Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mushfam Disney Family Vacation, June 2010; Day 2, Part 2: Nautazu!!!

Part 1 of Day 2 is HERE


After the drums, we continue our trek towards Asia. Before we get to EE, though, we take a left in Asia and grab fastpasses for Kali River Rapids. We decided that it would be hot enough that a good drowning might feel pretty good in the afternoon. With FPs in hand, we head back to EE. I had my doubts that Eric would ride this, but he willingly gets into the queue line with a smile. Aaron gets the red necklace of honor for this one. The queue line again was full, but it moved quickly as the fastpass return wasn't active yet. Everyone is hitting the bells as they go under them, and the boys beg me to hold them up. I grudgingly lift them up to do one bell-clap. In no time we're up to the loading area, and I'm waiting for the boys to back out. To my pleasant surprise, they're raring to go and can't wait to get on the train.


That's my boy(s)!


Did they like it?
















The only problem was that the Yeti must have been on vacation. I didn't even get to see the Dance Club Yeti from Company B (mode). Not to worry, however, because, as you can see at the end of that video, Aaron tries turning into the yeti and attempts to eviscerate me.


After that, we cross the bridge and start to make our way over to Dinosaur and complete the need to put our kids into therapy. As we cross the bridge, we see our adopted family again and catch up on what all happened since we last saw each other so long ago.


Did I mention that I love my adopted family?!


The wait for Dino is less than 10 minutes, and we're strapped into the jeeps of doom in no time. Again, I'm fully expecting the boys to be hesitant, especially Aaron, who rode it one other time a couple of years ago.  Again, I'm floored by how they did with the ride!!! I think they were somewhat predisposed at the two girls in front of us screaming their heads off non-stop throughout the entire ride. Don't believe me? Check out the pic (or, rather, the video of the pic):




I also loved hearing the girl behind us teasing her boyfriend about nearly screaming at the end. Better her than me…that guy likely would have crushed me if I said anything! Anyways, we've got ourselves a couple of daredevils here with Aaron and Eric. I can't wait to see how they do on the Tower of Terror on Sunday (that's foreshadowing, for those who didn't catch that).



From Dinoland we make our way over to Camp Minnie-Mickey to see one of my favorites that we didn't do the last trip…FOTLK. We're getting there a bit later than anticipated, so I didn't think that we'd be anywhere near the floor. We got put into the elephant section (go ahead, Lodgers…let me have it), high up…about 10 rows up, on the end of the row. Aaron is giving a little attitude, thinking that he's too big for this. I nearly tell him to find his way back to the resort himself but think twice about it.


The show starts in all its color and glory, and the boys' attitudes change in no time.

Okay, so maybe we weren't that high up...that's actually a pretty good vantage point, though I doubt there's a bad seat in the house.

I video a lot of it, but you simply have to be in the theater yourself to get a true sense of the colors and the atmosphere in there. 

While I like the entire show and all of the music, Be Prepared is one of my favorite parts.  And, yes, I know that some of these videos are a bit longer, but, if you're a Lion King fan, you'll like them!



Yep…the boys got in the parade!

(Note...I'm still uploading the finale...it will be posted ASAP)


We all left smiling and talking about the show…things are just going great. The only thing missing was my adopted family…they were nowhere to be seen.


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