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Disney Podcast Updates, December 21-31, 2009

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2009 is in the books with podcast updates. As best as I could, I provided updates (and sometimes just show notes) for over 40 podcasts that are focused in some way to Disney. If my math serves me correctly, my first update was on May 1st, so, with the exception of the snafu in late November, that's 8 months of updates. I'm not going to count how many episodes are included, but there were "quite a few." As I did these, I started adding more labels and found that they were being picked up by searches, and people were following through to the home pages of the podcasts.

I know that this one isn't followed a whole lot, but every time I contemplate just stopping the updates, I see three or four new hits on the blog and departures to podcast links, and it tells me that, even though there are but a few regular readers, it still serves a purpose to the casual clicker-througher (whatever you call them). I also know that there are now others who provide similar services...Mike Hamilton's site has been up long before I started, and Shawn over at the Dis_Pod_Review started a couple of months after me and already has 3 times more followers than I do on Twitter), but I think we serve different audiences, and I don't think any of us are "competition" to each other. Mike has the comprehensive list with the RSS feeds, I've got the somewhat more in-depth reviews/updates (eventually...long delay) in the blogosphere, and Shawn does the shorter but more immediate updates in the Twitter Universe.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. As mentioned above, Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 12/25/09 – Episode 139, (Mush: Doofenshmirtz evil incorporated…who knew Perry could sing so well?!!) This week Jonathan and I are taking a little time away from the show to get final arrangements together for our family Christmas festivities and even some last minute shopping but we have something very special in store for you this week. Every year The Voices of Liberty do special Holiday performances inside The American Adventure pavilion in Epcot. The Voices of Liberty is a spectacular acapella choral group and to hear their live performances of some all-time Holiday favorites is a real treat. We hope you enjoy this week's show as you're spending time with family and friends this Holiday season. (Mush: headphones recommended…great audio of the Voices of Liberty!). Time: 34:01
    • 12/24/09 – Episode 24, At The Main Street Cinema visits Disneyland's it's a small world Holiday and Disneyland's 2009 Christmas Parade (Mush: I must be in a good mood…this one's awesome, too! Great iasw holiday footage!). Time: 37:17
    • 12/24/09 – Episode 188, Merry Christmas, everyone! We wish you the best Christmas ever this year! Thank you so much for all you do for each of us! Today, we all gather in the Be Our Guest Podcast Studios to exchange our gifts on Christmas morning! Hear what we got for each other. Time: 24:04
    • 12/27/09 – Episode 189, Today Rikki and Mike sit down and talk about those things that we really enjoy at Walt Disney World, but we tend to miss during most of our trips! We talk about attractions, shows, and snacks and food that we neglect sometimes from each of the four theme parks. What would yours be? Time: 29:01
    • 12/31/09 – Episode 190, Happy New Year, everyone! We hope 2010 is the best year yet for you and your family! Today, the panel takes a look back at 2009 at Walt Disney World, and we look forward to 2010 in the parks. We also see how we did with our WDW Resolutions last year, and we each make a new one for 2010 as well! Thank you for downloading our podcast! Time: 40:43
    • 12/23/09 – IYEE 54, In Your Ears Experience Disney podcast 54. Final show of 2009. Happy Holidays! (Mush: Think of this as a Disney Dr. Demento show LOL!). Time: 22:36
    • 12/25/09 – Show 43, In 2008 I was in Disney World and captured some of the night time Christmas extras that the resort puts on display. For me these are some of the great times I reflect back on when I need an escape to the Parks. This year I was unable to join my friends attending the DPN World Holiday events but putting this help with managing the disappointment of missing the event. I hope this Episode will help those of us that wished we were in the parks during the holidays and helps those who have just been reflect on the great times they had. (Mush…this includes the "Let There be Peace on Earth" tag on Illuminations…it's hard not to have the eyes water up a bit watching that one! Epileptics beware…there's a lot of Osborne Lights at the beginning. Great job Chris!). Time: 25:50
    • 7/26/09, Episode 36, Lester has the news in his normal insane form, including the winner of the Potter/Pigs fight (G-Force vs. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). Tomorrowland is the subject of both the Hidden Mickey (?) and the Ears To The Ground segments. Rehabs is next, followed by listener e-mails. Ending the show is a monologue on how Disney is weathering the economy. Note: don't take light sabers on the plane with you. Time: 14:51.
    • 12/24/09 – Episode 24, On this special holiday edition of the DISCAST, I bring you Holiday Wishes from the Magic Kingdom, we got you up-to-date on your latest Disney and tech news, and we bring you some holiday greetings. From everyone here at the DISCAST, we would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New year. We will see you all in 2010! Time: 21:24
    • 12/1/09 – Episode 35, I first would like to apologize for the lack of shows. Life has been busy and insane. Thank you for your patients. It's The Disney Dudes show #35! This show was recorded on Nov 9th after seeing Disney's A Christmas Carol. Listen to find out What The Disney Dudes and guest Andie The Girl thought about the movie. We finish off the show by discussing the up and coming NonMF'er. Time: 1:04:43
    • 12/5/09 – Episode 36, What? Two shows in one week? That's right! The Disney Dudes are on track! It's The Disney Dudes Show #36! Tiger Woods did what? Check out what happens at a local church. This morning Trace is off to The NonMF'er. Look for him. Time: 20:43
    • 12/31/09 – Episode 7, (Mush…I thought I jinxed this show as they didn't put out any shows after I added them. Talk about coming back with a bang…holy cow! Just read the description, and you'll be floored at what these guys got to do!) Keep the warmth and wonder of the Holiday Season going all year long with this very special episode. It all started when we met Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr earlier this year. Besides his many Disneyland creations, like the Monorail and Animatronic body for Mr. Lincoln, Mr.Gurr (or Bobby as we dare to call him) is also famous for his Monorail Martini. He had obviously enjoyed one just before meeting up with us, and foolishly invited us to his house. This is a rare treat for us and you to get the nickel tour of Bob's vast southern California estate, hear what Christmas with Walt Disney was like at WED Enterprises in the Fifties- even a festive cooking segment with The Galloping GURR-met! Time: 1:06:15
    • 12/12/09 – Episode 90, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, John Rick's Ten Pin List, Tom Corless' Pin Trading Time Machine, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #70, the Random Selection Contest, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort, and much more!! Time: 1:42:47
    • 12/20/09 – Episode 91, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, special audio, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #71, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort, and much more!!! Time: 2:30:20
    • 12/24/09 – Episode 64, A Tidbits Christmas Wish - Part 2 (Double the joy…double the show! Merry Christmas! Time: 25:12
    • 12/27/09 – Episode 38, After a Christmas gift for Tracey goes horribly wrong, our hosts finish their look at Muppet holidays with their thoughts on two Muppet Christmas TV specials. They also share some more Muppet Christmas music on WWED. They conclude the Holidays around the World, Throughout the Year with another visit to the American pavilion at Epcot and give some teasers for next year's monthly segment. Scott and Tracey share a very special Disney Podcaster Christmas project, and then, before they turn with a jerk up the chimney (you decide which one is the jerk), they cover a small bit of listener feedback. Time: 56:30
    • 12/23/09 – Episode 31, Juz couldn't join us this week as he is ill but Craig and Adam talk through the news and rumours coming out of the parks. Next, comes the answers to the special Mousemeets edition of the Disneybrit Trivia Quiz. We find out well you know the Disneyland Paris park. With a very Christmas cenetred show this time, we bring audio from Disneyland Paris and the first audio segment shares the sounds of the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony that happens in Disneyland Park's Town Square. Next, join Adam for a very windy edition of his Daily Diary as he talks through his first day aboard the Disney Cruise Line on a very, very windy Deck 10 (apologies for the audio quality!). With tickets for Mousemeets fast approaching we share some more information about the 2010 event and end the show with audio from Disneyland Paris' it's a small world celebration, a special overlay for the holiday season. Time: 1:12:25

    • 12/21/09 – Episode 176 (yup…downloaded out of order for me on iTunes), America Sings was all about the music, and this podcast takes you back to the music that made up Disneyland's America Sings. Time:1:04:36
    • 12/23/09 – Episode 178, When Brian Sommer wakes up we discover Abe Lincoln and Miley Cyrus are real American heroes. Time: 1:12:37
    • 12/27/09 – Episode 179, Now that Christmas is over, it's time once again for our after Christmas sale at Extinct Attractions. To celebrate you not only get 50% off our entire selection of DVDs and CDs you also can choose from a selection of all new audio downloads and CDs! To get 50% off the entire store enter the discount code word: the discount code word is"2010". You enter the code where it says discount code at checkout. To celebrate 2010, we are coming out with ten new audio CDs and ten new audio downloads to celebrate! Every day from today Dec 27th to Jan 3rd we will release a new Disney Audio CD / Download Today we are releasing: The Star Tours Audio Collection: This is a fantastic collection of rare star tours audio tracks from around the world. From early Disneyland audio from 1986 to the new Star Wars Weekends audio collection as well, this is a real treat for any star wars fans. Over 3 hours of great star tours audio taken from the original source masters. We even are making a special podcast everyday that features a full preview of each of the audio collections. Time: 7:57
    • 12/28/09 – Episode 180, Our 50% off sale is continuing as we enter day number 2 of our after Christmas sale. You get 50% off every Extinct Attraction DVD or CD, including the Anaheim Vacationland Book and the new Disneyland Souvenirs book. To get 50% off the entire store enter the discount code word: the discount code word is 2010. You enter the code where it says discount code at checkout. celebrate 2010, we are coming out with ten new audio CDs and ten new audio downloads to celebrate! Every day from today Dec 27th to Jan 3rd we will release a new Disney Audio CD / Download Today we are releasing the second in our series this week.2) Music from the Disney World Resorts Ultimate Collection! We had released a Polynesian Resort CD last year, and it was very popular, and many folks asked us to release a collection of audio from other Walt Disney World Resorts. So when we recently obtained even more audio tracks from the Polynesian Resort we decided to do an entire set of WDW Resort Audio. We now have 6 separate CDs for this collection, or we have one large download of all6 of the CDs, in all the download collection is almost 8 hours of music loops and various fun audio tracks from the WDW resorts! The collection includes:1) Animal Kingdom Lodge2) Dixie Landings3) Grand Floridian4) Wilderness Lodge5) Polynesian Resort6) WDW Resorts in room TV audio The collection can be had on 6 CDs. Time: 25:55
    • 12/28/09 – Episode 181, More samplings from David's CDs for sale. Time: 15:22
    • 12/29/09 – Episode 182, More samplings from David's CDs for sale: Music from Epcot's Fountains. Time: 21:02
    • 12/29/09 – Episode 183, More samplings from David's CDs for sale: Space Mountain Collection. Time: 29:24
    • 12/31/09 – Episode 184, More samplings from David's CDs for sale: Epcot's American Adventure. Time: 13:56
    • 12/31/09 – Episode 185, More samplings from David's CDs for sale: Pirates of the Caribbean. Time: 17:42
    • 12/31/09 – Episode 186, More samplings from David's CDs for sale: Peoplemover Audio Collection. Time: 25:14
    • 12/27/09 – Episode 247, It's the Ear in Review 2009! Ricky is joined by Paul Barrie from A Window to the Magic to discuss everything that happened in the world of Disney in 2009. From theme parks to movies, no topic is skipped - and it's a HUGE show for a HUGE year! Time: 4:07:50 (Mush: GASP!)
  • Let's Talk About Disney
    • 12/27/09 – The end of the year is finally upon us. Join Nathan Rose and Jim Hill as they reflect back at how the Disney Company fared for this past year with their films, theme parks, and much more. Time: 37:05
    • 12/23/09 – Episode 99, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends and fans out there. It's been an insanely tough year to trudge through for me and I was happy to be able to escape my world completely in December of 09 by traveling to the other side of the Earth to experience more adventures in Japan. This year, I was lucky enough to experience the Christmas celebration at the Tokyo Disney Resort. It was an odd thing since Christmas, itself, in Japan is, pretty much, a Hallmark / retail holiday since their cultural and spiritual beliefs aren't grounded in this particular holiday as they are in the States. On this show, join myself, Superdry (Steve-san), and a mystery guest / friend of mine from Houston (Jason) who showed up to join us from Guam with one day's notice as we explore the parks and take in some of the Xmas festivities. This show has it all…classic meanderings, great ride thrus, and amazing special Christmas Parade audio. Highlights include: -Not so wonderful audio of Space Mt; -Tokyo's Haunted Mansion Holiday; -Tokyo Disneyland White Holiday Christmas Parade with commentary; -Monster's Inc. Ride and Go Seek; -Tokyo Disneyland Dreamlights Christmas Edition. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for hanging in there with me as a challenging year had the podcast put on the back burner. I've got more audio to come from the Land of the Rising Sun including some off the beaten path romps into Tokyo proper so keep your ears peeled. Time: 1:54:40
    • 12/24/09 - Merry Christmas! A suggestion to revisit the idea of a 3rd Disney Park/Resort destination in the U.S. gets us started this week. This is also the 2nd show in a row with sound issues. We were able to get rid of most of the interference, but as a result, our voices get a little muffled. Time: 1:50:32.
    • 12/27/09 – Episode 68, The final MCP for 2009 - and Tairy is nice to Jonathan for the WHOLE show... Really! AND she pulls a surprise on him by postponing the Disney Mother's topic...Have fun and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Time: 53:18
    • 12/26/09- Episode 231, The effects of Christmas linger on, as we give our two cents on the Christmas specials "Prep and Landing" and "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation", and this year's Christmas Parade from WDW and Disneyland! Plus we remember the life of Roy E. Disney following his recent passing. Finally, we have some books to give away! Listen in to find out the details! Time: 39:38
    • 12/25/09 – Episode 4 of Season 4, In this episode of the Mouse Lounge, we trip the Christmas lights fantastic and over a few toys in the process. Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record. This week from a dusty box of LPs we drop the needle on some classic vinyl. From Disneyland Records catalog ST3913, enjoy Walt Disney's Babes in Toyland! From the Walt Disney Archives: A young Walt Disney performs as Mickey and himself in 1934s Heinz Hall of Fame Christmas Stocking. Each week we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East or a Disney Park West. This week, not so much a ride-through, but a musical trip through the holiday season, with the Disneyland Band in their annual Christmas Concert. I am told the band will improve its selection of singers from the audience in the coming year. We close this week's show with four of my favorite holiday tunes. They may not be Disney, but they're special to me and hope they will be to you too. (Mush…awesome collection!!! That Heinz Hall of Fame audio is simply amazing!). Time: 2:16:10
    • 12/21/09 – Episode 373, Mark lets Mike talk about Festival of the Lion King, The Kid says Mark is like Sweetums, how to deal with people standing up in front of you, holiday greetings and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 45:30
    • 12/23/09 – Episode 374, Tony Baxter talks about what went into last Friday's return of an upgraded Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland. (Mush…good interview from D23!) Time: 35:28
    • 12/28/09 – Episode 375, Finding a cast member when your parents are lost, Deepsea Davy Deathbringer, meeting Marty Sklar, Benihaha? and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 43:54
    • 12/30/09 – Episode 376, Marge Champion talks about her life and experiences, including modeling for Snow White, the Blue Fairy and Hyacinth Hippo. (Mush: another great interview…easy interview for Steven – Ms. Champion just took the microphone and ran with it!). Time: 51:18
    • 12/21/09 – Episode 52, Welcome to the Northern Mouse Podcast Episode 52 with your Hosts Carlos and Kevin and Robb. In this show we just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and to help celebrate we present The 2009 Candlelight Processional with Actress Anika Noni Nose who voiced Princess Tiana. We did the Candlelight Processional dinner package at Tokyo Dining and will let you know about the dinner on future show but it was worth getting a guaranteed seat as the show sold out but we had great seats about 10 rows back dead center. Time: 58:03
    • 12/23/09 – Episode 8, (Mush: whoah…it's back after a 5 month hiatus!!! Welcome back, Matt and Ryan!). Picture Update on A little netcot info, thanks to Van. A little musical montage ends the show. Time: 10:07
    • 12/22/09 – Episode 42, Part 2 of my chat with Dominic. Plus a Holiday wish for you at the end of the show (Mush: and a threat…LOL). Time: 49:19
    • 12/15/09 – Episode 82, Fan Meets Recap. Time: 30:17
    • 12/22/09 – Episode 83, Gather family, friends, kittens and pups and enjoy these sounds of the season (but mostly of Christmas). (Mush…nice Muppet reference!) Time: 43:54
    • 12/29/09 – Episode 84, IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttTTTTTTTTT'S LISA! The other cat is out, and the files that they pre-recorded went kind of kaput. Lisa deserves her own episode because congrats are in order…her and Trace (is that Cat 1 and Dude 2? Cat 2 and Dude 1?) got engaged in Mid-December!!! Time: 14:41
    • 12/22/09 – Episode 22, Katie's back, so I'll cut some slack and allow them more updates, despite the fact she's not a Van Halen fan. Katie is back! Well, kinda. She appears via. phone. Quality isn't perfect, but we're glad to have her back! We dedicate this episode to the late Roy E. Disney. Time: 24:44
    • 12/29/09 – Episode 23, It's the end of 2009, so Katie and I take a look back at some of Disney's crowning moments this year. We also take a look into 2010. Time: 28:23
    • 12/11/09 – Episode 123, To kick off this show, we have a holiday themed edition of "The World's Finest". In our continuing effort to find the best of Walt Disney World in each and every category, we'll be trying to decide which Disney resort has the best holiday decorations in all of the Vacation Kingdom. We'll follow up that segment with the debut of the official commercial for this year's Christmas Podcast Parade spectacular, which will of course be released in just a few days on December 25th, 2009. Time: 30:06
    • 12/21/09 – Episode 124, To kick off this week's show, we'll present a special holiday edition of our signature segments, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", dissecting Holidays Around the World at Epcot. We'll follow up that segment by once again playing the official commercial for this year's Christmas Podcast Parade spectacular that we played on episode 123, and then, for the first time in our history, we'll preview a little bit of the special before it's December 25th release by debuting one of the many commercial parodies from it. Time: 44:38
    • 12/21/09 – Episode 125, WARNING!!! -Wear headphones when listening to this episode, it's the law. We're not lying! The WDWNT Network proudly presents "3 Times the Holiday Cheer", The 3rd Annual Christmas Podcast Parade, live (well, sort of) from the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Join hosts Chris Lastrapes, TBA, Jason Diffendal, Wolverine, and Miley Cyrus for a wild time on Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom for holiday floats, famous celebrities, fantastic performances, and full-out destruction. This new Christmas tradition is proudly presented by WDW News Today, Disneyland News Today, The Disney Pincast, The Vinylmation Station, the WDWNTube, WDWNTunes, The WDWNT Network Community Forums, Magical Travel, A Window to the Magic, and The Muppetcast. Sponsored by G-Force Records, Florida-MAX, WDWNT: The Products, Wilkin's Hyundai and Subaru, Justin Heyman's Back on the Ranch dressing, and Yeti-Profen Brand Pain Reliever Time: 1:29:12
    • 12/27/09 – Episode 151, With 2009 coming to a close, it's time for us to look back at the year in Disney. From changes and additions to Walt Disney World, to new announcements, events, and so much more, join us on our roundtable discussion of our Memorable Moments from 2009 before we look ahead to 2010 (Mush: the roundtable participants are: Lori Burke, Beci Mahnken, and Glen Whalen). Time: 1:31:27
    • 12/21/09 – Episode 659, A recording of our Live show from The American Adventure in Epcot during Reunion 09 Mush: Oh…my…Gawd (or should I say OOOOHHHHh (the claaaaawwwww)? They talk about some of the new experiences they've been through in this trip. Len's experience when he arrived…almost car-crashingly funny. It involves police cars, blind tent-building practice, invisible Tweets, wet and dry food not touching, Oprah, a new shopping mall at the Ft. Wilderness Comfort Stations (Mouskedude had the line of the show with "did you happen to find my other black sock?"…I'm so glad I was parked when I heard that!), flooding the boat in Mexico, Jaws, the curse of Newell in Mexico, "IN YOUR FACE, KID!", and 5,000,000,750,000 kids. Time: 30:05
    • 12/23/09 – Episode 660, Okay, it's Listener Question day, but did you have to start with more duck castration???!!! It sets the stage for a rather odd stack of questions throughout the show. FYI: I almost cried from fear at the Maelstrom movie (I hoped one of the CMs would comfort me, but my wife caught on). Time: 29:06
    • 12/28/09 – Episode 661, A recording of our Live show from The American Adventure in Epcot during Reunion 09….think of it as Part II from Episode 659. They go until the Disney Police threaten violence. Time: 21:04
    • 12/30/09 – Episode 662, More listener questions…and the questions are little less confrontational this time around. Time: 33:26
    • 12/25/09 – Patrick's feed (not on the standard WTTM feed), first off, my heartfelt condolences go out to Patrick on the recent loss of his father. After a short tribute, Patrick gets into the rest of the show, and, being that this is one of the first ones of these that I've seen, I've got to tip my hat off to Patrick. He starts off with a visit from a ghost that needs a lozenge before donning a scarf (in his shorts) to visit Christmas lights. He then…well…there's no really good way to put this..he shows you how to build a bullet hole duck (I am 100% serious!). Of course, after hearing about the castration again in WDW Today 660, I think the duck might just welcome getting shot. I wonder how much Patrick charges to build a pinewood derby car. Time: 24:07
    • 12/27/09 – Episode 219, See Inside the Magic show 247 (on this update)…both podcasts aired the talkathon J . Time: 4:11:48

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