Friday, February 18, 2011

Disney Podcast Updates, February 2011 - Part 2

Another week, another round of podcast updates (I think Matt the Esquire may faint at my temporary consistency).  Most of these shows were released February 7-12th.  I know that next week I’ll have a Communicore show from the 11th, but, for now, here you go!  This was an interesting week…lots of hoarse voices are heard here, a kidnapping occurs on one podcast, more Dream talk, law students screaming like little girls, a much-anticipated wedding recap by a cat and a dude, and instructions on how to thwart a zombie takeover at WDW (told you it was an interesting week!).    Enjoy!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.  Also, if you’re willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes.  The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.  If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you’ve seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.  Also, Shawn Rees does an absolutely amazing job posting more real-time updates on Twitter.  Follow @dis_pod_review if you aren't already doing so.

Any and all comments are welcomed!  Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

  • Be our Guest – the best podcast for s’mores! (Go Jay…Go Jay!)
    • 02/10/11 – Episode 306, When the show starts, you immediately feel sympathy for Mike, whose voice is pretty much gone from the get-go.  Today, LOVE is in the air as the group talks about romantic things to do at WDW.  As an expression of their love, they all want to burn Debbie at the stake for her take on the beautiful Florida weather (when the rest of the country is stuck in the deep freeze).  Most of the romantic ideas, as expected, deal with things that are relaxing.  Nothing says “romance” like taking in the luxuries at  a spa; taking a horse and carriage ride at one of the hotels; hitting one of the beaches (like at the Poly); or kicking your significant other’s ass in checkers at Wilderness Lodge (?!).  One of the things that interested me was that dining wasn’t really mentioned, other than Beaches and Cream.  I could see places like Jiko, Victoria and Albert’s…places where there likely won’t be as many kids that are suited more for adults…as romantic spots too.  Good show!  Time: 34:32
  • Betamouse
    • 02/10/11 – Episode 52 (that makes it a year, right?  Well, close, so CONGRATS!!!).  Mike Newell and Beci Mahnken join the Betamouse team for a first look at the technology behind the Disney Dream ship.  Both had great things to say about the new items on the ship, including the television transmission (all IP now), the enchanted art, the Wave phones (the general agreement is that they hope it is a test for a newer model…interesting how they set it up so that the phones work both on the ship as well as on Castaway Cay), and more!  Time: 44:36
  • Magic Never Ends
    • 02/11/11 – Episode 81, WHOAH!!!  Dust off the cobwebs, because Will and Shannon are back from a hiatus to bring you their review of Disney on Ice.  They got to see the “Toy Story 3” version of the show and had a great time.  The big hits included the Green Army men as well as the couples-skating of Ken and Barbie (I never thought I’d type that in my lifetime).  This was an immediate feedback show as they recorded it on the way back from seeing it.  Time: 29:24
  • Mouse Guest Weekly
    • 02/12/11 – Episode 290, this episode is a news/feedback/listener question show.   After updating what’s going on in the Disney theme parks (including some discussion on Magic, Memories, and You), they get into feedback, including a split decision on the Villains Tonight show on the DCL ships, questions on going solo vs going with friends, pros and cons of DCL, a listener-provided Blue-sky concept for a Tangled attraction, questions on fitness apps (Brian LaFrazia chimes in – knowing him in passing on Facebook leads me to trust whatever he says about fitness).  The show ends just about the same time Eric’s voice ends…he was a trooper to make it all the way through the show.  Time: 56:07
  • Northern Mouse
    • 02/09/11 – Episode 60, Carlos has an amazing interview with former imagineer and Disney Legen…wha?  He “falls asleep” as other hosts smuggle in Tim Devine from The Magic in Pixels website.  Before they get into some great photography talk (I would SO love to head down there in October for their meetup), they get into a lively discussion about changes in DVC – specifically, they talk about changes to purchasing via resale over direct from Disney.  Being that I’m a Wyndham owner, this is typical for a timeshare program – the only way they make money (other than overages on the annual maintenance fees) is to either continually build and sell new shares or buy back shares at a discount and resell at a premium. I’m still fully interested in eventually becoming a DVC member, and this news doesn’t really change my views.  We’ll see what the impact is on  resale prices and whether Disney ups the amount of ROFR usage.  They leave just as Carlos “wakes up”.  Really good show, guys…this one was a fun one to listen to!  Time: 50:53
  • Those Darn Cats/Dudes
    • 02/08/11 – Episode 139, Jennifer takes a respite as Lisa brings on new Hubby Trace to talk about the Disney Wedding.  They provide a chronology of what happened and included their views on particular items.  Some of the interesting things I gleamed from this episode include: what exactly is the proper etiquette the day of the Wedding – are you allowed to text?; is not realizing that there’s an open bar considered alcohol abuse?; does the Grand Floridian have flood insurance?; and everyone cheer if Trace stole a Brazilian tour group “little souvenir”?  In all seriousness, congrats to the two of you on your marriage – may you have a lifetime of happiness together!  Having the ceremony on Tuesday actually helped me be able to watch it as it streamed live.  It was a beautiful ceremony!  One thing I did have to comment on: I was really interested in hearing Lisa’s take on how Disney often “plusses” things (freebies) and how some people in the online community feel slighted if they don’t get free things that they heard about from others.  This is one of the reasons I only lurk at Disboards and why I have a running joke about everything ruining my vacation while down there.  You’ve got it the right perspective there – don’t go in expecting to get special things, and you’ll be surprised if/when things happen.  Time: 1:34:06
  • WDW Radio Show
    • 02/09/11 – Newscast repost – Lou entertains the Box People from the Boardwalk with friends.  The discussion revolves mostly around the demise of ToonTown and what’s to come.  Time: 21:03
  • WDW Today
    • 02/07/11 – Episode 835, This show is dedicated to those forgotten restaurants in WDW.  No, not those that have shut down…we’re talking about those places that we’ve eaten at and just didn’t see a reason to go back.  As you could probably imagine, this topic led to some interesting discussion.  For example, Scopa mentions that San Angel is on his list, while Len disagrees.  Matt brings up Yak-n-Yeti, and the others disagree.  I headed over to the comments section of the website, and, as expected, there was a lively discussion taking place there.  I’ll throw my $.02 in here.  Mama Melrose...if you read our experience from our trip report back in 2007, you’ll see that this place fits perfectly in here.  San Angel?  I have to side with Testa on this one.  I think it gives a more authentic experience (no, I’m not talking about the themeing around it).  You don’t see chalupas, nachos bell grande, etc there…the recipes seem simpler there, which is probably more realistic than most “authentic” Mexican restaurants in our cities.  Granted, I love me some Tex-Mex (slop on tortillas, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream, & then add a ton of refried beans, and I’m happy); however, I think this might be what a menu would look like if I were actually south of the border.  Rose and Crown – I liked the place…probably because I can’t find a place around here to get good fish and chips (when you’re as far away from the ocean as you can be, it tends to happen).  Tony’s Town Square…Len, if you haven’t read my Marathon weekend survey on TouringPlans, take a look to see my take on that place.  Crystal Palace has fallen from grace a little (it will be in my next trip report update, once I finally get it posted), and the only reason we’d go there is to make it in the park ahead of everyone else.  Garden Grill – eehhhhh.  Good topic!  Time: 24:11
    • 02/09/11 – Episode 836, Wednesday show, which means it’s Listener question day!  First off, Elgin is pronounced EL-jin (sorry, Matt).  Second, zombies – can’t wait to hear where this one goes (hint to the readers: this is foreshadowing). Third: the $180 “Sweetheart Package”… I started laughing around the same time Len did, so that can only mean we were thinking the same thing there (Narcoossee’s anyone?).  Third, my mind was really hitting the gutter with the Zelinski/Lewinski gaffe!  I’m guessing Newell was glad he was out for this one (guessing it was recorded during his “Dream” time).  Time: 29:27
    • 02/11/11 – Episode 837, Oh boy.  If you thought there were a lot of comments from # 835, wait ‘til you see the ones for THIS show!  Taking the idea from the last show, the hosts determine the best places in WDW to survive the impending zombie apocalypse (friendship boats in Epcot with Twinkies!!)!!!  Check your pulse if you don’t laugh at least a little at this show.  I LOVED reading the suggestions on Twitter and Facebook, though I still stand firm that POTC is my place to be.  You’ve got the fortresses, you’ve got the cannons (they’re real, right?), you’ve got seagulls, crabs, pigs, donkeys, cats, dogs, and prisoners to eat, and you’ve got water everywhere.  Besides, once they see Johnny Depp, they’ll just stare and take flash pictures of him (everyone else does!).  While they’re staring, you can hit ‘em with a broadside…Fire At Will!! (Who’s Will?).  AWESOME Show!!! There are too many quotes from this episode, but I have to mention the Line of the year: “Word comes out that zombies are spotted in Kissimmee, and you don’t have time to get back to your hotel because Disney Transportation is essentially broken down”  Time: 17:43
  • WEDWay Radio
    • 02/09/11 – Episode 60, Matt and Nate take a stroll to the past to look at the idea/concept/design/need/reasoning behind Disney’s MGM Studios.  There’s some exceptional information in this show about this park, and most people will probably pick up some new tidbits about the park (e.g. Streetmosphere, old park boundaries, the showdown with Universal, very similar ideas of attractions making its way into current attractions (backlot tour), Eisner’s approach/background, the reason MGM was brought in, and, yes, the “Star of the Day”.  Really good show, guys!  Time: 1:00:20
  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod
    • 02/10/11 – Episode 58, Aaron brings us part 2 of the Spring Break 2010 trip report, only this time, Courtney is missing (not from the park audio…just the recap part).  The first piece is an “interesting” eavesdrop of someone complaining about a DHS attraction always being down the same week that they’re on vacation (I wonder if she was wearing lime green).  Other highlights include something about helping an elderly lady out in the bathroom (I can’t make that stuff up!), a Yak-n-Yeti review, an MK experience (including an accidental run-in with Tiana…which, in the process, ticked off dozens of patrons (probably wearing lime green), a wet ride-thru of Splash Mountain (protect the equipment at all costs!!! sounded like Aaron actually went underwater!), a ride-thru of BTMRR with a nice malfunction at the top of the second hill, a review of Paradiso 37 (I thought the 37 was the # of tequila brands…I stand corrected), and, finally, the audio we’ve all been waiting for – hearing Aaron screaming like a little girl as he rides the Tower of Terror for the first time if you listen to anything else, fast-forward to around 1:07:00 (“Are we about to drop?  Are we about to drop?  Oh no…oh no  OHHHHHHHHHHHHH  WHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAHHH SWEEEET LORD!!!….whoahwe’regoingBACKUP!!!!”).  The show ends with a little pixie dust sprinkled down on the hosts  (she wants him).  Time: 1:25:01


Jennifer said...

Thanks for listing us, as always!

I love your question about those "freebies" that we often get, and that are often so controversial. I'll see if we can do a show on that sometime! But in the meantime, my short answer is something like this:

It's wonderful when it happens, and I love the fact that Disney often gives its Cast Members the flexibility to replace a broken souvenir mug, give a kid a toy, decorate a table, or even (yes indeedy) upgrade many brides to concierge at the GF. These plusses are part of why I love Disney travel so much. (I'll probably never get over how fabulous it was when I got a free upgrade from Pop Century to Saratoga Springs, because they'd overbooked the Values and knew they could re-sell the rooms if they bumped a bunch of us up to rooms at other resorts that *wouldn't* sell out.)

But . . . if we expect these to happen, then they quite frankly stop being "plusses" and start being the baseline! And then they're not plusses at all.

So, I guess I'm in favor of enjoying whatever comes along, but managing those expectations.

- Jennifer
Those Darn Cats

Mush said...

Thanks for the comment, Jennifer (and sorry for mixing up the names and putting you in instead of Lisa once - I'll get that changed).

We've been surprised a number of times down there - always when we least expected it. I love the way you put it here "if we expect these to happen..." I wish more people shared that view. The towel animal issue has become that for many, unfortunately.