Friday, August 21, 2009

Ummm...Mush...Where For Art Thou?

I've been a little tardy in getting blog posts up, both Disney-wise and family-wise. I'm not abandoning this thing - it's more a matter of my job than anything else right now. The two weeks before the semester starts along with the first week of the semester (this week) are usually a little crazy (give me a little slack...I'm teaching 7 courses!!!). With the first week nearly over, I've pretty much got the routine back in place and the mountain of e-mails nearly taken care of.

Hopefully I'll get the last couple weeks' worth of podcast updates up this weekend and then get back to a more normal weekly update schedule on those. Also, I have several posts that my relatives might find interesting in the queue, and I'll start posting the next installment of our family's vacation at WDW (2007...we're catching up to the present, which means I really need to convince my wife to go back down there soon).

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