Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Poll of the Disney Podcasts!!!!

Well, folks, after the success of the inaugural contest where 492 people cast over 1,400 votes for nearly every Disney Podcast in the fall of 2009, I have decided to do another contest! Depending on how well this is received, hopefully, this will become an annual event for the Disneyana fans. Why do another one? Over the past year, we have had several new shows dedicated to the universe of Disney pop up on the horizon. Sadly, we've also seen the sun set on some long-running shows.  With a new mix of shows out there, along with the increasing popularity of podcasts, there may be some very different results from last year's contest.  By doing something like this where there is no nomination process to be included, it gives a chance for all the shows to be included and, hopefully, all will get some more listeners subscribed. It also gives the fans a chance to sound off on what they like. Besides, it increases the number of people who visit my blog (too bad I don't have ads on here).  This year I've listed as many as I could find, which comes out to somewhere between 60 and 65 podcasts!!!


Just like last year, this poll will remain open for an extended period of time – October 31st is the deadline to submit your votes. You don't have to vote for a single favorite podcast – it's set up so you can select any number of shows that you regularly listen to and consider to be of good quality. I know that there's always the chance that people can log into multiple computers and vote several times for a particular show. To that I say "SO WHAT??!!!" We're not electing a lawmaker here (where, of course, we'll never see multiple ballot-casting). It's supposed to be fun…just remember that. Last year we saw some of that very thing…fun! A few of the podcast hosts got in on it and did some campaigning via the podcasts, twitter, show notes, etc…there was no mudslinging (though it may get interesting if the Disney Dudes are tied with Those Darn Cats in the final minutes). I'm toying with the idea of having campaign ads done via guest posts, but I'm a bit worried about polarization, finance reform, and debates on social security clogging up my inbox. 

Voting is easy!  If you aren't at my blog, head HERE and look down the right-hand side of the screen.  The list of shows should be visible for you to start selecting!


If you're looking for a new show, check out some of the ones listed...I tried to be as inclusive as I could with the list. If you don't see a show that you would like to vote for, select "other" and send me an e-mail with the name. I'll make it so the show is visible.




With that, the polls are open!!!!!

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