Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who DOESN’T Want to Be a Millionaire? (Part 2: Did He Make It?)

The semi-final round is similar in format to the first round - but there would be five questions instead of three.  I was given a specific fifteen-minute window to call in on March 14th in order to take the semi-final round of questions.  I immediately discovered that this round was going to be interesting because it was to occur while we were going to be on vacation down in Orlando...probably while we would be screaming on an attraction at Disney World (more likely, while we were looking at a map and wondering what to do next…it was our very first trip down there).  We decided to take our cell-phone, which had never been used for incoming calls (we actually had to look at old phone bills to figure out what the phone number was) in case we were at a park or in traffic when the call-in window arrived.

I had to look like a fool at Disney World, because my pockets were absolutely bulging with things.  A quick inventory of my pockets included:

  • Wallet.
  • Cell Phone
  • Palm Pilot -had phone number and PIN information
  • keys
  • maps
  • bottled water
  • camera

We even bought a fanny pack to hold some of this, but I would have looked like even more of a fool wearing that!

As luck would have it, we were both exhausted from the flight down there, the previous day at the Magic Kingdom, and the morning at EPCOT.  We decided to head back to the hotel where Sheri could rest and I could take the test without worrying about losing the signal on the cell phone.  The time came, and I started the test.  There is another slight difference in this round from the first round - in the first round, if you missed a question, you were told so, and the round stopped; in the semi-final round, it let you answer all five questions without telling you whether you got it right or not.

I answered the questions as best as I could...I was very confident I nailed four of the five, and I made an educated guess on the last question (I knew the order of three of the selections, and did my best on where to put the fourth one in the order).  They wanted a phone number that I could be contacted at over the next four hours in case I made the final "on-air" round.  Not knowing if we would head back to EPCOT or not, I gave them the cell-phone number.

And the waiting began...

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