Thursday, April 16, 2009

2005 WDW Trip Report Index

Well, the first trip report is finally all over here in the blog. This post is here to help you navigate through the various posts throughout the blog without having to scroll through miles of lines in the blog to figure out where one day starts. Hopefully you enjoy (enjoyed) reading it!

The next trip report will start appearing on here in the coming month.


Day 1: A Day of Firsts

Day 2: Timing is Everything

Day 3: Disney's Revenge

Day 4: Birthday de l'Aaron

Day 5: Donald and Daisy and Elves (Oh My)

Day 6 (Part 1): Verrrryyyy Interesting

Day 6.1 (Part 2): Oh Solo Me-o

Day 7: Finale

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Timberline said...

Great writing! I laughed the whole way through!