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Mushfam Disney Family Vacation, June 2010; Day 3, Part 3: Every Silver Lining’s Got a Touch of Grey

Part II of Day 3 is located HERE.

We all stop before we’re completely stuffed and, after settling the check, we bid Wisconsin adieu (so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight) and play the drums in the African outpost (talk about whiplash!!!).

From Africa we make our way up north to Norway (literally and figuratively).  We decide that, so long as we don’t watch the movie, I’ll be able to check out the cast members we’ll be able to get the boys on Maelstrom without too much crying afterwards.  It’s a walk-on (Maelstom’s still a Fastpass???), and we’re bewitched by trolls in no time flat.  Aaron does get a bit concerned when the boat heads backwards, but quickly realizes that we’re not going to go over the falls (of course not…had we gone over the falls, the polar bear wouldn’t be able to get us!).  The ride abruptly ends (though I still think the oil rig section is cool (literally and figuratively)), and, before I have a chance to get the cast member’s phone number, we’re through the theater and out of Norway.

Our journey then takes us southwest (figuratively…not literally) as we arrive at Mexico. We head in and briefly look around before queuing up for the Gran Fiesta Tour.  Eric gets the red card of honor, and he holds it for approximately 45 seconds before handing it to the CM at the loading area.

This was a nice, leisurely ride around in air conditioning.  I know this attraction doesn’t get a whole lot of love; however, I still kind of like it and try to ride it every other trip or so.  After singing with the three caballeros, I peek my head into La Cava del Tequila to see what it’s like and pledge to try to visit this establishment during marathon weekend.  We then head out and try to determine what to do.

We weren’t quite sure what we wanted to do, so we decided to head over to Morocco to see if the Aladdin we know and love was working there before getting a Slushie in France.  We hopped on a friendship boat and took the last ride of the night over to Italy en-route to Morocco via America and Japan.

Yes, I’m pretty sure I lost all of my non-Disney-freak friends with that one.



The American Adventure


(ROFL @ Eric)
He was supposed to be in the pic but didn’t want to be in it, so Sheri shoos him away.  I had to include him – it was THAT good.

We arrive at Morocco just as Mo-Rockin starts playing.  We all hit the bathroom and, while waiting, I relax a bit and listen to the band.  After looking around a bit and grabbing some pics…

We are soooooo using this one against him when he's a teenager.

" life is sooooo miserable!"

… we make our way to France for the drink that will save us from the evening heat.

The only real problem is that it was A) so hot; and B) a fact that the Grey Goose Slushie was a VERY popular drink when it’s hot, the slushies were less slushie and more liquid.  Still they were cold, and they cooled us off.

A few pictures around France, and we start to make our way around the rest of the World Showcase on our way back to Future World to see if we can get a ride on Living with the Land.  On our way, I get a text from our neighbor.  Mac has taken a turn for the worse – it’s not simply us not being there.  We walk to the Land pavilion and sit down to quietly talk about what to do without letting the boys know what’s going on.  We decide to try calling the vet’s office, knowing full well that the vet (a good friend of ours) was in Germany.  We hoped we would catch the other one in the practice there, but, as expected, the office was closed, and Saturdays were by appointment only.  We then try calling Steve’s wife, Wendy, for possible guidance on what to do, but we are unable to get a hold of her.  We leave a message and then try to figure out who to ask to drive Mac and hour to the vet’s office.  There was no good solution here, but we decide to ask Sheri’s father to drive an hour over to get Mac and then drive the hour to the vet’s office.  We hated doing that, but we felt that he was the best option.  I call our neighbor who’s watching over the cats to get an update and to gauge their diagnosis and to let them know what our plans are for Mac the following morning (in case they get there after Bob picked him up to take him to the vet).  They apologize for all that is going on, and we feel that we are the ones to apologize for having them go through this.  As I hang up, Sheri and I are both expecting the worst.  The boys have done very well for the 15-20 minutes of us not doing anything but sitting and having one of us on the phone a little ways away, but, as you would expect, they’re getting antsy.  We head into the Land, only to realize that we missed the chance to ride Living With the Land by about ten minutes.
That added salt to the wound…really.
We start to walk back to the exit, with Sheri and I both feeling like crap.  The boys see the optics in the ground, and we let them frolic around for a while:

As we walk under Spaceship Earth, the boys ask to ride it.  Needing something to occupy us with something other than what we can only imagine what Mac is going through (and without us being there), we readily agree and walk on.  Aaron rides with Sheri this time, and Eric gives me the complete tour of everything as we go by it.

We exit the attraction and make our way to the park exit and towards the buses.  As we arrive in the bus queue, Wendy calls, and Sheri and her talk for a while – she tells us to bring our cat up regardless of an appointment (she was going to call the other vet and let him know what was going on).  We get back to Kidani with 2 tired kids and 2 depressed parents.  Knowing that this vacation just took on a different tone, we choose not to tell the boys what is going on…at least for now.  There is little argument from the boys to getting into bed.  Sheri and I turn in, knowing full well that we’re in for a night of very little sleep.

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