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Disney Podcast Updates, February, 2011 - Part 3

I'm just a bit later than planned for this round of updates.  Most of the 21 updates included are from around Feb 13-20.  Topics include a Marathon Weekend recap, a couple of shows/segments on flying (if you’re having a problem getting to sleep at night, feel free to read my update on Betamouse a few times…that’ll knock you out in no time), and lots of love!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.  Also, if you’re willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes.  The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.  If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you’ve seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.  Also, Shawn Rees does an absolutely amazing job posting more real-time updates on Twitter.  Follow @dis_pod_review if you aren't already doing so.

Any and all comments are welcomed!  Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

  • Be our Guest
    • 02/13/11 – Episode 307, When I saw the show topic, I made sure to carve out a little time to make sure I could listen to this one.  I lurk on the BOG forums and have only posted a couple of times; however, I did occasionally read a couple of topics over there about running and training for Marathon Weekend.  This show is focused on that very topic!  Former InnerMouse host Nicole Siscaretti, fellow Twitter freak and teacher Brett Young, and Chuck Hamrick (aka ‘ConstableMickey’ over on the forums) join the crew for a talk about what Marathon Weekend 2011 entailed.  Everyone reflects on the training as well as the races on that weekend.  Excellent show!  I wish I could have met up with y’all down there, but there just wasn’t enough time to do what we wanted to do (we flew down Thursday and back Sunday for work). Congrats to all the runners out there – I’ll remember that weekend with the rest of Team AllEars forever!  Time: 40:52
    • 02/17/11 – Episode 307, this show gives exposure to one of the more overlooked moderate resorts at WDW…the Caribbean Beach resort.  The hosts examine several facets of the resort, including some of the newer themed areas (i.e. the Pirates rooms).  This is one we haven’t stayed at yet (the only moderate that we’ve stayed at was POFQ, though we looked at CBR when Magical Express dropped guests off).  Time: 35:53
  • Betamouse
    • 02/17/11 – Episode 53, Before talking about Betamouse gang signs in the Triad, we get to hear talk about the ever-present issue of flying vs. driving to get to the parks.  The hosts are split to a certain extent, with the dividing line drawn at how far away they live from the parks (Henry is the exception…I’m with Katie on this one).  Throughout the show, they talk about strategies for purchasing airline tickets, UI sites vs visiting the direct airline site, a short evaluation on mobile sites, and more.  There’s some good stuff on here- like what point in the “countdown” to check for lower fares.  As for what we do here – well, BMI is about 10 minutes away, and it’s pretty much hassle-free for us.  The only problem is that, being a regional airport, we don’t have a huge selection.  Luckily, we have both AirTran and Delta Connection fly in with non-stops to MCO.  Flying out to Anaheim, however, is a different story.  Being that we are 3 hours away from IND, STL, and ORD (MDW is a bit closer), those airports come into play.  It usually involves a preliminary look at Travelocity at all the airports to get a general feel for the current fares/times.  Then I usually hit the airline sites directly to watch for changes in the fares.  Being an economist, we’re always evaluating the cost of time and convenience…yes, we are often willing to pay a somewhat higher fare to leave out of BMI instead of a larger airport…especially with kids, travel cost to the airport, lodging (we often are on the first flight out), parking (yes, we look at park-n-fly hotels), etc.  As for the government rate. Well, let’s examine that (did I hear someone just snore?)  For the sake of argument, assume a 1,000 mile drive each way (2,000 miles total).  At $.50 / mile, that comes out to $1,000.  Now, deduct the price of gas – assuming 20 MPG and $3.35/gallon price, that comes out to $335, leaving $665.  Add in the “wear and tear”…you may as well be adding an oil change to the cost since it takes up the majority of the mileage between changes, so let’s make it $30.  Tires – not much, but for grins, let’s say $20.  Trade-in value?  Also fairly negligible, but I’ll throw in $20 less for the hell of it.  People often throw in the cost of dining, first off, that shouldn’t be coming from the Government rate (they also get a per diem for items like this), but I’ll include it – we shouldn’t include the total cost of dining…it should count only if the dining cost is different from what you would eat if you weren’t driving.  This reduces the overall “cost” of food by quite a bit.  The same goes for lodging – if you would be spending a night at a WDW/DL resort instead of a hotel on the road, then it’s a wash (likely, the hotel on the road will be cheaper).  If you were just leaving a day earlier by driving instead of flying, then the hotel cost becomes pertinent.  Oh, and there’s another item…do you end up taking an additional day or two of work off by driving?  If you lose wages, then that becomes a significant cost.  If you are taking vacation day, then no harm (unless that day could have been used elsewhere and you end up losing pay for that day off).  Add in the difference in the cost of convenience – do I want to be on the road for 16 hours each way…with my wife (complaining about how I’m driving) and my kids (asking “Are we there yet” every 10 minutes)…how does that compare to the hassle of the airlines/security checks/annoying passengers next to you/etc?  These last couple ones obviously are all “what-ifs”.  Regardless, the only time you’ll be getting that $.50/mile  is if you are on official government business…if a government job requires you drive to a Disney park, could you please send me an application?   Here’s the bottom line: the explicit cost of driving is the gas, additional maintenance, and reduction in trade-in value.  Conservatively, let’s say that’s about $400.  That’s about the only thing you can compare to the government rate.  Everything else falls into the “implicit” cost/savings (ie potential foregone wages, difference in cost of dining/lodging, potential savings (if you would be renting a car down there and not taking Magical Express if at WDW, for example), the cost of being in trapped in the car with family instead of at home or in the parks, the side trip to Arizona to drop off your crotchety old aunt who died in your car on the way down (you took care of her dog earlier), etc).  There’s no steadfast number that determines whether you should drive or fly; each person assigns a different value to some of the intrinsic costs/savings.  Okay…you can wake up now.  During the outtakes, we find out the new motto for the show…“Betamouse: No Preparation Whatsoever!”  Time: 39:42
  • Communicore Online
    • 02/11/11 – Episode 42 (Hitchhiker’s Guide fans unite!), For some reason, this feed wasn’t updating for me, so I didn’t realize there were new shows out there until I unsubscribed and hopped back in.  In this show, Lester starts off with the news in the way only he can (I missed hearing his reports).  Afterwards, we get a ride-thru of Mike and Sully to the Rescue over in Disneyland.  Marissa Gordon then joins in for a talk about picking the right Disney resort when you have kids (keeping strollers in mind).  Steve Swanson from the Muppetcast then joins Shane for an intriguing discussion about the relationship between the Muppet franchise and the Disney corporation, which has had its ups and downs over time.  I thought Steve’s views of Disney’s handling of the muppets is really interesting!  Time: oops…deleted before I got it.
    • 02/18/11 – Episode 43, Lester again starts off the show with the news (I seriously almost laughed out loud in the middle of the quad at a couple of his comments).  Afterward, Shane gives us a recap of the refurbs that are currently going on at the Disney parks.  Before Marissa has her segment on flying with children, we get to hear audio from the best pre-show in all of the parks (if you don’t know, then I may have to question your devotion to the parks – it’s Muppetvision!).  After that, Shane does some listener feedback before a reflection about the Sherman Brothers and, to a certain extent, the parallels in the relationship between Walt and Roy.  Time: 26:35
  • The Disney, Indiana Podcast
    • 02/20/11 – Episode 68, Oooooooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh…we’re going back to the 80s for this show, a time when the hair was big, fishnets were in, the legs were warming, and the ponytails were on the side (God, I loved the 80s…Lita Ford, Sheena Easton, Debbie Gibson, Sheena Easton in the “U Got The Look” video, Linda Ronstadt (okay, technically she was from the ‘70s, but she was still hot), Samantha Fox, Debbie Harry, most of the Bangles…oops, started daydreaming there).  They start off the show with a review of a really obscure 80s Disney-related movie (obscure for the 80s, which is saying something!).  Buzzy then comes on, and I nearly comb my hair into a Flock of Seagulls ‘do as he spins the records from a lot of 80s Disney songs.  I was just waiting for one of my students to pull up next to me on the same frequency that my iPod was on so I could bleed over “Hey Mickey” to their radio.  Sticking with the 80s theme, they provide a history and a lot of the audio from the Mickey Mouse Revue.  Listener feedback follow (including my report from their last show WOOHOO).  Time: 1:15:21
  • The Disney Brit Podcast
    • 02/15/11 – Vidcast 8, the Disney Brit team pays homage to Mickey’s ToonTown Fair, which recently closed forever.  This short video is a montage of pictures from the land…nice tribute, guys!  Time: 4:15
  • Micecast
    • 02/13/11 – Episode 196, as the show rapidly approaches its finale of 200 shows (they still may release shows…just not on a schedule like before), Greg, Mike, and Shaft discuss Disney’s lack of success in the 38th annual “Annie” awards, which highlight excellence in animation.  The talk turns away from the Disney realm and goes to a good talk about the media and its coverage of world events (e.g. Egypt).  The end of show delves into podcasting for pay (referring to a recent change to a show hosted by Kevin Pollack).  Time: 1:47:23
  • Mousetalgia
    • 02/13/11 – Episode 120, Love….exciting and new….being right before Valentine’s Day, the fab 4 hosts talk about romance at Disneyland.  They bring up successes AND epic romantic fails at the parks.  Some of the more memorable ones include: getting wet on Splash Mountain with your loved one, floating through Montro’s gaping mouth, and (more in-line with the topic) dining at the Blue Bayou and watching fireworks.  An interesting note here: I’m willing to bet that this is the only podcast that can legally marry you in the parks (Kristen).  Their new motto: Moustalgia…they’ll marry ya!!  During the opening “bits and bytes” section, a recipe for valentine cupcakes is included – if done correctly, the middle of the cupcake will have a red valentine in it.  Good show!  Time: 50:57
  • Mouse Travel Tips
    • 02/17/11 – Episode 52, Rachel starts out the show with ideas on how to budget for an upcoming trip, with talk about driving vs. flying, on-site vs. off-site, and more.  They then take us over to Future World at Epcot to examine the Great Piggy Bank Adventure before ending with a review of the Sunshine Seasons counter service in The Land pavilion.  Time: 21:20
  • MuppetCast
    • 02/13/11 – Episode 193, This is one of those podcasts that I know has a big following, and, being a big fan of the muppets (I can do quite a few impersonations of the ones voiced by Frank Oz) I’ve downloaded it a couple of times but never got around to adding it to here.  It has been suggested a couple of times, and I’m pleased to say that you’ll see Steve’s show start popping up on here on occasion.  With it being Valentine’s Day, what better time to examine the age-old love story between a frog and a pig?  This show focuses on Kermit and Ms. Piggy’s tumultuous relationship, both on- and off-screen.  Lots of great audio here (it’s early in my listening of the show, but I’m already wondering how he finds this stuff!).  Time: 1:10:03
  • The Pixar Podcast
    • 02/17/11 – Episode 35, in the premiere on the updates, Derrick brings on viral video creator Ivan Guerrero to talk about his “pre-make” trailer of the movie “Up” (if you’re one of those living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet, click here).  Ivan talks the “what”, “why”, and “how” with his collection of videos.  Time:
  • Running to Disney/This Running Life
    • 02/14/11 – Episode 16, This show is almost more of an extension of show 15 where he talks about mental games we play with it comes to distance running.  The actual topic deals with tapering before a marathon (and, yes, he does talk about WDW Marathon weekend a few times in here).    The discussion evolves from struggles with trying to stay slow during tapering to becoming complacent with  .  In true Gordon form, he keeps the recording running despite what’s going on with his surroundings or whatever tangents tend to occur (e.g. the near road rage incident thanks to a texting driver; offering love advice to teens that might be listening; or hearing Gordon nearly experience his own road rage at the expense of his garage door opener).  He gets into a really thought-provoking talk about structured training plans vs. “off-the-cuff” plans and offers a hypothesis that bases the preferred type of training plan as the opposite of the type of job you have (i.e. if your job is really structured, you want a loose plan, or vice-versa).  Good show!  Time: 52:24
    • 02/16/11 – Audio Extra, I’m including this show because there is a large number of Disney running fanatics who are trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  The BAA (Boston Athletic Association) changed the registration procedure as well as the minimum times for a BQ.  This episode gives his reaction/response to the news.  Time: 16:24
  • WDW Radio Show
    • 02/13/11 – Episode 209, Beci Mahnken’s on the show, which means that it must be time to work on the overflowing mail bag.  Questions about where to find characters (especially in AK), pros and cons of a LONG WDW trip before or after a DCL cruise, scuba-diving in the Seas w/ Nemo, lodging for a crew of 6 (2 hotel rooms vs, villas), and more!  Time: 1:14:25
    • 02/16/11 – WDW Newscast rebroadcast – in this one, Lou and the Boxpeople talkabout D23’s upcoming Destination D.  Time: 21:39
  • WDW Today
    • 02/14/11 – Episode 838, Len is in the spotlight for this show as he discusses changes to the MK touring plans now that Fantasyland Toon Town is now closed.  He provides updates on several MK plans.  The visual of Henry standing at the entrance of Toon Town going “BLAH BLAH GO AWAY!!” to simulate its closure still has me laughing.  It’s interesting that Len mentions using a short-cut to get from HM to Jungle Cruise – we found that for the first time over Marathon weekend when we were heading to the Tiki Birds to meet up with some friends.  Time: 20:06
    • 02/16/11 – Episode 839, Listener question day!  Some of the questions/highlights include the bus service at Ft. Wilderness, strategies at the Food & Wine Festival, how to drive Emily at Babycakes crazy, Star Tours 2011 and Star Wars Weekend, those Dyson hand dryers that pull your skin off, and more.  Time: 27:14
    • 02/18/11 – Episode 840, Disneyfoodblog author AJ Wolfe is back on this show to talk about the changes to the dining plan menu.  With the increase in prices without any changes to benefits, they again question the actual savings that could be obtained by using this.  There are also other changes to the plan that they discuss – particularly the bump up to Signature status for Le Cellier.  One of the interesting items brought up is the fact that, quite often, people will try to get an ADR but can’t; however, they are able to walk up the same day.  At the risk of going on a rant here, I’ll just say that I think a lot of this is people making multiple ADRs so that they’re covered for whatever park they’re at…they show up for only 1 ADR, but this practice blocks out others from getting reservations.  Time: 25:20
  • WEDWay Radio
    • 02/19/11 – Episode 61, We’re rollin’ down the bayou today with Matt and Nate as they take a look at Disneyland’s New Orleans Square.  We’ve come to expect a well-researched show with these guys, and they do not disappoint at all here!  How many people here know about Fortune Red the fortune-telling pirate?  How about the reason Club 33 is called that and why it’s located where it is?  Lots of good discussion about the various shops currently and historically there on Royal Street.  Time: 1:05:26
  • A Window to the Magic
    • 02/16/11 – Episode 265, Paul and Tairy (smooch) start off their honeymoon in Disneyland and meet up with Enrique – this is a special trip for Tairy (no, not for the honeymoon, though I guess you could technically consider that too (groan))…it’s her first time there since (smooch) the unfortunate fall a while ago.  Since Tairy no longer lives in Las Vegas, a discussion ensues on whether to ever (smooch) visit there again (seeing friends, celebrating birthdays/anniversaries, buying overpriced tickets (aka “losing money”).  Tairy admits to (smooch) not being a gamber, to which Enrique responds what everyone was thinking (“Of course you’re a gambler…you’re with Paul”).  His ego bruised, Paul then spends the (smooch) rest of the show talking with a limp!  In this show, some breaking news about what has happened to the yeti over at Animal Kingdom – apparently they are now making boots out of him.  Also in this show, we get to hear audio from the cruise that Paul promised Tairy on their honeymoon, though I don’t think that what she got was quite what she was expecting.  I do have a question, though, for the host: what aisle in WalMart can you find the Astro Orbiters?  I have always loved hearing Paul’s sense of humor, and he was in rare form in this show – a great one to listen to!  Time: 41:33

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I too found myself 'doing the math' comparing flying to driving to Florida as was discussed in Betamouse. And I still come up with well under $.50 per mile. But, for 2 people it is cheaper to fly. The whole family of 4-cheaper to drive. And then the variables that comes from being a Type 'A' person may also skew my decisions.