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Disney Podcast Updates, Feb. 15-21, 2010

Well, if you remember what I said with last update, I mentioned that I'd be doing a "catch-up" post where I gave mostly just the show descriptions; however, that flew out the window! I'll get caught back up soon, but I already had the majority of shows already listened to and commented on, so I decided to do a regular update. 31 shows are included here, with 185 in the queue.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 02/19/10 – Episode 149, IIIIII Love a paraaaaaaade…and that's what this show is about after the news. In response to the Summer Nightastic announcement, Bryan and Jonathan bring on Glenn Whalen and Chuck Canzoneri to talk about the various parades at the Disney parks. (Mush: I can't wait for our boys to see MSEP for the first time this summer!) Time: 1:21:55

    • 02/18/10 – Episode 204, It's the Olympics as you've never seen (heard) them before! Mike, Rikki, Pam, and Debbie come up with ideas for events that can be done in the parks. Mike's stroller dash at DHS reminded me of Mario Karts…perhaps you could have the riders throw out turtle shells and bananas. The "lick it or drip it" event…wow! (minds out of the gutter, folks…it deals with Dole Whips). If I had to come up with an event, I'd go with something like a Princess Kiss Relay, where you have to find a way to get a kiss from a princess (or prince) at every park (bonus for getting his/her phone number). Time: 40:19
    • 02/21/10 – Episode 205, MFries is on! It's Disney Mom's Panelist and fellow Cubs Fan Margaret Fries on the show (MFries is her Twitter account, and I love following her tweets). Margaret talks about the recent "Social Media Moms Weekend", which was held the same time as the announcement of Summer Nightastic. Mike and Margaret talk about the events of that weekend, including the news and the world-record canned food drive taken on at WDW. Time: 38:55

    • 02/19/10 – Episode 3, Sparks fly as the rest of the crew (all holding iPhones) team up on co-host Nate (who's holding an Android phone) in this shocking episode! Okay, there's only mild Droid hatred, but, as you can guess, the topic of the show is smartphones! The roundtable discussion focuses on power-saving ideas in the parks, useful apps, protection of the phone during that fall on Splash Mountain, and more! Time: 40:25

    • 02/19/10 – Episode 44, Chris shows us Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. While that may not seem like much to the Florida folks, Unlike Cinderella Castle, you can walk all around the Anaheim castle, complete with a storyline full of dioramas and technology of Princess Aurora. The video quality yet again is amazing! Time: 9:33

    • 02/21/10 – Episode 86, this is an A.D.D. show! They throw the typical structure of the shows out the window and do a sort-of non-sequitor show amidst some tech issues. Sorcerer, Jeff, Imagine, and Pluto are the hosts. Time: 52:48

    • 02/18/10 – Episode 27, Marc takes on the Summer Nightastic announcement and other news items in this episode of DISCast. In it, he includes some of the "missed" items from the press event, including the hopes that Captain EO would find its way back to Epcot. I've got to disagree with this idea…I think that A) it makes it seems like Disney is capitalizing on Jackson's death; B) while the technology was (from what I was told) state of the art back then, it may appear antiquated now; and C) it really doesn't fit so much in Epcot. Still, it's a good show that provokes discussion on this. Good job, Marc! Time: 8:47

    • 02/18/10 – Episode….I'm not sure!, Electric Mike and Kilt Boy are back with another vidcast. Since this was released in February, Mike and Steve decide to look at an appropriate attraction, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. But just talking about it is not enough for these guys…they bring on legendary Imagineer Bob Gurr, who was instrumental in creating the "innards" of the animatronic, to talk about it. They also have video from the media preview event, with Tony Baxter and Scott Trowbridge, followed by the actual attraction (all I can say about the Lincoln AA is WOW!!!). Mr. Gurr then joins imagineer Josh Shipley (who is the director for the current Lincoln show), and they compare notes. These guys don't put out a lot of shows, but they provide some AMAZING material. Time: 56:34

    • 02/21/10 – Episode 100!!!!!! (Congrats!!!!) Tom and John take the first half-hour to reflect on making it to this landmark show. After this, they get into the segments that you'd expect: pin trading news, events, and releases. Tom then takes over to help the pin trading newbies with "Pin Trading 101!" IPLS #79 is the lucky member to be inducted in this episode (though they also read #78's full survey…look at the last set of updates for more info). #79 is Rick De Luca from Phoenix. RSC is next…RSC????? They received a lot of prizes from listeners and they did a "Random Selection Contest" to give away those prizes! Pinquiries is the last segment, where they help listeners with their pin questions. The wrap with some 100th episode e-mails. I'm not a pin trader, but I have to applaud these guys for providing this show to those who are passionate about the hobby! Time: 2:24:09

    • 02/21/10 – Episode 44, Still reeling from the Colts' loss in the Super Bowl, Tracey (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) coaxes Scott to take on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. When I first heard this, I thought that they were breaking away from their usual Disney features before informing me (as they always do so well) that there is a Disney link (Touchstone Pictures is a Disney subsidiary). After that, Buzzy comes on and provides the musical interlude. As you listen to the music, you start to notice a change; before you know it, the music is familiar again to me, and I recognize it as Pixar-based. That must mean one thing: the next installment of the Pixar movies! In their sights for this segment is A Bug's Life, where, again, you'll learn tons about the background/casting/etc. of the movie. The last part of the show has Scott surprising Tracey with several phone-ins to wish her the happiest of birthdays! Time: 1:08:44

    • 02/16/10 – Episode 35, Adam, Craig, and Juz start off with the news and have some great lines about Breathless II. Adam presents the next installment of his trip to WDW last year – well, he also includes DCL and Sea World. Adventureland attractions are next in the "around the world in 80 segments" segment. Time: 1:28:03

    • 02/17/10 – Episode 198, the Squad of 5 (huh? John Corigliano did such a good job subbing for Bryan that they added him as a new co-host). Someday I'm going to have to do the chat and hear a live recording…these guys are crazy! Time: 1:44:19

    • 02/21/10 – Episode 255, After the news segment, we're treated to an all-MK day by Ricky…he reports on the lunchtime seating at Pecos Bill's (including the new seating procedure…his report gives it a thumbs-up). Then he gives a review of the Verizon Mobile Magic App and the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique (it apparently is better in the warmer months as the dresses don't handle the cold too well). User feedback wraps the show. Time: 50:44

    • 02/16/10 – Mikey takes a cool, drizzly Friday and turns it into a "4X4" contest, where he attempts to hit all 4 parks by 4 pm. The Rules: 1) he has to ride at least one attraction (not show); 2) get a FP for an attraction he doesn't necessarily have to ride; 3) get a pressed penny of a character from each park; 4) eat a snack unique to each park; 5) not use any courtesy trams inside or outside the parks; and 6) take a pic with at least one character in every park (NOT the Fab 5 or chipmunks). His first stop is DHS, and he gets the entire elevator to himself (love the pic!). We then find out that Mikey is A.D.D. because he takes a side-route to see some Muppet vinylmation while looking for characters. We'll need a judge's ruling on whether the character pic counts or not. Time: 5:55
    • 02/20/10 – Part II of the 4X4 event! Mikey tries to remember what park is next (AK). He bypasses the tram and actually shows us his feet hitting the pavement as he hoofs it to the entrance. The crowds must have been really quiet this day as his FP return times for both DHS and AK were around an hour after he got them. He screams on Everest, gets a mango pie, and presses a Pooh penny (say that 5 times fast). He missed the characters near the entrance as he exited, however. (Mush: I loved the WDW Today promo!) Time: 5:11

    • 02/15/10 – In this show, Nathan and Jim take a look at the newly-reopened Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln attraction on Main Street in Disneyland and give some interesting history behind the attraction. Time: 34:02
    • 02/21/10 – Jim gives his report on his attendance of New York City's "Toy Fair" event and includes his perspective of some possible future happenings from Disney. Time: 31:12

    • 02/21/10 – Episode 239, All three are here to talk more Disney! They're still getting listener feedback on their smartphone apps segment a few weeks back. Also included in the listener feedback is talk of the Olympics and a listener response to a recent question on passports and cruises. They then turn the discussion to the one-year anniversary of D23 and report on feedback they received on whether people will re-up or not. Time: 33:27

    • 02/15/10 – Episode 389, Short subject day!!!! Expedition Everest is the first review (lots of good storyline info here that I never knew). In the "review system spotlight", the Disneyland Hotel is spotlit. Andrew Rich is back for his….waaaaaiiitt a minute. Steven Ng fills in for Andrew this week in the MousePlanet Week in Review. Mike and Mark then forego the rest of the usual segments for a lot of voice mails! Time: 40:06
    • 02/17/10 – Episode 390, For the featured topic, Mike and Mark give their two cents' on the Summer Nightastic announcement and whether it will work in its attempt to stave off anticipated losses from the soon-to-be-open Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Time: 24:48

    • 02/16/10 – Episode 53, Robb, Kevin, and Carlos bring on Colin Carroll to talk about Marathon Weekend last January. In the discussion, they talk about the training, the Expo, the races before the half, the actual race, and more! Carlos also reveals the winner of the prize package for the iTunes review contest. Time: 52:58

    • 02/16/10 – Episode 49, Gordon does some more in-run audio, where he talks about the recent failed race at Myrtle Beach (I would NOT have been happy had I been there only to have them cancel the race) and the subsequent impromptu running of the friends. Time: 53:53

    • 02/16/10 – Episode 91, Megan and Tairy join the Cats to talk about potential pitfalls of dating at the theme parks (i.e. can dating ruin the experience if you break up later on but have fond memories of visiting the parks). (Note to the Cats: I very nearly took this entry down a whole other path, with talk of lesbians, "three-to-a-room" at the Contemp, and making out on Peter Pan!). Time: 53:29

    • 02/16/10 – Episode 30, as Katie and Shawn work on lining up big-name guests for the show, Shawn takes a look back at his love for Miley Cy….I mean he presents some memorable clips from past shows. Oh, okay – he also denies any feelings for Hannah Montana (but it's so fun keeping that line going!). Also, there are clips from interviews with Lee Cockerell, Eddie Carroll, and others. Near the end, we have the original "Bono" moment. Congrats on 30 shows! Time: 38:21

    • 02/15/10 – Episode 130, Oh boy…strap yourselves in for this one! There are so many one-liners in this show that it would take me hours to get them all in here. The crew introduces a new segment (the Top Ten), and they list/argue the top ten attractions at WDW. You HAVE to listen to this one…you'll thank me (or the Phoenicians) later. Watch out for B'rer Carnotaur, and don't forget to include Spaceship Earth and TOT. Time: 2:10:42

    • 02/17/10 – Video Extra, Lou offers a tantalizing preview of his Fantasyland Audio Guide. I love the scene 1:48 in, where the camera is at just the right angle to give Cinderella her crown. If my wife asks anyone for ideas for a Father's Day gift, feel free to drop Lou's Audio Guides! Time: 6:35
    • 02/21/10 – Episode 158, Beci Mahnken is on the show, which means one thing for WDW Radio faithful…it's e-mail time! They plow through quite a few of them before wrapping up and sending Lou to Disney Historian Jim Korkis to talk about the newest land (and first to go, thanks to the Fantasyland expansion), Mickey's Toontown Fair. Time: 1:14:08

    • 02/15/10 – Episode 682, Matt, Mike, Mike, and Len present their views on the recently-announced Summer Nightastic event coming to WDW this summer…my wife listened to this episode and is trying to hold back judgment as she was REALLY hoping to see Wishes this summer. I wonder if I can get Newell to devote an entire evening to Wishes on MWR? Time: 21:17
    • 02/17/10 – Episode 683, Matt, Mike, Mike, Annette, and Fill-in-Len (AKA Fred Hazelton) tackle listener questions…one of the more interesting ones is the final e-mail they read, where a listener valiantly hit all four parks before noon. While that in itself is a feat, consider the fact that he did it on Christmas morning! Time: 35:29
    • Matt is joined by Scopa, Tequila Testa, and the Magnificent MEI Marvels (Annette and Beci) to talk about the (then) upcoming Tentfest, including a teaser on the "Mousefan Challenge". Time: 21:38

    • 02/15/10 – Episode 226, Magic Joe is back at the controls to present another "My Disneyland Memories" (the 13th installment). This is a special show that is different from what his shows are normally like. While you'll still hear some audio from older attractions, the meat of this show is dedicated to celebrating one of Disney's true legends: Bill Justice. This is someone whom I don't know much about, so I learned quite a bit from this episode. The end of the show includes well-wishes from many, including current and former animators, makeup artists, Disneyana leaders, Imagineers, actors, movie critics (no, I'm not making this list up…Mr. Justice is known around the entertainment industry), etc. Time: 1:17:33

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