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Disney Podcast Updates, Seems Like Half the Summer (July 25-August 7th)

Well, folks, I'm late again…I can't believe I'm going to say that I think I'll have more time to listen to stuff once the semester starts. I'll be in the car more…while I can listen on the computer, I usually have other things going on and end up not being able to listening.

The theme in many of these shows is definitely HUMOR! Keegan hits a home run in episode 58 of the Teenage Disney Geek. Scopa is throwing puns all over the place in Episode 599 of WDW Today. Mouse Comedy is especially comedic in this update. Mouse Droppings has a kid that drives you crazy, but it's still funny. There are also some great milestone shows. WDW Today hits episode 600, and WTTM hits show 200…congrats to both of them. The 50 shows in this update are ALL good listens!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 7/27/09 – Episode 58, Super Barrel Barrel Roll!!! UUUNNGHHH! NA NA NA NAAAH!!! Oh…my…gawd…I almost had tears in my eyes from the first 15 minutes of this show. Keegan meets up with Esquire Matt, and a chameleon (no, it's a skink, you idiot!) at Williamsburg's Busch Gardens for a ride on a leisurely 4-diamond terror ride ski lift roller coaster (the Alpengeist) with an interesting group of kids next to them. Back to Westfest and Disneyland for some more audio, including a ride through of Alice, followed by another near-tears-from-laughing-so-hard section where the Westfest crew challenge Keegan to give an account of the Sleeping Beauty Castle diorama, but using whatever voice the group could come up with (I actually think I heard Christopher Walken in there when he was reading in the voice of a New York Cab Driver). After that, we're back with Baby Minnie on it's a small world and talk about how Mickey can get more…MONEY!!!! Some audio from Keegan's recent trip to a jazz ensemble wraps up the show. This one's not going to be deleted from iTunes…absolutely hilarious show!!! Time: 1:40:43
    • 08/06/09 – Episode 59, 3 Audio pieces are in this show. The first has Mrs. Buckethead and others (kids and friends of the family) providing commentary on the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Next up is a trip back to Westfest and the Stompy Jones Band…some good jazz and blues audio at the Carnation Plaza…sounded like a great night! Finally, the third piece has the Westfest crew watching Remember…Dreams Come True fireworks from the Hub. Time: 1:35:22
    • 7/31/09 – Episode 120, it's the show you've all been waiting for…the finale of thhheeeee DIISSSNNNEEEYYYY FFEEEEEUUUUUUuuuuuuddddddddddd! The Duuuuddeesss take on the Main Street Scrappers in the winner-take-all fight. Deb Wills and Deb Koma join Jonathon and Bryan for a talk about the new Treehouse Villas. Also included is news, the All About the Mouseketeer Roll Call, and the outtakes segments. Time: 1:37:34
    • 8/07/09 – Episode 121…what are they going to do without the Feud???????? Well, they get to the mountain of e-mails, voice mails, Facebook posts, Tweets, smoke signals, and all other forms of communication a live chat. This is a more spontaneous show for them...similar in format to Extinct Attractions. Time: 1:21:05
    • 7/26/09 – Episode 145, Mike gives us some audio from his recent trip to WDW, starting with the trip down there and going through the first half of the trip. Time: 49:39.
    • 7/30/09 – Episode 146, Mike, Rikki (glad to hear you're safe after the accident!), and Debbie (Pam's on a cruise), get together to talk about things that Disney World could possibly improve upon. Time: 50:53
    • 8/02/09 – Episode 147, This show is the continuation of Mike's audio of his trip from show 145. Included is a ride through of the Jungle Cruise. Rikki's here for the show too. Time: 51:29.
    • 8/06/09 – Episode 148, The BOG crew starts with a little "Go With the Flow" (love that song) and get right into a lot of discussion on all sorts of WDW-related news, ranging from price increases to Bay Lake Tower and more! Time: 38:19
    • 7/26/09, Episode 36, Lester has the news in his normal insane form, including the winner of the Potter/Pigs fight (G-Force vs. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). Tomorrowland is the subject of both the Hidden Mickey (?) and the Ears To The Ground segments. Rehabs is next, followed by listener e-mails. Ending the show is a monologue on how Disney is weathering the economy. Note: don't take light sabers on the plane with you. Time: 14:51.
    • 7/31/09 – Show 22, The show starts with a teaser on whether Wayne and Trace won the Disney Feud or not and the announcement of the dudes joining the DPN before cranking the music up for the show. In this show, Wayne talks about his recent trip to WDW with his son, Gavin. Topics range from Brazilians to Brazilian soccer moms…from rude people pissing you off to not-so-hidden items in the family pisser…and more! Time: 1:23:38
    • 8/02/09 – Episode 71, IPLS #52 is featured today, and that is (drumroll….) Brian LaFrazia! Tom and John do it a little differently (technical issues, thanks to weather, made it unable for them for record together). Despite the inability to interact together, they still give the rundown on pin news, trading meets all over the world, and more. Time: 1:27:14
    • 7/30/09 – Episode 54, This marks a historical episode for Tairy…the first episode over 15 minutes! Tairy brings audio from her FOTM meet with Margaret Kerry and Terri Harden, both amazing story tellers. It starts off very humorous, but, as Margaret starts reading a passage from Barrie, the huge group is silent, taking in every word and transforming back into children momentarily and returning to Neverland. The audio from the entire meet and greet can be heard at the LRWH podcast Time: 19:58
    • 7/26/09, Episode 27, With FOTM going on, Scott's laptop (named "Jessica"…I was hoping for Kathleen Turner's voice!) is responsible for the show today. Jessica starts off the show with some audio of Tracey, who stopped at the Belle's Books store, reading from Walt Disney's America series of books/stories. This particular story has Donald with his nephews visiting Disneyland (Yes, I can do Donald, but it's only so-so, and I'd probably short out the microphone from all the spit flying around). Buzy is next in Jessica's memory, where WWED give some really good live audio of Off Kilter doing some Barenaked Ladies (Mush's note…I liked their cover of the music just as well as the original, and this is coming from a BNL fan! I need to stop and watch these guys perform someday). Also in the WWED queue is some Splash music, Pete's Dragon music, audio from the Indy attraction queue, and more. Pere Noel is in the spotlight this time in the continuing chronicle of the Holiday Storytellers. If I had a million dollars… (WWED has taken the earworm award away from Those Darn Cats this week, with the Off Kilter music). Their one-year anniversary show is coming up…give them a call and wish them well (info is at the end of the show as well as in the show notes). Oh, and Mortis chimes in (Scott was spared this time). Time: 48:10
    • 7/28/09 – Special Video Episode, Snippets from an interview that David did from the house of Disney Legend Alice Davis. Also included is some film of her house, with all the Disneyana paraphernalia that she and her husband, Legend Marc Davis, collected. Time: 9:50
    • 7/28/09 – Tuesday live show. Topics include: "flittering", FOTM, a discussion of wieners for supper, a cool new way of viewing the Haunted Mansion Stretch Room, staying cool when it's hot, arm-raising on coasters, Older NKOTB, and all sorts of other crazy topics. The end of the show has a special free Download of the Week. (see the next entry) Time: 1:22:27
    • 7/29/09 – Download of the Week, an audio track from the Great Movie Ride (see previous). Time: 2:54
    • 8/04/09 – Another Tuesday live show (the only live Vegan Disney Podcast on Tuesday nights!)…man, I really got behind on this update! David talks about his recent trip to Yosemite National Park with Disney Legend Bob Gurr, imagineer Garner Holt, Tink herself, Margaret Kerry, and many others. Lots more is discussed in the show. Time: 1:06:41
    • 7/26/09 – Episode 45, Dr. Tiki welcomes the show (do yourself a favor and download Tiki Bar TV at least once). Greg steps away from his normal format to give a recap of the FOTM meet that recently wrapped up, including MuppetVision 3D, Space Mountain, Star Tours, and Haunted Mansion audio where the stretch room is taken over entirely by FOTM folks who get to lay down and view the stretch room from a different perspective. I've never heard a group so in sync (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…of course, there's always my way). A little techno hoedown ends the show (Mush: does anyone know the title of that Broke Hoedown track and what CD it's on? I'd like to buy that one for the iPod but had no luck searching for it on iTunes…I've never heard that one before and it's really unique!) Time: 58:36
    • 7/26/09 – Episode 225, Lots of Comic Con reports in this show. A couple of listeners phone and write in about some the Disney-related breakouts. Skipper Ben is actually "Skipper Ben" in his segment, where he provides audio from the Jungle Cruise, where he is the actual skipper. Time: 1:20:29
    • 8/02/09 – Episode 226, After the news and tip of the week, Ricky devotes the bulk of the show to tackle listener feedback. Skipper Ben joins in a little over 45:00 and provides audio from one of his new Disneyland LP…a 1964 rendition of Walt Disney's It's a Small World. The more I hear this one, the more I think my grandfather had this one. Time: 1:16:28
    • 8/2/09 – Episode 65, It's the beginning of YEAR 3 of the podcast! They reflect a little on what's happened over the past year, including how the podcast has changed with the addition of the Princess Peanut. Will and Shannon take on several topics in this show, including Disney Channel tween stuff (including actors' successes/failures crossing over into movies), Tron 2.0 and Alice in Wonderland. Shannon steals the mic and starts singing "One and the Same". They also review the Steakhouse 55 restaurant at the Disneyland Resort near the end. Time: 1:31:34
    • 8/2/09 – Nathan and Jim took a week off for Comic Con. Nathan had to cancel out, but Jim joined the 125,000+ fans and brings a recap from the sessions that revolved around Disney. Time: 40:53
    • 8/07/09 – Greg, Mike, and Shaft are all here from a show taped in late June. There are so many different topics that it's pretty much impossible to give a rundown, though they do an in-depth look at some of the new items in the Disney parks (which ultimately finds its way into a political debate as they discuss the Hall of Presidents). Time: 2:19:27
    • 7/28/09 – Episode 12, He has…the head of a camel…the neck of a crocodile…Yes, folks, the Mortis crew watch and review the classic Pete's Dragon. I think the best way to give their take is to go with the "the younger you are, the more you liked it" approach. Scott from Disney Indiana calls in and tries to get some points back in his everlasting feud with Mortis (and fails miserably). The last 2:30 is an absolute riot with some audio from the Brunch With the Brits podcast where the host is talking a bit about the Mortis Matinee. One minor Freudian slip with a little innuendo thrown in, and you'll have tears streaming down your face from laughing too! The more he tries to stop laughing, the funnier it gets. Time: 29:01
    • 8/2/09 – Show 58, It's FOTM time! They start off with one of the most off-the-wall trivia questions I've ever heard. Captain Irrelevant is the answer I think. A listener writes in and professes his hatred for Stitch's Great Escape (I'm still cringing at that e-mail). After a recap of FOTM, Tairy forces Jonathon onto Peter Pan's Flight with the audio ride-thru for the show. Then they give a humorous look at the attraction (it's a comedy podcast, after all). Now that FOTM is over, Jonathon brings the bug zapper back out for some more electroshock therapy to deal with Tink's anger (man, she's got some MAJOR issues). This time, however, the session is crashed by an over-stressed duck. The show ends with some Tairy love audio for Jonathon the Pondscum from a dinner at DCA Time: 1:21:30
    • 7/31/09 – Episode 11, Constance joins Matt on it's a small world, where they meet up with a kid that's so charming that you just want to hold him……………….under the boat in the water. Time: 18:49
    • 7/25/09, Episode 209, Everybody neat and pretty? NO! The technology blew up in their faces, and they lost nearly all the audio recorded, so the show becomes almost a soliloquy by Eric (and a few crickets). They still have some of the same segments, including news and celebrations. Also, listener Kathy Jo joins the crew to talk about a D23-only event that she attended (a screening of a 1956 "People and Places" film that Disney produced). Time: 58:54
    • 8/01/09, Episode 210, Everyone's been saved from tech limbo and is back for the show. Lots of news this week and the previous week as they were unable to discuss it last week (and, yes, I know who Max Headroom is). They nearly had another disaster as Eric and Cathy have water issues in the house. Some of the discussion in this show includes the often-rumored "pay for FastPass" idea, the possible Fantasyland redo (which I'm liking even more the longer I look at it and think about it). Time: 1:24:06
    • 7/27/09 – Episode 331, it's the weekly short subjects show. The tip of the week (the last one in their hopper…SEND THEM MORE TIPS!) talks about people-watching (not stalking…just watching). The featured attraction that is (painfully) discussed is Dream Along With Mickey. Sufficed to say, they're not huge fans of the show. Ask the Kid is next, with the question revolving around what parade he'd be a part of. It evolves into a discussion of the Block Party Bash and how they are able to do the parade in such hot weather. Lauren provides the Magical Moment, from a recent cruise on the Disney Magic. The previous week recap was up next, and the show ends with listener feedback. Time: 39:24
    • 7/29/09 – Episode 332, The featured topic goes back to the Monorail accident with guests David Koenig and Steven Ng, who meet up at NFFC. Time: 46:04
    • 8/03/09 – Episode 333, back to short subjects. The tip of the week (they got some more…keep sending them in!) focuses on the effects of EMH at WDW parks the next day. The featured attraction looks at Reflections of China, while Pizzafari is the reviewed place today. The Kid is asked, "If you could design a new attraction themed for the Wonders of Life building, what would it be?" As always, they conclude with listener feedback. Time: 33:12
    • 8/05/09 – Episode 334, D23's leader, Steven Clark, joins Mike and Mark for a discussion on the eagerly-awaited upcoming D23 Expo. Time: 28:48
    • 8/5/09 – Episode 48, Robb, Kevin and Carlos are joined by Alexandra, Kim, Chantal, and Tyler for another fireside chat. They draw a topic (submitted by listeners) from the hat on the night before they leave for Magic Meets, and, after the news and the marathon minute where they discuss running log books, the topic selected is "secrets of a theme park of their choice." They do a slight modification and decide to do one secret in each park. Time: 41:08
    • 7/25/09 – Episode 27, this episode marks step three of the "Getting out of the funk" (the first step is recognizing the funk and the second step is talking about it, and the third step is breaking through). Before the "breaking through", a discussion of an online chat from July 14th by the Disney Endurance Team makes up the bulk of the news. As for breaking through, Gordon goes on a rant that is really thought-provoking…it pertains to the difference between what the media depicts as the average runner and what the actual average runner actually is. After the final step, Gordon goes through listener e-mail, including one from Stanley, from my neck of the woods, in Bloomington, IL (I'll give a shout-out to his blog at ). The blog of the week is Susan's Voice mail concludes the show. Time: 44:07
    • 8/05/09 – Episode 28, Gordon talks (as he runs…how does one run and talk at the same time??? I'm doing everything I can to get as much air in me as possible when I run more than 200 yards) about his love/hate relationship with the 5K distance, as he recently completed a race (and, no, a 5K is not a sprint in my vernacular...sorry, couldn't resist). As he runs, he also talks about how the weight loss program is working and gets into a monologue about not becoming complacent with running. The blog of the week is in triplicate, as Gordon bestows honors on a group of blogs that are part of "Team Voice":, (Jonathan Dichter's blog, which I follow), and FYI, Team Voice is a group of people who are trying to get into better shape and to raise money for Lou Mongello's Dream Team Project (which gives proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation). Listener feedback wraps it up! Time: 1:01:53
    • 7/28/09 – Episode 63, The cats take a feminist look at some of the attractions at WDW, with a particular look at the Carousel of Progress and the roles of the women in there. Time: 30:47
    • 8/04/09 – Episode 64, Devon Dawson is interviewed in this show. Who's Devon Dawson, you may ask? Miss Devon is the "singin, yodelin' voice of Jessie" in the Disney-produced Grammy award-winning Woody's Roundup featuring 'Riders in the Sky' . Time 43:00.
    • 8/02/09 – Episode 123 (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12…Sesame Street, anyone?) Earl is freaking out with the upcoming birth of their first child, but he perseveres for another show. In this show, he looks at 2 of the "classic" attractions…the Carousel of Progress and the Hall of Presidents. He shows a little of his "Madness" with some Earlioke after the ride-through of CoP. For the HoP, he Earliokes a little "Peaches" (nice tie-in), and ends the show with a little Skipper Dan (go ahead and sing along…it's so damn catchy that everyone should know the song by now!). Time: 57:58
    • 7/27/09 – Episode 103, The Disney Brit (Adam Goodger) takes the helm as the prize for winning the most recent "Where in the World is Tom Corless" game. His first segment almost gets Adam in a fight with Luke (heck, all of them end up wanting to hit each other by the end of the segment) on attractions that really need to go in the Walt Disney Resort and in Disneyland Paris. There's some intense debate here, as some are really passionate about attractions (both ways…love and hate). Before the lynch mobs are formed, Adam switches gears for his second segment, which is co-aired on the Disney Brit podcast and gives a trivia contest. Time: 1:57:48
    • 7/26/09 – Daily Disney Diary Video, Lou does absolutely nothing in World Showcase. His words…honest! Lou takes you on a tour of the pavilions in WS and highlights a lot of things that the average person might likely pass by without giving a second glance. It's these hidden treasures that put the Disney theme parks at a level that is unattainable by any other park. He includes a little video of Kringla in Norway, which has, hands down, the most beautiful female cast members working there. Gorgeous CMs aside, this video makes me want to book a trip for this weekend more than ever. Time: 8:52
    • 7/26/09 – Episode 129, Magic Meets is right around the corner, and that means that Lou's Dream Team Auction is just about ready! Lou takes some time to talk about what the auction is for, who helps put it on, etc. Beci is back to help with the towering list of e-mails. Afterward, Lou introduces "Name that Disney World Tune" as the new contest, where he gives audio to 5 locations in WDW, and you have to guess where they are from. Time: 1:22:31
    • 8/02/09 – Episode 130, News and Rumors start off the show, followed by a trip in the Wayback Machine with guest Ryan Wilson from the Main Street Gazette for a look back at the World of Motion (which I never got to see…I LOVE this and the DSI segments!) The winner of last week's trivia contest is announced, and voice mail ends the show. Time: 1:23:21
    • 7/27/09 – Episode 596, I was screaming the answer to Scopa's "Name That Attraction" when Hochberg, Newell, Owens (not senior), and Testa take a look at the stage shows throughout the parks. Time: 29:32.
    • 7/29/09 – Episode 597, It's Wednesday, which means it's Listener Question Day. Somehow, tons of British listeners decided to write in at the same time as most questions come in from across the pond. Matt, Mike, and Mike are running the show Time: 28:50
    • 7/31/09 – Episode 598, Matt and the Mikes are joined by Fred Block, organizer of Magic Meets, and Chris Eliopoulos, first-time attendee of Magic Meets, to talk about the upcoming Magic Meets 2009. Don't forget that Mouseworldradio will be broadcasting live this Saturday (August 8th) for most of the day. Tune in on Live365! The show is recorded in Lou Gherig "Luckiest Man" mode with lots of echo. Time: 26:26
    • 8/03/09 – Episode 599, These guys are in a violent mood today…they're finding ways to kill an hour in every park (what have the hours done to them?). Matt, Mike, and Mike are together again, while Len and Annette are on vacation. They look at what you can do to waste an hour in the parks while waiting for a show or a meal. Scopa gets on a roll in Epcot which had me groaning over and over again. Happy Olives! Time: 17:17
    • 8/05/09 – Episode 600 (woohoo!), Magnificent Matt, Amazing Mike, and Miraculous Mike are there, without Terrific Testa and just plain ole Annette (everyone loves Annette, and the rest of the hosts are concerned about her growing ego) work on more listener questions. FFFFRRRUNNKIIISSS!!!! Time: 34:43.
    • 8/07/09 – Episode 601, Rick Greg (aka Mr. Voice) reports back on a recent trip with the Voice family and the Voice-in-laws. Rick gives the good, bad, and ugly of the trip, including dining reviews, and a Clark Griswold account of getting locked IN their resort at OKW. Time: 28:11
    • 8/04/09 – Episode 22, Fastpass is the password! In this episode, Nate and Matt take a look at strategies in using Fastpasses at the theme parks, noting which ones you'll probably need and when you'll likely need them. Time: 40:30
    • 8/02/09 – Episode 200.000, We're FINALLY at Episode 200. Paul records live from the FOTM event. There's a large group of Magic Friends (and some listeners) that reflect on the best of WTTM. Congrats on the milestone, Paul and Patrick! You've got a great show and a great following. Time: 1:34:24

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