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Disney Podcast Updates, Feb 22-28, 2010

I'm working on getting caught up here and am making some progress. Again, I didn't do the show descriptions as I feel like I'm short-changing the podcasts when I do those. I may go through some of March with these shorter updates, though, in the interest of trying to get more "current". Still, to help out the shows, I'll make sure I add any special guests in the show labels even with the short descriptions.  

In this stack of updates, we get the debut episodes of Mr. Frank's Wild Ride!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 02/26/10 – Episode 43, Tony's back after a hiatus (well, it wasn't really a hiatus as he was dealing with a relocation of the site). In this packed show, we get to hear a contest announcement before listening to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Following that is audio of the flag retreat at Town Square (being a veteran, I'd love to take part in this ceremony someday). During Retreat, he meets up with Lianna (Disney podcast junkies know who she is), where they get to ride on the Lilly Belle (the "VIP" car on the railroad). At the end of the show, he provides audio from the re-opened Captain EO show. Time: 1:26:12

    • 02/25/10 – Episode 65, We join the family in Epcot and get ridealong audio from some Future World West attractions, including Soarin and the Seas with Nemo. You'll hear a new Baby Minnie in training (Loved it!) and some of the interactive part of the Soarin' queue (yes, you get to hear Kronk, too). Time: 1:09:23

    • 02/26/10 – Episode 150, News starts off the show in the usual fashion. They then work on getting caught up with the AllAboutTheMouseketeer Roll call and then get into an interesting show topic that I never would have thought of: Disney artwork. Jonathan takes us through the various types of media utilized by Disney in the production process. Most everyone will learn something new with this episode. Also included are tips on purchasing items of this medium. Also included in the show is some listener feedback. Say Goodnight, Byran: Get Lost! (loved it!). Yes, outtakes are included. Time: 1:33:11
    • 02/28/10 – Video Extra, I've been waiting for this one! Bryan fulfills his promise to become a pirate for the Give Kids the World fundraiser last fall. And, Yes, at the very beginning, we get to see the frosted hair!!! We see the decision-making, some of the creation, and the final result! Loved it! Time: 10:04

    • 02/25/10 – Episode 206, This is an inspiring show…no, really…they're talking about places in the parks that give you a feeling of inspiration. Time: 31:38
    • 02/28/10 – Episode 207, Huntsville residents Adam and Suzie (bama106 and SuzieQ on their forums) give a trip report from a recent venture last January. Lots of really good descriptive and informative talk on Bay Lake Towers, California Grill, and more! Time: 33:31

    • 02/25/10 – Episode 4, You're going to have camera envy after this show. The hosts do their round-table format on what cameras they own, what they bring to the parks, and what situations they used particular cameras for. I used to like my Olympus point-and-shoot, but DSLR is slowly creeping into my vernacular. Time: 45:17

    • 02/24/10 – IYEE 56, Shayne from Chicago joins fellow Caballero Lou for a discussion of all sorts of Disney news/view/fun. Time: 40:30
    • 02/27/10 – BMS 83, Lou starts us off with motion sickness on the Tomorrowland Speedway before calming us down (unless you get seasick) on a friendship boat to the Swolphin (good views of the Boardwalk). After that, we take the highway in the sky inbound into Epcot (from the cockpit), and we finish up where we started. Time: 3:54

    • 02/26/10 – Episode 40, This show is part II of Wayne's Christmas audio trip report, with commentary by both. I'll admit – I was impressed at how much he got done during am EMH at MK on Christmas day! Time: 55:08

    • 02/28/10 – Episode 101, Same format for this enhanced show…news and trading events make up around the first 20 minutes. After that comes the pin release segments from around the world (WDW, DL, Studio Store/Soda Fountain, and Europe). John's Ten is next, with the topic being a listener-submitted one – Disney Rewards Visa pins (check the Pin Pics website to follow along). IPLS #80 is highlighted in this show…Joshua Bement. After a couple of e-mail pinquiries, they wrap the show. Time: 1:58:00

    • 02/28/10 – Episode 67, Tairy switches gears just a bit on the show and, instead of an attraction getting a history, it's a legend. X Atencio is the focus of this "Did You Know". Time: 13:16 (Mush: there are two downloads of this episode..the other is on the same day with a time of 13:19)

    • 02/22/10 – Episode 199, Lianna joins David at the HOJO Anaheim…I didn't catch a lot of the show because I was drifting off to memories of middle-school dances thanks to the Air Supply music. It's actually a Monday live chat show. They also have the standard lowdown with Lianna, who earlier was replaced by "Loriel" (from HOJO) Time: 1:14:51
    • 02/24/10 – Episode 200, it's Captain Lianna…sponsored by Yahoo (or YaHoJo!). Lianna-on-the-spot attended the opening of Captain EO. Bryan, John Corigliano, and David join Lianna for a Captain EO Extravaganza, complete with another full chat. Time: 1:39:17

    • 02/28/10 – Episode 256, We start off with our trip….around the world. News is first before an extra segment. Ricky couldn't make it to the opening of Captain EO, but colleague Jeremiah Daws to provide a recap of opening day. Jeremiah was able to obtain several audio pieces, including Tony Baxter and former cast of the EO show. Skipper Ben loses his segment to his wife as they talk about the ESPN SportsZone over on the Boardwalk. Time: 1:08:53

    • 02/25/10 – It's the final installment of the 4X4 Challenge! Mikey first hits the TTA at a very empty MK and then steals a Fastpass for Winnie's Philharmagic (yes, you read that correctly). He snarfs down a Dole Whip float (and probably gets a massive brain freeze) before getting a pic with Rafiki (who looks a lot like Lilo and Stitch). After pressing a penny, he heads to Park #4, Epcot, and realizes that the Dole Whip Float may not have been such a good idea. I'm writing this as I watch the show, so I'm going to predict that he DOESN'T do Test Track. He hits a rare find in characters (btw, her name is Marie). Disney supplies a Mariachi band for Mikey as he gets his last pressed penny. Not bad…I counted only 4 fails. Time: 8:34

    • 02/28/10 – Nathan and Jim turn their sights to the upcoming release of Alice in Wonderland. Time: 35:16

    • 02/22/10 – Episode 156 (I checked on the DPN)The show starts out with some Olympic coverage, including some interesting Squaw Valley discussion and some curling slams (you have to admit, though, that some of the women on the Scandinavian teams were gorgeous!). Afterwards, they get into multi-part e-mails from a couple off their more dedicated listeners. Callsheep??? No Capes??? Time: 1:42:21
    • 02/23/10 – Episode 157, Whoah…another one the next day??? They have good reason. In this show, they look at the opening of Captain EO over in Disneyland, including reviews, "expected" crowd control, and more. During the discussion, they bring on Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod host and Michael Jackson fan Aaron Wallace to add to the mix. Time: 1:52:39

    • 02/28/10 – Episode 71, Mr. Walker is back and, with Ms. Rich (fresh from the contract negotiations with the higher-ups), gives us another show of insanity. This show is all about wars…Body Wars (what's wrong with being an Elizabeth Shue fan???!!!). After the "ride-thru", they take on some e-mail referring back to a previous episode on the Moms of Disney characters. This leads to a pretty interesting dialogue between Jonathan and Tairy (and he even mentions my comments from a previous entry pertaining to that segment). After another e-mail debating WDW vs. Disneyland, we get word that Mouse Comedy is joining the WTTM forum family (thanks, Bug Zapper!). Listen for the delicate outtakes at the end. Time: 1:07:49

    • 02/28/10 – Episode 23, Toast is back on for more Innovention antics. This time, they try to steal a pig (It's So Cute!!!) from the T. Rowe Price exhibit and end up saving more than just the pig (It's So Cute!!!). Cute title of the episode btw. At the end, Matt treats us to some hints on how to score some good points on Toy Story Midway Mania. Time: 27:43 (like, Duh!)

    • 02/28/10 – Episode 240, get your brackets ready, because we're doing the big dance! No, Northern Iowa won't blow up your chances of winning the pool…no, it's not another awesome Disney Villain bracket (LOVED that). This tournament is based on the best WDW Resort (it's scientific because there are an odd number of them (3)). Let's just say my resort got upset. Listener feedback ends the show. Time: 59:00

    • 02/22/10 – Episode 391, Short subjects show today. The Featured Attraction is one of my sleeper favorites, Living with the Land. The First DVC resort, Old Key West, is in the Review System Spotlight. After the Magical Moment of the Week (dealing with Bluetinis), Steven Ng gives the weekly recap on MousePlanet. Listener feedback finishes the show. Time: 49:08
    • 02/24/10 – Episode 392, This week's featured topic revolves around trying to find ways to eat healthy around the parks. Time: 33:30

    • 02/27/10 – Episode 1 (PREMIERE!) Technically, this is a new show, though it has existed as a live show over on Reedy Creek Radio. In this premiere, Frank welcomes Disney Mom's Panelist Margaret Fries and DisneyBigSis (aka Heather). In this show, a secret is revealed by Margaret on the Disney Mom's Training Weekend, Amanda Tinney (well-known in the Disney Facebook/Twitterverse and fellow Disney Freak) is on as their first guest! Amanda talks about Disney memories and more. After this, Frank brings on the Parrish brothers from WEDWay Radio for a short conversation/tale of woe. (deux?) Time: 1:43:27
    • 02/27/10 – Episode 2, Frank, Margaret, and Heather welcome Dan Viets of the Thank You Walt Disney, Inc organization to the show. This organization, based in Kansas City, is currently working on restoring the building where Walt and Ub Iwerks created the Laugh-O-Gram business. Many consider the Laugh-o-grams to be one of the primary stepping stones to the creation of the Disney company we now know. Excellent interview! Mousterpiece Theatre is next…There's something goofy about that groundsman in the story. Following that segment, the crew talks about the "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" program and then gives some news/trivia. Time: 1:23:20

    • 02/26/10 – Episode 158, Van is back about a short absence and gives an interesting Top Seven list (just how much feedback did you get for Space Mountain?). We are then treated to a Compare Van Contrast of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and the Hall of Presi….huh? Nope, he compares the newly-reopened Disneyland attraction with Epcot's American Adventure! Great to hear the show back in iTunes! Time: 36:19

    • 02/23/10 – Episode 49 (almost there!), we get the report from Myrtle Beach mentioned in the previous episode. Audio from the get-together after the non-marathon. Time: 1:15:45
    • 02/28/10 – Episode 50, (He's There!), Congrats on #50, Gordon! Gordon brings us along for another run and gives an interesting stream of consciousness (I almost thought he actually was going to attack a dog!). Listen for the "ladies" story and the peanutbutterbuilderbarpeanutbutterbuilderbar Time: 1:21:22

    • 02/23/10 – Episode 92, It's another Bridezilla episode. The engaged cat brings on the dude she's engaged to for a short talk on how the wedding planning is going. Time: 25:56

    • 02/23/10 – Episode 31, After a little rant, I think you're doing very well with the interviews…keep up the great work!), they get into Disney news, including American Idol (Aaron Kelly was a Golden Ticket winner at AI over at DHS. Summer Nightastic is also discussed. (Mush: aside from a couple of rough transitions between questions with your interviewees (which is sometimes inevitable as the next question often doesn't give a good chance for a seamless transition, you're doing great with the interviews...keep up the good work!) Time: 39:06

    • 02/22/10 – Episode 131, Huge news and rumors section as the hosts (including the Mayor…Justin's back!) discuss the new Summer Nightastic program. After the discussion, they get into updates to the Fantasyland refurb. Following the news/rumors, they add a lot of audio from the Nightastic announcement. Time: 2:01:59

    • 02/28/10 – Episode 159, This past week was an exciting one for Disney fans and sports enthusiasts, as Walt Disney World kicked off the seventh annual ESPN the Weekend with the grand re-launch event at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Athletes, celebrities and ESPN personalities were on hand at the event and all weekend long, and we'll recap not only the events, but look at how and why Walt Disney World is truly a sports vacation destination. Also on this show is the first contestant in the "Listener Fact or Fiction" contest. Alex Goldman takes the hot seat to answer 10 questions (Mush: I got 10/10 WOOHOO!) Time: 1:11:00

    • 02/22/10 – Episode 685, We took a great deal of interest into this one as we'll be staying at the resort in the spotlight: Kidani Village! Time: 24:52
    • 02/24/10 – Episode 686, Listener Question Wednesday…topics include applying the value of partially used tickets towards the purchase of new ones, the always-controversial issue of DTD buses not going directly to theme parks, the value of pre-ordering the Photopass CD, helping a group of thrift-minded women plan a trip, and more. Time: 35:46
    • 02/26/10 – Episode 687, Today, Werner Weiss of joins us to discuss the Tomorrowland of the past (Mush: this guy has some mad trivia skillz!) Time: 21:10
    • 02/28/10 – Episode 688, A recording of our Live broadcast aboard the Disney Wonder on the final night of the 09 Reunion Cruise. (Reunion 09). This episode aired LIVE on MouseWorld Radio. Time: 54:16

    • 02/23/10 – Episode 36, In this episode Matt and Nate discuss one of the more overlooked areas of Disneyland's history; The Disneyland Hotel. Throughout the history of Disneyland the Disneyland Hotel has grown from five two story buildings and a pool to one of the greatest destinations in Southern California. Through its different incarnations under its owner, entrepreneur Jack Wrather, flourished. While always adding to the resort feel the hotel hosted famous Hollywood celebrities and foreign dignitaries. Matt and Nate dish on the interesting happening and the current state and feel of the hotel as well. News as well. Enjoy! Time: 53:21

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