have to scan over the show again so I can have my memory refreshed. I end up missing much of what I wanted to bring out and write about. I think I've got a solution for this, however. If I collect $5 from every podcaster, I'll have enough to purchase one of the new iPod Nanos! You see, I'll quadruple the storage space, so I can quit doing the manual shuffling of shows! I'll also have the embedded mic to record notes as I'm listening!! I (hopefully) will be able to work better with MP4s and enhanced podcasts!!! It's the PERFECT IDEA….WHO'S WITH ME????!!!!!!

Insert sound of chirping crickets

Oh well…I tried.

This set of updates will run the entire range of emotions: excitement, apprehension, joy, etc…I'll admit that I had tears welling while listening to a couple of them, and I found myself shouting at the MP3 in disagreement on more than one occasion. In many of these shows, you'll hear of some amazing philanthropy across different charitable organizations.

Several new shows are included in this one, once again proving that a rational person can be irrational at times (I'm an economist...I should know my marginal limits). Welcome to the update Beyond Main Street, DIS Cast, Disney Brit, and WaltCast!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 8/31/09 – Episode 61, We start out on a plane, and all is going well…until………..Keegan gets the passenger from Hell sitting next to him on the Dysfunctional Superfamily's recent trip down to Orlando. To top it off, storms keep most of the planes grounded at MCO and at the gates…including the gate that they were supposed to arrive at, which delays them for their first experience with Disney's Magical Express. The audio on DME with the little sister is awesome! Note to LFFG: we should probably ensure that neither of my sons meet Mattie…we will never get a word in edge-wise as they are cut from the same pattern. Mattie helps out a family decide what attractions to ride on the bus ride to the Treehouse Villas and provides some seriously funny one-liners that only a child that age could get away with ("You really ARE a geek"). The next morning, it's an unofficial podmeet as Keegan meets up with Will and Shannon, Matt the Esquire, and Lou Mongello (by chance) within the span of 5 minutes. After meeting Lou (who joins the group), Keegan grabs Matt at the 50s PTC, and the entire crew starts to make its way down Sunset Blvd for TOT FPs (Only Disney Geeks will get this). Before they make it, however, they run into Streetmosphere (no, really…they accidentally walked into the set) and ended up becoming a major role (Mattie again gets the crowd howling with her comments). The show ends with a little on-ride audio from RNR. Be sure to keep your bananas holstered and remember to Rock On! Time: 1:22:47
    • 8/28/09 – Episode 124, Bryan and Jonathan are both here, and that's a good thing because there are approximately 1.2 billion new AllAboutTheMouseketeers requesting a number. They're getting really close to that magic 1,000. I keep listening and hoping that someone says they found AATM from this site, but, who am I kidding…my 15 non-family followers already know about it! After the roll call, they provide an update on the fundraising opportunity for Give Kids the World . The AATM listeners came through in a way that can only be described at amazing. They were looking for $200 to get Bryan to do the pixie dust hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop, and they blew through that total in less than 24 hours. Their new goal is to get to $2,000, and they're already about 1/3 of the way there as of the recording (5 days after the release of the last show). After that, they turn to MNSSHP and bring on Mike Scopa to discuss the party that will start occurring really soon and go on through September and October at MK. Before the out-takes, they give a run-down of the various meet-ups that they have planned on both sides of the coast (Bryan at WDW and Jonathan in Anaheim). Time: 1:50:50
    • 9/04/09 – Episode 125, 2 hours and 20 minutes…my siestas are getting shorter and shorter because all of these podcasts are getting longer and longer! This has got not one, not even two, but THREE large-scale interviews, with all of them having some amazing content. After the Marvelous news and the monumental roll call (they got to 1,000 this week!!!!), they have the first interview with Ted Thomas, son of Disney Legend Frank Thomas. Ted comes on to talk about the release of his upcoming film, Walt and El Grupo, which chronicles Walt's entourage that went down to South America during the Saludos Amigos/Three Cabelleros timeframe. Mush's note: if you haven't heard the Mouse Lounge podcast from August 9th, listen to this AATM show and then dive into more interviews about Saludos over on that show…the complement each other really well! After the Thomas interview, they play a recording of Margaret Kerry's keynote from the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet…don't miss this one as you get to witness her humor as well as hear her read some from an unabridged version of Barrie's Peter Pan. Paul Barrie and TJ make up the last segment with a discussion on the new DVD on Disneyland in the 1950's that TJ has produced. During the discussion, Paul announces that for every "rack rate" purchase of the DVD, he will donate $4 to Give Kids the World. Time: 2:20:21
    • 9/02/09 – Episode 20, Greg has a new toy…a Canon 5D Mark II that shoots in 1080 HD. This show is a test of the camera in one of Disneyland's beloved dark rides, Peter Pan. Time: 3:29
    • 8/23/09 – Episode 153, I'm going to have to get my wife to listen to this one…Pam joins Mike and Rikki to talk about the Disney Cruise Line. It's a decent primer for those thinking of possibly taking their first cruise (cough, cough, wifey). Time: 35:02
    • 8/27/09 – Episode 154, It's Friday, and Mike is joined by Rikki, Debbie, and Pam to talk about Character Dining. Yep…I was shouting at one of their reviews (they absolutely loved the Garden Grill, and we had a (to put it mildly) less-than-desirable experience there). Still, they had me laughing about the relationship between the Garden Grill and Mission Space. Hey, shouting at the iPod is a necessary and good thing to do on occasion! That's one reason why I like listening to these…hearing the differing views across the spectrum. FYI: best way to get in the Magic Kingdom is to try for an 8:05 ressie at the Crystal Palace…we do that every time. Time: 42:34
    • 8/30/09 – Episode 155, BOG heads to MM with ML (HUH?). Be Our Guest listener Marc Lorenzo joins the crew to talk about the recent MagicMeets in Pennsylvania. Marc gives a recap of the event…he also gets us jealous by mentioning that he walked away with one of the larger door prizes (4 night stay at an All-Star Vacation Resort). Time: 37:18
    • 9/03/09 – Episode 156, Put on your glasses…it's time to look at the 3D attractions in the WDW parks! They're 100% back in my favor with this show as I was shouting in agreement (and psychologically scarring my children) at the iPod! Time: 35:24
    • 8/21/09 – IYEE # 47, This is the first posting on here for Beyond Main Street, which is the one of the first podcasts (and the first video podcast in its original format) I subscribed to. This one was actually released during the timeframe of the last update. Lou announces that he's up for a podcast award at WDWDailyNews for best short podcast. There are only a few days left to vote over there! The main portion of the show has audio coming from one of the more overlooked attractions in the parks – the Art School at DHS, where Lou learns to draw Jiminy Cricket. Time: 31:57
    • 8/27/09 – Episode 76, Sorcerer, Jeff, Imagine, and Pluto are here for this show, giving Chris a break (he's on vacation). After Jeff's news, Stitch's Great Mistake Escape is reviewed on the Monorail…Pluto is still mad that they took out the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. LOTS of e-mail in this show too! Time: 1:17:30
    • 8/23/09 – Episode # 11, in this first update from DISCast over here, Former CM and DISCast regular Kyle Duffield provides a short report from his most recent trip to WDW in the Castmember Corner. Marc Silverman then gives a look into some of the technology behind the Tower of Terror. Mush's note: I've been following DISCast from its inception and have been impressed with the rapid increases in the quality of the recording as well as the improvements in Marc's work on the podcast. Time: 11:10
    • 8/30/09 – Episode #12, Kyle's here for another Castmember Corner and talks a little about DVC's Bay Lake Tower at WDW. After that, Marc does a review of the Mac's new operating system, Snow Leopard before wrapping up with the latest Disney and Tech news. Time: 15:08
    • 8/28/09 – Episode 26, Tony Caggiano (hopefully you recognize that name by now if you follow my blog) joins the Dudes for a recap of MagicMeets. Considering what he did there, this is a very interesting perspective of what went on. Time: 1:11:53
    • 9/02/09 – Episode 27, Disney Dudes: Behind the Scenes, a True Hollywood Story! Trace plays some of the outtakes from past shows, with some of them being pretty flippin' funny!! Almost halfway through is some amazing audio of WDW outtakes…awesome! After that comes some Dang Tasty voice mail and some Lisa Love. Email finishes off the show. Time: 1:39:10
    • 8/31/09 – Episode 75, Being the 75th show, they want the focus to be on their loyal listeners. Tom and John have a packed show, subtitled "Celebrate You". Included in this episode is the news, pin trading events (both Disney and fan-based), and a ton of new pin releases (8 pins from D23 alone). A special segment is included too, John interviews listener MacKenzie Rayman (IPLS #3), who has an interesting theme in the discussion. A special induction into the Disney Pincast Hall of Fame occurs (the first listener induction). IPLS # 56 is showcased, and that person is MaryAnn Correia. The show ends with a HUGE Random Selection contest (9 winners will be announced). Time: 2:31:30
    • 9/05/09, Episode 76, I'm still amazed at these guys' ability to continually bring out quality shows about pins every week. I'll admit that I'm not a pin collector, so I usually set this one aside until later to listen to. The result is that I often don't get to this show until it's too late to provide my typical review. If you've noticed this, please be assured that it's not a reflection of the quality of the shows…I simply don't get these listened to like I do the others at times. This is another case where I didn't get to really listening to the show. This show follows a similar format as the others with news, releases, and event information. IPLS # 57 is Brian Martsolf. Time: 2:11:38
    • 8/23/09 – Episode 57, This show proves that Tairy is a perfectionist. Over on the Mouse Comedy podcast, she misspoke about Captain EO. To right this apparent wrong (I wonder if anyone caught it), she does a tidbit show on the Coppola/Lucas/Jackson/Disney concoction. Time: 9:59
    • 9/04/09 – Episode 58, Tairy's still feeling guilty about messing up on Mouse Comedy, so she completes the inaccurate information that nobody realized with a tidbit on The Black Hole Star Tours. At the end is a discount code for Paul Barrie's Disneyland in the 50's DVD. Time: 9:19
    • 8/23/09, Episode 29, Ricky Brigante will probably download this one and listen to it every night before he goes to sleep. Scott and Tracey give a tremendous show dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Some of the audio they have here is absolutely classic! You have no idea how many times I was singing the bass part in Grim Grinning Ghosts while driving last week (I think they have nearly every version of that song in here). They give a good background of the attraction as well as similarities/differences among the various mansions in the different Disney parks. They also give a narrative of a recent ride-through from one of their meets in Anaheim. Whiplash occurs as they switch to the next installment of the Holiday Storytellers, with Morocco being showcased here. They switch holidays…sort of…and talk about the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. Mortis scares everyone with his cinema supplement (LOVED it!). The show ends with listener feedback, including new residents moving into Disney, Indiana. Time: 1:19:22
    • 9/01/09 – Vidcast 3, This is the first posting for this show…I've heard the host, Adam Goodger, on several other podcasts recently and started subscribing. One of the things I like about this show is that it does contests…here's an example of one. This vidcast is a contest of 10 photos that you are supposed to identify. All the information on how to submit your answers is in the video. Submissions must be received by Monday the 14th. Time: 3:21
    • 9/01/09 – Episode 23, Hosts Adam, Juz Griffiths, and Craig Duncan start off with a lot of news and some rumors before starting off with a brand new segment (appropriate, since this is the first round of updates for the podcast on here). Starting about fifty minutes in, Adam introduces an audio diary of his most recent trip to WDW. He does Day 1 of his trip now and does Day 2 later on in the show. In between the audio diaries is audio from the first-ever DisneyBrit Meet, including the traditional trivia quiz (I was 6/8 for 2,100 points) and audio from the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor. Time:
    • 8/22/09, Audio extra, Episode 10 of the Spin the Wheel of EAC! This is a little snippet of the newly introduced Extinct Attractions Radio Station. Time: 12:30
    • 8/26/09, There's no Deb, but there is David and Liana in the Tuesday night chat. They're discussing news and rumors in Anaheim as well as talking about changes to the radio station. They love the silly chat room! Time: 1:25:04
    • 9/02/09, This may be the longest intro ever on a Disney podcat LMAO! King David leads the show, and Brian nearly fires his agent for getting this gig. The space-time continuum has blown up mainly because A) they record the show early (much to the joy of the east-coasters); and B)Heidi reports live direct from 1989 (okay, it's Dave's former girlfriend from 1989). There's news and there's impossible trivia, and there's some talk of the new audio CD set created (Adventureland essentials). I love Standing in Motion, and part of it is included in here. The free download of the week is a little-heard Offenbach (I have no idea how that's spelled) piece from the Tiki Birds. Time: 1:01:53
    • 9/05/09 – Audio extra…testing an enhanced version of the feed. You can't say I'm not fully comprehensive in this list! Time: 0:47
    • 8/22/09 – Episode 46, Greg starts off with his report card segment, where he talks about the proposed Asian hotel on Seven Seas Lagoon at MK. Instead of a bulldozer, he pulls out a set of torpedos to take out Ned's Junior Jungle Boats at MK. Next comes the DIY Imagineering…I was looking forward to hearing Greg's take on the proposed Fantasyland Expansion rumor. The main segment is the WEDWay segment, where Greg talks with the current President of the Monorail Society, Kim Pedersen. I learned a TON listening to this one. Time: 58:36
    • 8/23/09 – Episode 229, Before Skipper Ben makes us all envious of what he did as a CM at MGM (he rode the Aerosmith RNR tons of times while they were tweaking it), Ricky gives us the news around the World (quite a bit of D23 Expo material) the weekly tip, and some listener reviews of Cat Cora's new restaurant in Disney, Kouzzina. Also in this show is a look at a new iPhone app on Toy Story Midway Mania. Some listener feedback follows. Time: 1:00:10
    • 8/30/09 – Episode 230, Being out of town for most of the weekend when this was released, I missed Ricky's Facebook request for what background music should be played. I screamed at the iPod when I heard this but was pleasantly surprised to hear the Soarin music during the news segment. After the news, Ricky plays some really soothing music from Tom Ameen. When I first heard that it was going to be a rendition of "It's a Small World", I screamed at the iPod. When I heard it however, I really liked it…nice and relaxing. After that comes a little more Disney music, which came from the recent NFFC…it's a track of an acoustic guitar playing some Sherman Brother's music. Cruising the World is next, with Skipper Ben, who gives a recording from the Animator's Palette over on the Disney Cruise Line ships. An interesting listener request (inverted may be the best word for it) follows, and then comes the listener feedback/questions. I'll admit that I disagreed with one of the answers provided, but I didn't scream at the iPod. Three near-misses in this show. Time: 1:04:47
    • 8/31/09, Special Report: Mikey's at Universal's IOA for an update on the construction of Harry Potter's Wizarding World. He brings together the progress over the past three months with a combo of stills and video. Time: 2:12
    • 9/04/09, a pseudo trip report with the family, including Mom's first experience with the Jungle Cruise and bonus Splash Mountain (Lauren's thrilled). A little Hidden Mickey Hide and Seek in the Emporium follows. Time: 7:07
    • 9/02/09 – Episode 69 (or 68.5). For those who listened to the previous show, you probably noticed that the recording ended rather abruptly on the plane as a result of peanut meltdown and maternal sleepiness. They're back at home and can now sit down to recap the trip in a little more organized way. They also include a review of the new Treehouse Villas (they likes it!). They also talk a little about meeting up with other podcasters (see Episode 61 of Teenage Disney Geek). About 1:25:00 in, however, it sounds like a dying cat (Shannon's words…not mine). An informative review of the Grand Gathering Safari Experience is included near the end. It's a DAPfest (Curse you for making me look that up…never heard that saying before!). Time: 2:11:23
    • 8/30/09 – Nathan and Jim hit on a popular topic in this update…Walt and El Grupo. It's a decent different perspective from the AATM episode and recent Mouse Lounge show. Jim got a sneak peek at the documentary and gives his views of it. They then get into a discussion of the ebb and flow of Disney movies over several years. Time: 39:20
    • 8/23/09 – Mike's gone, so Greg and Shaft are left at the controls (uh oh). Without a script, they go into details on lots of things I never heard of prior to this. I can't comment too much on this (don't know much about Al Lutz, who is mentioned in several instances), but I'll definitely say that it's another really thought-provoking show. Time: 1:56:42
    • 8/30/09 – So looonggg…farewell…auf weidersehen, goodnight! Long-time DPN member Burnt Toast (I recognize that name from all my lurking over there) is changing coasts and changing Disney parks. The west coast crew (Micecast) bid Toast adieu with a tribute show, recorded live from Disneyland. The waterworks are in full swing from the guest of honor as voice mails of congratulatory remarks are played for him from fellow DPNers. Of course, all the east coasters are loving this move as they can now hang out with him. Time: 46:21
    • 9/05/09 – Episode 14, My brothers-in-law absolutely loved the movie played at the Matinee in this episode: Flight of the Navigator. I haven't seen this one, but it has a decent cult following. The Mortis's (and Scott and Tracey and Jessica from Disney, Indiana) give some background on the timeline as well as the plot. The verdict from the kids? Kaity: Thumbs-up!; Athena thousands of thumbs up (she liked the dog); Bridget (Mrs. Mortis): loved recalling forgotten parts; Mortis: still good! After the review, they give some movie "oops" to look for. The last 5-6 minutes gives us a blooper reel of this show. Altogether now…Mortis, Mortis, Mortis, Mortis, Matinee, Matinee, Matinee, Matinee (makes you appreciate the intro all the more) Time: 34:43
    • 8/31/09 – Show 60, Oh boy…this one's really………interesting. Tairy is recording this, and Jonathon is "editing", which means that this is basically the full raw feed. In response to the recent Pet Peeves episode, Tairy brings on a secret guest to rebut (but was there an initial "but" to be rebutted?) the list that Jonathon revealed. The surprise guest? None other than Paul Barrie, who, I think, may have just set the record for being on the most podcasts in one update. Absolute hilarity ensues with Paul's great comebacks! Time: 1:05:41
    • 8/26/09 – Episode 13, We're in Disneyland again during WestFest for this one, with a Dropping (stretching?) in the Haunted Mansion. We find that not all foreign-language voice-overs are as boring as it is at BTMRR. Throughout the ridethrough, Keegan (riding with Matt) discuss differences between the Disneyland and the WDW mansions. Time: 18:41
    • 8/23/09 – Episode 213, Eric and Cathy are down at WDW but have some pre-recorded segments for the show. The main segment is an interview with Julie Neal, author of The Complete Walt Disney World Guide. A contest is announced to win a signed copy of the book (submit best tip/worst mistake at WDW). Then comes the unknown audio (huh?). Eric sets up the final segment, which he hopes is audio from the parks. Luckily, it was…it was their son, Casey, on his first attraction, POTC. Mush's note: LOVED reading your Twitter/Facebook updates. Time: Unknown (I hit delete about 4 seconds too early).
    • 8/29/09 – Episode 214, Scopa beware…Eric and Cathy (sans Dan) give a trip report of their 10-year anniversary trip as well as their first trip with their 7-month old son. Lots of reviews are in here. Time: 54:17
    • 9/05/09 – Episode 215, THIS PODCAST IS TOTALLY WICKED!!!! Thanks, Dan…your intro bit got played no less than 46 times when my sons heard it. After a little Marvelous news (okay, I'm overusing that one), they feel like they've fallen woefully behind on celebrations, so they get caught up with lots of 'em. They wrap the show with a listing of the tip/mistake entries and select two winners to receive autographed copies of Julie Neal's Complete Guide book. I found myself screaming at the iPod at one of the tips, but the hosts tempered my temper somewhat with their responses. Time: 59:22
    • 8/24/09 – Episode 339, Everyone look out…the Kid's going to have a camera on his next trip! In this short subject show, the tip of the week starts off, followed by a review of one of my favorite attractions…Peter Pan's Flight! Continuing the love of Mushrush, they hit one of my favorite restaurants for the review: the Kona Café. I can guarantee the breakfast order for my wife and I: pressed pot of Kona coffee, Tonga Toast for me and the Pineapple Macademia Nut Pancakes for my wife (and I get about 1/3 of it…yes, I'm hurting by this time). We have had hit-or-miss success on the service there, too. Ask the Kid is next…you can probably figure out what the subject of his question is. Andrew does the week in review, and the show ends with quite a bit of listener feedback, mostly revolving around the etiquette episode. Time: 40:02
    • 8/26/09 – Episode 340, Mike brings on his fiancée, Kayla, to discuss some ways of adding Disney Touches to a wedding (which, obviously, they are doing). If you are planning a wedding and are thinking of doing something of a Disney theme, this is a really good show to listen to as several good suggestions are made (for example, a website and specific search criteria for Disney-related invitations). Time: 32:02
    • 8/31/09- Episode 341, It's another show of shorts. They head over to Adventureland to look at the Swiss Family Treehouse before heading over to France to dine with Remy in Chefs de France. On Ask the Kid, the topic is computer games. Listener feedback is also included. Time: 38:30
    • 9/2/09 – Episode 342, Steven Ng gives provides the show with yet another good interview, this one with Mark Silverman, best known for his voiceover of Rod Serling in the Tower of Terror Pre-show. Time: 24:10
    • 9/02/09 – Episode 49 (or 48), After the mousekeeping, Carlos has Alexandra, and Chantal for a chat (no fire yet) to discuss the recent MagicMeets. They talk about the events of the night before as well as many of the breakout sessions that they attended. The fire is started, and a some listener feedback is read. Kim, Chantal, Alexandra, and Kevin join in for the hat pull…the Top 5 Things they tell their friends they HAVE to do on their first trip to WDW. Time: 53:27
    • 9/03/09 – Episode 30, The "Hummus Incident" is coming back to haunt Gordon as concerned listeners call in and wonder if the food processor survived the unfortunate sequence of events. Before that, we get the news, including the notice that the TOT 13K and the 10K Race For the Taste will cease to be run after this year. After that, Gordon recruits his son to introduce the guest on this show (those the bribes to get him to say he loves Dad more than Mom fail miserably). Who is this guest? Well, it's none other than WEDWay Radio's very own Nate Parrish in the premiere of a new series: Disney podcasters who also run. Look for others like Len Testa and Lou Mongello to hopefully appear in future episodes. Nate talks about the running aspect as well as how technology has changed the way people communicate about podcasts. With both of them in the education field, they talk about ed podcasting. Being that I'm also in the education field, I really liked this portion. I'll forgive the "Freak of Nature" comment, guys (and, no, I don't sleep!). The blogs of the week are twitterers trying to raise money for some good causes: Barbie Runs and Run Courtney Run are the names. He then mentions a poll being conducted by some Freak of Nature (it's helped…he's ahead of Mongello and in second position as this is being typed). After the requests for an update on the food processor, he gives a little humorous audio of what all parents have the joy of experiencing. Time: 1:04:04
    • 8/25/09 – Episode 67, The Cats are all anime'ed up in this show. They talk a little about the craze that is the Anime as Jennifer attended the 2009 ConnectiCon. I don't know a whole lot about this, so I was educated. Included is a short interview at the conference with a member of the 501st Connecticut Garrison member PB8673. For those who have been to Star Wars Weekends at DHS, the 501st often makes an appearance there. Time: 35:42
    • 9/01/09 – Episode 68, Teh cats strat off teh shwo wtih a dsicussoin abuot teh D32 specail pacth wtih teh wrod "monorail" misseplled . Yes, folks, Disney can't spell worth a damn, either. After this rant, Trace gives them a little audio of their own (he's such a good dingadangdanghisdingalonglinglong boyfriend (ya gotta listen to get that one)). A new segment on fashion design is introduced, with an attempt to Disneyfy Project Runway (I watch it for Heidi). If you're good at sketcthing, give this one a listen to and see if you can help out. You'll get a complete 20 minuite workout with the ending snog. Time: 36:22
    • 8/26/09 – Episode 49, Video Podcast…yep! It's their first video podcast! This is a preview of what's to come with the show. Included is a montage/slide show of recent trips (there's an awesome pic of Will, PrincessPeanut, and Snow White around 3:40 in). Following the pics is a video direct from Chefs de France, though I smell a rat de kitchen. Time: 9:16
    • 9/05/09 – Episode 50, Video…they've made it to 50 shows! To celebrate, the Travelears go back to where their show started and give some shots from WestFest '09, which included several meets sponsored by hosts of the show. Time: 19:36
    • 8/25/09 – Episode 5, Katie's computer is absolutely giving her fits. Couple that with the move to college and personal issues, and she was unable to help out with the news today. Never fear…Shawn employs the talent of Matt Hochberg to fill in for the news. Matt has a mandate from Katie to keep Shawn from going off on all sorts of tangents (and fails miserably). They actually make mention of the poll over here, to which Hochberg makes some good cracks at Mongello. (Mush's note: WaltCast is making its way up the list!) . In a pre-recorded session, Katie joins Shawn for an update on upcoming performances at the House of Blues at DTD. Time: 33:10
    • 9/01/09 – Episode 6, Katie's out one more show, so Shawn's singing the flying solo blues. After the news, he gets into a short segment on planning for a WDW trip with large families, a couple, and for those flying solo (I'm making it a theme). Time: 23:46
    • 8/24/09 – Episode 107, The Weekend updates starts off the show, with quite a bit of commentary throughout as they discuss the questions. After that, the WDWNT crew gives us another installment of The Golden Age, where they debate the best time frame of The Universe of Energy/Ellen's Energy Adventure. Time: 53:29
    • 8/31/09, Episode 108, Okay, I'm about to take the Longest Podcast award from Lou and give it over to these guys. Clocking in at over THREE HOURS again, there is only one segment. This means only one thing: Back to the Future. I haven't had the opportunity to listen to this one yet (I can't fit anything else on my @$%%@ iPod if this one's loaded in!), but it's in the queue once I get caught up a little. I remember this segment at episode 100 with the Imagination Pavilion and learned a TON from it. This one's focus is exactly what I was hoping they'd do as I never had the opportunity to do this attraction: Horizons. I'm willing to bet that any Epcot fan will absolutely love this one. Time: 3:07:53
    • 8/23/09 – Episode 133, Have a tissue for this one. The show begins with news and rumors and then gets into what I consider to be one of the best roundtables I've heard on a podcast. Lou is joined by Beci Mahnken, Lori Burke of the We Wants the Redhead blog, and Tony Caggiano of the WED Page Blog to talk about the concept of "Making Disney magic outside the parks." This one really got to me for a couple of reasons. First, as they talked about all these community forums, I couldn't help but think about some of the great friends I've met on Lodgeboards, one of those online communities that has a significant Disney influence. While the Lodge is nowhere as popular as it once was (partially due to Facebook's popularity), I have been fortunate to make a number of very good friends from that place. I'm working on a "why I love Disney" blog entry, and, in that eventual post, you'll read that, to the non-Disney lover, it would seem absolutely insane to spend several hundred dollars for 2 days in Florida to meet up with about 70 people (most of whom you have never met in-person). To the Disney fan, however (which includes most of those who are probably reading this), it makes perfect sense. The sense of community and the shared enjoyment of each other in the parks is hard to put into words, and our family always looks for opportunities to meet up with the "imaginary online friends." Yeah, I get exactly what this panel is saying. Wait…I said that there were two reasons that this one got to me, didn't I? Well, they key in on a recent mega-Disney meet, MagicMeets. There are a couple of stories here that will get to you. If not, check your pulse. I did a separate blog post about one of these stories. Time: 1:36:33
    • 8/27/09 – Video Extra, Eating Around the World. Lou talks about what he knows, and that's FOOD! The Japan pavilion is the topic of this short show, with Lou sampling some of the odder snacks that can be purchased in the Mitsukoshi store. Time: 6:55
    • 8/31/09 – Episode 134, With the upcoming D23 Expo, Lou brings on none other than the head of the Expo, Steven Clark, for a little preview of what to expect. Beci's back for another round of listener questions. Also, the winners from the most recent trivia contest is announced. Time: 1:19:59
    • 8/24/09 – Episode 608, The Disney Blog author John Frost joins the show to reflect on the year that was 2009. HUH? Okay, he discusses the top news-stories of WDW so far this year, ranging from the impact of the recession on Disney World to the issue of what the heck is going on in Downtown Disney. Also discussed is the musical chairs game that many of the Vice-Presidents appear to be playing as well as the projected success of the American Idol Experience and what's going on, or more appropriately, what's not potentially going on in terms of projects coming out of WED and construction at WDW. Time: 18:07
    • 8/26/09 – Episode 609, Listener questions are fielded by Matt, Len, and Scopa. One of the answers to the questions (the responses to the "what would you do to reduce wait times to a max of 20 minutes in the queues" question in particular) had me doing a rarity for this show…shouting at the MP3 player. Never fear, the slip-up on a 13-year old alcoholic nearly made me pull the car over from laughing so hard. Time: 32:56
    • 8/28/09 – Episode 610, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, and the fabulous Matt are here to discuss the secrets of how to score big in Toy Story Midway Mania. Time: 16:12
    • 8/31/09 – Episode 611, Everyone bailed out on Matt again, so he has an open call for new co-hosts. After posting a request on Facebook, so many listeners applied that they crashed Skype. Matt fields opinions from several listeners on several topics, including the Dining Plan, EMH, and to Fastpass or Not to Fastpass. Time: 19:07
    • 9/02/09 – Episode 612, More listener questions. Fearing for his job, Len makes it back to the show, joined by master statistician and fellow math geek Fred Hazelton (Fred, I'm still trying to get more data for you!). The last question has Len portraying Carnac the Magnificent by answering the questions before it's read, though I want to know what a .3 kid looks like. The last report from Newell was that he was trying not to be the slowest runner in a race with a bear and the rest of the Disney Adventure tourists for dinner (the bear's dinner). This show even wagering! I want to see a pic of Len in the Wookie outfit. Time: 28:22
    • 9/02/09 – Live show posting from the July broadcast on MouseWorldRadio. Time: 1:56:54
    • 9/04/09 – Episode 613, Newell didn't lose the bear dinner race in Jackson Hole and is back for the show! Scopa is also back for this one (Booooooooo). In this show, they group together several questions about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and make a show of it. Time: 23:03
    • 9/02/09 – Episode 23, Two special guests join Matt and Nate in this show after some news from Around the World. With the selection process of the new Disney World Moms Panel coming up (September 10th), Margaret Fries comes on with Clan Parrish to discuss the selection process and what it's like being on the Panel. After this interview, they talk with hidden treasure Greg McNaughten…wait…they bring on podcast king Greg McNaughten to talk about one of the more overlooked attractions in Disneyland – the Main Street vehicles. They also pick Greg's brain a little on the Disney parks in general near the end of the interview. You can expect to hear from WEDWay Radio a little more often now as they are changing to a twice-monthly release schedule! Time: 58:42
    • 8/30/09 – Episode 203, It's another live in-park adventure in Anaheim. Friend Brian Kolm joins Paul for an unplanned stroll around the parks (I love these episodes). About half-way through, Paul talks with WTTM videographer T.J. about his latest creation which takes you on a tour of Disneyland as it would have looked about 50 years ago. Time: 1:01:48
    • 8/31/09 – Video Extra, In the previous entry, Paul talks with T.J. about his new DVD…here's a short promo on that very one! He brings together footage from over 50 families to compile what Disneyland's major attractions would have looked like. Time: 1:05


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Thanks for the look on the DISCAST. I am glad that you feel that the DISCAST has improved since the first show because that is what I go for each and every week. To make that weeks show better then the lasts!

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