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Disney Podcast Show Updates: June 5th, 2009

LOTS of updates are here this week with many of the bi-weekly and monthly podcasts posting new shows. In addition to the ones I've included for the past month, today's post includes updates from two new additions on here: the Be Our Guest podcast and the Original D podcast. I'm estimating that there are around 30 hours of playable episodes uploaded in the past week.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 5/31/09 – Episode 52, Keegan provides some really good binaural sounds from WestFest. He meets up with Brian Sommer as they walk towards the entrance to Disneyland Park for a meet-up with lots of folks-to-be-named (Will's one of them, and Shannon, and Burnt Toast, and the Princess Peanut, and Brad, and Mike, and other un-named folks, like Oakfan, and… ) from the Disney Podcast Network. This show is even more reason to meet up at the parks with a bunch of friends! I'm echoing his recommendation that you listen to this one with headphones. The audio from Space Mountain is simply amazing ("perfect" may be a better word). Time: 1:27:12.
    • 5/29/09 – Episode 111, Yes, you read the title correctly. Bryan is away for this episode, so Jonathon invites Paul from WTTM and his girlfriend, Tairy, from Disney Tidbits. Utter chaos ensues…I nearly drove the car off the road a couple of times from laughing so hard. I still crack up when I think about the Mary Poppins "myth" (thanks Paul). There is a Disney Feud, where Paul and Tairy take on Communicore's Shane and "Lester". Time: 1:11:26
    • 6/5/09 – Episode 112, We're back to All About the Mouse with this show. Bryan heard all about last week's show and starts off by reading an e-mail that probably sums up episode 111 best: a 20 minute show with 50 minutes of outtakes! Glad to know I wasn't the only one that loved that show. After some news, including information on a chance for a family of 4 to win a trip to either NYC or Las Vegas to see The Lion King on stage (check out for more information), Bryan provides audio from Kris Allen's visit to the Studios, starting with the motorcade and ending with the press event. The Roll Call is up next, followed by THE DISSSNNEEEYYYYYY FEEEUUUUUUDDDDdddddd…Today, the Disney Dudes take on Mike Scopa, and the winner will take on Shane, who prevailed in last week's show. But Wait….There's More!!! Jonathon and Bryan interview John "the Penguin" Bingham, who is very well-known in the distance-running community. They discuss the half- and full-marathons at Disney World as well as tips on achieving your personal fitness goals. They've got to be crazy to have this much. Call in the next thirty minutes, and you'll ALSO receive an interview with Karen Prell, who Jonathon met up with at the Jim Henson Magical World Event up in the Seattle area. Shout outs and outtakes wrap up this "full" show. Time: 2:16:09
    • 5/29/09 – Episode 128, Bear with me as I'm still getting the feel for the podcast and know who the hosts are a little better. In this episode, Pam recounts her recent WDW/DCL experience where she finds herself in the middle of the bomb scare at Port Canaveral before half the ship chums the water thanks to rough seas. This, of course, is after people were filling the airsickness bags in her flight down. She also discusses some of the on-board entertainment, including all sorts of "tastings" offered. After hearing this episode, I'm heading off to the Wonder and signing up for non-stop karaoke. Time 39:15
    • 6/1/09 – Episode 129, the BOG crew welcomes online magazine author Marie Dubuque, who writes on consumer education, to discuss ways to save money on your next Disney vacation. Time: 32:24
    • 6/5/09 – Episode 130, Mike, Rikki, Debbie, and Pam open up the voice mail logs and play/respond to voice mail. Before that, though, they have a discussion on how the better halves of Disney Freaks deal with living with us Disney Freaks. Time: 49:30
    • 5/31/09 – Episode 71, Sorcerer, Jeff, Fantasmic, Imagine, and Pluto are back on your MP3 player, this time with guest Greg from Imagineering My Way, At the Main Street Cinema, and Micecast. As usual, Jeff gives the news to start things off, followed by a discussion with Greg on Disneyland vs. Disney World (remember, Greg was a CM out at Anaheim). For the restaurant review, they do a little twist and look at Everything Pop, the food court at Pop Century. Pluto and Imagine discuss an unlikely pairing of WS pavilions: Morocco and the United Kingdom. The show wraps up with listener questions. Time: 1:52:46
    • 6/1/09 – Episode 62, Tom Corless and John Rick had some technical difficulties in getting this one out, but it's here! They have their usual pin segments and updates around the country, including MOP (museum Of Pintiquities) news and pin releases. They also talk with I.P.L.S. #44, Carol Lynn Fletcher. They also have a segment on pins of Disney history, and Tom jumps into his time machine to examine pins of extinct attractions. They close with e-mail. Time: 1:53:47
    • 6/4/09 – Episode 63, Tom and John look at trading events and releases at WDW and Disneyland. More MOP information, and they do a DPI (Disney Pin Investigation). Erica Lloyd, I.P.L.S. # 45, is next up in the list. They also discuss some changes to the podcast, revolving around the new release date for pins. The new release date for the Pincast is being moved to Fridays instead of Wednesdays. Time: 2:13:18
    • 5/29/09 – Episode 48, Tairy offers a tribute to Disney legend Wayne Allwine in this episode. Time: 13:39
    • 5/31/09 – Episode 23, Being from Indiana, Tracey and Scott have to devote an episode to the sport of auto racing. They look at the relationship between Disney and the Indy 500 as well as the Disney World Motor Speedway. Included is a discussion of the Mini Indy 500, done in 2006, where they had Autopia-themed cars racing at the Brickyard. Buzzy on WWED then provides some appropriate music to jam to. The Epcot Holiday Storyteller series is continued, with audio from the three wise men (Los Tres Reyes Magos) in the Mexico Pavilion. Being auto-based, they first family also look at the racing tracks at the Disney theme parks. Listener feedback is the last segment of the show. Time: 58:46
    • 5/31/09, Episode 217, There isn't a lot of new News Around the World this time, but it gives Ricky a chance to get right into the first featured discussion, Pixar's newest feature film, Up! Sections both without and with spoilers are included (for those who don't want spoilers, he tells you when to fast-forward. Skipper Ben reads and responds to listener mail on "goosebump" moments in planning/experiencing a WDW trip and suggestions for things to do with his daughter on her first trip. Ricky steps back up to the microphone and provides a really good segment on American Idol Winner Kris Allen's recent visit to Disney World (hey, he DID say that he was going there after winning!) Time: 1:27:03. Also for download this week are two high-quality videos of Kris Allen's appearance at DHS, complete with excellent audio (Ricky was able to plug into Disney's Sound board). Both vidcasts are a little over 7 minutes in length.
    • 5/29/09 – Episode 60, Will and Shannon post their audio trip report from their parks-on-both-sides-of-the-country. Large portions of this was previously aired over on Travelears, though they do include several parts that are specific to Will and Shannon. Time: 3:07:10
    • 6/1/09 – Episode 61, try to sync up this episode with the Teenage Disney Geek's most recent podcast for full surround-sound audio at Westfest! There also is a lot of un-heard audio because Keegan ditches them to ride SM. The princess peanut also gets to experience her first attractions in a Disney park. Lots of good audio, and again, I recommend listening to this with headphones on to get the full effect of the binaural sound. Time: 1:32:28
    • 6/2/09 – Though they've never been on a Disney cruise, the Micecast crew discuss DCL. Grab a brew and listen to their comments/critiques/suggested changes. Time: 1:50:31
    • 5/30/09 – Episode 201, The entire crew (Eric, Cathy, & Dan) , along with several others, including Muppetcast host Steve Swanson and his wife and Mouseguest Ma Debbie give a live on-scene episode in front of a theater where they just finished watching Up. This episode starts off with an in-depth discussion of the movie before an interview with Steve on the future of the muppets in the Disney arena. Following that are the results of the Disney villains brackets. Before the results are announced, Eric reads some dissertation-quality e-mails supporting additional votes for a particular character over another. In the Dark Dungeon region, Scar defeats Chernabog, In the Secret Lab region, Hades knocks out Lady Tremaine. In the Underground Lair, Ursula vaporizes Shere Kahn, and Captain Hook defeats Gaston in the Remote Island region. The Elite 8 matchups (along with my biased opinion on who I want to win) have Scar against Malificent (I'm putting my money on Scar), Hades (a 3-seed) against Snow White's evil queen (Hades is funny, but the evil queen almost made me cry in Fantasyland), Ursula against Cruella DeVille (wanting to skin puppies is pure evil), and Captain Hook against Jafar (Hook's a wuss, but he tried to drown children). The show ends with some in-park audio in honor of Steve Swanson…what could it be? Time: 1:18:52
    • 6/1/09 – Episode 315, Mike and Mark's short subject show for the week. Topics include DHS's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster as the Featured Attraction and a review of the Grand Floridian resort. Andrew Rich highlights the MousePlanet updates, and the show wraps up with e-mails. Time: 40:22
    • 6/3/09 – Episode 316, It's Featured Topic Day, and the topic is DVC! Specifically, they look at the newest DVC resorts at the WDW resort, Kidani Village, Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs, and Bay Lake Towers. Time 42:00
    • 6/5/09 – Episode 141, Van starts with his news segment and website update before getting to his Top 7 list, which focuses on things that WDW freaks often overlook when touring Disneyland. He wraps up the episode with some audio "magic" (?) from a certain AK attraction that petrifies a certain podcaster listed below *cough Matt Hochberg cough* (very expensive headphones are required, according to Van) Time: 23:48
    • 5/29/09 – Episode 5, Another new entry in the list of podcasts…Ryan takes a look at Disneyland Park's Tomorrowland, including the new update to the Astro Orbiter and what might be happening to the Cosmic Waves area. Ryan expands his scope to the entire park momentarily to give a Top 5 least favorite attractions in Disneyland Park (as voted by the followers on the Original D forums) and finishes up with e-mails and a talk about Space Mountain. Time: 14:51
    • 6/2/09 – Episode 55, the Cats go overseas (figuratively) to talk with Adam Goodger of the DisneyBrit podcast to discuss Disneyland Paris in-depth. Après cela, nous arrivons pour éprouver des Tours d'Étoile en la langue d'amour…Français…peut la force être avec vous! Time: 32:59
    • 5/31/09 – Episode 121, After the traditional news and rumors leadoff, Lou brings back Justin Muchoney for a look back as Disney's first, and only, Chief Magical Official. Some of Justin's stories are really heartfelt…I've got to agree with Lou that Disney picked the best person for that position! The show wraps up with listener feedback. Time: 1:04:01
    • 6/2/09 – Vidcast, Lou tours the 3 newest DVC resorts on site, with video and pictures of the Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs, Bay Lake Tower, and Kidani Village. Time: 7:32
    • 6/1/09 – Episode 572, Matt and Mike Newell talk with Annette, who's celebrating her birthday at WDW, and (with a little help from Annette's co-worker, Beci Mahnken) surprise her more than once. Time: 16:23
    • 6/3/09 – Episode 573, Matt, Mike, Mike, Len, and the Fabulous Annette Owens are all here today for listener questions. Time: 34:11
    • 6/5/09 – Episode 573, Matt, Mike*2, and Len give you "a hug from the inside" when they talk about some of the best and worst values at counter service restaurants. That hug comes courtesy of the Earl of Sandwich. Time: 23:22
    • 5/31/09 – Show 198, Paul appeals to his listener's requests for more in-park audio. He presents a walk/ride around Disneyland with Tairy during his recent Westfest trip. I'd suggest headphones for this one to get the binaural sound truly at its best. Time: 1:05:27
    • 6/2/09 – Episode 33, Aaron continues his trip report from his recent trip to WDW with his good friend, Courtney Lambert. This report focuses primarily on MK and includes a last "ride" (with stops) on Space Mountain before going down for refurb, a talk a ride with character in Fantasyland from a previous trip, a visit with the Country Bears, commentary on the new Celebrate It! Parade, and more. They also give a short review on T-Rex at DTD. After thumbing through an open D23 magazine, a segment (Aaron calls it a "rangent"…ranting tangent) revolves around Aaron's and Courtney's views of D23. The show wraps up in AK. Time: 46:04


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