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Disney Podcast Show Updates, June 30th, 2009

I promise I'll get back to my normal schedule soon, folks. We had a last minute trip scheduled for this past weekend to meet up with some friends that we haven't seen for a long time. I was so looking forward to a quick update, too (silly me). With the delay in getting to the updates, coupled with the death of Michael Jackson (which led to a couple special "tribute" episodes) and a couple of delays in podcast downloads on iTunes, there are still a decent number of updates on here. I'm adding a couple more new Disney-related podcasts, the Running to Disney and the Mortis Matinee podcasts, which should appear in the master list soon.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created Disneypodcastdirectory.net, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 6/28/09 – Episode 55, Auntie Lo! Auntie Lo! I was waiting for this audio from Westfest. I joined the Disney Podcast Network forums not long after I started listening to podcasts, but time constraints have kept me from being anything more than a rare lurker over on the forums. One of the fun times I did have, however, was interacting with "Lorien", who is known by nearly everyone on the DPN. I was on her island early on though (page 13 of the forums) and took over bartending duties a bit on pages 18 and 20). This audio is from Auntie Lo's Fantasy Isle de Lorien at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Playground. No "goat goat goat"s or monkeys were hurt in this episode, though Liana got some collateral damage. Time: 1:07:36
    • 6/26/09 – Episode 115, Bryan and Jonathon do some news and the Roll Call before bringing on Deb Wills for a really good discussion on Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge, both pros and cons. Jonathon brings up a great idea for the official sandwich of Bay Lake Towers…the B.L.T.! This episode marks the beginning of round 2 of the Disney Feud! Steve from the Muppetcast battles Those Darn Cats (I'm still mad at them for Don't Stop Believin'). The winner runs the category to make it to Round 3 against either the Disney Dudes or Communicore. Another Mouse Call takes place (poor Katie). Time: 1:50:42
    • 6/25/09 – Episode 136, First, I need to offer kudos to Mike for doing this podcast a mere two hours after being released from the E.R. for a kidney stone (I cringe just writing that). In this show, Pam describes the new Bay Lake Towers and Kidani Village DVC properties. After listening to AATM above and then this, Pam's really making it hard for me to not crunch the numbers for 160 points to own at Kidani (we went to the Doorway to Dreams store up in Chicago and saw the Bay Lake Model…we got the incentives, and it's REALLY tempting). Time 29:46.
    • 6/28/09 – Episode 127, Rikki takes over the host chair to interview the normal host, Mike, who was surprised by his wife recently with a trip to Marceline, MO, which, as Disney fans know, was Walt's childhood town. This is a "don't miss" episode as he goes in-depth on chats with the owner of the B&B that they stayed at. Despite them being die-hard Cardinals fans, I have to applaud this one. (die-hard Cubs fan here, btw). Time: 52:21
    • 6/21/09, Shane is recording this on the road, so Lester won't be able to give the news (for the most part), so that leaves the host to take the duties. Shane talks a bit about the passports that you can purchase as you experience the World Showcase at Epcot. Foolish Mortals are welcomed to listen to the on-ride audio of a favorite Magic Kingdom attraction. He ends the show with a neat monologue about the mindset of Walt Disney and how he overcame adversity, and how Shane tries to apply it to his real life. Time: 23:12.
    • 6/25/98 – Show 18.5, in remembrance of Michael Jackson's death, the Dudes present a full version of Captain EO. Time: 21:40
    • 6/27/09 – Show 19, Oh boy…words are hard to describe this one. I'll admit that I caught only a few minutes of last week's show in the interest of time. Had I known exactly what was going to happen, I would have listened to the whole thing (and been permanently scarred in the process). In this show, Wayne continues to get his Star Wars education as they delve into Swamp Kermit and more in The Empire Strikes Back. I will never be able to watch that show in the same way again. Only the Disney Dudes could pull this one off in such a funny way. Time: 1:20:31
    • 6/26/09 – Episode 66, After news and pin updates, Tom and John have 2 weeks of releases for Disney pins to make room for the M.O.P. episode coming up. Dan Kidwell is IPLS member #48, who provides his pin information. Time: 1:31:20
    • 6/28/09 – Episode 25 <---- In honor their silver episode, Tracey and Scott take us back to the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World. The hosts look back at their first Disney trip back in 1996, in the time of the Pepto Bismol Castle. They give a good retrospective of some of the extinct entertainment in Epcot. Their "break" provides some good commercials and audio from that time frame. Afterwards, they continue their examination of the Epcot Storytellers during the holiday season. In this episode, they look at Father Christmas, from the United Kingdom pavilion (audio included). They then return with their Magic Kingdom perspective from 1996. Scott brings up a good question in here…why wasn't Jessica Rabbit a face character that walked around the parks?! They call in to see what Mortis has showing at the cinema…for those keeping track, I think the score is Mortis: 2, Scott: 0. They wrap up the show with highlights from their most recent trip to Disney World. Mush's note: AWESOME audio of the Dapper Dans at the beginning of the show…I could listen to them for hours. Thanks for that audio, Scott and Tracey! Time: 1:22:44
    • 6/28/09 – Episode 221, News and the Tip of the Day start the show. Ricky then talks about the Hall of Presidents after attending the passholder preview and includes the video (listed below) and audio. Skipper Ben recounts a story back when he was a Cast Member and saw Michael Jackson in the parks. According to Ben, Jackson often did sort of his own "Make a Wish" trips for families with sick children, and he got to witness one of these events at the Virgin Megastore. Ricky ends the show with a little-known version of "When You Wish Upon a Star", sung by none other than the King of Pop himself (also appearing on the Mouseguest podcast). Time: 59:24
    • 6/28/09 – Video Supplement to Episode 221, a small snippet of the newly-refurbed Hall of Presidents. Time: 3:06
    • 6/28/09 – In this episode, Nathan and Jim first talk about the demise of Stitch's Surprise Celebration with a take different than what most are saying as to why it closed. They then describe some of the decisions that go into the construction of a Disney attraction, with the focus primarily on construction over at Disney's California Adventure. Time 28:57.
    • 6/27/09 – Greg, Mike, and Shaft (eventually) discuss war stories of working for security at Disneyland. Before that, they get into a little bit of politics, a little bit of Walt Disney's ideology, a little bit of Tropic Thunder and Walk Hard, and a little bit of a lot more. They also discuss changes to the Disney parks and peoples' expectations, and more. Time: 2:18:32
    • 6/28/09 – Episode 11, Fresh from their move to Key West but still in a hotel (gotta love the military) the Mortis clan reviews Treasure Island…definitely one of the movies on my "to see" list. After the review of the movie, Scott provides a report of their recent trip to Disney World. Also in this show is in-park audio of Pirates of the Caribbean. Time: 42:45
    • 6/29/09 – Episode 7, Seussland is dropped into this show. Where they are at, you probably know. The Disney fans will likely revolt…how dare Matt upset Walt's large, faithful cult! "The Other Park" is the place they are at, where they willingly meet a cat with a hat. This show features Matt, Jenn, Chris, and John…you'll just have to guess what rides they are on. OKAY!!! They rode "The Cat in the Hat", and the Train in the Sky they rode after that. This whole show is strewn with such silly rhyme...before you listen, grab tequila and lime. Oh, in case you want to know the show's time, this episode clocks in at twenty, oh-nine.
    • 6/27/09 – Episode 205, there's a LOT in this show. They start off with a talk about the news of the New Holiday Inn coming to the WDW property. Then they discuss the upcoming Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland, starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter. A short talk about the passing of Michael Jackson follows, and then gives Jackson's version of "When You Wish Upon a Star" (also in the Inside the Magic podcast). The crew then debates the pros and cons of doing Walt Disney World in different seasons. Mouse Guest Celebrations is up next and the Final 4 of the Disney Villains follows, with the evil queen battling Maleficent and Captain Hook against Ursula. The winners? Well, ya gotta listen (about 45:30 in). The final matchup is set…head out to mouseguest.com/tournament to vote! The Princess Protection Program is the next topic of discussion. For those without tweens in the household, it's a movie that premiered on the Disney Channel, starring Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. The Mouse Guest Mailbag is the final segment, including some controversy from last week's Pleasure Island mulligan. Time: 1:36:44
    • 6/24/09 – Episode 322, Mark goes solo with a hoarse voice and decides to save it for the next show by giving Steven Ng the featured topic spotlight. Steven has three interviews in this show that he recorded at NFFC several months ago, and they include: Jim "Jiminy" Presley, who recorded a near-identical version of what a live showing of The Main Street Electrical Parade would sound like; Eddie Carroll, better known as the voice of Jiminy Cricket (and a well-known Jack Benny impersonator); and Kendra Trahan, author of the Disneyland Detective and Disney California Adventure Detective books and book illustrator Brian McKim, former Disney animator and son of Disney Legend Sam McKim.
      Time: 40:24
    • 6/29/09 – Episode 323, It's short-subject day! After the tip of the week, they do the featured attraction, which is the Backlot Tour at DHS. Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter are in the spotlight for this week's review. Andrew recaps the MousePlanet.com updates of the week, and the show wraps with lots of listener feedback on this show. Time: 43:01
    • 6/26/09 – Episode 143, Van suspends the show he was going to release and record a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He also includes a news segment, including the Hong Kong Disney park expansion, and anticipated anticipations of an anticipated announcement. In the tribute, Van gives a Top 7 facts about Captain EO and how Jackson impacted the Disney Company. He wraps up the show with audio from Captain EO. Time: 35:18
    • 6/26/09 – Episode 24, in his goal of completing every Disney long-distance run, newcomer (to this list) Gordon Harvey recaps his first and second 10K races that he participated in recently, both in Alabama (Gadsden and Clanton). In this show, he brings up some of the pitfalls that he discovered and lessons that he has learned after running his first full marathon, half marathon, and 10K races. For anyone who is interested in distance running, Disney-related or otherwise, you'll definitely want to add this podcast to your list of downloads. Time: 1:09:32
    • 6/28/09 – Episode 125, Lou brings Beci back to help with the unending list of e-mail that the show gets. Following that, Tim (insert appropriate pun here) Foster joins Lou for another Top Ten…this time, in honor of the surface-of-the-sun heat that is a Florida summer, they list the top "ten" places to get wet at Walt Disney World (clown-haters, beware). Listener feedback ends the show. Time: 1:27:44
    • 6/24/09 – Episode 582, It's Wednesday, and that means one thing for the WDW Today crew, LISTENER QUESTIONS! Hosts for this show are Matt, Len, Scopa, and the Fabulous Annette. Time: 1:54 (initially), then 31:00 (to the end)
    • 6/26/09 – Episode 583, Sam Gennawey joins Len, Scopa, Newell, and Matt. Sam is an urban planner and gives a unique view of the "arrival" experience at each of the theme parks. Time: 24:42.
    • 6/29/09 – Episode 584, With the 4th of July coming up, Hochberg, Mike, Mike, and Testa (I felt bad for Scopa and Newell, who are never called 'Mike') discuss what to expect at Walt Disney World, how to tour, and what to avoid. Time: 18:02.
    • 6/28/09 – Show 199.5 (?), in preparation for Show 200, to be recorded at the Friends of the Magic Meet, Paul steps aside to let Magic Joe provide audio from his Disneyland memories. Joe reminisces back to 1971 as he walks through the Disneyland park to a special spot. Time: 57:03
    • 6/24/09 – Episode 37, Not being a Miley Cyrus fan, I started listening to this episode, entitled "Hannah Hangs Up" without a lot of expectations. Big mistake. I really found myself intrigued by Aaron's discussion, which revolved more around the topic of interviewing and the expectations revolving around it and less around Cyrus herself. This one is a really interesting episode! Time: 45:06
    • 6/27/09 – Episode 38, Aaron reflects on Michael Jackson's impact on Disney and on his life. Time: 1:08:16


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