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Disney Podcast Updates, Feb. 8-14, 2010


As promised a couple of days ago, here is the next week of Disney podcast updates. Over 30 shows are included in this one as well. Along with some laugh-out-loud funny shows (e.g. Teenage Disney Geek and the end of Mouse Droppings), you'll see a couple of shows for those contemplating the 2011 Disney half-marathon (Beyond Main Street and Running to Disney), as well as several shows discussing the (then) newly-announced Summer Nightastic coming in early June to the WDW parks. We also have a couple of first-time entries in here. I was going to start with the March 1 updates, but I had already listened to some of these and figured I'd just start updating them now. Betamouse (only their second episode!) and the Disney Royal Ladies are debuting in this list. Thanks to the In Your Ears Experience show, I also was introduced to another podcast which may find its way on here soon (MouseTimes).

The next update will be one of my "catch-up" posts, where the entries will be primarily show descriptions. I'll still add the tags to help with online searches, but I need to do one of these in order to get somewhat back to "current" on the release of the information.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 02/09/10 – Episode 64, OH……..MY…….GAWD!!!!!!!! This is one of the funniest shows I've heard in a long time! The dysfunctional super family is joined by Esquire Matt from Mousedroppings, a not-so-housebroken dog, and Will & Shannon from Magic Never Ends to talk about their December trip. (Animal Kingdom bus goes by). You'll learn more than you ever wanted to know about pork shank and Kjottkake (Animal Kingdom Bus); you'll hear them calling out Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod Aaron and his claim that he actually had friends on his commando trip (he did…nobody saw them, though) (Animal Kingdom Bus); you'll learn about peeing standing up while holding a baby at the urinal; what it's like staying at the "Polynesian" (Animal Kingdom Bus); and tons of other things that will leave you almost in tears from laughing so hard (LFFP…Keegan's father…is simply hilarious! I had 4 separate voice memos where I had to stop and comment so I wouldn't forget). Did Grandma ever make it home? (Animal Kingdom Bus). One word of warning…this one's definitely rated-R, and you won't want to have your kids nearby when listening to it. AWESOME show!!! Time: 2:26:22 (Animal Kingdom Bus).

    • 02/12/10 – Episode 148, Jonathan's dealing with a screaming kid, and all of us parents fully understand why he's not on the majority of the show. After news and the roll call, Tony Caggiano and Matt Hochberg join Bryan to talk about love and romance. Huh? It's nearly Valentine's Day. They have a roundtable on romantic things to do at a park that many consider to be a place for kids (I deal with this all the time when I talk to students…they can't see how Disney can be an adult place). The big thing to remember from this episode: DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS!!! At the end, Jonathan rejoins the show and brings on Don Morin who is organizing the upcoming Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet to talk about what's coming up in Washington in August. Time: 1:35:55

    • 02/11/10 – Episode 202, The topic of this show is one that parents probably agonize over every time they consider a trip to Disney…do you take the kids out of school for a trip? The hosts give their views and also provide educational ideas for your child/children to do while down there in the case of taking them out. Make sure you listen for the "hamster" story in the show. Time: 44:40
    • 02/14/10 – Episode 203, Lots of audio from Marathon weekend, including ride-thrus, commentary, marathon audio, and more. Time: 1:14:17

    • 02/10/10 – Episode 2, (I decided to start updates for this show before March 1st…sue me). Henry Work introduces the crew (I feel like I've known many of these folks for quite a while already). If you're not familiar with the show, check the list of podcasts, where I've added an entry for this show. Scott Barrett, Jeff Chaney, Katie Siloac, and Nate Parrish join Henry for a show on the KimPossible World Showcase Adventure at Epcot. We're looking forward to doing this with the boys in June (hopefully). Being a tech cast, they start off with what it is before going into the how, why, where, etc. Discussion includes the new (and very well-funded) RFID/NextGen project that Disney has been doing fairly well at keeping the lid on thus far. Katie walks through what a typical KimPossible mission would be like. I won't spoil much, but they go into possible ways the current and future technology might be able to be implemented …go subscribe to the podcast and listen in! Time: 37:37

    • 02/09/10 – BMS 82, Gung Hay Fat Choy! It's Chinese New Year, and Lou treats us to a video of the Dragon Legends Acrobatic Troupe from Epcot's China pavilion. Time: 15:03
    • 02/14/10 – IYEE 55, Lou breaks his normal routine and has a special guest on. John Corigliano from the MouseTimes podcast (which I just subscribed to and will start providing updates for soon) did a really interesting show on his feed where he recorded the half-marathon from start to finish (he was running it). Lou brings on John to talk about the experience, which (along with Gordon's Running to Disney show below) is a really good one to listen to if you are considering running your first half- or full marathon. Time: 46:39

    • 02/14/10 – Episode 99, They're just about to 100! It's the same format as the others (a little shorter in anticipation of a longer show #100)…John and Tom navigate through the pin trading news, Disney- and fan-sponsored events across the nation, and releases in Orlando, Europe, Anaheim, and via the Disney online store. IPLS #78 is Suzanne Benaquista from the Garden State…well…she is mostly inducted (they forgot some of her answers to the IPLS questionnaire. They wrap up the show with a foreshadowing of #100 and a review of a recent fan meet at the Frontierland Trading Post in WDW. Time: 1:12:16

    • 2/12/10 – Episode 23, In this premiere (at least on this blog) show, Larry Heidenberg is on to talk about Disney and disabilities, allergies, and other items that many would never think about when touring the parks. Larry has been featured all over the online Disney fan community (Allears, touringplans, Twitter) and has written quite a bit about what he is on the show for. This will be an eye-opener for some listeners. Time: 1:25:32

    • 02/10/10 – Episode 196, There's something about bubbles in this show…in "What's Dave Like" they talk apps…the EA iPhone app is almost ready for distribution…if you want EA apps of Disney on Android, let David know, and they might make one for it. Lots more chat interaction, off-the-wall audio, and typical insanity. Time: 1:33:36
    • 02/13/10 – Episode 197, Advertisement for David's new release on audio from Spaceship Earth. Samples included. Time: 20:24

    • 02/14/10 – Episode 254, After news and the Tip of the Week, Ricky gives his view of the Summer Nightastic announcement and also interviews Disney imagineers/executives after the press event about the summer program as well as the upcoming Fantasyland refurb. Skipper Ben and Lisa (I'll let them fight over whether it's "Snow White" Lisa or "Dumbo" Lisa give their review of the Christmas Party from their recent December trip. Time: 1:04:03
    • 02/14/10 – Video Supplement to 254, Fantasyland Expansion talk with Imagineer Diego Parras. Time: 2:58
    • 02/14/10 – Video Supplement to 254, Summer Nightastic press event. Meg Croften at the podium, and Carrie Matson (Director of Marketing for WDW) interviewed. Time: 5:36

    • 02/13/10 – Episode 11 of the Disneyland trip…I'll call it "potpourri"…it's a mish-mash of several clips from their trip last fall. Included is some jazz music on Main Street, a celebrity sighting in the park, a railroad time machine to the Jurassic era, and some just plane crazy stuff. Time: 8:42

    • 02/10/10 – Greg, Mike, and Shaft bring on current Disneyland cast member "Push" to talk about some of the current goings-on at Disneyland, particularly the construction at California Adventure. Time: 1:32:20

    • 02/14/10 – The Mortis takes a break from punking Scott over at Disney, Indiana to bring the family together for one of my more well-liked Disney classics: The Absent-Minded Professor. The Disney, Indiana crew stops by for some great trivia knowledge of the movie. Do they like it? Kids: "It was good!", "Yadayadayada", "it was funny…especially the basketball scene"; Adults: "Liked it as much as the Robin Williams version" "I actually stayed awake!" "Robin Williams is a little bit funnier" (Mortis: my older son would fall in love with your younger daughter…they sound so much alike sometimes!). Sounds like the same result as at our house…a winner! They then give a little extra audio from the Monster's Inc attraction in Tomorrowland (I'll forego what everyone calls it). Time: 36:38

    • 02/09/10 – Episode 22, When I saw the title of the show, "Calculus is Scary", I knew I was going to enjoy it (I'm a stats and econ geek in real life, and calculus is the lifeblood of the economist). In this show, Matt meets up with DPN'er Burnt Toast to experience the new Sum of All Thrills attraction in Innoventions at Epcot. He hits another home run with another "Real Men of Genius" segment (Miss Brazilian Tour Group Flag Carrier). I was listening to this one in the car with my boys, and they are still laughing at the sexy banana reference and occasionally start chanting it (luckily they missed the "BrazILF" reference that had me laughing, so I didn't to try to explain that one!) Time: 23:04

    • 02/14/10 – Eric, Cathy, and Dan (no intro this time…my boys noticed LOL) push through a bunch of e-mails in this episode and talk about the new Summer Nightastic announcement for WDW. Time: 42:39

    • 02/08/10 – Episode 387, HTTP 404!!! After the Tip of the Week (it's a Tuesday show), Mike and Mark talk about Finding Nemo: the musical (some good comments by Mike in trying to compare it to the Lion King (e.g. "Finding Simba" or "Festival of the Lionfish"). In terms of pageantry, I'd have to give the nod to the Festival of the Lion King, but, in terms of storyline, I think Finding Nemo takes the cake. Kona Café is in the Review System Spotlight (gotta have me some Tonga Toast, and a big helping of my wife's pineapple macadamia nut pancakes to go with my pressed pot kona coffee…I'm in heaven with that breakfast!). Time: 52:32
    • 02/10/10 – Episode 388, If the above was the Tuesday show, then that means this one is the Featured Topic Thursday show! Mike and Mark channel Ty Pennington and introduce an "Extreme Makeover" idea, where they take an attraction, kick out the tenants (where do they send them to if they're already at Disney World?) and redo the attraction. They take on one that I think a lot of people would welcome a wrecking ball – Journey Into Imagination. Having never ridden it (yet…planning on it this summer for the first time), I really can't comment on it. Interesting way of presenting the topic…I hope they continue on with this one. Time: 34:09

    • 02/11/10 – Episode 48, Gordon is brave…he brings Mrs. Disney Runner on again and starts off with a discussion of "man credits" (my wife is the same way…she thinks I expect a parade if I do something around the house). The show revolves around her decision to start training for her own long-distance events. She uses the same training partner that Gordon does (Megan). He then gets into a monologue while he's driving (he loses it at the end). Good show…especially for those who are thinking of starting their own running program (like BMSLou's show above). FYI: my boys really liked the Dr. Seuss reading at the end. Time: 1:14:45

    • 02/09/10 – Episode 90, Henry Work, from Touringplans and the new Betamouse podcast, joins Lisa and Jennifer to talk about Lines. Time: 44:26

    • 02/09/10 – Episode 29, It's another nice, short show, as Shawn and Katie are in the middle of prepping for several guests to come onto the show. They do find a way to slip a Life of Brian reference though. They talk a little about the Super Bowl before a little news and commentary, including the loss of more McDonald's restaurants (woohoo!) and their replacement businesses. Time: 23:29

    • 02/08/10 – Episode 129, the Tom and the gang give us another "Golden Age" segment, with Future World (particularly Spaceship Earth) being the focus of this one. There definitely was not a consensus on this one. I can't really comment because I've only seen the Jeremy Irons version once just before the refurb, and the sound was terrible (volume was so low it made it almost inaudible.). Based on that, the Judy Dench version seems far and away superior. After this, they do a Town Square Talk without the Mayor (Diffendal subs in as the Viceroy or something like that). Time: 50:05

    • 02/14/10 – Episode 157, Lou surrounds himself by a harem of Disney Mommy Bloggers in this episode (you'll have to head over to the WDW Radio forums or look at the show notes for all of their info…there were a bunch of them (Lucky guy, Lou!). They have a round-table discussion on the recent Disney Summer Nightastic announcement and give their views (The Electrical Parade is highly anticipated). After that, Lou brings on Disney Social Media Director Thomas Smith to talk about Disney's venturing into Facebook, Twitter, and the blogosphere. He ends with trivia info and then a note expression gratitude and thanks for all the well-wishes after his father's passing. One final note: for those who have tried friending him up on Facebook – he has reached the max number of friends, so he simply can't accept any more. He's trying to do more interaction with the WDW Radio fan page over there, which has a much higher limit. Time: 1:05:02

    • 02/08/10 – Episode 679. Ommmmmmmmmmm…Matt's gone today, and everyone has a fresher outlook on life and the world. The rest of the appreciative crew welcomes Hidden Mickey guru Steve Barrett to talk about some of the new things he's been working on (phone apps, cruise line HMs, etc). Time: 25:49
    • 02/10/10 – Episode 680, Listener's questions with Matt, Newell, and Len-sit-in Fred Hazelton (with Tequila and all). Some of the questions deal with a ghost at the Yacht & Beach Club, Love for Marvin (if you ever need someone to call in, I can almost match his voice), Fantasmic DL vs WDW, Gone With the Wind's link to the Great Movie Ride (nap, as I call it), and "Goat Goat Goat!" (Mush: I'm waaaay off…I thought the Goat chant came from the Disney Podcast Network (Auntie Lorien)…I never knew it came from something earlier.) Time: 30:39 Shut Up, Will Ya!
    • 02/12/10 – Episode 681, this is a trip down nostalgia lane for many as they crew talks about traditions that they have or had when they were younger that pertained to planning, traveling to, or actually being at the theme parks. Really good show, and I bet it will spawn a lot of family discussions. Time: 26:29

    • 02/11/10 – Episode 35, Matt and Nate reflect on the now-extinct Wonders of Life Pavilion, with Cranium Command, the Making of Me, and Chasing Elizabeth Shue (a.k.a. Body Wars). This is one of the few extinct attractions at WDW that I can relate to as I actually got to see this before it was closed. Time: 45:36

    • 02/08/10 – Episode 225, It's another audio adventure through the parks with Paul…this is the last segment from the 2009 Friends of the Magic meet. We start off with a little live music in front of POTC before heading over to Critter Country to get Pooh audio. We're then treated to a walk down Main Street to the exit. I love these shows! Time: 1:07:19

    • 02/09/10 – Episode 48, Aaron starts a feature on the Disney Legends, and, with the recent passing of Walt's nephew, Roy, he highlights Roy E. Disney's life and (often turbulent) times with the Disney company. Another informative, well thought-out show, Aaron. Time: 1:03:20

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