Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Victory Garden (?), April 25

Well, we're a week past the first round of planting, and, despite my best efforts, it looks like things are growing, other than rocks and weeds! We get a good amount of wind between the houses, so I planted the seeds a bit lower than usual in an effort to keep the seeds in the ground. I was afraid that I had planted them too deeply, because nothing germinated in the first 6 days (I'm impatient). We got a lot of continuous rain for several days, starting the evening I planted everything, so I was also worried a bit about the seeds rotting.

Things are looking good. The radishes have germinated and are showing me just how un-straight my row is. The lettuce and spinach are a bit spotty, but this is expected, as the planting depth is a little more varied, but they are pushing through. I fully expected the onions to pop up within 3-4 days, but I'm using a different variety this year for the first time, and it might take a bit longer. I examined the soil and found the vast majority are growing...they're right at the top of the soil and starting to push through. The only thing that hasn't popped through yet is the cabbage.

No picture this week and no planting...I had hoped to get another row of spinach/lettuce out, but it can wait a couple more days.

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