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Disney Podcast Updates, Feb 1-7, 2010

I took a bit of time off of the updates so I could focus on something that is a bit more important…my dissertation. I wasn't going to skip any shows, but I knew I was going to get behind. One look at my iTunes stats tells me that I have nearly 7 days' worth of shows. Granted, some of them are past shows that I just decided to keep, but I still have over 160 shows not listened to yet.

I decided to break this up into weekly updates instead of trying to do a multi-week post (too many shows, and the post would be nearly a mile long). Still, there are 32 episodes on here. Look for Feb 8-14 in the next couple of days - they've all been listened to...I just need to sit down and type them up. After that, I'll probably have to do a catch-up show where I present mostly just the show descriptions to get to the beginning of March. Once I get to March 1, I'm going to add several new shows to the lineup: Betamouse, Keys to the Kingdom, Disney Royal Ladies, Mr. Frank's Wild Ride, and Mousin' it Up. Again, it's not comprehensive, but it brings some of the newer shows into the spotlight, and one (Betamouse) is gathering a following rather quickly.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created Disneypodcastdirectory.net, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 02/02/10 – JISD #7, Jason in San Diego gives us another video! This one starts out a little gloomy as the video shows no water in the Rivers of America…it quickly flashes back to give us some great down-home music as the Princess Tiana Showboat Jubilee is the focus of the video. Love that music! Time: 10:21

    • 02/05/10 – Episode 147, News and the Roll call start off the show. After the formalities, they bring on Karen Prell, former muppeteer and computer animator. It's the first time I've heard of her, but she has a varied background and several links to Disney, including stints at Pixar. Some great bloopers are at the end of the show…don't end it too early! Time: 1:00:09

    • 02/04/10 – Episode 200, start throwing the confetti…they've made it to 200 shows (congrats, guys!)!! It's also monumental because they have proof that Rikki actually rode Dinosaur (she's got the Hochberg syndrome…scared to death of that attraction). Also on this show is a look back by the hosts at their most memorable moments from past shows. Several congratulatory voice mails are also included. Time: 51:23
    • 02/07/10 – Episode 201, Two of the male members of the Disney Moms panel join the show to talk about their love of Disney and what it's like being on the panel. This show was a fun one to listen to…I really liked the insight that Jonas (Lehmann-Karp) and Marc (Lorenzo) had on the position. Time: 37:10

    • 02/05/10 – Episode 85, After starting the show with a little talk about the short hiatus of the show, Jeff comes up with the latest news. Le Chefs de France is reviewed by Kristen. A large portion of the show is dedicated to the next segment, which focuses on planning for your trip (note, when you hear the background music to this segment at 125% normal speed, you're almost prone to seizures…and since when has it been wrong to have spreadsheets to map out your dining??!). Pluto and Imagine give another monorail segment, with the Marketplace of DTD in the spotlight for this show. The show wraps with e-mail. Time: 1:31:47

    • 02/06/10 – Episode 26, Marc gives his reaction to the news of the iPad. I think he missed one point on the iPad in his critique that it's not much more than a big iPod Touch…one of the things that it will do is provide stiff competition to Amazon's Kindle. In addition to being a e-reader, it's going to have a much stronger online capability that the Kindle currently has. He ends with Disney news. Time: 7:04

    • 02/07/10 – Episode 39, The Dudes begin the show with a recap of what has been up (we've been worried! Someone even sent AATM an inquiry). Real life tends to get in the way, sometimes, and this is no exception. Trace, I'm sorry to hear about the job loss…hope something heads your way soon! Wayne takes the lead in this show by giving us a ride-along report of his recent trip to WDW, starting with the drive down. Some of the best stuff is the short audio they throw in between the report. (BPH???!!! LMAO!). Part 2 of the trip report will follow later. Oh, and you'll be snapping your fingers in applause at the end with the current poetry reading. Time: 1:15:40

    • 02/06/10 – Episode 98, Man, I love the enhanced version of this show! One piece of news makes up the shortest segment of the show's history. After Disney-sponsored events and fan-sponsored events, we get into releases (not a lot of new releases, but a few, including Pinocchio's 70th anniversary, a "then and now" Horizons to Mission: Space pin (really cool!), a Stitch St. Patrick's Day pin, several other St. Patrick's Day pins, an Alice in Wonderland pin, 10th anniversary pins…all these are to be released at WDW). They also chronicle releases at Disneyland and Europe releases. After all the releases, John does a DPI on PinPic #36542, a Classics of Animation pin. A Time machine is used by Tom to look at a "magical milestones (35 years)" pin set. IPLS #77 is introduced, and that member is Sam Haggett. Time: 1:29:35

    • 02/01/10 – Episode 66, Tairy's back after a short rest to bring us a list of things to do in the Disney parks when Mother Nature isn't entirely cooperating. Included are tidbits on what to do when it rains at Disney. Time: 13:41

    • 02/07/10 – Episode 41, Before I get into the show, I have to make a comment: Ohhhhhh….Scott and Tracey…you just had to talk about New Orleans Square before the Super Bowl. I was going to blame it on the Colts' defense and the superior play of the Saints, but it…was…you…all…you. Okay onto the show: As the teaser above mentions, they talk about New Orleans Square at Disneyland and, as always, provide a really good, in-depth account of its history, features, and more. Buzzy chimes in with lots of jazz, including music from, yes, The Princess and the Frog. As an aside, I did want to take a moment to offer my thanks for the kind words you gave regarding the blog. My numbers are small, but at least it's good to know that what's on here does occasionally bring a smile to a face. Time: 1:03:00

    • 02/02/10 – Episode 34, News and rumors start off the show. Segments of this episode include the next installment of "Around the World in 80 segments". The focus of this portion of the audio is the shopping/dining/entertainment along the Magic Kingdom's Main Street, USA. Trivia contest winners are announced (again, I really need to get caught up so I can enter these things!). Craig also recaps his recent trip to Disneyland Paris in this show. Time: 1:31:50

    • 02/01/10 – Episode 195, it's the first podcast after the first podcast of the HOJO podcast and pool party. Confused? David, Liana, and Brian go stream-of-consciousness in this show, entitled "Liana has never done that before". They welcome back Deb Wible to the show with the chat folks. Time: 1:48:47
    • 02/03/10 – Episode 196, it's part 1 of the first annual meet of the month at the HoJo Pool Party across from Disneyland! Time: 55:28

    • 02/03/10 – Episode 52, Greg presents us with a recording of the NFFC/Disneyana Legend Award banquet where a new award was unveiled…the Heritage award, given to those who are not cast members but would otherwise be worthy of an honor like the Legend award. The first recipient of this award is Leonard Maltin. Time: 1:36:54

    • 02/02/10 – Episode 252, Ricky gives us a trip report from his recent jaunt to the left coast park. Included is ride-thru audio of the Roger Rabbit attraction in Toon Town. Time: 1:10:19
    • 02/02/10 – episode 253, After news/rumors/tip o' the day, Ricky treats us to some British Invasion audio before offering a real treat…the full audio of the original Tiki Birds over in Anaheim…first time I've heard it all the way through. Listener feedback ends the show. Time: 59:07

    • 02/02/10 – It's award season, and on this week's show, the magical definition crew of Jim and Nathan discuss what Disney has been nominated for, what their chance is for winning, and more. Time: 43:35

    • 02/05/10 – Show 154 (I'll take their word for it), it's mailbag time, which, of course means, they'll be all over the spectrum regarding what they talk about. Seriously, I would like to just sit, order a couple rounds of beer, and just listen to these guys talk. That's just what this show is always like…you're listening to friends at a bar, only these guys are hellaciously knowledgeable about Disneyland. Time: 1:33:26

    • 02/07/10 – Eric, Cathy, and Dan are back with a jam-packed show. They start off with lamentations about the Colts' loss (well they aren't lamentations yet…they're still hopeful as this was recorded prior to the Super Bowl). They then get into the new Latin restaurant that's opening at DTD. Next up is the main part of the show: a discussion on the nominations that Disney received for the Oscars. Listener questions end the show, with several pertaining to smartphone apps discussed in the previous show. Time: 50:14

    • 02/01/10 – Episode 385, Mark and Fae (huh?) threw me for a loop today….there's no featured attraction segment! After the tip of the day, they piqued my interest when they reviewed the 50's Prime Time Café, which we'll be dining at for the first time in a few months. Andrew Rich does the week in review, and, if you typically don't listen to the listener feedback portion of the show, you may want to for this one…they had a lot of fun with it! Time: oops…deleted it before I wrote it down.
    • 02/03/10 – Episode 386, What do you do in the winter months when the parks close early, but you're rearing to go? Of course, you head over to Pleasure Isl……ummmm… Well, Mike and Mark take on this task in the featured topic on late night entertainment at Disney World. There actually is quite a bit to do – at DTD as well as at other popular places (Boardwalk, Yeehaw Bob, etc) Time: 32:33

    • 02/01/10 – Episode 47, Gordon's fighting a bad virus during the recording of this show, yet he still continues running and gives some advice for the first-time marathoners (which I took great interest in). We quickly find out during his run that everything is your best friend (rest day, distance day, speed/hill day, etc). You can always count on one or two laugh-out-loud funny quips from Gordon, and this is no exception… we then hear something that made me slow the playback down to normal speed (just to make sure I heard it correctly): the conversation goes from a bionic dog that can smell Gordon approaching from a mile away, which make Gordon think that he smelled like something that dogs like. It all goes downhill from here because he brings up the fact that dogs like to sniff parts of other dogs…I'll leave it at that. Oh, and towards the end, we find out that not everything is your best friend…atomic diarrhea is not your best friend! Good show, Gordon! Time: 1:14:58

    • 02/02/10 – Episode 89, when I first saw the title of this show (That Darn Carlos), I was wondering if a feud with the Northern Mouse was ensuing. Much to my relief, they were talking about a well-known cast member who takes the opportunity to help give away prizes and turns it into his very own show, complete with trivia and everything! Ride-thru audio of the Haunted Mansion is included…taken during their December "non-MF-er" (no, MF does not mean what you think it means) event. Time: 33:19
    • 02/02/10 – Video supplement to Episode 89, Heather Morris, eat your heart out! (Is it wrong that I spent 10 minutes researching her name and 2 additional hours watching videos of her dancing?) Get your hands up all you single riders…good job on the song and video! Time: 3:17

    • 02/02/10 – Episode 28, after news, they get into a little talk about what's coming up at DTD's House of Blues. Time: 29:02

    • 02/02/10 – Rebroadcast of the January 2010 live show from MouseWorld Radio (Radio 1!). Time: 2:06:35
    • 02/03/10 – Episode 677, If you look at the calendar, you'll see that the 3rd is a Wednesday…it's listener question day (eehhhh). The voice memo got lost before I could write this up, but I think I remember some of the highlights…they talk about pitching tents (minds out of the gutter, folks) at Ft. Wilderness, the Disney pins for the various Disney bathrooms (limited edition…they're in high demand…and no, I'm not making this up!). They also talk about killer mosquitos that are able to haul off chihuahuas in Florida and mice that you don't want to see. They save the best for last as Len gets schooled by a precocious 8-year old commando-in-training-and-so-not-a-princess, who finds an error in Marvin (the UG). Scopa falls asleep during the outro. Time: 31:36
    • 02/05/10 – Episode 678, Fellow stats-geek "master" Fred Hazelton and tech prodigy "apprentice" Henry Work join the rest of the hosts to talk about the touringplans popular Lines application, its uses, and its accuracy over the few months that it has been available. Time: 22:12

    • 02/02/10 – Episode 34, after news, Matt and Nate talk about an upcoming event (which isn't really upcoming by the time you read this)…they talk about a big event that took place in early February. They each thought of a different event when planning the show, so we end up with a really good, in-depth show on Disney's involvement in both the Super Bowl (you've just listened to 200 podcasts…what are you going to do now? I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!) and the Olympics. The first 2/3 of the show are dedication to the Super Bowl, where they chronicle the company's doings for the halftime shows (note: they weren't responsible for any wardrobe malfunctions…they haven't taken part since around 2000). The real gem of this show is the discussion on the Olympics…it's not known to many that several traditions still in place with the Olympics stem from Walt Disney's influence at the Squaw Valley winter games of 1960. Time: 50:11
    • 02/07/10 – Episode 34, No…that's not a typo. The release on the 2nd was the MP3 version. This release of the show is the enhanced one. Time: 52:34

    • 02/01/10 – Episode 224, Paul takes us out of the parks and over to the 2009 D23 Expo for a session that, until now, hasn't been covered by any of the other podcasts. In this recording, he gives us "lost chords"…a discussion on a lot of the music that ended up on the cutting floor but still is amazing. Russell Schroeder moderates this presentation, which includes several outstanding pieces of music (I particularly liked the Donald Duck one). Time: 1:20:56

    • 02/01/10 – Episode 47, Aaron gets caught up on some of the bigger news items from all over the Disney universe in this show and adds his take on the stories. Lots of news and lots of interesting commentary! Time: 1:25:01

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