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Disney Podcast Updates, January 1-7, 2010

It's the start of the new podcasting year, and this update is actually being released not too terribly long after the shows actually were available for download. I'm going to attribute this mostly to a new feature that I found on the Nano…the ability to play back the audio at 125% speed. So long as the folks don't talk too fast on the shows, I can go through shows a little faster. Granted, it keeps me on my toes...most of the podcasters now sound like Matt Hochberg when I hear it, and Matt Hochberg now sounds like me when I talk normally on playback (my students always complain that I talk waaaaaaay to fast for them understand anything I say). The "voice memos" feature also is a Godsend!

The result is that I got through one week's worth of shows in (gasp) one week! 28 shows are included here, for the first week of 2010. Enjoy!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 01/01/10 – Episode 142, Should old acquaintance be forgot…'s the first show of the new year, and Jonathan issues a challenge to his listeners who are looking at losing weight this year (I'm seriously considering doing one of the challenges!). In this show, they bring on running talent to discuss the upcoming marathon weekend and how to prep for it, what to expect, etc. Charlie Conrad then joins Bryan and Jonathan to talk about events pertaining to the Disney Legends at the Disney Family Museum. Time: 1:19:21
    • 01/03/10 – Episode 191, Rick from Maryland's Trip Report…whole lot of firsts for this family…First ME, First RAC, First TSM, First DDP. Non-Disney geeks may have to do a little deciphering for that one. Isn't it weird how we have our own set of acronyms? FYI: ME=Magical Express; RAC=Resort Area Check-in; TSM=Toy Story Mania; DDP=Disney Dining Plan; DUI…I was just seeing if you were paying attention. Time: 31:35
    • 01/07/10 – Episode 192, The BOG folks take a look at what most listeners consider to be their dream resort to stay in: the Polynesian Resort. They go fairly in-depth on several facets of the place. Time: 32:59
    • 01/01/10 – BMS Show 79, it's Day 5 video from their recent trip. Included is footage from DHS and Epcot. Loving the vids, Lou! Time: 37:01
    • 01/03/10 – Episode 93, it's the year in review. Not a lot of pin-trading news, but this is actually a good thing as they do the Year in Review. They also include a lot of new release information from across the Disney parks. IPLS # 72 is showcased (Jennifer Leslie from Leesburg, VA). After all that, they get to the first-ever IPLA (International Pincast Listener Awards), with the results submitted by the listeners. Interestingly enough, there were 2015 pins released in 2009, yet there was near-consensus in many of the categories. As always, it's an enhanced podcast, which supplements the podcast with pictures, mainly of the pins being discussed. Time: 2:26:36
    • 01/06/10 – Vidcast 5, The Disney Brit crew gives a photo montage of the recent MouseMeets 2009 gathering…lots of good pics from Disneyland Paris and the Studios (Paris). Time: 4:17
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 32, News and Rumours start off the show. After that, a more in-depth discussion on the recent labor issues at Disneyland Paris is tackled, and another trivia contest follows (I love those!). To wrap the show, they include some audio from the Tower of Terror (though not more humourous than terrorizing, based on the audio) at the Studios in Paris). Time: 1:22:20
    • 01/05/10 – Episode 187, David talks about his all-new release of the World of Motion. It is, after all, fun to be free. Time: 25:16
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 188, Mr. Sommer introduces the chat room in a way that will take your breath away before they get into a review of the top/bottom EAC shows of 2009. Time: 2:00:50
    • 01/03/10 – Episode 248, After news and the usual segments that Ricky has, he gives us some audio of the newly-reopened Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Make sure you have a tissue ready, though, when you start listening to the listener comments…there's one heart-wrenching story, that, while it exemplifies a lot of what we all love about Disney (going the extra mile when they don't need to), is something that you wish nobody would ever have to go through. Time: 1:05:07
    • 01/02/10 – It's someone's birthday, and it's all on video!!! Nope, not Mikey's…nope, not his girlfriend's either. It's Mikey's sister Jenn, who turns 21 in front of the entire podcasting world. After the requisite stop in the pub (it's an American tradition…what can we say?), we follow Jenn and the MCM crew to MK, where Mikey (That's what she said!) gets schooled by a CM. They then hopped on the Haunted Mansion to get caught up on all their wireless communications…it was dark, but it appeared that Lauren may have been trying to make out with a hitchhiking ghost. We then all get motion-sickness as the scene is set up for a surprise visit for Jenn from "the pocketbook" (aka Mom). All the while, Jenn scored an MK-view room at the Contemp. You know what that means…video of the Fireworks (Footage from Christmas Wishes).
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 210, Vidcast of California Adventure's Pixar Play Parade…and it's a night viewing! Looks like a really fun parade. Time: 15:57
    • 01/01/10 – This is another potpourri show with some really good information that you likely won't get anywhere else. An e-mail sparks a discussion on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland and then switches to the "new" Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln attraction. After that, they get into yet another great talk on the passing of Roy E. Disney, his impact, and the lineage of the various Disney family. Time: 1:40:49
    • 01/02/10 – Episode 232, Since we're done with the '00s (the aughts? WTH do you call the first decade of a century….WE NEED THE LEGENDARY YEARS COMPLETED AT POP!!!!), the MGW crew take a look back at the newsworthy events from 01/01/00 to 12/31/09 (including those events with 15 people in attendance LOL). Really inclusive timeline here! Time: 1:02:20
    • 01/04/10 – Episode 377, …and now for a muppet interlude! it's short subject week, and they talk about change jars, the Carousel of Progress (with some good history behind it), being a living character (I kind of think Doug from Up! might be a good one), magical moments, and more. Please send all correspondence via carrier pigeon. Time: 45:34
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 378, in this week's Featured Topic, Mike and Mark give their bottom three attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios (much to the chagrin of Matt Hochberg). For some reason, I've always been more in-tune with Mike on this podcast – well, this show has converted me to allying with Mark. (Beauty and the Beast, Mike? Seriously???). I'll hold back my thoughts on their bottom three dining places at DHS (I think they overlooked Mama Melrose's). Then they get into some excellent discussion on the important news stories of 2009 for Disney. Mark gives some amazing information on the "executive shuffle", as he calls it…REALLY good stuff here. Time: 37:22
    • 01/04/10 – Vidcast 33, Northern Mouse follower KevinGS submitted a good photo montage from the 2009 Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. It's a nice, short video that fuels those of you needing a Disney fix well. Time: 2:52
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 9, make sure you head to their website (direct link here) as they look at the New Year's celebrations out in Anaheim at DCA. Time: 10:44
    • 01/03/10 – Episode 43, As Gordon (a self-proclaimed closet podcaster) gets lost walking back to his neighborhood, he talks a bit about WDW's marathon weekend and wishes everyone he knows who will be down there good luck. We then are introduced (for the second time, though this one is more in-depth), with Mrs. Disneyrunner. "CAR, GET OVER OR YOU WILL DIE!!!" Time: 52:24
    • 01/05/10 – Episode 85, Props to the Whatyamacalit (I think I've spelled that differently every time) on this show…not only does he give some really interesting talk on some technology and gaming stuff (Epic Mickey and Toy Story Mania, primarily), he throws in a reference from the Who with his "cartoon wasteland" comment. Oh…Using the words "awesome" and "hot dog" in the same sentence should be against the law! Happy Life Day via Star Wars?????? I was about to throw my iPod out the window, but my 5 year-old Star Wars Freakazoid begged me to play it. Over. And. Over. I'll send this week's therapy bills to you. Time: 23:44
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 24, This may be their longest show yet as they bring on several guests, including Van from Netcot, Bryan from All About the Mouse, and Henry from Touring Plans to talk about what has happened in the past ten years in the Disneyverse. Let me just say that these guys are making me feel flippin' old with their talk of how old they were at the turn of the century (I was 28 in 2000). I'll be scheduling my mid-life crisis any day now. Time: 2:12:45
    • 01/03/2010 – Episode 152, Lou tries to make Tim Foster cry in this episode's Top Ten segment, where they look at the ten (thousand) special effects at WDW. It's a relatively shorter show this week as Lou is trying to get everything set up for the January meet of the month, to be broadcast live in the parks (I watched a little of it on uStream from MK…yes, I became a box person). We're keeping your father in our prayers, Lou. Time: 1:02:51
    • 01/01/10 – Episode 663, Scopa and Len answer listener questions about Marathon weekend. Remember: Don't ever touch pork with a fork (how did that sneak through without any comments???). One item that they did bring up that I saw tweeted a lot (@Ownerslocker made mention of this), if you're down at WDW during marathon weekend, expect detours all over the place and taking a lot longer getting somewhere. Time: 17:12
    • 01/03/10 – Episode 664,First, they brought you the maple-syrup chugging and purging event that was Sip and Snack, part I (which is still on my iTunes). Then came sip and Snack II, the sequel, where we learn of Sam Adams Scandal!!! Now, we have Sip and Snack III, Revenge of the Snack!!!! This one is nearly an hour and 45 minutes of pure, unadulterated torture. The rules have changed, and each person is responsible for buying the food/beverage for a particular pavilion. Which strategy should they go with ("be nice or they'll make me drink the World Showcase Lagoon?" or "put them in a coma with food so I'll win?")? This show had me hurting from laughing as well as from feeling bad for the participants. A couple of items to note here: I thought Fred Block was pure evil with what he did to them in Germany…then I heard what Scopa did in Norway (he is the spawn of Satan!). The backfire in China is classic (ya gotta listen, but they accidentally ended up with a ton more food). Oh, and Fred: Oh………….My……..Gawd!!!!!!! You are evil, sir, but you have a good heart with the chugging in China and Mexico (how's that for an oxymoron?). some video footage of this, located here and here (the first one is a video, and the second is a picture montage of what all they ate). Time: 1:41:50
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 665, It's Wednesday, and the group tackles the always-overflowing mailbag. Questions include the 2011 marathon (Goofy Challenge, in particular), the measuring sticks for minimum height requirements on attractions, getting the magic at a "low cost", those "$25" tickets (timeshare presentations), prime Mexican dining, differences among the deluxe resorts, and more. For this show, the group welcomes a new host: The Unofficial Guide. (Heehee). Time: 28:46
    • 01/04/10 – Episode 31, Vou are not the virst to pass dis vay…Norway's in the spotlight on this show. In my opinion, they spent way too much time on Maelstrom and not enough time on the best attraction…the female cast members that work at the pavilion. Lots of really good information on the pavilion here. I really liked the talk about the separate villas and the different time frames exhibited. Time: 43:14.
    • 01/06/10 – Episode 31 (yes, that's right!). This is a new, enhanced, hi-def version of the podcast, which includes pictures that you can see during the show. However, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that they didn't have pictures of Norway's best attraction…the female cast members that work at the pavilion (first AJ from the Disney Food Blog, then these guys). Time: 43:16 (hi-def takes two more seconds to deliver)
    • 01/03/10 – Episode 220, Paul does what he does best and provides us with a lot of in-park audio. In this show, we get ride-thrus on the Jungle Cruise (with a pretty good skipper…and now I have that Weird Al song stuck in my head), Tiki Birds (New Management), and POTC. At the end of the show, we have a little listener feedback, including a gem of a joke: What Did Adam say on the night before Christmas? Answer: It's Christmas, Eve! (Groan). Time 58:31

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