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Disney Podcast Updates, 6/30 to 7/10

Well, I'm finally back to a Friday schedule, though it was not exactly planned. Lots of updates in here...47 to be precise. Hopefully I'll be able to keep to this schedule of updating on Friday for a while.

Before getting to the shows, however, I would like to take just a moment to recognize the passing of a Cast Member. As I'm sure most of you have heard by now, a tragic event unfolded early in the morning on July 5th, where Cast Member and Monorail Pilot Austin Wuennenberg lost his life in a collision between Monorail Pink and Monorail Purple at the TTC. From all accounts, he absolutely loved what he did at the Walt Disney World Resort and spread magic to many, many families. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 7/10/09 – Document download (I never knew you could do this on iTunes!). A PDF of the schedule for the upcoming Friends of the Magic Event. Ummm…Pages: 2
    • 7/4/09 – Episode 56, Keegan starts off the show with a little more Westfest audio, starting off in Frontierland and heading to the Matterhorn. From there, they wreak havoc on the Autopia with Liana and Brian. I'm not sure if Brian or Keegan is the teen in Autopia. Keegan then jets off to the east coast for a second dose of Disney fun in Orlando. The rest of the superfamily meets up with Keegan at WDW, including LFFG (Lightning Fast Fat Guy), MommyGeek, and Mrs. Buckethead. "Baby Minnie" also makes a surprise appearance in the Haunted Mansion. Time: 1:09:14
    • 7/3/09 – Episode 116, Jonathon is taking a driving tour of Seattle during the taping of this show (he got stuck at work and couldn't make it to his computer at home). In this show, Bryan interviews Scotty Kilwein and Ray McGee, better known as the deuling pianos at Jellyrolls. After this interview, the Disney Feud follows, with Shane and Lester of Communicore Online against Wayne and Trace of the Disney Dudes. Since Jonathon couldn't be in the taping, they are holding off on the usual news and roll call segments. The show wraps up with some audio submitted by All About the Corn host DW60 (aka Jeff_W). This patriotically-themed audio is called, A Salute to All States, But Mostly Iowa. (I kid you not!) Show note: Sign-ups are now going on for the Disney's "$100,000" Pyramid. Time 58:40.
    • 7/10/09 – Episode 117, Jonathon is gone…so Bryan brings on Paul and Tairy for another insanity-filled show. Oh, wait…apparently, Shane Roberts from Communicore Online is guest-hosting (I'm just reporting what I was given for the show's information). They start off with the rough news of the monorail accident. They then talk about some less-depressing news before going to the AllAboutTheMouseketeer Roll Call. Then, a really good interview with Jim Shore, an artist who has had a hand in much of the merchandise that you can buy at the Disney parks, specifically figurines and sculpture designs follows. Up next is a roundtable discussion with Bryan, Paul, Tairy, Shane, Greg Whalen, and Marissa Gordon talk about what to do outside of the Disney parks but still on Disney World property. Those of you suffering from Disney Feud withdrawal will have to wait one more week. Time: 1:59:13
    • 7/2/09 – Episode 138, In honor of the 4th of July, the BOG crew talks a little about the freedoms that this country allows before turning to Disney and a walk-through of MKs Liberty Square, where they discuss the attractions, stores, restaurants, and more. Time: 35:03
    • 7/5/09 – Episode 139, Forum member Darlene gives a report of her recent WDW trip where she celebrated her birthday. While there, she and her family stayed at POR. Included is a review of the resort, Yee-Ha Bob, and a meeting with a T-Rex. Time: 42:30
    • 7/9/09 – Episode 140, Much of the crew (recording from WDW...and rubbing it in) channels Stacy from the Resort TV (if you've ever stayed on-site, you've seen her a million times as you can't stop watching the "Must See" at WDW) for this show. Mike, Rikki, and Pam do their own version of the Top 7 Must Sees. Time: 26:45
    • 7/5/09 – Episode 73, Sorcerer is joined by Christasmic for this show. Jeff does the news before a CB rant ensues (which I honestly feel is fully warranted!). Imagine and Pluto are AWOL this week, but they did send in their monorail segment, where they look at the China and Japan pavilions over at Epcot's World Showcase. Some non-Corbin "Celebrate You" music is included and reviewed (to rave reviews by all). Then, in the Animation Courtyard segment, Chris interviews some unknown guy by the name of Lou Mongello. To wrap up the show, Sorcerer and Chris are joined by virtual/soundboard Jeff, Pluto, and Imagine for listener questions. Time: 1:28:12
    • 6/28/09, Episode 34, I must have missed this one in the last update…sorry about that, Shane! Lester's back with the news for this show. "Hidden Mickeys" is next, where the spotlight is the Jungle Cruise. Shane dons his leisure suit to explain how disco makes its mark on a most un-disco like attraction. The refurb recap follows, and Shane follows with a "Short" tribute to Canada Day (three guesses what the audio is from). Listener feedback and a little rant on Disney Dining reservations wraps up the show. Time: 26:10.
    • 7/6/09 – Episode 67, After news and pin updates...WAIT! John and Tom aren't here for this show as they are at the 2009 Museum of Pintiquities event (aka MOP) at World Showcase in Epcot. In this audio from the event are Scoop Sanderson and Steven Miller. Time: 1:04:50
    • 7/5/09 – EPISODE 52 Tairy drops 13 stories in this show as she gives tidbits on one of DHS's favorite attractions: the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Time: 13:38
    • 6/30/09, In this show, Brian is catatonic from all the news of Michael Jackson, so the crew does everything they can to get him off the couch (again) for the show. This episode features Deb and David (and virtual Liana) with the chat room and focuses on Captain EO. Time: 46:50
    • 7/5/09, It's a vidcast! David's in this short clip talking about the new edition of the book, Anaheim Vacationland, where he looks at the evolution and devolution of the area surrounding the Disneyland resort from the 1950s to the present. Time: 8:40
    • 7/7/09, This show is titled: So Sand Summer Sorrows. David, Liana, Deb, and the chat room, start off with the news of the monorail accident and then discuss. About ten minutes in, they try to switch gears to give some happier music (yes, it ultimately turns into Xanadu) before getting into some more news. The news goes on with musical bits intermingled throughout. A lot of audio revolves around the recently reopened Hall of Presidents. Old monkeys somehow play into the fray, as well as the Pirate Shuffle and more oddities. I think alcohol was ultimately involved. Time: 1:23:19
    • 7/8/09, Brian looks back at the origins of Extinct Attractions, with Dave's appearance on "Stu's Show" back from May 2, 2007. Time: 1:50:05
    • 7/2/09 – Episode 44, Greg's got another packed show with a report card on the 50's Prime Time CafĂ© at DHS, taking the IMW bulldozer to Dumbo 2.0 (aka the Magic Carpets of Aladdin), doppelganger on the Hall of Presidents (this is the main portion of the show), and a look back at the 4-year run of the flying saucers attraction in Tomorrowland at Disneyland. The show wraps with DIY Imagineering and a special bonus track: audio of Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln from the 1964 World's Fair. Time: 52:31
    • 7/5/09 – Episode 222, After announcing the news of the monorail tragedy, Ricky does an interview with Imagineer Kathy Rogers, who was instrumental in the refurb of The Hall of Presidents. The rest of the show is pretty much based on listener feedback and reviews, including feedback on the parade episode a while back, a review of the D23 event in Chicago in late June, a review of the Christmas Carol train, and more. Listener Andy gives some feedback on the online dining reservation system. Ricky then reads many responses from a question posted on his forum regarding Michael Jackson. Time: 1:13:37
    • 7/5/09 – Video Supplement to Episode 222, scenes from the citizenship ceremony at MK. Time: 8:32
    • 7/5/09 – Video Supplement to Episode 222, The Voices of Liberty perform a fantastic rendition of God Bless the U.S.A. during the citizenship ceremony. Time: 3:59
    • 7/02/09, Mikey starts the show with a little outside video near the newly-opened Pirates' League over in Adventureland. After that, he makes an interesting discovery of identical twins in the Jungle Cruise and the Haunted Mansion. Next up, he checks out Luxo, Jr. over in DHS and then gives some snippets at Stitch's Supersonic Celebration, combined with Michael Jackson. JustMikey then gives some footage from the Museum of Pintiquities, which was showing at Epcot
    • 7/5/09 – Jim and Nathan look back at the relationship between Michael Jackson and the Disney Corporation. Also included is news and rumors . Time 43:38
    • 7/6/09 – Nate Parrish from WEDWay Radio is the guest on this show, along with Greg, Mike, and Shaft. In this show, they talk tunnels, the environment, walkways, and all sorts of other things, most which revolve around WDW vs Disneyland. There's some really good debate here! Time: 2:30:27
    • 6/28/09 – Episode 11, Fresh from their move to Key West but still in a hotel (gotta love the military) the Mortis clan reviews Treasure Island…definitely one of the movies on my "to see" list. After the review of the movie, Scott provides a report of their recent trip to Disney World. Also in this show is in-park audio of Pirates of the Caribbean. Time: 42:45
    • 7/5/09 – Show 56, After getting wanded at the airport and giving a little overview of her recent trip to SoCal, Tairy joins Jonathon to look at Captain EO. While most podcasts did a memorial/homage to MJ, the hosts stay true to form and give a MST3K look at the show. They also talk about the upcoming Friends of the Magic event. Time: 1:02:21
    • 7/7/09 – Episode 8, I'm soooo glad that Matt isn't at Seussland again as I was straining to give his update in rhyme the entire time (DAMN, did it again!). In this show, Living With the Land (one of my favorites) is dropped into your MP3 player. Mush's note…if you haven't done the "Behind the Seeds" tour, I'd highly recommend it! Time: 20:16
    • 7/4/09 – Episode 206, News and celebrations start out the show. Full audio from the newly-refurbished Hall of Presidents follows, which gets me thinking that my older son might almost be ready for that attraction. Also in the show is an update on The Little Mermaid's run ending on Broadway as well as the opening of the new Pirate's League over in Adventureland. Mail wraps up the show, with a REALLY good talk about what it's like losing a child in the parks (yes, it can happen). Don't forget that the finals of the Disney Villain's tournament is going on – Maleficent vs Ursula. Time: 1:11:53
    • 7/2/09 – Episode 324, Mike and Mark continue their featured topic of their favorite ride vehicles at particular parks. This show has them looking at the Anaheim parks. Time: 29:58
    • 7/6/09 – Episode 325, A Special Report starts the show with the news of the monorail accident. Then they get into the regular show with the tip of the week and then look at DHS's Block Party Bash for the featured attraction. Andrew does his MousePlanet updates where he recaps last week on Last Week this week (next week, this week will be last week, and he'll recap this week on Last Week, next week) (I want to know how many takes it took to get that right the first time!). Listener feedback follows, including Barney making a cameo appearance, and listener Joey giving some voice mail feedback on Start Tours, to end the show. Time: 37:45
    • 7/8/09 – Episode 326, the hosts have Pixar's Up in their sights for their Thursday Featured Topic. Time: 30:49
    • 7/3/09 – Episode 47, Our friend up north gives us this vidcast today of the Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps, in honor of the U.S.'s Independence Day. Time: 11:07
    • 7/5/09 – Episode 7, Having followed his Twitter updates, I know he was having some problems with the podcast, so it's great to see a new show here! Ryan gives us a vidcast for this episode, focusing on Disneyland's 50-year old attractions and a video resort update, complete with shots of the attractions being talked about, including the Cosmic Wave area of Tomorrowland, the newly-reopened Astro Orbiter, and the tons of construction over at DCA. Ryan then moves on to Summer Nightastic, including a full-video of the Main Street Electrical Parade. You'll have Broke Hoedown running through your mind for weeks afterward. Time: 12:59.
    • 6/30/09 – Episode 59, They slipped this one in right after I released the last update. In this show, the Cats and the Whachamacalit discuss the rumors of the updates to Star Tours. Included is some audio to the pre-show of the show as well as plenty of tangents, including Star Wars Weekend, the opening of All About the Mouse, and Alien-French-English translations of the show, Rick Astley, and "Disney Mountain High." Time: 32:21.
    • 7/7/09 – Episode 60, As all of us Disney Freaks have done at one time or another, Lisa overhears a co-worker mention a couple of buzzwords that can only mean a Disney World trip and ends up helping plan their vacation! (Admit it…you've done it too!). This show provides a trip report from "co-worker Bruce" Time: 25:28.
    • 6/21/09 – Tom, I owe you an apology for the delay in getting this one out…I had some problems downloading this episode, and I unknowingly missed including this in the last update. Anyways, it's the long-awaited Episode 100 of WDWNT. Coming in at a monster 3 hours and 51 minutes, there's a LOT in this show. One of the reasons I decided to wait until Friday to get this posted was because I listened to almost the entire show! First comes the induction of Jose Castillo, Brian Summer, and Jason Diffendal into the WDWNT Hall of Fame. After the festivities, they play "Where in the World is Tom Corless" with a number of contestants…I found myself actually screaming at the iPod here ("IT'S THE @#$#%$@%$^ TOWER OF TERROR!!!!!!"). They then go back to the future for one of a most in-depth discussions of a most controversial attraction: the many variations of Journey Into Imagination. Seriously…it was in-depth (from 40:39 to 3:18:45, and I listened to every minute of it...and I haven't even experienced the attraction at all!). Mayor Justin is back with some Town Square Talk as he brings you what's going on around the WDWNT family of shows. They end the show with a number of congratulatory voice mails that fans called in. Time: 3:51:19.
    • 7/3/09 – Video, Take a ride on Breathless II. Captains Mike and Todd talk with Lou before they head out (at night!) on the famous boat, docked at the Yacht and Beach Club resort. I've seen it crawling along during the day, but that thing can MOVE. Included is a brief look at Illuminations from the cruise. Time: 5:22
    • 7/5/09 – Episode 126, With the Hall of Presidents reopening, Lou interviews Disney Imagineering Senior Vice President of Creative Development Eric Jacobson (I'd like to see that business card with that title!). Eric talks about what went into the update to the attraction, including the new animatronic and going to the White House to get President Obama's voice recording and thoughts on the show. With the passing of Michael Jackson, Lou travels in his Wayback machine with Passamaquoddy blog resident and owner of The Pretty Good Movie Ride, Glenn Whalen for a Disney Scene Investigation of Captain EO. Lou then picks the winner of the "name that attraction" contest (I forgot to submit my answers!) and gives a new set of 5 audio clips for the next contest (you have until the 19th to submit your answers). Time: 1:18:37
    • 7/9/09 – Video, Restraining from any jokes about height, Lou takes us one a ride the Characters in Flight balloon at Downtown Disney, with some breathtaking views. There's something about the production of this video that has me thinking back to some of Walt's older documentaries…whether it's the music, or the way the scenes are laid out, I'm not sure. I really liked this one, though. Time: 5:01
    • 7/1/09 – Episode 585, Matt, Newell, Scopa (who inadvertently calls Newell a jerk while rightfully calling Hochberg a jerk after the last question is answered…you'll just have to listen to understand), Len, and Annette tackle more listener questions. Time: 36:27
    • 7/1/09 – Live Show 34 is posted. Original Air Date: 6/29/09. Time: 2:08:24
    • 7/3/09 – Episode 586, Matt joins Scopa, Newell, Len, the Fabulous Annette, and cartoonist Chris Eliopoulos for this show. If you don't know who Chris is, one of his productions is the online Misery Loves Sherman cartoon, which is absolutely hilarious. He actually had a run in the strip where the family (including 2 aliens and "Death") goes to Walt Disney World. The first day of that run is located here. ANYWAYS…Chris joins the show to discuss the potential reasons as to why Stitch fails to "not suck" (Len's terms) when translating the character into attractions (Stitch's Great Mistake..errr….Stitch's Great Escape and the new record-holder for shortest run for an attraction: Stitch's Supersonic Celebration). Time: 25:42
    • 7/5/09 – Episode 587, Matt, Mike, Mike, and writer (and fellow higher ed academician) Michelle Scribner-MacLean get together to talk about a topic suggested by two different listeners: recommendations for staying at the Epcot-area resorts. Time: 16:30. As an aside, our sympathies are with Len this week as he is dealing with the passing of his father over the weekend.
    • 7/7/09 – Episode 588, Matt's always mentioned first, so I'm changing it up (wait, I just mentioned him)…Newell, Scopa (a senior feature), and Michelle (Boom Boom Pow) Scribner-MacLean join Matt for listener questions. Time: 34:56.
    • 7/10/09 – Episode, 589, love is in the air in this episode as Matt, Newell, and Annette are joined by Beci Mahnken to discuss a couple of e-mails that the crew got on the topic of romance. The first message deals with unique places to pop the question. I swear that Mike Newell and I are distantly related as the first ideas that crossed my mind on where to propose were A) the stretch room of the Haunted Mansion (lights go out, and you drop to one knee…lights come on, and there you are); and B) before the first fall on the Tower of Terror (WILL YOU MARRY MEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee…). Mike was on the same wavelength with ToT! The second question on WDW Love Line is obvious and not-so-obvious romantic places on property. Time: 20:01
    • 7/1/09 – Episode 20, Stupid Judy, stupid energy! Nate and Matt start off with a little News from around the world. Following that, they hop into the retro-magic for a look at the Universe of Energy, both old and new. This is one of those attractions that I haven't done yet…after listening to this show, I'll have to pencil that one in. Time: 40:48
    • 7/10/09 – (same as on ATFH podcast) Document download (I never knew you could do this on iTunes!). A PDF of the schedule for the upcoming Friends of the Magic Event. Ummm…Pages: 2
    • 7/3/09 – Aaron reposts a patriotic episode from July 4,
      2006, where he shows the inter-relationship between American history and Walt Disney. Even for Disney Freaks, there's a lot of information and trivia that many of you probably didn't know. Time: 50:05
    • 7/8/09 – Episode 39, The mail bag is opened, and Aaron goes through lots of listener feedback in this show. His responses to the e-mails is really in-depth on many fronts, especially on such topics as what makes a good villain (characters like Frollo vs. characters like Maleficent), why he wasn't a big fan of Cars, the lady gangsters in the Great Movie Ride, Hades being rightfully compared to Satan, and the obvious follow-up to the Miley Cyrus episode…the Jonas Brothers! At the end of the show, Aaron announces a contest for the listeners. Oh, Aaron Wallace, answerer of messages, then concludes his show (with apologies to Mouse of Zen…had to try out my own haiku) Time: 1:40:40

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