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Disney Podcast Show Updates, June 24th, 2009

Hi there, folks. As I mentioned in a previous post, last week was a crazy week. In my so-called real-world life, I teach economics, and last week was my Hell week. I finished up 2 four-week classes, got finals graded, and submitted the final grades last week. At the same time, I started a second four-week online class last week. To make things even more interesting, I am the departmental advisor for the incoming freshmen orientation program. Further complicating matters is the fact that I'm also working on writing my dissertation and am a week behind on an update for that. Oh, and we had 2 cars in the shop, AND my wife and I headed out for a short vacation to celebrate our anniversary last Wednesday to Branson. As much as I like doing this, the podcasts took a back-seat for a few days.

Never fear, however…today's list is going to be huge. Also, I've added the WEDWay Radio, Magic City Mayhem, and Mouse Comedy podcasts to the list. This brings the list to 38, if I counted correctly. Mouse Droppings and Extinct Attractions also have their first updates on here. Considering there are 55 updates here, there are a couple of updates where I simply give the description of the show provided by the hosts (not enough time to listen to full episodes). I don't think I missed any updates, but if I did, it was purely accidental.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes (with the exception of a couple new ones, which I still need to get in the list), I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 6/14/09 – Episode 53, This is one of those times where, as I updated these, I realized that I simply won't be able to listen to all of them as there are just too many. Keegan has always done a great job with the show descriptions on iTunes, so I'll be pasting over his take on the show for this week. "*THIS SHOW WELL-DESERVANT OF A PG-13 RATING**Headphones suggested*Hey everyone! On this show, join me, the rest of the Dysfunctional SuperFamily, Will and Shannon from the Magic Never Ends podcast (and occasional interjections by the Princess Peanut), and Matt the Esquire from the Mouse Droppings podcast as we discuss Disney-Pixar's new movie Up, that we saw earlier that day. Approximately 50 minutes into the show, we then change our topic of discussion to Disneyland and Westfest. This is a marathon show so hold on tight, but it's obvious that we all had an incredible amount of fun recording this show and we hope you'll have just as much fun listening! Enjoy!" Time: 2:00:50
    • 6/20/09 – Episode 54, Again…I'll let Keegan's excellent description fill in here, though I'll again mention that he does absolutely great with the sound quality! "*Headphones Recommended**Rated PG-13 for Crazy Westfester Fun* Hey everyone! This week (yes, I said this week! I'm weekly again!), relive some awesome Westfest memories with me as we go back to Disneyland for both the Wet 'n' Wild Ride Splash Mountain Meet and the Disney Geeks the Rescue meet at Mike and Sulley to the Rescue in DCA. A LOT of special guests join us on this episode, so I do not mention anyone for fear of forgetting them. Come along with me and experience the overwhelming and amazing experience known as Westfest through my eyes! Enjoy!" Time: 1:27:10
    • 6/19/09 – Episode 114, Jonathon and Bryan go through the news and get into the AllAboutTheMouseketeer Roll Call before the final game of the first round of the Disney Feud ensues. Disney Moms '08 battled the Main Street Scrappers, with the scrappers scrapping out a win (oh like you didn't see that one coming). They then go through mountains of e-mails…do yourself a favor and listen to a touching one about 1:23:05 into it (proving that I DID listen to this one all the way through, or at least 1:23:05 into it). They end the show as always with the outtakes from the of my favorite segments! Time: 1:42:20
    • 6/14/09 – Episode 133, A special guest is on today's show. Nashville native and BOG listener Patrick was fortunate enough to win some money on Fox's Don't Forget the Lyrics (his winnings absolutely blew away my winnings on Millionaire…Congrats!). After Patrick won, guess what he did? HE WAS GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! He provides a good trip report on his recent trip funded by some of his winnings in this show. Time: 59:30
    • 6/18/09 – Episode 134, Mike, Rikki, Pam, and Debbie are all here to discuss things to do with Dad at Disney World for Father's Day. Debbie announces her surprise ADRs that Pam made for her upcoming trip (every meal at the Sci-Fi LOL). In line with that is a discussion on the new online dining reservation system that has recently opened up to everyone, both pros and cons. Pam, being a travel planner, provides some interesting perspective on this. Time: 39:20
    • 6/22/09 – Episode 135, The BOG crew is joined by Jodi and Margaret of the 2009 Disney Moms Panel to talk about what being on the panel entails! Time: 29:39
    • 6/14/09 – Episode 72, Sorcerer, Jeff, Fantasmic, Imagine, and Pluto are back on your MP3 player, this time with guest Greg from Imagineering My Way, At the Main Street Cinema, and Micecast. Yeah, that's how I started the last update, but they're adding a segment on security at Disney parks with Greg that was taped for the last episode but cut for time. Jeff starts off with news from the Disney company. The Crystal Palace is the restaurant review for this show. No monorail station this time, unfortunately. Also included in this show is an intellectual conversation on Must-Do table service restaurants in the parks. The show again wraps up with listener questions. Time: 1:35:27
    • 6/14/09, SHANE'S BACK!!!!! Real-life constraints have kept Shane and Lester away from the microphone for a couple of months, but a new episode is now available for download. Shane starts off with Lester bringing you the news as only he can. Following that is the "ears to the ground" segment, where we get to hear audio from one of my favorite attractions in Fantasyland, Mickey's Philharmagic. The show wraps up with listener feedback. Time: 27:18.
    • 6/20/98 – Show 18, Trace brings a guest for story time. Anthony (Trace's good friend and fellow Disney geek) is around to talk about the link with Star Wars and Disney. Ultimately, they end up educating Wayne on A New Hope. Time: 1:17:54
    • 6/12/09 – Episode 64, Chris Young is in the crosshairs as IPLS Member # 46. John and Rick also update you with the latest pin releases in the Disney community as well as information on upcoming pin trading meet-ups. Time: 2:29:35
    • 6/19/09 – Episode 65, This episode includes a Disney Pin Investigation segment. as well as a good primer for those thinking of starting up the pin obsession with a discussion on Pin-Trading and E-bay. Answering the IPLS survey this time is member #47, Michael Knak. Note: the Epcot pin celebration is coming up in the next few days, and, as of the recording of this show, the Pin Festival is currently going on at Disneyland. Throw in the upcoming D23 Expo, and it's a crazy summer for the pin fans. John covers the releases…well, the WDW releases, anyways. Tom is going to cover releases over at Disney Store Europe. Release information for Disneyland and the Soda Fountain and Studio Store are also included in the list of updates. Also, there's a RSC! For you non-listeners, that's random selection contest. Time: 1:44:20
    • 6/12/09 – Episode 49, The tidbits for this show look at the history and the storyline behind one of the Magic Kingdom's most beloved rides, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Included is audio of the attraction. Time: 14:52
    • 6/14/09 – Episode 50!!! Tairy is doing this episode with a flair. Actually, this is more like episode 49.95, as it leads up to the gala 50th episode, the Show of a Million Tidbits! Lisa, a very familiar voice from somewhere else, guests to help out Tairy in "planning" for show #50. Confused yet? Some of the ideas that are thrown around on here is outright scary (in a good way). Time: 14:28
    • 6/19/09 – EPISODE 50!!! (well, 50.5, actually). Lisa joins Tairy as they reminisce over the history of the show. Time: 14:40
    • 6/14/09 – Episode 24, Buzy gets to take a vacation this week as Scott and Tracey meet up with the Mortis of "The Mortis Matinee" podcast. In this episode, Scott is held against his will on it's a small world, mostly by a tween girl. They recorded the show before their WDW trip to be aired the day they get back; sufficed to say, they haven't had time to put much together. So sit, back, relax, and enjoy some Disney music from WWED (okay, Buzy didn't get the vacation he was hoping for). Time: 57:12
    • 6/16/09, WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I hear about the Extinct Attractions podcast and find out that it has changed its name to Theme Parks 360! I finally find it on iTunes and start updating it, only to find that THEY'VE CHANGED THE NAME BACK TO EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS!!!!!!! After getting Brian off the couch, they start the show. David, Liana, and Deb host the live chat with around twenty members in the chat room. The chatroom is in full revolt for the hosts not doing a show last week but quickly forgives everyone. News, trivia, and overall fun follow, including park audio and a good discussion on the new, modified version of the Main Street Electrical Parade over in Anaheim. The moral of the story: never change the name of a popular podcast and website, and never get married! Much of the transcript from the chatroom is posted on the Extinct Attractions Podcast group page over on Facebook. Time: 1:28:41
    • 6/21/09, Video extra. Dave O'Neal posts a video promotion that he shot for Disney earlier this year where he goes behind the scenes (sort of) in the making of Pirates Online. I was laughing for almost the entire short…great job, Dave! Time: 2:31
    • 6/23/09, Live from the 405, David refuses to neglect his duty as host and calls in from the highway despite having to work late (talk about dedication!). They celebrate Liana's one-year anniversary on the podcast. We think Liana has started a trend as they talk a little bit about NFFC's possible name change. Time: 55:56
    • 6/21/09 – Episode 43, Greg has several segments packed into this show…all revolving around Epcot. He starts off with a trip in the time machine to check out Communicore. Following the time machine is a report card of Impressions de France (where you can actually sit to watch it). Next up requires hard hats as Greg hops on the IMW bulldozer to demolish the Circle of Life attraction in the Land pavilion. The last segment brings the Disney Dopplegangers to light as Greg compares O Canada '82 to O Canada '07. As a side note, I absolutely love the ads in this show where the folks from Tiki Bar TV are used. (I've been following Tiki Bar TV longer than any of the Disney podcasts!) Time: 44:16
    • 6/14/09 – Episode 219, After the news, this show is filled with audio. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Matterhorn, we get a ride through of the Anaheim classic. Following that is audio from the Disneyland monorail and the 20,000 Leagues Sub attractions, also celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year. Skipper Ben goes old-school on the listeners and gives audio from the old walk-through portion of the Backlot Tour. Mark and Jay are also here with a backstage look at how they put on the fireworks shows (really interesting stuff here!). Time: 1:15:30
    • 6/21/09 – Episode 220, The trip around the world leads off the show as always. The tip of the day revolves around the hot topic of waterproofing your shoes/socks. Ricky then switches gears and gives some binaural audio from MK where a listener, who is a band director, got to march his band through the park. With Transformers being the big talk around the water coolers (when they're not talking about John and Kate), a merchandise review of Transformer Mickey by Scott is included in this show. Skipper Ben starts off a top 5 in the worst way with Stitch's SuperSonic Shutdown. In honor of Father's Day, Ben gives listener tips on WDW with younger children. Listener feedback ends the show. Time: 1:05:46
    • 6/21/09 – Video Supplement to Episode 220 of the marching band that Dale led. Time: 2:09
    • 6/14/09, Over in DHS during a Star Wars Weekend, Mike experiences a Francis Floot sighting! This video is of Francis doing some really quick improve in the way only he can do it! Time: 8:30
    • 6/15/09 – Episode 63, Will and Shannon are still dealing with real-life issues (thanks to a water heater that decided to crap out on them), so they didn't have a whole lot of time to get this show made. They provide more audio from the Westfest experience and go back to the discussion with Keegan (Teenage Disney Geek) without his family and Matt (Mouse Droppings). A programming note: they're planning on future episodes on traveling with an infant. Time: 1:08:35
    • 6/21/09 – Nathan and Jim skipped a week due to personal issues, but they're back this week. The topic of this episode is the Box Office and Disney this summer. Included is a look at how well Up is doing and what to expect with Bruckheimer's G-Force. Time: 22:28
    • 6/20/09 – Greg and Mike are your hosts in this replay of a show that aired August 19, 2006. The topic (initially) is "Disney Dads", but tangents abound. Time: 1:35:24
    • 6/21/09 – show 55, This is my first show with Jonathon and Tairy, and I've decided that the podcast is staying on the iPod! In the news section, your fearless hosts discuss news items such as: "You've just faked your own abduction. What are you going to do now? I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! (and get fired in the process)"; and "Cluelessness about 'Robobama' in the Hall of Presidents". Jonathon and Tairy discuss their three wishes that they would use if they had them for Walt Disney World (and beyond). Time: 1:23:40
    • 6/10/09 – Episode 5, Listen to what happens when you cram too many Disney Freaks on a ride vehicle on POTC at Disneyland. This one is appropriately dubbed "The Pirate Shuffle". I'm still laughing at many of these folks when they rode "Living With the Land" back at Mousefest a couple of years ago…this one is along the same lines, with a little physical education included! Rough Seas, eh? This episode is absolutely hilarious! One of PG-13 rating for potential language. Time: 27:57
    • 6/23/09 – Episode 6, Matt drops in a talk about the Kim Possible Experience. His country for this episode is the Rose and Crown Pub (where he got a Black and Tan to make the game more interesting) at the United Kingdom. And, yes, I'll agree with the host that she has really nice abs. Time: 35:15
    • 6/13/09 – Episode 203, After the traditional Mouseguest news and celebrations segments, the crew plays "Stump Eric". Afterwards is the long-awaited announcement of the Final 4 in the Disney Villains tournament. Malificent will battle the Evil Queen (I think Scar got robbed), and Captain Hook will face off in an aquatic escapade against Ursula. I'm rooting for Hook, but all Ursula has to do is throw a croc (reptile or shoe…you decide), and Hook will probably cave in. A mellow rendition of a tune from Dumbo is the song request today. Oh, and ABORT ABORT ABORT!!! No more e-mailing Cathy about the D23 Expo!!! Time: 51:35
    • 6/20/09 – Episode 204, I'd like to take a mulligan for this week…pause…pause…Cathy, are you with us?. Eric, Cathy, and Dan take mulligans for Disney movies, Disney parks, and personal Disney experiences. Before they get to this, they discuss the online dining ressies topic as well as a song for the Disney Dads out there (great song choice!). The Mouseguest request is Simple and Clean from the Kingdom Hearts video game. Time: 1:23:31
    • 6/15/09 – Episode 319, Again, in order to get this thing posted before 2010, I am going to let Mark and Mike's show description tell you what's on this episode (as well as the other episodes in this week's update). Heck, y'all may like their descriptions better than mine anyways! "Goofy's Kitchen, the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, cinnamon-roasted almonds and more in this week's collection of short subjects." Time: 46:49
    • 6/17/09 – Episode 320, "Mark and Mike choose their top three ride vehicles for two more of Walt Disney World's parks". Time: 25:59
    • 6/22/09 – Episode 321, "The California Grill, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, listener Top 3s and more in this week's collection of short subjects." Time: 36:20
    • 6/19/09 – Episode 142, Van opens with some iPhone "love" and then gets into news from around the world. Speaking of love, he has a Top 7 for those romantics (complete with music). He "finally" gets to the feature for this episode, which is up in the air…it's Soarin. After going over the queue and some trivia, he provides the ride audio, which I honestly could listen to over and over, in fact, I can actually smell pine as I type this and listen to the poor dude falling over the hill trying to ski. Time: 27:34
    • 6/13/09 – Episode 46, Grab your pudgie pie maker! The Canadians are out with their first campfire chat where they go over news, listener mails, and a discussion of Pixar's Up. A new segment is introduced in this episode on preparing for the 2010 Disney World Marathon. Time: 37:23
    • 6/16/09 – Episode 57, This is a continuation of the Adam Goodger interview from Episode 55 on Disney from a British perspective. Time: 37:17
    • 6/23/09 – Episode 58, Lisa and Jennifer start off with Listen to the Lan….I mean Listen to the Lou. I initially thought they were going to pay homage to my blog with their next song, but it always seems to go back to Mongello (I'm listening to this at 2 am on Wednesday and trying hard not to laugh as I hear the lyrics). In honor of Donald's 75th birthday, they discuss Donald in depth. Time: 26:24
    • 6/21/09 – Episode 122, Oh…My…God…If you haven't listened to the Mouse Droppings episode, then this will all be new. If you have heard that episode, then you'll get another listen to some of the funniest audio in recent Disney Podcast history. Two words are all that need to be said: Pirate Shuffle! Earl starts recording a little after Matt does, but he still gets most of the best part. After the insanity on Pirates, Earl takes us back to Florida for some audio from a parade at MK during Gay Days. Time: 43:01
    • 6/16/09 – Episode 98, Tom and the crew edge ever-closer to the cherished episode 100. The last "segment" ever for WDWNT is a roundtable discussion on where the most "magical" place on Walt Disney World is located. Afterwards, they decide to throw in one more roundtable (it's the last one…cut 'em some slack!). The last last roundtable is the favorite snacks at WDW. After that…guess what? The last last last roundtable discussion focuses on the heated "Fastpass vs. Standby" debate for attractions (it's the longest last roundtable and has some really good back-and-forth discussion). Time: 1:21:06
    • 6/21/09 – Episode 99, They're inching ever-so-close to the magical 100th episode. For this one, I'm going to let the description on iTunes tell you what's on here: "To kick off episode 99, we have your Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. In this latest report, we will be discussing the unexpected end of a fairly new Magic Kingdom show, the unexpected replacement for the Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney, and the expected debut of the online restaurant reservation system for Walt Disney World table-service restaurants. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom's Delta Dreamflight attraction, we present audio from the now extinct omnimover, as well as a special opening and closing to this week's show that we hope you'll enjoy." Time: 59:29
    • 6/14/09 – Episode 123, Lou starts off his show in his usual form with Disney News. Jim Korkis is back in this episode with another DSI: Disney Scene Investigation! In this segment, Jim and Lou look at one of the icons at the Downtown Disney area, Fulton's Crab House. In its former life, however, it was known as the Empress Lily. Beci Mahnken joins Lou to help reduce the overfilled mail bag. Lou wraps up the show with the winners from last week's "Name That Attraction" show voice mail. Time: 2:09:15
    • 6/18/09 – Video Extra, Lou examines a shop in one of his favorite World Showcase pavilions, Italy…the Mask Shop (I'm willing to bet that most of you just walk by without even knowing that store's there!). Lou interviews Giorgio Lurcotta, who provides some little-known facts about the store, the history of the masks, and the masks themselves. Time: 6:29
    • 6/21/09 – Video Extra, Robert Olszewski is Lou's guest in this short video, recorded in the Art of Disney store in DTD. Robert is a well-known miniature artist who has created many artifacts that many of you probably own and display in your house. Time: 6:49
    • 6/22/09 – Episode 124, I feel absolutely terrible doing this, but I haven't had a chance to listen to this one yet and will have to use Lou's introduction (in his show description). "We'll start off this week's show with some news and a trip to the Walt Disney World rumor mill, where some old rumors have surfaced again, but look as though they may be closer to reality than rumor. Planning for a Walt Disney World vacation is one of the most important and fun elements for an enjoyable trip. And when traveling to Disney with a large group or family, it can afford everyone opportunities to make incredible memories together. So this week, I'm joined on a roundtable by three brothers and sisters who have planned vacations with a large group, as we discuss the logistics and experiences, and offer advice to others thinking about similar vacations. And whether your family is big or small, close or distant, I think you'll find this segment both interesting and valuable. I'll have another "Where In The World?" audio contest this week, where I'll ask you to once again identify sound clips from Walt Disney World for a chance to win a prize package." Time: 1:32:43
    • 6/15/09 – Episode 578, Matt and Scopa listen to some interesting new research released by Len on when to call for advance reservations on dining at particular restaurants. Some unexpected findings are reported in this episode. Time: 15:16
    • 6/17/09 – Episode 579, Matt, Len Tester, and Newell work on taking care of the huge pile of listener questions. Believe it or not, RADP and Prodigy take over much of the episode. Grab a toga and head on over to the Delta House for a podcast party. Jumping around naked in your room is optional. Please use the Unofficial Guide to help clean up any spills. Time: 32:48
    • 6/19/09 – Episode 580, Matt is joined by Newell and Len (back to Testa after the last episode) to play Name That Tune! After hearing music, they discuss the attraction a little. I actually ran a "Name That Attraction" game over at Lodgeboards, and I totally sucked on this episode. Good luck! Time: 17:03
    • 6/21/09 – Live Show #33 posting from May of 2009. Additionally, there is a download for a European Live Show that was broadcast on MouseWorld Radio on 4/19/09. #33 Time: 2:11:13; European Live Show Time: 1:45:41
    • 6/22/09 – Episode 581, Deb Koma from joins Matt, Mike, and Mike to talk about the new TreeHouse Villas. Time: 22:22
    • 6/12/09 – Episode 18, in this show, your hosts, Matt and Nate take us to Tomorrowland in a RetroMagic look at the extinct ExtraTerrorestrial Alien Encounter attraction and give an in-depth discussion on it. Time: 42:16
    • 6/23/09 – Episode 19, Matt and Nate snuck this one in just before I was going to post this, but I wanted to include it for all to read about. In this episode, the hosts get to interview Disney Legend Ron Logan, who is responsible for some of the best live attractions in the theme parks. This is a must-listen for the true Disney fans. Time: 40:39. I was going to give the interview award to Lou for having Jim Korkis on, but Disney Legend trumps historian any day (though I hope Mr. Korkis gets legend status someday).
    • 6/14/09 – Show 199, Paul gives a long-time listener favorite game…Where In the World? He starts at the Esplanade at the Disneyland resort and provides over 50 minutes of audio. You, as the listener, are supposed to try to guess where he is at as he goes through the park/parks. Time: 1:00:27
    • 6/16/09 – Episode 35, Aaron continues his Top 20 list of DHS favorites from Episode 34. Several surprises are in store for the list as he again considers everything fair game (not just attractions). Time: 1:12:00
    • 6/19/09 – Episode 36, This is a special episode in honor of Father's Day. Initially, Aaron was going to rebroadcast episode 13, where he gave his Top Ten "Disney Dads" list. Upon listening to it however, he realized that he's progressed a LOT in his broadcasting abilities since that show and refused to re-air it. Aaron provides an audio montage of his top Dads as well as of his honorable mention list of those who almost made it and of "new" Dads introduced to us since the original episode aired back in 2006 (and some he just plain missed!). He just gives the audio, so he makes it sort of a game where you can try to identify the Dads throughout the audio. Time, 25:56

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