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WDW Family Trip, December 2008, Day 2, Part II: “4815”

Part I of the day can be read HERE.

Eric and I get to the table first. Eric starts mowing down on the sausage when Piglet appears. Aaron's still deciding how many carbs are in a serving of pineapple, and we're the next table for Piglet. I look at Eric…then to Piglet…then to Aaron…back to Piglet…

Eric is concentrating on eating the sausage, completely unaware that Piglet is about 5 feet away and walking his way. I can't get Sheri's or Aaron's eye, so I decide to slowly take a pic of just Eric and Piglet.

Piglet walks up and almost scares Eric. He gets this huge grin (with sausage still in his mouth). I tell him his brother will be here in just a second. Eric stands up next to Piglet for the pic. Of course, he's still holding his fork with a link of sausage still on it. I start laughing and comment that I didn't think Piglet would like a picture with sausage in it (laughing harder as I'm saying it). I don't think Piglet quite understood what I was saying; otherwise, he would have probably went running away to the other side of the restaurant.

Eric puts the fork down…

trying not to snicker any more, though I still think it's funny as Heck!


Aaron sits down a couple of seconds later and grabs a pic with the source of the breakfast meat. I was a little worried about how this was going to go because he's just about onto the characters. I was able to deflect it last year, but he's been pressing it a little more before the trip. I deflected again just before the trip (Pooh has a zipper…yeah, because he's stuffed with fluff) (They're just people in there because they don't talk…make mental note to make sure he sees an articulated head this trip). I was ready for the talk if it came up, but I think Aaron was able to suspend reality and keep being a kid in wonderment for a bit longer.




We didn't see Eeyore this time.


We did, however, see a family come walking in without a server seating them. A couple of minutes later we see them being escorted back out. About 5 minutes later (after being properly checked in), they come back in, this time with a server. They looked none too happy about what had happened.

We pay and head out about 15 minutes before the rope drop so we could walk around a bit. We see our first Photopass dude and get the requisite family picture with the castle background. Obviously, since this report is from 2008, the pictures are long gone…just imagine an insane family of 4 in front of the castle.


Over by the rose garden we see a couple of bubble machines going full bore.




Life is good. Everyone's happy. We're at the one of the happiest places on earth. Ahhh.


The castle throughway is open so we decide to head there. Surprisingly, very few people are waiting for the rope to drop there…only a handful who had just finished from CRT or CP. We are right next to the rope, slightly to the right of center (heading to Dumbo first to get that out of the way). About a minute after we get there, the Fairy Godmother comes waltzing by, and, as expected, the rope got crowded rather quickly.



She talked to a couple of girls to our left and then spent a good minute or two with our boys, giving them stickers and asking what they were going to do first. She was great! The music was starting, which I guess is a timing cue for the CMs to drop the rope, and the Fairy Godmother heads out of the way. The folks around us were gearing up for a sprint, so I tell the boys NOT to run. The rope drops, the herd thunders by, and we start our way towards Dumbo. We park the stroller by the Carrousel and head into the Dumbo queue line. Well whaddya know???!!! We didn't run, and we're still on the first ride of the day. I made sure I had the camera on here so Sheri wouldn't take any incriminating pics.


Ohh…alright…I knew everyone was expecting a pic, so I turned the camera on us:



Aaron's showing off the toothless grin there. Not even 6 yet and he's lost 6 teeth already. He'll probably hit puberty around the age of 8.


We fly Dumbo, and the boys love it! (big surprise there). Seeing their faces is worth the torture I've endured with this flippin' ride.


Dumbo lands, and the boys instinctively head over to Peter Pan as it's next on the list. We've got them trained well.

We then decide to try a new one…Ariel was there, and I was in the mood for clamshel…I mean, we asked the boys if they wanted to see her.

"Okay, I guess" & "yesyesyes" were the boys' responses. I 'll let you guess who said what.

We get in line (only a ten minute wait) and then decide, "Nah" after about 45 seconds and hop back out. They pull me kicking and screaming out of the queue line and over to Philharmagic. We do another requisite traditional pic with the opera glasses on:

Notice Aaron prepping the bunny ears.



This time, however, after striking up a conversation with a family that lives about 25 miles south of us, we get a rare glimpse of the evasive Sheri-donning-glasses specimen:

I am so going to be sleeping on the couch for posting that one.


We got another pic with a pose that we've used before:



This is another one of those attractions where I just sit back and watch the boys' reactions. Seriously, the day can't get a whole lot better than what it is now.


We exit the attraction and throw the glasses in the recycle bin. Sheri cracks me over the head as I do this. You see, I forgot to add something that happened at Muppets the night before. We had drinks from Pizza Planet that we took with us. We left 1 of the drinks behind in the stroller underneath (which got spilled when someone bumped it) and took the other drink. I thought we wouldn't be able to take the drink in, but the CM just said "COME ON IN!!" before showing us some of the props. I take the drink and hold on to it during the show so it doesn't get spilled. After she show is over, I ask the boys if either one of them wanted a drink. They both said no. I give Aaron my glasses to put in the bin so I can throw away the cup. I see a receptacle near the exit so I throw the cup in there.

Then I paused…



I didn't.



Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh crap!



I did.



I didn't realize that the bin was for the glasses.



Sheri sees me do it and, wide-eyed, wonders where the hell my head was (she answered it herself). I had to have turned 4 shades of red and secretly said a prayer for the CM that was going to find that. Sheri tries reassuring me that I'm probably not the first person to do that. Still, I feel like an absolute moron.


Back to Philharmagic…Sheri cracks me over the head, and now you know why! Luckily I didn't have a drink with me, so I couldn't make that mistake again.


We start to make our way over towards Toontown, and Aaron pleads with us to ride Snow White. I tell him that Mommy and I nearly came out crying when we rode it a couple of years ago, so we weren't going to do it just yet. We decide to leave the stroller in Fantasyland as Eric is still doing fine. We see the Christmas Tree sales area, and Donald's there. We contemplated getting in line, but Eric sees something more pressing…the Tea Cups!

We hop in line, and Sheri starts praying. The ride stops, and we're held back for the next turn. Good…gives more time for Sheri to think about it. We hop on, and now Eric isn't as sure as he initially was, now that he's on it:


The boys try to catch the dormouse peeking out while we wait for others to load…and then we're off. I really wish I had an audio of the ride.

Aaron: Spin us fast!

Eric: Yeah!

Sheri: Daddy, NO!

I get us going.


Eric: uncontrollable giggling

Sheri: DADDY STOP! NOT SO FAST!!! DADDY!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA HURL!!!! DADDDDYYYYY! urrgghhhhh.


Then I stop and spin us the other way.


I try to tell Sheri to focus on one item in her peripheral and keep looking at that as we spun (like the figure skaters do when they are starting their spins). I don't think it helped because I heard something about sleeping on the floor tonight.


The ride ends, and the boys hop out. Sheri kisses the ground, and we start our way to Toontown, which had just opened. I started looking for another online friend, SyracuseWolvrine (aka Eric) as we made our way to the Barnstormer. The boys are starting to get a little thirsty, but we try to hold them off for a bit until we got into the Judges tent. Sheri's almost recovered from the spin cycle until the carbon monoxide from the Speedway hits us.

Yeah, and now we're going to ride a roller coaster.


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