Monday, August 17, 2009

After One Week of Voting...

...we are already nearing 1,000 votes! 259 people have submitted 921 votes for the Disney podcasts that they listen to. I've been lurking on a few of the forums and blogs that support these shows, and it's really fun to watch the loyalties and rivalries start to form. It's really interesting to see the votes as they come in, too, because I can usually tell which podcast has a fan post something somewhere as a decent bump in the numbers usually follows soon after.

Probably the thing I've heard the most is something along the lines of, "I had no idea there were so many podcasts out there relating to Disney!!!" The second-most often heard item is, "I'm surprised at who's Leading/in the Top 5!!"

Speaking of the is the current ranking of the shows after one week:

WDW Today 110
WDW Radio Show 78
Running to Disney 76
Be Our Guest 57
Inside the Magic 47
Netcot 41
All About the Mouse 35
Mouse Guest 35
Dis Unplugged 33
Disney Dudes 24
Those Darn Cats 22
Character Breakfast 21
Disneyland News Today 19
Disney Pincast 17
Mouse Lounge 17
Micecast 16
Trapped on Vacation 16
Meandering Mouse 15
Communicore Online 13
Big D in HD 12
Magical Definition 12
MouseStation 12
WEDWay Radio 11
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod 11
Adv. Of Teen Dsny Geek 10
Imagineering My Way 9
Magic Never Ends 9
Mouse Droppings 9
MuppetCast 9
Disney Brit 8
Disney, Indiana 8
Let's Talk About Disney 8
Travelears 8
Disney Tidbits 7
Magic City Mayhem 7
Above the Firehouse 5
Laughing Place 5
Mortis Matinee 4
Mouse Comedy 4
A Window To The Magic 4
Remember the Magic 3
Park Hopping Party 2
Extinct Attractions 2
Northern Mouse 2
At the Main St. Cinema 1
Original D 1
Waltcast 1
DISCast 1
Mouse Magic HD 1
Park Hopping Podcast 1

There are a couple of items that I think need to be pointed out: First, EVERY podcast has at least one vote (and, no, I didn't give everyone a vote to start out...those are legitimate). Second...I think most people are expecting the mega-popular shows (WDW Radio, WDW Today, Inside the Magic, etc) to be up at the top, but, if you notice, sitting in at #3 is a relatively new show that a lot of folks don't know about...Running to Disney, and right below it is Be Our Guest, who by its own accord considers itself a "smaller" show (Source: hosts, episode 149, about 5:10 in...not my words...theirs :) ). I know that those two have done a little campaigning in the first week, and it appears to have paid off so far. As other podcasts campaign for votes, I'm fairly confident the Top Ten will change, and I think it will change rather quickly.

I've got 4 inclusions that weren't in the I caught soon after the votes started coming in, and 3 listener-submitted. These are:

Mouse Magic HD
ParkHopping Podcast (different from Park Hopping Party)
A Window to the Magic

If you've already voted but also want to vote for one of those listed above, just fire off an e-mail to me at

Keep the votes coming in!!!!


Gordon said...

I am fully expecting to get crushed eventually. Sent out a tweet or two about it in the first week. But if it gets the word out about my show and others that are of the beaten iTunes path, then all the better!

Mush said...

Hiya Gordon! I've been seeing the "exits" from the page, and there are some folks heading over to check out the pages of some of the newer and/or less-known podcasts out there. Hopefully you (and others) have seen a small bump in your subscribers since this started. I'm still working on the updates for episodes from the last couple of weeks @#%^*&#$ course prep and beginning of the semester) will be interesting to see if that affects the votes at all. Hope your semester is off to a good start!

Gordon said...

Mush, Since I'm a department head, I really don't enjoy summers like I did when I was among the faculty. But you can tell fall is approaching, more students, more phone calls, more stress!