Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disney Podcast Updates, August 7-21


I'm drowning over here…too much stuff to do, as I mentioned in my previous post to the blog here. I'm guessing that I have a few more followers thanks to the poll, and this isn't exactly the best first impression; however, I have to take a few short-cuts in order to get caught up. Most of the time, I like to do my own little spin in these when I write these up (and there are a few in here); however, in a few instances in this update, I am taking the description from the shows and pasting them in here.

The schedule is getting back down to an actual routine, and I hope to get back to the same "quality" (though some may consider 'garbage' to be a better word) really soon. I actually have listened to most of the shows, including a couple of new ones which I will be adding soon. In this update, there are 61 shows included, which I think is a record...a record I hope never gets broken!

Look for BMSLou's Beyond Main Street/In Your Ears Experience and the Disney Brit Podcast to join the ranks in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created Disneypodcastdirectory.net, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 8/21/09 – Episode 12, Video taken from the FOTM meet…good to see some of the faces that go with the voices of some podcasts (first time seeing Scott and Tracey, Jana from LTAD, Patrick and Paul (everyone knows Patrick and Paul), Tairy (everyone knows Tairy because everyone knows Paul), Liana, and many more! Time: 10:39
    • 8/17/09 – Episode 60, This is one of those times where I simply ran out of time to do much more than skim over. I'm really getting to like this show, so I want to make sure it gets its due. Here's Keegan's description of the show: "Hey everyone!On this show, we'll be going coast-to-coast to the two attractions running on EMVs (Enhanced Motion Vehicles). Doesn't that sound exciting? You have no idea. We'll start out at Westfest at the Imagineering My Way Midnight Cruise Down the Rivers of Adventure meet at the Jungle Cruise. After riding the Jungle Cruise, we head to Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, and I get stuck driving. After that, we fly across to Animal Kingdom to ride Dinosaur with the Dysfunctional SuperFamily, the Magic Never Ends crew, the ConnieJennKyra family, and the Dysfunctional SuperCousins. Once again, we fill an entire car!!It's a great time and I hope that you haaaaveee fuuuun." Time: 1:16:23
    • 8/14/09 – Episode 122, After news and the new additions to the AllAboutTheMouse Wrestlers Roll Call, Tim Stenzle gives a review of G-Force, which is still raking in some money at the box office. Following that, guest Tim Samson, owner of the RNR at WDW Blog, shares a gem at WDW that most people tend to overlook and walk right on by: the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, USA. They wrap up the show in the usual way before Bryan takes a sledgehammer to his computer (no, there's no audio of that, unfortunately). Time: 1:16:57
    • 8/21/09 – Episode 123, Lots of audio from the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet that recently wrapped up. Before that, however, Jonathon and Bryan start off with news, including the stories of the passing of a cast member at the Indy Show and at the MK. This is one of the less-fun parts of doing these updates as the story is retold several times as it makes its way through the podcast world, and I hear it again and again. No, it doesn't get much easier hearing it the 5th time…it's still sobering every time. They bring up the mood with the news that testing has begun for the icicle lights on Cinderella Castle for the Christmas season. Also, the Golf Channel's Big Break series will showcase Disney World's Magnolia and Palm golf courses for the upcoming season. Jonathon also goes over some meet-up opportunities at Disneyland during the marathon. Bryan then announces a fundraiser for Give Kids the World where he agrees to do something he vowed never to do from the last show – getting the full deal at the Harmony Barber Shop. Roll call is also in here, with several new additions. Time: 2:02:56
    • 8/09/09 – Episode 149, After a short discussion on the recent Magic Meets events (good job BOG fans on raising money!), Mike and Rikki provide an interesting discussion on the best and worst queues at each WDW park. This is one of those potential "shout-at-your-MP3-player" episodes, though I did find myself agreeing with the majority of their selections. Time: 45:48
    • 8/13/09 – Episode 150 <----- WOOHOO!!! They made it! To celebrate this show, they do a listener-provided segment called "tough choices", where the BOG fans submit "this or that." It starts out as a consensus-fest, but they soon get into some good disagreements. Probably the best choice was "Tink costume in winter or Beast costume in summer". Be sure to join the character meal at the new Fantasyland restaurant…bobbleheads of the BOG characters will be available at the register. Ask your server for more details. Time: 51:34
    • 8/16/09 – Episode 151, in this crossover show, Chris (aka Fantasmic) from the Character Breakfast and the Tiki Room Morning Show (which I occasionally listen to weekday mornings at 7 central) joins Mike for an interview about how he got hooked on the Disney bandwagon as well as how he got started with Sorcerer Radio and the CB podcast. Time: 30:19
    • 8/20/09 – Episode 152, Mike, Rikki, Debbie, and Pam talk about the insanity that precludes leaving for a Disney World vacation. Some good info on going to the parks with a newbie is also in here (hint: let them figure most of the stuff out!!!) They also get a great voice mail from a BOG listener who ended up with a DVC membership as a 25th Anniversary present. Mike also announces that they are going to try their first live show to be aired on Reedy Creek Radio over on Live 365 (Sept 20th at 8 pm Eastern). Time: 42:04
    • 8/09/09 – Episode 75, The ENTIRE crew is here for this show! They start off in the usual fashion with a little bit of news and then get into a detailed discussion about the rumored Fantasyland re-do at MK. I must have been in a bad mood when I was listening to this because again I was inclined to shouting at the iPod during this segment as they provided their feedback (not a bad thing…it keeps it interesting!). The CB army heeded Sorcerer's commands for more e-mails, and several e-mails are read in the next segment. No monorail station today from Imagine and Pluto, but Chris has a good interview with original mouseketeer Lonnie Burr in the Animated Courtyard segment. Time: 1:35:44
    • 8/07/09 – Show 23, After a weeklong celebration of winning the Disney Feud from AllAboutTheMouse, Wayne and Trace welcome ScrappingtheMagic's April Baker and the MainStGazette's Ryan Wilson to talk about handling defeat at the hands of the Dudes. They also talk a lot about their great sites and their love of Disney. Voice mails end the show. Time: 1:19:01
    • 8/14/09 – Show 24, llllLLLLLLLLEETTTT'S GET READDYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOO RUUUUUUUUUUUBBMMMMMMLLLLLLLLLLEEEeeeeee!!! The dudes introduce a couple of new segments in this episode. First is the Disney Mash-up, where they take two rides and smash them together to see what hypothetical attraction would be created. Then comes the main segment: the Cage Match! They pit two attractions against each other and talk about them to see if they can come up with an outright winner between the two. The attractions in the premier of this: BTMRR vs BTMRR (WTF?). They compare Big Thunder at WDW to Big Thunder in Anaheim. The show ends with Wayne surfing the web (okay, it's during the ending with voice mail and NFFC updates). The lingering questions at the end: is it SAMbycat or SOHMbycat? (my vote's for SAM) AND Just how bad of a death is required to haunt a Disney attraction? Time: 59:50
    • 8/21/09 – Show 25, Ran out of time…from the Show Description: Aye rascals, scoundrels, villains, and knaves! It's The Disney Dudes show #25! This week we find out what kind of trouble Trace will find on The Disney Cruise. We finish the show with Rene Auberjonois, The Little Mermaid's Chef Louis. As always fun with voice mail and emails! Time: 1:30:44
    • 8/07/09 – Episode 72, In addition to the news about meets, releases, John Rick's Ten Pin List, and the Time Machine (among other segments),William Bruno, Jr. is IPLS #53 in the spotlight. Time: 1:49:27
    • 8/14/09 – Episode 73, I hate saying this, but I didn't get to this one. Sorry, Tom…gonna have to go with the Description on it. From the Description:" Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #54, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort, and the World of Disney store in New York, John Rick's Disney Pin Investigation, a Disneyland Resort Pin Report, and much more!!!" Mush's Note: IPLS #54 is Jason Gallagher from Syracuse, NY. Time: 1:43:16
    • 8/21/09 – Episode 74, In this show, IPLS #5 is profiled, and the lucky person is Medina, OH native Noelle Walter. John and Tom are back with the Time Machine, Ten Pin, Soda Fountain and Studio Store segments, along with more updates on upcoming pin meets and releases. Time: 2:01:28
    • 8/10/09 – Episode 55, Tairy lets her son decide what the attraction is that will be tidbitted (is that a word?) in this episode. His answer: the Indy ride at Disneyland! Time: 13:00
    • 8/14/09 – Episode 56, continuing with the programming trend, Tairy's niece takes control of the podcast waves and asks Tairy to look at the story of Cinderella. Time: 13:22
    • 8/09/09, Episode 28, In their premier episode of their second year of podcasting, Scott and Tracey give a trip report on FOTM and invite Liana (Extinct Attractions), Matthew Cox (Disney Brit), and Mortis(Scott's nemesis) on to discuss the events. Audio from the parks is included. Time: 1:37:26
    • 8/09/09 – Video Extra, This is a neat teaser video from David that goes behind the scenes at Disneyland. The video provides about 5 minutes of what goes on backstage, including some amazing numbers on costuming alone! Time: 5:17
    • 8/11/09 – Video Extra, Another teaser video, this one for the AnaheimVacationland DVD, voiced over by Brian Somer. Time: 2:19
    • 8/11/09 – It's the Tuesday live show! In this show, they make the theme based around the Haunted Mansion. Liana, Dave, et al talk quite a bit about the Sutton family, who got to stay in Disneyland's HM. They also talk about SHAG's (aka Josh Angle, a renown painter, illustrator, and designer) work pertaining to the HM's 40th anniversary. Discussion of some of the teasers listed above is also included. Time: 1:18:03
    • 8/18/09 – I really need to get caught up here…it's another Tuesday live chat show! In this show, well…I'm going to let the show description say it all: "What happens when David wakes up at 5am, and does a video shoot, and then does the podcast later? Well it's a cross between a tribute to a great legend, and a party on Harbor Blvd? Don't believe me, take a listen now....." I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I'm guessing some of the background music is going to be interesting! Time: 1:02:54
    • 8/10/09 – Episode 227, I think this may very well be Ricky's favorite show of all the ITM's that he has done. Most followers of him know that he's a HUGE Haunted Mansion fan. The Sutton family (Tim, Cindy, Jessica, and Stephanie) won a contest run by KLOS FM (Los Angeles) to spend a night in a stretch room at Disneyland's HM. After dispensing with the news rather quickly (can you blame him?), he interviews the family and then provides audio from the experience, which was broadcast over the web. Time: 1:02:49
    • 8/10/09 – Special Video Supplement to Show 227, Highlights from the webcast of the Sutton's staying in HM. Included is a really good rendition of Grim Grinning Ghosts by the Hitchhiking ghosts (and butler). Time: 8:34
    • 8/17/09 – Episode 228, Ricky devotes about 1/3 of the show to getting caught up on listener feedback. Before doing so, however, he gives the news around the world and gives his impressions of the latest D23 magazine, which is themed around the Haunted Mansion (it's in my car…still reading the Matterhorn article). Skipper Ben gives an update on the soon-to-occur trip to WDW and gives more listener-provided "goosebump" moments that go with the planning and countdown of a trip to WDW. Time: 1:02:04
    • 8/10/09 – Episode 66, It's right before Will, Shannon's and Princess Peanut's trip to WDW, and they provide a detailed pre-trip report (complete with all the excitement that they bring to the podcast (DISNEY WORRRLLDDD!!!!...you'll find yourself shouting that too throughout the show). Time: 1:36:42
    • 8/13/09 – Episode 67, They're at Disney World, rubbing in to our faces and sprinkling salt into our wounds that they are there and we are not. They hold back after Wishes about mid-way through the trip to discuss what has gone on so far, what it's like touring with an infant, and providing reviews of some of the restaurants and attractions that they have experienced thus far on their trip. Time: 43:50
    • 8/21/09 – Episode 68, This is the next installment of Will and Shannon's recent trip to WDW. In this show, they start off in DHS with their last ride of the vacation. Luckily they're still shouting and screaming in a good way as they ride RNR with lots of friends (and, yes, they include the audio of the ride-through, though, after hearing this, I'm not sure Will would do very well at either Don't Forget the Lyrics or any form of karaoke). After that audio they discuss the trip on their flight home and reflect on the great times they had. Happy 9th Anniversary to the two of you!!! Time: 53:32
    • 8/9/09 – Nathan and Jim tackle all sorts of things in this show, ranging from the eagerly anticipated D23 Expo to DCL…from Bruckheimer to Marshall to Cameron to all sorts of rumors for who's directing the next Pirates, from the now-famous Fantasyland rehab rumor to new technologies. Time: 41:44
    • 8/16/09 – Jim and Nathan are back for your weekly dose of, well, Jim and Nathan! They use this episode to discuss Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo. Time: 31:20
    • 8/14/09 – In this show, they work on more e-mail, which ultimately gets into what I consider to be one of the best assets of this show…a lot of these guys are engineer/architect types who really go in-depth on how things are built or why they did things certain ways. A good discussion on Space Mountain on both sides ensues in response to a comment about an e-mail. The show abruptly ends unfortunately after a tech snafu. Time: 1:48:38
    • 8/16/09 – Episode 13, In the Mortis Mortis Mortis Mortis Matinee…in the Mortis Mortis Mortis Mortis Matinee...where the parents say words and the children play…in the Mortis Mortis Mortis Mortis Matinee. (AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!) They go with one of the more obscure movies that I have never heard of. It's Moon Pilot. After a stroke of luck finding the movie on AMC, they watch and review it. The last half of the show gives a tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion, where Mortis gives some great 4-point surround sound audio of the attraction at WDW. Wear headphones…especially for the stretch room portion. Feedback wraps the show. Time: 44:53
    • 8/16/09 – Show 59, Mr. Walker is joined by Ms. Rich for another episode of fun-filled insanity. Tairy laments a couple of poor viewings, one forced and one voluntary (or is that volunTairy?). They then get on a tangent before they even get to the news about Chihuahuas and Guinea pigs (guess the movies!!!) before completely going on a full-blown movie segment. Colson (Colton?) writes in and rips in on Tairy, Peter Pan love, and Tinkerbell's therapist (if that doesn't get you intrigued, nothing will). A talk of the upcoming D23 Expo follows, along with a look at the news, including the story of a guy being convicted of getting to second base with Minnie Mouse at WDW (talk about being hard-up…and, boy was Mickey pissed! LMAO…I was thinking this as I heard the story, and they actually talked about this!!!). Speaking of being pissed (and possibly at the advice of Tink's therapist from the last show), Jonathon and Tairy (mostly Jonathon) vent out some deeply-hidden frustrations as they discuss their pet peeves in the parks (the ECV NASCAR leaves a good mental image). The show ends with the Queuing Family from Hell. Time: 59:44
    • 8/07/09 – Episode 12, From Westfest!!!! Keegan is all backwards as he rides with Matt and the rest of the Westfest crew on GOAT!!! GOAT!!! GOAT!!! (for you non-DPN'ers, that's Big Thunder Mountain). While they are in the queue as well as while riding it, they ponder the age-old questions of A) How come the Spanish translation of the safety spiel is done in a boring voice; and 2) What exactly would a Mexican/Spanish cowboy sound like? NEVER FEAR! Keegan to the rescue, as he calls in to Matt's voice mail and gives the spiel in perfect Spanish cowboy (though I swear when I translated it I saw something like "slippery nipple" in there, though my spelling could have been wrong). Time: 15:30
    • 8/08/09 – Episode 211, LOOOOVVVVVVEE….Exciting and new….Eric and Cathy will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary soon, and Eric cranks up "WMGW" and presents many songs relating to love (about 80% of the music is Disney-related). Put this one on the computer or play it through some speakers, and have a little dance with the one you love. I'm saving this one so my wife can listen to it. Time: 1:02:12
    • 8/15/09 – Episode 212, Everyone's neat and pretty again for the show…this one's a potpourri of topics. Eric and Cathy put out a request for pointers on taking infants to the parks and tips on itineraries. After that is the "Celebrations" segment, and then comes the feedback from the mail bag (thanks for the intro audio…I am sooo ready to get back on Space Mountain). Lots of listeners have comments on the recent Fastpass discussion (this was another one that I was screaming at while I was driving…my kids thought I had lost it). Dan and his mother review Ponyo, and Yew Nork City's favorite entertainer wraps the show with a show of his own. Time: 1:31:46
    • 8/09/09 – Episode 9 of Season 3, Everyone sing along…Hola Mis Amigos…(good luck getting that one out of your head…at least it got the Mortis Tiki Room song from above out of there). After the traditional opening news segments, Gary gives an absolutely amazing story with tons of audio on Walt's needed break from all the turmoil he was experiencing in California and follows the path that Walt took down to Latin America, which ultimately became the lesser-known "Saludos Amigos." Included: interviews with Disney, some of the history of the U.S. State Department's involvement with the project, the introduction of the new characters (Jose and Panchito), a really interesting look at the Three Caballeros, some Ray Gilbert (Bai), one of the shorts from Saludos: Aquarela do Brasil, a montage of Tico Tico, an audio capture of the Mexico Pavilion's Mariachi Cobre (I could listen to them for hours), and, yes, a ride-through of El Rio del Tiempo (Hola mis amigos…). Time: 1:37:24
    • 8/10/09 – Episode 335, iiiittt'sss short subject day! After the tip of the week (using the birthday gift in the parks), Mike and Mark's featured attraction is something/someone that I have wanted to see for years but haven't been able to yet: Japan's Miyuki (the candy lady). After that, the Columbia Harbor House at MK is reviewed (another one that I'm trying to get to). How dare they go up to the top floor to eat up there! The Kid is asked another question, with this one being "If you could be a dancer at Disney, where would you want to perform, and why?" Andrew Rich gives the week last week next week this week segment (I still can't say that). Listener feedback follows, including a couple of concerns of the monorail accident interview a couple of weeks ago with David Koenig, who offers a well thought-out response to the concerns. Several other e-mails are read and answered, too. Time: 36:44
    • 8/12/09 – Episode 336, This is a must-listen show for all first-time WDW (or any theme park, for that matter) visitors. It also might be a good show for many of those regulars as this show focuses on common etiquette in the parks that often are forgotten or simply ignored by many. Good job, guys! Time: 37:26
    • 8/17/09 – Episode 337, Being that this is a two-week span of shows, you can probably deduce on your own that this is another short subject show. They follow the same format that we've all become comfortable with: the Featured Attraction (the Dragon Legend Acrobats of China); the Review System Spotlight (All-Star Movies); the This/Last/Next week Segment with Andrew Rich; Ask the Kid (If a female classmate of yours were to go to WDW, what attractions/shows/etc. would you recommend her to do ? Answer: "I don't know because I'M NOT A GIRL!" (classic)); Magical Moment (great CM effort to rectify a grand gathering snafu that ultimately got several rooms at Saratoga Springs for an awesome price); and listener feedback. Time: 33:30
    • 8/19/09 – Episode 338, Being that this is a two-week span of shows, you can prob….oh wait…I've already done that. The featured topic in this show has a couple of Steven Ng interviews: NFFC's VP of media relations and communications, Chuck Oberleitner; and Anita Schaengold, Chair of NFFC's Special Events. Chuck discusses the 25th anniversary of the NFFC/Disneyana national conference, and Anita talks about the upcoming Disney World Holiday Extravaganza. Time: 39:38
    • 8/14/09 – Episode 147, Van leads off with the news, including a prayer that the new AP 15-for-12 promotion continues until at least May, before challenging the listeners to come up with some attraction in the Disney world (not just Walt Disney World…the Disney "World"…YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!) that include the numbers 1-10 in the title. His top 7 this show focus on the best places to find souvenirs at WDW. A Compare-Van-Contrast is included in this show, where, thanks to a listener suggestion, he examines Disney hotels. Time: 29:43
    • 8/17/09 – Episode 29, Gordon does an epic FAIL! in trying to make homemade hummus for the first time (and nearly sacrifices a food processor in the process as he made sawdust instead of hummus) before going on a run and commenting as he does so (again, I'm truly amazed he can talk while doing this). The final 15 minutes or so are dedicated to the blog/podcast of the week (WEDWay Radio, which is featured on here with their updates…the most recent show is in the last update post) announcements and listener feedback. Time: 1:04:24
    • 8/11/09 – Episode 65, The cats and the Whatchamacalit tackle the proposed concept diagrams for the new Fantasyland (and its seeming slant towards princesses rather than princes) in WDW before giving me what I like to call "Micecast whiplash", where they go on a tangent that makes your head spin (The cats are good at that…I LOVE IT!) After what seemed to be an honest comment about a fanboy, they talk about the movie of that bears that same name. I would also like to mention that I agree with the Whatchamacalit that the idea of a Tinkerbell-decapitating-roller-coaster-from-Hell totally rocks! Time: 36:01
    • 8/18/09 – Episode 66, it's on my iPod…I just haven't gotten to it yet (my apologies, Jennifer and Lisa). From the Show Description: "The Watchamacallit and Mr. Broke Hoedown rejoin the Cats this week for a discussion of Country and Western music, Tim Curry's contribution to the Disney musical cannon and more about Devon Dawson!" Time: 31:14
    • 8/10/09 – interim report (not #48), They're BACK FOR A SHOW! While it's difficult to get everyone's schedules in sync (that real-life thing keeps getting in the way), many of the Travelears (Greg and Ryan, joined by guest Lauren) get together to talk about all the changes going on at Disneyland. They pulled an "Earl" however by not hitting a button a second time to actually record, so this is their second go at it. Time: 33:38
    • 8/15/09 – Video Supplement from FOTM. The crew emerges from Splash Mountain mostly dry, with the exception of a couple: Keegan, who's moisture-reversed (he's all wet except for under the armpits while everyone else is the opposite), and Doug, who is still drying off as you read this. This is the story of his pain (and Somer's shoes). Time: 3:17
    • 8/07/09 – Episode 104, From the show Description: "To kick off this week's show, we have your Walt Disney World Resort Weekend Update. In this week's update, we will be discussing the official addition of a tequila bar to the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, the new vice presidents of Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park and the Downtown Disney district, and the long awaited addition of a new feature to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort #38; Spa. Following the Weekend Update, we have the debut of a new segment called "The Golden Age". In this inaugural segment featuring Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, we will begin our quest land by land, area by area, and space by space throughout the world to find "The Golden Age" of the entire Walt Disney World Resort. Town Square Talk is back this week, highlighting the hottest topics around our WDWNT Network of websites and podcasts. On this trip down Main Street WDWNT, we'll have all the details on some segments you can vote for in WDWNT Interactive, some brand new features of our WDWNTunes website, and talk a little bit more about our upcoming 2010 fan event, WDWNT: The Weekend." Time: 1:00:19
    • 8/13/09 – Episode 105, Tom is joined by Justin, Jose, Anthony, and Scott (sorry, no Luke) for this show. Before going over e-mails, "The World's Finest" makes another appearance, with this segment focusing on the best dining in Epcot. Time: 51:24
    • 8/17/09 – Episode 106, these guys snuck this one in only 4 days after the release of show #105, and I haven't had time to get this one listened to, though I really like the opinionated roundtables on here as some great discussion usually ensues. From the description: "To kick off this week's show, we have your Walt Disney World Resort Weekend Update. In this week's update, we will be discussing some "Princess and the Frog" inspired additions coming to and already in the theme parks, the progress on Space Mountain and the current state of Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, and the "return" of some classic extinct attractions in 2010. Following that, we have a great Walt Disney World based discussion that listener suggested. In this very opinionated round-table, we will be discussing what are possibly the best and worst attraction exits in all of the Walt Disney World theme parks. We're calling this segment "A Grand Exit". " Time: 1:12:13
    • 8/09/09 – Episode 131, Once again (sounds like a broken record), I don't know how he gets these guests! From the description: "While the introduction of new attractions, shows or promotions gets many people excited about Walt Disney World, hearing about a new dining experience for many is equally as thrilling. And when a new restaurant is being introduced that comes from the first and only female Iron Chef, the excitement grows into anticipation. This week, I am pleased to be joined by Chef Cat Cora, whose Kouzzina restaurant is set to open soon on Disney's Boardwalk. We'll talk about her background and career, as well as what this new dining experience will bring to Walt Disney World Guests. With the recent introduction of new Disney Vacation Club properties at Kidani Village, The Treehouses at Saratoga Springs and the spectacular new Bay Lake Towers, I wanted to talk about not just the DVC in general, but about each of these new resorts. With three new, very unique experiences to offer Guests and DVC Members, I also wanted to look at some frequently asked questions about the DVC and how these new properties may or may not affect buying and selling DVC points. Shontell Crawford form DVCbyResale.com joins me to discuss these topics and more. I'll play more of your voicemails at the end of the show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio Show." Whew, even the descriptions of the shows are long…it's another great, packed show by Mongello! Time: 1:23:00
    • 8/16/09 – Episode 132, Lou's in traveling mode this week as he's appearing at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet, so there's no news in this show. Tiny Tim Foster (no food…he goes all Dickens this time) joins Lou for a discussion of the top "ten" queues to be found at WDW before listener feedback. Time: 1:14:57
    • 8/10/09 – Episode 602, The whole crew is here to hear Len's latest WDW trip, where he gave up on the WDW Transportation system a couple of days into it. He had such terrible luck with the busses that I'm willing to hire myself out to him to help him with DTS (I've had great luck…just pay for my tickets and lodging, and I'll throw in my airfare). Time: 20:10
    • 8/12/09 – Episode 603, Matt, Mike, Mike, Len, and Annette run questions before finishing up with what I consider to be one of the most thought-provoking e-mails ever read on this podcast. It was so amazing that you can tell that the author of the last e-mail is a really smart, athletic, and handsome fellow. It starts about 27:55 in…I know because I've played it at least 74 times (okay okay okay, this is the actual reason I haven't been able to get to updating these podcasts as I've been listening to the profoundness of this question). By the way, the "Doo doo dee doo doo" was supposed to be a follow-on to saying "Menomonie" (like the Muppets)…not an actual city, though I nearly had tears from laughing when Matt said it like a city. Time: 32:38
    • 8/14/09 – Episode 604, Downdoobeedoodowndown (no, that's not the name of a city either), Don't take youuurr lloooooooooooveee awaaay from meeeeeeee…don't you leave my heart in miseeerrryyyyyy…if you go, then III'llll be bluuuee, 'cause breakin' up is harrd to ddoooooo. Matt, Newell, and Scopa (SEVEN??!) talk about how to work with families and/or groups touring Disney World that split up for a while (highly recommended that you do that). Time: 21:56
    • 8/17/09 – Episode 605, Matt is joined by Mike times 2, and Annette put Downtown Disney in their sights to discuss the top 3 and bottom 3 experiences that you can find there. Time: 21:48
    • 8/19/09 – Episode 606, More listener questions answered by Matt, Mike, "Ironman" Mike, and Annette! Time: 35:32
    • 8/21/09 – Episode 607, Did Christie Brinkley just drive by? Len "Clark W. Griswold" Testa discusses his recent trip to Disneyland Paris. Son épouse le tue presque pour ne pas lui dire au sujet d'une attente de huit heures à Toronto. Time: 28:36
    • 8/10/09 – Episode 201, From the description: "Show 201 finds Tairy and Paul playing in Disneyland, and then we have a roundtable discussion reflecting the first official Friends of the Magic Gathering. Enjoy!" Mush's note: the roundtable includes Paul, Tairy, Tony, Calvin, and Sabrina. Time: 1:36:35
    • 8/16/09 – Episode 202, From the Description: "Another LIVE Audio Adventure from Disneyland on WTTM #202, featuring Paul and his friends Jeff Dewey and Ryan Dour. Enjoy! Time: 1:12:24
    • 8/8/09 – Episode 42, Aaron the RHC (that's what we call the coordinators of the residence halls) takes us with him on a recent trip down to WDW where he gets his first exposure to the live of the DVCer. He and Courtney stayed in a studio at OKW after renting points, and he provides his own in-depth review of his room. He also talks about Stacy on Quaaludes in her new "Must Sees" that everyone can't help but watch. Also included is a review of Olivia's at OKW. Listen in as he takes you through the parks! Time: 1:33:41

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