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WDW 10-Year Anniversary Trip, Day 5, Part 2: Magic Bus

Part 1 of Day 5 is located HERE

Having lived through Yetimania, we then start making our way towards Dinoland. When we noticed that the line for the first showing of Finding Nemo was blocking the entrance to what I think was Chester's and Hester's Dinorama, we chanced it and got in line for the show. We were worried that we wouldn't fit in there, but those worries were baseless…the theater was only about a quarter full when we got in. Definitely packed when it started, but that shows how big that theater really is.

I had seen Aladdin in Disney's California Adventure last November, where Iago is portrayed with the actor visibly manipulating the puppet, so I was prepared for it. The show started, and someone got busted behind us trying to tape it. Sheri loved Dory (for about a week after we got back, I was humming the "Just Keep Swimming" song). Before I went to Anaheim, the Festival of the Lion King was my favorite. After Anaheim, Aladdin was by far my favorite.

Nemo just kicked Aladdin's ass. It was done VERY well!

We left Nemo along with half of Orange County and headed into Dinoland to ride Dinosaur for the first time. Smear, Splat, and Dip (or Smudge, Splatter, and Spit as I called them) were out doing their thing, and I had no idea how to get to Dinosaur from where we were. A CM was passing, so I asked him. "Follow me!" he said. On our way, he pulls out 2 of those fastpass thingys and gives them to us to bypass the standby line.

When you least expect it…they hit you with the magic.

We expressed our gratitude, thanked them and walked towards Dinosaur, partially dumbfounded at what just happened.

We went in and were on the ride in no time. I didn't think Sheri would be a big fan of this ride with all the bumping and jostling around. This one may have topped the AK ride list for her. You think you'd know someone after nearly ten years of being married! The placement of the ride photo was perfect!!! I think I enjoyed looking at some of the ride photos as I did actually riding the ride itself.

Having escaped certain death by asteroid and by carnotaur digestion, we were hungry. We had planned on either Flame Tree or Tusker House, depending on where we were at. Flame Tree was the obvious choice based on our location, so we got in line for it. The line was extremely slow (longest wait at AK), but we were in no hurry and enjoyed watching the kindergarten class lined up behind us and around us. We were amazed at how well-behaved they were and inquired one of the teachers if we could ship Aaron to them for a few weeks to learn how they do it. I didn't let on to Sheri, but I was missing the boys a bit here seeing so many of them around Aaron's age.

I got the ribs (not quite Famous Dave's ribs, but really good for the price). The key lime pie was great! Again, we nearly got abused by waterfowl there. Word of advice: feed the birds (tuppence a bag). They get really pissed if you have food and don't give them any.

We decided to try It's Tough to Be a Bug next to kind of gauge how the boys might do here. Sheri had no idea where it was, and I played along saying we had a hike to get there. The entrance, of course, was about 200 feet away from Flame Tree. We head along down the path towards the Tree of Life, and we take the time to absorb just how detailed the tree is.

On our way, we saw another Lodger there…one who we didn't even know was going to be down there at the same time:

Sweet and innocent had to take this pic:

We walked in just a few minutes before the doors opened. We grabbed our seats and threw on our bug eyes. This show is a lot funnier than I remembered from back in 2001! Being deathly afraid of stinging insects, I was prepared for that surprise (though I still jumped). Some kids were screaming and had to be taken out. Not as many as expected, though (about as many as I saw being taken out of Philharmagic). Wifey got some good air time out of her seat at the very end when the VIPs left early. As we left, we were discussing whether we'd scar the boys or not with this attraction. While we were talking, there were a couple of college guys behind us talking about the ride. They thought it was going to be a kids' movie and ended up screaming like a girl a couple of times (they were ribbing each other on the screaming). Sheri thinks Aaron definitely will be okay with it…she's a better gauge at that, so we'll see.

We've only gotten pics with Stitch (over in Tomorrowland at MK), so we headed over to Camp Minnie-Mickey for the character trails. On the way there, I pointed out to Sheri the dragon rock formation near the bridge to the camp and explained the Beastly Kingdom rumor and where it was going to be located. I told her to make sure she looked at the main sign for AK at the entrance. Back to the character trails…they looked a little full. What didn't look full at all was the entrance to the Festival of the Lion King, which was due to start in 5 minutes. We walked in and sat down in the warthog section. The show started as soon as the royalty (us) was seated. The person we consider the usual "lead" guy (he did the lead the other 2 times we saw it) wasn't doing the lead today. The usual second guy was doing the role of the lead, and he didn't do too bad at all at lead. We had the usual lead woman doing the warthogs, and newbies were doing the other 2 roles. The show was still really good…entertaining. It wasn't as crisp as the other couple of times we've seen it, but still definitely a winner.

We decided to head out and rest before our excursion to Jiko tonight.

On the way out, Stanley, of all people, makes his way out to greet people. Sheri pulls out the camera exclaiming that she needed a picture of him for Aaron.

Okay, first, she's taking a pic to show Aaron, thus incriminating us as to where we went. Second, she royally pissed off Stanley! Notice in the pic the lack of bodies anywhere near him. Sheri walks toward Stanley, and you could see him getting excited ("Somebody's actually coming to see me! I've been out here for ten minutes and NOBODY has seen me…she's my first one!"). She snaps the pic and starts to walk away.

I think Stanley flipped her off when she turned her back to him.

Sheri's quote of the day: "Why would Stanley be at Animal Kingdom?"

She realized the answer about 2 notes into my rendition of "IIIIIIIITTTTTTT'SSSSS THHHEEEEE GREATBigbookofeverything."

Hey hon…when you read this, consider this payback for all the elephant pics!

If Day 6 never gets posted, it's likely because she ended my life after reading this.

I point out the dragon on the Animal Kingdom sign in reference to the rumored Beastly Kingdom as we run away from Stanley's wrath and hop on the bus to Pop. We get back to the hotel room and rested a bit.


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