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Disney Podcast Updates, Jan 8-15, 2010

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD AFTERNOOON!!!!! Some really interesting topics are in this installment of updates, as you will see below...28 shows are included! Remember, if you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know where you found them!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created Disneypodcastdirectory.net, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 01/08/10 – Episode 143, Jonathon is taking the show off…give him a break…he's got an infant at home! After some news and a bunch of AllAboutTheMouseketeer Roll Call additions, Bryan brings on Tony Caggiano to talk about WDW's flagship resort: the Grand Floridian. Tony got married there and has a lot of good information about this place. Afterwards, Bryan reads a review of touringplan's new Lines app. Time: 1:30:45
    • 01/15/10 – Episode 144, This show is in a little different format as it was recorded during Marathon weekend. Bryan starts out with a little review of Space Mountain, followed by an actual ride-thru of Buzz, complete with a little commentary on some of the higher point-value targets. After that, we follow him through the hub and into other parts of the park, with audio from the Haunted Mansion, Jim the pianist from Casey's Corner (along with an amazing version of Feed the Birds, which is one of my favorite songs from a Disney Movie…it was a favorite long before I knew it was Walt's favorite song.) After a little Broke Hoedown interlude, we have a little parade audio from Move it, Shake it. Then we have some audio from the Team Voice Aloha Isle meet (the wusses didn't even get a Dole Whip…so what if it was 35 degrees!). The show wraps with a little Jungle Cruisin'. Time: 1:26:46
    • 01/10/10 – Episode 193, You're at Disney World in the off-season, and everything's closed. What do you do??? Mike and Rikki discuss options of staying active when the parks close early. Time: 32:51
    • 01/14/10 – Episode 194, The whole panel is back for this interesting debate: several short trips to WDW or one long trip?? I thought about this one a lot, and I think that the economist in me would say the long trip (pay only once for the flight and spread out that cost over several days…more cost-efficient). The fan in me, however, might have to say the short trips…we had an absolute blast going down 3 times in one year back in 2007 (check out the Trip Reports here on the blog…I'm still posting the last trip in '07 at the time of this update). What do you think…short or long? Time: 31:18
    • 01/15/10 – BMS 80, it's their last day of their trip…great video of Kidani and a ride on Dumbo. They get back home, and, instead of the bummed out feeling that we all feel after provides some footage from his solo trip in December. Included is some DHS footage from the Great Movie Nap (as I call it), Muppetvision with some DPNers, Sanaa bar with DPNers, Christmas decorations, and more! Time: 23:27
    • 01/9/10 – Episode 94, these shows are over 2 hours long, but they pack a lot of info in them! They have the standard news/events segments, which is about 40 minutes long. Then they get into the new pin releases, which tacks on another fifteen minutes. The DPI takes a look (appropriately, since this was released around marathon weekend) at 2005 marathon pins. Tom then showcases the newly-released Hidden Mickey Pin report (ALL of them for 2010). IPLS # 73 is showcased, and that lucky person is Brian Hargrove from Queen Creek, AZ. Time: 2:25:01
    • 01/15/10 – Episode 95, John's going solo in this show as Tom is down at WDW. News, events, and releases start off the show, and then he gets in to a "John's Ten" segment, where he looks at a group of pins (or more…ten per segment, though) and the topic is part of the "Wanna trade" series. IPLS #74 is unknown. I went to Facebook to check and had ????????? as the entry. Time: 1:24:14
    • 01/10/10 – Episode 39…FINALLY I can listen to this one all the way through again. I've missed it! The show starts off with Jessica tries taking over Scott. As Scott is freed, he delivers one of the best lines ever: Don't EVER do that again….without my permission. The show revolves around the early history of Pixar. For those who haven't listened to this podcast yet, you're missing out on the opportunity to gather some amazingly detailed background information that these two always give in their shows. It's pretty much a given that you'll learn something from every episode on here. Buzzy's musical interlude is, as expected, a lot of background music from the Pixar movies…my sons and I had a lot of fun guessing where in the movies you can hear that music. At the Mortis Matinee, you can subject your enemies to torture by forcing them to sit and watch the next release in the Disney series of attraction-based movies: It's a Small World (2 hours' worth)!!! I've got one question for Scott, though: What's wrong with being a John Denver fan??!!!! Time: 1:07:53
    • 01/12/10 – Episode 189, It's the Tuesday night live chat show! Enjoy Olivia Newton-John music as the hosts talk about all sorts of Disney-related stuff (DCL, Tiki room tributes, refurbs, Facebook friends (family?), tailgating in the parking lots before entering the parks, and tons more. Time: 1:40:08
    • 01/10/10 – Episode 249. Are you cold? After the news and the tip, Ricky talks weather! With the recent cold spell in Orlando, Ricky devotes a little time to give listener feedback about what to do with the cold. Some suggestions included the fireplace at AKL and at WL, one suggestion to eat a Dole Whip (makes it feel not as cold), drinking around the world (They need to add a Switzerland pavilion so they can have Saint Bernards roaming the World Showcase pavilion with brandy to give to the guests who are freezing), soup, going through Hell on Mr. Toad at Disneyland, warming to the scene of Rome burning on SSE, repeatedly riding Test Track and hoping on getting stuck in the heat room, and more! Time: 59:04
    • 01/15/10 – Ummmm…I spent a while trying to come up with the best word to describe this episode. The best I could come up with was: snotcicles! Mikey and his sister present the Top Seven Dumbest Rides to Ride on When it's Cold at Disney World. The coldest? The tram back to the car! The video of them on BTMRR was awesome, as you can almost see them go through the various stages of hypothermia on the attraction. Time: 10:01
    • 01/11/10 – The title says "Can We Give a Day?". Well, they do talk about the new Disney parks promotion for 2010…for a little bit. In true Micecast fashion, they let the conversation go all over the place, starting with some e-mail feedback, their views on the "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" promotion (Mush…it's early…my guess is that everyone snapped up the opportunities early on to make sure they get their tickets. I'm betting that, as we get farther away from the beginning of the year, a lot more opportunities will be available for people to volunteer). They then get into a discussion on the architecture of Disneyland and how the imagineers will add some new attractions with the architecture. Time: 1:54:01
    • 01/9/10 – Episode 20,000…in this review, the Mortis family watches 2,000 Zombies Under the Sea (Under the Sea!...in my best Sebastian voice). Okay…it's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea…one that I shamefully admit having not seen yet. Scott and Tracey give a lot of really good background information on the movie, including a link to Max Fleischer, contracting out with other studios (20th Century Fox, Universal, etc.) for space issues, and more. The result of the viewing: the adults really liked it, and the kids thought it was boring…probably the same result we'd have it we conducted the same experiment. Time: 31:50
    • 01/8/10 – Episode 20, Beer, beer, beer, beer…beer, beer, beer, beer…We sit in with Matt and Earl from Trapped on Vacation at the Rose and Crown Pub, where we get to listen to Carol the Hat Lady tickle the ivories. I learned a couple of things in this show: 1) it seems that most of the CMs go to Rose and Crown after (or before) work; and 2) there's a new way to sing the "Do…a deer" song from the Sound of Music (Do…with which I buy my beer…Ray…the guy I buy beer from…). Interesting show art, too, I must say! Also, Mouse Droppings receives the award for most obscure Erik Estrada reference in a podcast (still laughing). La…..lalalalalala! Oh, and do yourself a favor and stick around for the extra audio at the end. OMG that "Real Men of Genius" was awesome!!! Time: 26:49
    • 01/9/10 – Episode 233, Eric and Cathy are gone, leaving Dan at the helm for this show. He provides us with some interesting audio from BBCs Ain't No Mickey Mouse Music. Time: 57:34
    • 01/11/10 – Episode 379, on this shorts show, the tip of the week deals with how to stay warm on the busses – a rather timely tip, considering the weather that central Florida recently had. Also, they take a look at the Country Bear Jamboree, which was one of the last things that Walt himself was a big part of. Following that is the review system spotlight…in the light this week is the House of Blues at DTD. The Kid is asked about attractions that he does now that he didn't do when he was younger. In listener feedback they get into a discussion about the "5-D" experience of Captain EO (thanks to exchanges with DisneyDean on Twitter). They couldn't quite figure out what the 5th 'D' was…it has to be Max, of course (the union sent him…Debbie was sick). Time: 52:44
    • 01/13/10 – Episode 380, Steven Ng does it again with another great interview…this time he brings on Eddie Carroll, who talks about his one-man show about Jack Benny as well as some of the intricacies of being Jiminy Cricket. They wrap the show with feedback on the most recent Twitter/Facebook feedback poll. Time: 34:08
    • 01/15/10 – Episode 157, when I saw that this one was a vidcast, I couldn't wait to watch it (I'm still laughing from his convention crashing video at the Swolphin). In this show, Van brings you a visual Top 7 differences between WDW and Disneyland. The Autopia entry is classic (the question on everyone's mind is: did she actually call him?). Time: 7:01
    • 01/14/09 – Episode 44, In this show about nothing (nice Seinfeld reference), he gives an update to his training progress that has been hampered by his recent injury to his tibialis anterior (the thing in front of your lower leg that you use to move your feet up and down…something that obviously has to hurt when you walk, let alone run!). Intertwined between that and a shout out to all the runners competing in Orlando, he also discusses Seinfeld and old e-mails. As I listened, I realized that his family and my family must come from the area, because he talks about following his "internet friends" as they participate in the various running events at WDW during marathon weekend. The reason I bring this up is because he sounded exactly like me when I was talking to my wife about who she called my "imaginary friends" (Russian brides and internet stalkers) over on Lodgeboards. Yes, she met about 70 of them a couple of years ago at a meet down in Epcot, but that story is likely all too familiar to a bunch of us. We also learn that Gordon may just appear on an upcoming America's Most Wanted show for the ATM vandalism he did as a grad student. By the way…Gordon, can I borrow your wife so she can help me finish my dissertation? Time: 56:21
    • Jennifer and the kid (I've given up on trying to spell all different variations of "Whatyamacallit")(and, no, it's different from the kid on MouseStation) give their review of The Princess and the Frog, with some insight that you typically wouldn't hear from someone the age of the Whachyamacalit. They delved deeper into the storyline than most would, and they hit on some really interesting points. Oh, about 15 minutes in, they give some good trivia fodder for you to amaze your fellow Disney Freak friends about 15 minutes in (and I'm with him on being bitter about 4 For a Dollar). Before they get to a little ride-thru audio of Toy Story Midway Mania, the cats treat you to some vintage audio of an POTC ad for Disneyland. Time: 27:45
    • 01/12/10 – Episode 25, on this silver show, we find out that Katie's quality is really off (how's that foot tasting, Shawn?). On this show, Katie's fighting her microphone as she and Shawn talk with Len Testa about how he nearly got knocked unconscious while shaving his legs at the Treehouse villas. Don't believe me? Listen and find out! (how's that for a teaser?). Len talks about some of the researching that he has done for the Unofficial Guide. Time: 47:38
    • 01/11/10 – Episode 126, The WDWNT crew starts off the show with some really interesting rumors on potential upcoming refurbs at WDW. The Cantina de San Angel and the possible reasons for multiple DHS attractions going down at the same time will definitely pique your interest. Will Pixar Place be expanding? Time: 49:09
    • 01/10/10 – Episode 153, On today's show…FREE KIDS!!!! Wait, that didn't come out right. This week, Lou is joined by Chuck Lionberger to talk about free things to do with kids at Epcot, notoriously known as the least kid-friendly parks. They spend the majority of time talking about the Kidcot Fun Stops…some really good information for those with kids. Yes, I was taking notes for our upcoming June trip. Time: 1:10:21
    • 01/8/10 – Episode 666, No, they don't devote the entire show to the worship of Chernabog to honor their 666th episode. In this show, they bring on Greg Maletic to talk about his new iPhone app to add even more adventure to the theme park experience. Wishing Stars is the name, and it sounds really interesting, for both first-time visitors and for the seasoned veterans. Note: You may want to check out his blog to see what his alter ego has done for Disney…he's a reknown artist and has done a number of items for the Disney parks. Time: 21:58
    • 01/11/10 – Episode 667, LIVE FROM NASSAU…IT'S WDW TODAY!!! (and it's much better than Saturday Night Live). Recorded during the cruise portion of the Reunion event, we get to hear some of the ins and outs of cruising, Disney-style. Be forewarned, though…you'll likely be busting out laughing on several occasions, and you'll never look at stones the same way again. After hearing this show, I now have two additional tasks: 1) I need to get my wife to listen to this episode as she's really leery about a cruise; and 2) I need to find a way to get Fred Block on the same cruise they we will be on (once I drug my wife and sneak her on the ship). Time: 47:26
    • 01/13/10 – Episode 668, Listener questions is the name of the game in this show. Time: 29:21
    • 01/15/10 – Episode 669, Newell takes the lead in this show with his report on a new experience for him: taking the autotrain down to Florida. If you're interested in taking this down to Florida, you might want to listen to this show as the review was fairly positive (whouldathunk Amtrak made a good steak?!). Time: 17:30
    • 01/10/10 – Episode 221, I've always known that Paul was a prankster, but this one was soooo subtle that I take my hat off to him for getting me on his most recent one. You see, in episode 220, he said he had audio from Disneyland. When I listened to it, I thought something didn't seem right, especially with the Tiki Birds audio (I was expecting the original), but I cast my doubts aside and attributed it to me just not paying enough attention to the beginning of the show. Nope…Paul punked us with Disney WORLD audio. Congrats to those who caught that and called him on it (he did receive a number of e-mails). ANYWAYS…on this show, it's the real Disneyland audio. Time: 1:01:43

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