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Disney Podcast Updates, March 1-15, 2010

Heeeeellllooooooo Blogosphere! I'm looking at the calendar, an we're nearing the One-Year Anniversary of chronicling shows from these podcasts, and, with the exception the loss of about 25% of the shows back in November, it has been a continuous listing of these shows.

As I worked on this specific set of updates, though, I started having serious doubts as to "why" I keep doing this. I know that my readership is not that high, and I know that others have taken what I've done and "upped it" to a larger audience. Shawn Rees, an author over at the Disney Blog, has begun to do the same thing that I have been doing here over on their blog. While I have a broader coverage of podcasts and a much longer history, especially with some of the smaller shows, Shawn includes several shows that I don't have on here, and he reaches a much bigger audience teaming up with the Disney Blog (which isn't a bad thing…I'm not knocking on their blog – both of us doing this gives more exposure to the shows). However, when you add to this the notion that those who actually make the podcasts seem to take more significant notice of both the Disney Blog and (especially so) the more timely updates on Twitter, and it seems that the amount of time it takes me to do these updates can be better served doing other things (my wife would definitely agree). Heck, I even had a disparaging comment posted on my main list of podcasts about a particular show, and, when I went to defend the show by asking a host for some subscriber data refuting the comments (and, thus putting the commenting person in his place), I got zero response and, after a couple of weeks, ended up simply deleting the comment. Taking all of the preceding issues into consideration, I very nearly decided to make it to the one-year mark and then just end the podcast updates.

But there's always a silver lining…my main goal for doing these has always been to try to get people to subscribe to the shows that these Disney fans make for us – that has always been my goal, and it always will be. I take a look at my feeds most days, and I still on occasion see a new location hit my blog for the first time and, more importantly, leave my blog via podcast feeds to check out a new show. Although the podcast owners may not see where a subscriber comes from, I know that some of the shows have gotten some new listeners because of these updates. I also do occasionally hear references to the blog…most recently from the Zannaland (Thank you so much for the unexpected post, Zanna!!!). Also, I do occasionally get a reply or two from podcasters wondering why a show wasn't included (often because iTunes burps and nothing gets downloaded)…at least they're checking up on me. Then there's Dismarks…if you've never been to this site and/or don't know what it is, please do yourself a favor and check it out! I'm always amazed that people still put these podcast review posts up for others to see, and I truly am grateful to those that "mark" it.

Because of everything from that last paragraph, I'm going to continue on with these.  Starting with this one, though, you'll see a slight change in the format. Because of time constraints, I simply can't go as in-depth on the reviews as I want to, and, quite frankly, I'm seemingly always one month behind in getting these posted (which probably explains why many of the podcast creators seem to favor the Twitter updates over my blog updates). I'm going to be cutting back on my comments some and posting more of the show descriptions. Time is going to become more of an issue for me in the coming months because…well…you'll just have to wait for an upcoming blog post to see on what's on my plate. I still will offer my comments – just not as in-depth as you may have traditionally seen. I still have the hope that I'll get caught up and will be able to get back into my original format where I offer my comments/critiques of the shows and their material (I always love throwing in off-the-wall teasers to get people to listen to the shows just to see what I'm talking about). For now, though, the reviews are going to be a little less-personal, as much as I hate doing it. This way, I can manage my time a little better and still get the updates out so that new listeners can find the shows.

Okay…onto this set of updates. 61 shows are included in this two-week span of updates. DisFanReview makes its first appearance in the list (welcome!). D23 is a popular topic on many shows, as are the Sherman Brothers and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.



If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created Disneypodcastdirectory.net, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 03/15/10 – Episode 44, This episode I give you my thoughts of Captain EO.  I also have my friend Tammy come along.  This is her first time at Disneyland.  Come aboard for a bad Jungle Cruise experience, get patriotic and I did it again.  Listen to understand. (Mush: the Jungle Cruise Skipper really WAS bad!) Time: 30:57

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 151, First off, our heartfelt sympathies go out to Jonathan with the passing of his father. This week Charlie Conrad joins us but not for a review of the Walt Disney Family Museum. This time he is joining Bryan and Deb Wills to talk about planning his first ever trip to WDW during 2011 Marathon Weekend. We'll talk about resorts, Extra Magic Hours, dining, attractions, and much much more. This segment is great for people who have never been to WDW, someone who is helping someone else plan their very first Disney vacation, or just someone who enjoys hearing others get excited about their first trip to WDW. Later in the show Chuck Canzoneri joins us for a look at the return of Captain EO to Disneyland in California. This is definitely not spoiler-free as we'll be talking about what kind of shape the film is in, if the technology and style used in Captiain EO in the 80's stands the test of time, and how Disney was able to use an effect that they brought in for Honey I Shrunk the Audience in Captain EO's favor. In the news this week: Tinkerbell's Fairy Treasures closes for refurbishment and will reopen with a unique photo opportunity for patrons of the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, Champion provides a unique service to competitors at ESPN's Wide World of Sports, and Tim Burton and Johnny Depp talk to MTV about their worst ideas that they have each presented to each other. (How was the "They Might Be Giants" show?) Time: 1:45:20
    • 03/12/10 – Episode 152, This week we're joined by Tim Stenzel from The Main Street Cinema and Amy Hall (our 1,000th AllAbouttheMouseketeer) to talk about Disney and Tim Burton's new film Alice in Wonderland. Later in the show we'll take a stroll around World Showcase while Bryan talks about some of the highlights of his latest trip to Walt Disney World including Mousefan Travel and WDW Today's Tentfest, a first-time meal at The Plaza, and Epcot's 2010 Flower and Garden Festival. (Welcome back, Jonathan!) Time: 1:46:12

    • 03/01/10 – Live Show, Part 1 of the Be Our Guest Podcast Live Show originally aired on 2/21/2010 on Magical Mouse Radio. Time: 59:32
    • 03/01/10 – Live Show, Part 2 of the Be Our Guest Podcast Live Show originally aired on 2/21/2010 on Magical Mouse Radio. Time: 59:22
    • 03/04/10 – Episode 208, Happy Friday, everyone!  Today the panel discusses the pros and cons of surprise trips to Walt Disney World.  What things need to be considered when planning a surprise trip to WDW?  We also discuss being surprised with trips, and how to best pull off a surprise for loved ones!  Also, make sure you listen to the end of the show, as we are lucky enough to be a small part of a big surprise for one of our listeners!  (Mush: hint: they'll be castaways with some online friends). Time: 39:55
    • 03/07/10 – Episode 209, Today we are lucky to have Jay Griffith joining us giving us insider tips for flying to Walt Disney World.  Hear about things you can do before your flight to help make things go smoother.  We also discuss ideas to make your in-flight experience better, as well as hear tips for nervous fliers like me! (Mush: well, not me…I'm an aviation geek who actually learned to fly on the eastern front range of the Rockies (the turbulence was "interesting" in our little Cessnas out there)…great information and really interesting show…from someone who usually has the DP/STAR charts with him on the plane as he's flying into KATL and KMCO). Time: 33:37
    • 03/11/10 – Episode 210, Happy Friday!  Today, we sit down and talk with Pam about her trip to Walt Disney World last week.  She toured many of the Disney Resorts and Vacation Club Properties and gives some great insight into rooms you may not typically think about when you book your next Disney vacation.  We also discuss some different dining options as well.  Finally, we talk about Pam's visit to Universal Studios and her thoughts on the new Harry Potter Land. (Mush: Pam will forever call it Harry Potter Land. Oh, and some interesting discussion on the differences between FP and how Universal does it…I totally agree with the panel here). Time: 51:06
    • 03/14/10 – Episode 211, Today we are lucky to have Tricia from Florissant, Missouri joining us to share her trip to Walt Disney World during early December 2009.  Tricia took the Be Our Guest Podcast recording equipment and got some great audio from the trip down to Walt Disney World as well as all around the parks and resorts.  Join us for some shows, parades, rides, Candlelight Processional, Holiday Illuminations, and much more!  This is a great show for anyone missing Walt Disney World! (Mush: 58 days…58 days….58 days…If you haven't heard the holiday tag on Illuminations, you HAVE to get down there or see it on YouTube…the audio here unfortunately gets cut before the earth-shaking finale). Time: 51:30

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 5, Today we talk about lifestreaming from the Disney Parks… how to best use twitter, stream video, and more. (Mush: I was really interested in hearing this show, partially because what I talked about in the intro. It was definitely interesting in hearing about how the panel tends to separate the social media, and it kind of explains why there's just not a whole lot of "oomph" with my blog..many of them tend to focus much more on Twitter than on Facebook for Disney content, where I do the opposite – not having a smartphone may be a big reason why I'm not on Twitter as much. I am thinking of ustreaming our Kidani Savannah view in June…we'll see Good show!) Time: 29:30
    • 03/11/10 – Episode 6, Today the Betamouse Team talks bringing laptops (and labtops) into the Disney Parks. Learn tips for traveling, the best bags to carry them and if any of the crew have actually taken a laptop into the parks! (Mush….grrr…I was gonna use "labtops" in my section, but y'all beat me to the punch! An interesting discussion on bell service and storage of electronic items is also in here). Time: 30:31

    • 03/06/10 – Episode 87, Jeff, Pluto, Imagine and Sorcerer get into some serious Disney talk.... nah it's mostly funny. On this episode: The World In News - Disney World News; Monorail Station - Romance at WDW; Disney Dance Floor - Animals Attack?; Email Time - Listener Questions. Show Members: Sorcerer, Pluto, Imagine, Jeff Time: 1:18:46

    • 03/08/10 – Episode 28, This week on the show, With Caption EO making its return, I bring you my list of other attractions that I would like to see come back. Plus we catch you up-to-date with your latest Disney and tech news. Time: 7:45

    • 03/01/10 – Episode 15, It is indeed time for us to "...Change The World" as we bring to you "Another Part Of..." DisFanReview's SHORTS! This week we celebrate the return of Captain EO to Disneyland and we recap all of this week's Disney headlines and other fun tid-bits. This week all of our music comes to us from the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Both of his song's from Captain EO, "We Are Here to Change The World" and "Another Part Of Me" as well as the "When You Wish Upon A Star" medley from 1981's Disneyland 35th Anniversary. (Mush: New entry!!!! This podcast is an interesting niche…it reminds me a little bit of "Buzzy's" WWED segments on Disney Indiana (which is also a new podcast) and WTTM's DNS shows.) Time: 22:28

    • 03/15/10 – Episode 41, This week Wayne, Trace and Lisa discuss CruiseFest! (Mush: you HAVE to check out the cover for this show…AWESOME!!! Good show…I've never taken a cruise, so I learned quite a bit here. Hints: Take magnets to identify your door (Hilarious story about this!); drinking when the seas are rough leads to "interesting" times; Don't propose at sea when they can't call anyone to tell the news; don't wear a Santa outfit in lieu of Mr. Smee's (LMAO at that!!!; remember caveat emptor at the spa; and focus more on Castaway Cay beach than on other ports' beaches.) Time: 1:02:03

    • 03/08/10 – Episode 102, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney Pin Trading news, upcoming pin trading opportunities around the world, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #81 (Mush: John Learn), all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and much more!!! Time: 1:25:17
    • 03/13/10 – Episode 103, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney Pin Trading news, upcoming pin trading opportunities around the world, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #82 (Mush: Daniel Booth), all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and much more!!! Time: 1:27:13

    • 03/07/10 – Episode 68, Presenting the great projects of Harriet Burns. Time: 14:49

    • 03/07/10 – Episode 43, Scott and Tracey peruse the local music store in search of their favorite Disney songs from the 1960's.  They also discuss the career of Disney's most prolific songwriting duo, the Sherman Brothers, wrapping up the show with feedback and resident requests. (Mush: even my wife commented on how much she liked this show! We all had our favorites: Sheri loved Chim Chimney, our boys loved The Color Song The classical version of Feed the Birds with the cello was simply haunting. Yet another excellent show!) Time: 1:12:44

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 36, In this Episode of the Podcast we are Craigless but we still bring you: - The latest news and rumours from around the Disney World; - Day 19 of Adam's Daily Disney Diary; - A look at Adventureland's Dining and Shopping options; and - A detailed look at just how to plan your Orlando holiday, DIY style. Time: 1:28:18

    • 03/01/10 – Episode 201, Today we are pleased to announce a wonderful audio collection from Disneyland. It is 7.6 hours of original master track recordings, in our all new audio collection called: Disney Parks Essentials Collection Volume #3. For just $19.00 you can purchase a fantastic collection of rare and sought after tracks all in one place, and all 100% pristine quality from Disneyland. You can purchase the download, or you can purchase a DATA DVD, that will be mailed directly to your address. Time: 57:53
    • 03/03/10 – Episode 202, Brian Sommer joins us LIVE and in PERSON at our secret underground studio in Anaheim for a drink of scotch, and a surprise visit by Discover DCA Daniel, as he share Disney Nija Secrets. Plus Deb talks about the death at Sea World, and Liana covers the news of Disneyland, while David and John share a chuckle over all things bling. Time: 2:19:22
    • 03/10/10 – Episode 203, While Liana and Brian eat their Dinner, David busts into the liquor cabinet, and knocks back a few with Discover DCA Daniel, Deb, and all the way from Florida...John Corigliano! Look out, this is our longest show ever! If you have the iPhone APP look under Extras for special video preview and wallpaper downloads. Time: 2:48:44

    • 03/07/10 – Episode 257, We have plenty of big Disney news this week from theme parks to movies and beyond. Plus, Ricky reviews Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and talks a bit about the new (and surprisingly nice) Holiday Inn at Walt Disney World. Time: 1:03:53
    • 03/14/10 – Episode 258, There was plenty of big Disney news this week including a new D23 event, a new annual pass option, and more. After the news, we help honor the songwriting Sherman Brothers as we bring you their full incredibly entertaining Main Street USA window ceremony from Disneyland and plenty of entertaining music and performances. Time: 1:36:10
    • 03/03/10 – Video Supplement to #257, Richard Sherman performs 'Feed the Birds' at Disneyland (Mush: this is also one of my favorite songs ever, too…Amazing video, Ricky!)
    • 03/03/10 – Video Supplement to #257, Sherman Brothers song medley featuring Carousel of Progress characters (Mush: "Mother" and "Father" make this video even better…only Disney can do a one-time presentation like this, and they do it perfectly!) Time: 9:04

    • 03/02/10 – Episode 125, A 2010 Disney Cruise Line Special Part 4. On this podcast Mary, Karin, Jason, Jennifer Evans, and the True / Evans children do a post Disney Cruise Review. Also featured on this show is the latest Disney News and updates . If you are preparing to go on a Disney Cruise or have ever considered going, this final show of the Disney Cruise series will give you a fresh post cruise review with a multi-generational point of view. Sit back and enjoy this episode of Keys to the Kingdom - Post Disney Cruise Review. Names and ages of the children: Jordan True -13 (almost 14), Bayley True 12, Madison Evans 11, Abby True 9, Haylee Evans 9, Cady True 7. Time: 1:14:38
    • 03/11/10 – Episode 126, Today's show features latest Disney News and events. Alice in Wonderland is reviewed. Each member of the podcast team lists their favorite and least favorite Disney Moderate resort. If you are a Caribbean Beach resort fan...be prepared for the worst. Time: 1:02:43

    • 03/07/10 – On this week's show, Nathan Rose and Jim Hill are tumbling down the rabbit hole again to discuss Disney's most amazing film of 2010, Alice in Wonderland -- how this amazing film was created, to the magic behind it, and last but not least, the future of this amazing film. Time: 41:03
    • 03/14/10 – Nathan Rose and Jim Hill discuss The Disney Company's 2010 stock holder meeting, including such topics as D23, the new Disney theme park premier passport, a sequel to Alice in Wonderland and much more. Time: 32:43

    • 03/14/10 – Episode 72, Are there really any BAD Disney animated filf? Find out this time on MCP. (Mush: when I read "filf", I had to listen to make sure it wasn't a derivation of "milf"…interesting water cooler topic on the Top 2 and Bottom 2 Disney animated movies, with quite a bit of discussion on a thread post over on Amazon.com. Also, Tairy and Jonathan debate the end of the "Give a Day" program). Time: 1:11:45

    • 03/10/10 – Episode 24, Mouse Droppings introduces C.D. as a special guest on the podcast! She is so excited to be on the Interwebs, she even volunteered to go on one of her least-favorite rides, Dinosaur! Fun and screams are sure to be in the path of this rockin' episode. (Mush: really, the Indy track is the EXACT same layout but with different theming??? I didn't notice that when I rode it in DL. Amazing!) Time: 29:47
    • 03/10/10 – Episode 25, The blizzards have passed and spring is upon us, and so is SPRING BREAK! Mouse Droppings presents the Spring Break from Disney, a week-long event consisting of FIVE brand-spanking-new episodes recorded outside the Disney Parks! (Send hate mail to mousedroppingspodcast@gmail.com) Today's episode takes you to Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster. (Mush: Agreed that this is one of the best thrill rides anywhere! I need to post my report on this over on the blog some day. The car just before us didn't make it over the hill and flew back to the station – I've never seen so many white faces in my life! Great show, Matt!). Time: 27:58

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 241, Live from the theater, the Mouse Guest Crew Plus discusses and rates the new Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland! Along with the usual Cheeses, we're joined by The Mouse Guest Ma, Debi, and from the MuppetCast, Steve Swanson himself (Mush: I love when you do the "Live From the Theater" segments!) Time: 53:52
    • 03/14/10 Episode 242, It's another park audio show, but we've got a good reason. This time, we take a trip to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, and listen in on the projection. It's an all b-movie show, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. Time: 51:14

    • 03/01/10 – Episode 393, Backstage in Future World, Honey I Shrunk My Enthusiasm, a dining tip, listener feedback and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 37:11
    • 03/03/10 – Episode 394, Tommy Kirk talks with Steven about his career as a child star at the Walt Disney Studios. (Mush: Kirk played roles in several Disney movies, including The Shaggy Dog, The Absent-Minded Professor, and Swiss Family Robinson, and also portrayed "Danny Grant" on several TV shows). Time: 30:24
    • 03/08/10 – Episode 395, Circling with altitude, a Toontown Fair Tip (while it lasts), a guest appearance by The Kid, listener attraction makeover suggestions and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 38:22
    • 03/10/10 – Episode 396, David Koenig talks with Steven about how he got started writing about Disney. Time: 21:24
    • 03/15/10 – Episode 397, Mark's favorite, trouble in Paradise Pier, magical everyday moments and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 42:05

    • 03/14/10 – Episode 54, In this show we welcome back Sean, webmaster of Disney Magic.ca, for DM mailbag as we answer your questions. Then I present the first episode of Around the world in a day where I attempt to see every attraction and live entertainment in Epcot's World Showcase in one day do I make it? Is it possible? Stay tuned. (Mush: his plan of attack is to give the segments as real-time as possible…in one hour segments. He starts at 11 am in Norway (I'd lose valuable time just staring at the CMs there) and then heads over to China. Good show idea, Carlos!). Time: 1:31:20

    • 03/09/10 – Episode 51, Gordon PRs in his first 8K race, shocks himself with his finish time, chats with his wife about her 5K experience in Myrtle Beach, chats with his sons about things sons chat about, and recaps his lifestyle and running changes. Time: 1:03:14

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 93, Join the Cats and the Whatchamacallit (spelled correctly!) this week for a lively discussion involving The Great Movie Ride, Sarah Connor Bad-Ass-ness Assessments, "The Patriot" spoilers, Brazil and, oh yeah, Disney… Mush: yeah, I'm part of the "Brazil???" group. T2…yep! Oh, and I like the stupid stunt thing too. Time: 30:52
    • 03/09/10 – Episode 94, This is an AWESOME show idea! With the on again/off again rumors of Aerosmith breaking up, the cats and the 13-year old named in the last update (I'm afraid to screw up that name after getting it right) talk about imagineering the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. (LMAO at Nugent). Flying lizards? The Electric Mayhem idea is absolutely awesome! Time: 35:49

    • 03/02/10 – Episode 32, Welcome to this week's episode of WaltCast for Wednesday March 3, 2010. Dave and Jennifer Marx from Passporter: Walt Disney World join us on the show this week to talk about their book. Katie and Shawn discuss a various amount of topics, including the tragedy at Seaworld: Orlando. (Mush: good to hear that the feedback from your previous episode reinforced that you're doing well!). Time: 1:12:04
    • 03/09/10 – Episode 33, This week's episode of Waltcast brings two segments that focus on the Flower Power concerts that are during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival as well as a brief review of "The Princess and the Frog" which comes out on DVD March 16th. Time: 47:02

    • 03/07/10 – Episode 132, This week's show is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. No, it's not a Tower of Terror segment, but we are entering the Twilight Zone in relation to our usual content on the program. This episode presents a first for WDWNT, an audio commentary for last year's Christmas Podcast Parade. While we have never done anything like this before, we certainly hope you will enjoy this inside look at the creation of episode 125 of the WDW News Today Podcast. (Mush: y'all are simply insane!) Time: 1:46:38

    • 03/07/10 – Episode 160, With the Academy Awards having honored the very best in the film-making industry recently, it's appropriate that this week I'm joined by two legends of Disney feature film animation. Don Hahn, animator, director and producer of such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King talks with me about his career at Disney including being trained by Disney's Nine Old Men, creating Roger Rabbit, and his hand in the renaissance of Disney animation that began in the mid-80's. We also talk about his newest project, Waking Sleeping Beauty, a documentary chronicling and celebrating that time, and one that he produced with my next guest, Peter Schneider. The former President of the Walt Disney Studios talks about the rise and fall of animation during Disney's second golden age, as well as working with people like Michael Eisner, John Lasseter, Roy Disney and Jerry Katzenberg. We discuss the new film and how it tells the stories never before told, from the creative minds that actually lived it. (Mush: Another awesome set of interviews!) Time: 1:00:10
    • 03/14/10 – Episode 161, Last weekend, a number of special events took place in Walt Disney World - one celebrated the first anniversary of D23, the official community for Disney fans with a private party in the Magic Kingdom, and the other brought out thousands of princesses, and a few princes, to take part in the 2nd annual Disney Princess 5k and Half Marathon Weekend. This week, I'm joined on the roundtable by fellow D23 members who attended the event with me to discuss the event, and other news coming from Disney and D23 during the recent shareholders' meeting. We'll also recap the marathon weekend, and talk about some other Walt Disney World News and even a few new rumors as well. Time: 1:35:48

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 689, Listener Questions. (Mush: Kiss my Grits!!! I'm still laughing at that. Some of the topics include pre-paying for Photopass, possible decreased service from job cuts, and more). Time: 37:42
    • 03/05/10 – Episode 690, Today, Matt attends and interviews the big name athletes who attended last week's re-branding of the Wide World of Sports complex. (Mush: interviews include Shawn Johnson, Bobby Cox, Derelle Revis, and more). Time: 15:06
    • 03/09/10 – Episode 691, Today, Matt and friends try out this exciting AP preview during Tentest 2010. Time: 27:48
    • 03/10/10 – Episode 692, Listener Questions (Topics include D23 membership, Michael Eisner's reign, Bus service at the values and mods, distance running starting setups at WDW, & more). Time: 20:43
    • 3/13/10 – Episode 693, Today, Lisa Gulley of workoutmommy.com joins us to discuss running the Princess Half Marathon last weekend. (Mush: I thought I was busy…Lisa is a Goddess when it comes to what all she had going on around the time of this event). Time: 20:17
    • 03/15/10 – Episode 694, Today, Tim Krasniewsky of dvcnews.com joins to discuss our decisions to buy or not to buy into the Disney Vacation Club. (Mush: Poor Guy…couldn't even start…now he knows what it's like to be Matt Damon on Kimmel LOL!!!). Time: 24:16

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 37, Matt and Nate dive into Splash Mountain and discover its amazing story from the initial concept that was helped by the traffic on the Santa Ana freeway in LA to the near disastrous idea of synergizing this attraction with the Touchstone Pictures release of Splash.  Also, you can't tell the story of Splash Mountain without getting into the politics of Disney's relationship with the films of the Jim Crow and so we briefly discuss Disney's legacy regarding their films and Splash Mountain's theming itself with the political correctness of the time.  It's an interesting topic and we ask a few important questions.  After that we go into the rich theming surrounding what many consider Disney's greatest attraction.  After this segment Matt and Nate thank the listeners for a year of support and go over a few personal highlights while telling how WEDway Radio came to be.  "Thank You Again." Enjoy! (Mush: CONGRATS on 1 year…I'm glad to have found your show! With regards to this one, fantastic detail in the show, and I loved the enhancements. I always smile when I see someone in my feed click out on your link). Time: 1:02:04

    • 03/01/10 – Episode 227, TJ Steps in to celebrate Women's History Month with a tribute to Harriet Burns. (Mush: Some amazing interviews in this show from some very well-known Disney Legends). Time: 52:58
    • 03/08/10 – Episode 228, This week... Disneyus Non-Sequiturium #08 The "What's in Paul's iTunes?" show where you get to hear audio that you won't hear anywhere else... Enjoy! (Mush…I love the DNS shows…keep 'em coming!) Time: 58:11
    • 03/14/10 – Episode 229, This week... D23 turns one, and afterwards, Paul kicks it with some local bachelors. Enjoy! (Mush: I think I want to marry the voice of Charlotte! Oh, and stick around after he "ends" the show) Time: 57:50

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 49. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod looks back on the 2000-2009 decade in Disney history, comparing it to the 1980s and counting down the best and worst of the last ten years. 40 things make their way into the countdown(s) before all is said and done! (Mush: interesting selection…another one of those that undoubtedly caused some discussion over on the DPN. Good show!) Time: 1:00:52

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