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Disney Podcast Show Updates: June 12th, 2009

GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD AFFFFFFFTTTTERRNNOOOOOONNNN everyone! As I went through the shows today, I discovered a couple more podcasts that I'll start updating as new episodes come out. In the next couple days, I'll be adding them to the main list of Disney podcasts (Theme Parks 360 and Mouse Droppings). On a programming note (if you could actually call what I do "programming"), I'll be heading out for much of next week, so I may do a quick update on Wednesday (the 17th) for those shows with new episodes and then save the rest for the following week.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 6/12/09 – Episode 113, Another packed episode here, starting with Bryan recounting his recent WDW trip. Also, there's news and the roll call as well, followed by Liana from Theme Parks 360 vs. 4 survivors from the 16 members of the current Disney Mom's Panel in the Disney Feud (I say "survived" because they had to duke it out to see who got to be on the show). There's even more, including the show outtakes at the end. Time: 1:44:30
    • 6/8/09 – Show 19, Greg's coming to us from the Golden Horseshoe Saloon at Disneyland to bring us Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, in great quality video. Time: 13:21
    • 6/8/2009 – Episode 131, BOG Forum members Katie and Ed from the Hickory State call in and provide a trip report on their last-minute (and I do mean last-minute…they decided to take the trip less than a week before arriving) during Star Wars Weekend. They describe some of the events during SWW and give some love to Matt Hochberg and Mike Newell from the WDW Today podcast (Matt put together a special dinner inside DHS for fans of studioscentral and gives all those in attendance a special guest surprise). Some audio from the parks is also in here, including a little Yeeha Bob, some Splash Mountain, and some HM. Time: 47:03
    • 6/11/09 – Episode 132, Pam (Queen of the Surprise ADR planner) joins Mike and Deb and special guest Bret Caldwell (aka DonaldDuckDad on Twitter and more popularly known as the first Dad on the Disney Mom's Panel) for a really thought-provoking discussion on all the new technology and its effect on the Disney experience. From cell phones to twittering to blogging to photos to…it's discussed. Time: 39:21
    • 6/5/98 – Show 17, Wayne and Trace are joined by Liana of the Theme Parks 360 podcast (yes, I've started downloading that one too and will have their next show in here!) And Doug (Dug?), a member from the DPN (Disney Podcast Network), to discuss the recent WestFest '09 event out at Disneyland. I love the WestFest tradition of the "DF hats" (you'll have to listen to understand). Liana and Doug also take the time to discuss specific meet-ups by the various WestFest members, and a short debate ensues about the link between Disney and the "mile-high club". I've never met anyone from the DPN, but their influence has rubbed off on me as my wife always stares at me pointing and yelling "GOAT GOAT GOAT" on Big Thunder (thanks, folks). The Dudes are bummed about not making it to this year's WestFest, so they'll be redoubling their efforts to make it next year. Time: 1:22:23
    • 6/7/09, Episode 218, In a long-running but little-enforced programming decision, Skipper Ben assumes his role as ITM co-host. Much of the show is devoted to news and comments. One of the highlights includes a very interesting discussion on the bet between the Presidents of Disneyland and Walt Disney World on the NBA finals (L.A. Lakers and Orlando Magic), where the loser will wear the winning team's colors (including a specially-designed Mickey Ears hat) down Main Street U.S.A. in their own park. The discussion turns to a "what might have been" had Disney built a stadium for the Magic to play on WDW property. Ben promises to provide a full review of "Pooh's Heffalump Movie" in the next episode. Listener feedback wraps up the show. Time: 1:37:51
    • 6/10/09 – Episode 62, After an update to the MNE family, Will and Shannon bring on Keegan (Teenage Disney Geek), LFFG ("Lightning Fast Fat guy" aka Keegan's Dad) and Matt from a new podcast called Mouse Dropping (yes, I'll be downloading it and including it on here) to discuss Up! Yes, they go off-topic with lots of inside jokes, but they're friends, so you have to expect that! The show ends with what I consider to be a near-impossible task of ranking the Pixar movies from best to worst. Time: 1:38:38
    • 6/909 – Jim is back from a Licensing Expo and, as Disney is huge with its licensing, has news from the Disney corporation on this front, which could be an indicator of future plans of the company. Time: 28:00
    • 6/9/09 – Episode 95, Jeff and his friend Joel meet up in Paris for their trip to DLP. This marks Jeff's 10th Disney park (of 11) and Joel's 11th (yes, that means he's got Disney Park Bingo). This show tops last show's record of in length by a couple of minutes. In-park audio is included throughout. Time: 3:14:16
    • 6/11/09 – They start off with good intentions going through e-mail and doing Mousebusters (think Mythbusters with a Disney twist). The first e-mail revolves around eating at the parks. The next question deals with "if you were able to…", Mike, Greg, and Shaft debate what park to close, followed by "best kept secrets". The good intentions don't last the whole show, however, though, as an e-mail request wonders where all the swearing has gone and is concerned that the podcast has gone family-friendly. Let's just say that the rating of this show changes a little over an hour into it as they finish answering questions. Time: 2:07:05
    • 6/6/09 – Episode 202, The Mouseguest hosts start off episode 202 with news, including the almost-unbridled excitement of tween show renewals and talk of attending the D23 Expo (e-mail Cathy for more info and tell her to go). Other segments include getting caught up on celebrations and listener audio requests. (e-mail Cathy) Time: 1:03:16
    • 6/8/09 – Episode 317, Mike and Mark's short subject show for the week. Topics include good non-crowded viewing locations for Wishes, Animal Kingdom's Oasis, and a review of the Disney's Pop Century resort. Andrew Rich does his weekly highlight of the MousePlanet web updates, and listener feedback ends the show. Time: 39:30
    • 6/10/09 – Episode 318, Today's topic revolves around Mike and Mark listing their favorite ride vehicles at Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Time 26:42
    • 6/6/09 – Episode 6, Sixes are wild here, as Ryan releases his sixth episode on 6/6. In this show, Ryan goes through the news, including some talk about a sneak peek of DL's new fireworks show and some updates to construction going on around the parks. Time: 12:59.
    • 6/9/09 – Episode 56, CALL THE VET!!! The cats are dealing with Just a small-town girl earworms in this living in a LOOOOnely wo-oorld episode. This is one of the most time-appropriate episodes as I still haven't forgiven them for the Don't Stop Believing song at the end of Episode 54. (see the May 29th Blog updates). The cats do a little research on the phenomenon (doo doo dee doo doo) of earworms. Lisa and Jennifer also have some appropriate poetry (in motion…she turned her tender eyes to me) read by Billy Collins. They then provide audio that, for normal folks, now have earworms breeding inside our mind, and, for those who are A.D.D., well, I'm just going to say that it's not pretty. This episode is full of laughter…full of tears…a world of hope…oooohh noooooooo. Time: 30:43
    • 6/5/09 – Episode 96, Tom and a full house start off the show with a fun roundtable discussion on what Disney movies they would like to see immortalized as an attraction at WDW (I like the Tron ideas). After that, they interview Adam Goodger from DisneyBrit, where he announces MouseMeets (think Mousefest across the pond at Disneyland Paris with a lot of Disney involvement) in early December. Listener feedback is the final segment. Time: 1:38:12
    • 6/7/09 – Episode 97, It's the last "What Were They Thinking" show, where Tom, Justin, Anthony, and Scott talk about DHS's decision to reduce the number of Fantasmic shows though the American Idol Experience goes nightly. This segment will be heading over to the Disneyland News Today Podcast (not reviewed here…just too many 'casts out there…sorry, folks). Before that segment, however, they have news and rumors. The next segment is Town Square Talk (hosted by Mayor Justin), where they take a look at the big items being discussed over on the WDWNT forums. Time: 1:23:13
    • 6/7/09 – Episode 122, Lou kicks off the show with Disney After Dark. A good interview with the Magic Kingdom area's head of gardening/horticulture AND the MK's head of custodial work as they discuss what goes on after the last guest has cleared the park. After this, Lou chances a new segment, where he meets up with several others for a live review of a Disney World restaurant: Mama Melrose's. The Wayback machine is fired back up, and Lou, along with Ryan Wilson of the Main Street Gazette Blog (you can decide who's Peabody and who's Sherman), head to the MK to look back at the Plaza Swan Boats. A new contest is included, with a new twist. Feedback ends the show Time: 1:36:19
    • 6/2/09 – Vidcast, Lou tours the 3 newest DVC resorts on site, with video and pictures of the Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs, Bay Lake Tower, and Kidani Village. Time: 7:32
    • 6/8/09 – Episode 575, Matt, Newell and Annette are not ze vurst to pass zis vay as they don their Viking helmets to do a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episode on Maelstrom. If you're a MST3K fan, they're true to form with the show (though I'm not sure which one is supposed to be Tom Servo). They also provide some sound reasoning as to why the price of gas has been trending up. Time 12:28.
    • 6/10/09 – Episode 576, It's Wednesday, which means the WDW Today crew dives into the listener mailbag for questions! Hosts for this episode are Matt, Len, and Newell and Scopa (who are both still struggling with role identities…Newell comes up with something new, while Scopa steals Newell's ideas (regular listeners are loving this!)). Matt: Elgin is pronounced EL-jin, not El-ggin…Along with vegans and Mormons, the show has probably lost the listeners from all the Chicago suburbs.
    • 6/12/09 – Episode 577, A must-listen-to episode for those who are new to planning for a Disney World trip. Matt, Scopa, and Len discuss when the best times to do certain necessary trip "parts" are, starting one year out. Time: 22:03
    • 6/9/09 – Episode 34, Aaron's doing regular shows now (Law school tends to take up just a little bit of time throughout the year). In this show, Aaron celebrates DHS's 20-years of fun by counting down his 20 favorite items in the parks. I'm using "item" for a reason as Aaron is including anything in the park as eligible. Time: 1:06:36

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