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Disney Podcast Updates, July 10-17

I almost done crying here…I suffered a major loss earlier this week. My FM transmitter that I use to listen to these shows while driving died on me on Tuesday. It just upped and quit working. I sat in the car in a stupor, unsure of how to operate the vehicle. After about 4 hours of repeatedly attempting to get the transmitter to work, I turned it off and reverted to the Top-40 station. After about 5 minutes of commercials, the first song I heard was:

Now, being that I teach at a major university, I occasionally tune in to see what current hits are so I don't sound too out-of-touch with my students, and some of it isn't too terribly bad. I've still got the Black Eyed Peas going through my head non-stop (granted, Fergie's the main reason I like them, but you can't help but feel the beat when Boom Boom Pow is on the radio, and ya gotta admit that the video is pretty neat). I can handle quite a bit of it…granted, it's not Duran Duran or Depeche Mode or Van Halen (or REM or John Cougar or Rush or Metallica or…)

Wait…I'm supposed to be talking about podcasts here, aren't I? Long story short (too late for that), I went out and got a Griffin iTrip transmitter…HOLY COW the sound is soooooo much better. I actually don't have to crank up the volume in the car, with all the hissing and cracking and inability to hear the low-level audio of some of the shows. Life's good again, other than trying to erase the 3OH!3 song from my memory.

I had planned on getting this out on Friday, but some errands ended up taking up pretty much the entire day. I really like doing these updates, but I like my wife and kids just a little bit more.

For those podcasters who follow this (I can tell some of you do check in on occasion, which I encourage!), this update will cover up to last Friday (the 17th). I know that there were several shows released on the 18th-20th, (WDW Today, WDW Radio, CB, BOG, Running to Disney, Inside the Magic, Magical Definition, Mouse Comedy, Mouse Guest, and Zip-A-Dee-Doo Pod, and probably more) but I'm going to include those in this upcoming Friday's update. I thought about just waiting until this Friday and doing another big list, but there are several time-sensitive shows, mostly relating to Friends of the Magic, and I wanted to get this out in case anyone wants information but hasn't yet downloaded the pertinent shows.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

And now (finally)...ON WITH THE SHOWS:

    • 7/13/09 – Tony is joined by Paul of WTTM, Paul's son Calvin, and Tairy of Disney Tidbits, for a look at and talk about next week's Friends of the Magic meet-up at Disneyland. The same audio is also posted below on Paul and Tairy's podcasts. Time: 58:14
    • 7/11/09 – Episode 57, Keegan is still in WDW on his two-coast tour of the Disney parks. The rest of the superfamily (LFFG, MommyGeek, and Mrs. Buckethead) is with him at DHS for the Block Party Bash. The Trapped family (Earl and the Bleeping Wife) and other DPN'ers join up with the superfamily for the Bash. Once again, another absolutely awesome audio recording, Keegan! Then we head back to Anaheim to get his reaction to seeing ToonTown for the first time on the day where he really starts feeling the appreciation for the park. I'm still kicking myself for missing this part of Disneyland when I was out there! Time: 1:03:25
    • 7/11/09 – A PDF of the schedule for the upcoming Friends of the Magic Event. Ummm…Pages: 2
    • 7/17/09 – Episode 118, After hearing just how well Shane did last week in his absence, Jonathon is back to join Bryan. After Disney news, Jonathon passes on some news of his own…they've got a name for the little bean! Also, there's a new job outlook for Jonathon and his wife…best of luck on that new endeavor! The AllAboutTheMouseketeerRollCall follows and then they get into their main segment…Jonathon was able to view one of the first stops of the new Christmas Carol train when it recently stopped in Seattle. He provides a really detailed description of what the train brings to its guests. The Disney Feud follows, with Team Disney Scrappers taking on Team Disney Moms Panel. Questions on this one include: "Name a Disney Live-Action Movie", "Name your favorite place to eat at Walt Disney World", and "Name a hotel at WDW that you would consider "Romantic". When the Feud ends, they have plans for the next installment on the Disney Game Show Network. They'll be doing their own version of the Disney Pyramid. Check out the website for more information. They end the show in their usual way with the shout-outs and the out-takes. Watch out for thrown tweasers! Time: 1:34:09
    • 7/12/09 – Episode 141, it's trip-report day, and Texas natives Ray and Rachel give their report, including a great report on the new Kidani Village. Time: 29:36.
    • 7/16/09 – Episode 142, This one's a good idea! Titled "What Would Walt Think", the crew talks about attractions built without Walt's guidance but would likely get his seal of approval. Some definite surprises are included in here. Time: 28:51
    • 7/10/09 – Episode 20, The Dudes complete the original Star Wars Trilogy by giving their own version of what happened in Return of the Jedi. Sleep-deprivation is starting to hit the crew by now as I think they did a marathon recording session. Time: 1:15:19
    • 7/16/09 – Episode 21, They're finally done with Star Wars, and they're back to their normal show. With all the Leia love and swamp Kermit talk, they have a mountain of e-mails and voice mails. Hey! They won a free trip to wherever they want to go! Unfortunately, due to the Star Wars shows, they missed out on this limited-time offer. Also included is a discussion on how #@$%#$ much @$#%%$@ language to include in this @#$%#% show. There's an H & A contest (2 avid listeners continually called in). Muppets are in danger this week. Some listener-submitted audio is played at the end of the show. Time: 1:22:14
    • 7/13/09 – Episode 68, Tom and John are back from the MOP and can't wait to get talking about it. Included in this show is more audio from the event, news on Disney- and fan-based pin trading events, the return of the Hidden Mickey Pin Report segment. John and Tom give release information around the parks. The audio is part 1 of a compilation that John put together from MOP. Megan Jarmuz is IPLS #49, and she is spotlighted near the end of the show. Time: 2:52:49
    • 7/17/09 – Episode 69, Well, if you read Episode 68 above, you'll know that there's more MOP audio in here. John and Tom have your usual segments, though Tom rubs in the fact that he's heading out to Disneyland soon after the release of this show (then he comes back and is back out for the D23 Expo soon afterward). LOTS of news, releases, and pin trading events are in this episode, including what sounds like will be a very popular Tink Holiday pin. IPLS #50 (a milestone) is showcased, and the lucky member is Tim Walters! Time: 1:58:20
    • 7/14/09 – Special episode…talking about the upcoming Friend of the Magic meet. See the Above the Firehouse description for more information. Time: 50:59
    • 7/12/09 – Episode 26, Tracey and Scott give their reviews of the WTTM DVD collection A Perfect Day at Disneyland. Buzy is back on WWED with some Disney music. The First Family then each give their Top 5 Disney songs from the 1950s. All the vintage music gets them nostalgic, so they call into see what's going on at the Main Street Cinema (very punny, Mortis!). They're definitely excited about the upcoming Friends of the Magic event, and they go over the itinerary. To wrap up the show, they add some new names to the community roads. Thanks for the shout-out for the blog, guys…I was really surprised to hear it, and it's appreciated (my promo rates are cheap)!
      Time: 1:22:44
    • 7/14/09, This show is a little different from the ones I've listened to in the past. Dave is on the freeway, leaving Jeff and Liana to control the mayhem on the soundboard and the chat room. In this episode, Disney Legend Bob Gurr joins the show to talk about his experience with Michael Jackson while working with Disney (and Treasure Island) (and Jackson's hyperbaric chamber) and talks a little about his time and memories with Disney. Following that is another interview from journalist Leo Holder on the soon-to-be-opened Disney Family Museum. Time: 1:14:40
    • 7/12/09 – Episode 223, Skipper Ben's back for this episode, with good news for those who knew about his absence the previous week (family emergency). The Trip Around the World starts off the show. Then, the Anonymous Guy gives his take on Hong Kong Disney's expansion. Ben comes on and gives the update on the family as well as changes to his family's upcoming trip. A really good, in-depth report by a listener on the new Pirates' League follows (my boys are going to LOVE this). The last 15 minutes or so are listener feedback. Time: 55:30
    • 7/17/09, MCM gets it own Streetmosphere promo! Buz and Melvin see Mikey and ham it up for the show. Time: 0:54
    • 7/12/09 – Jim and Nathan go into the evolution of the Living Character Initiative, from trying a reel-to-reel stuffed in a costume to the secret behind the articulated heads that you see in such performances like Dream Along With Mickey. Jim also talks about why WALL-E isn't in the parks. Discussion also includes Lucky the Dinosaur, the Muppet MobileLab, Turtle Talk with Crush, and rumors of new technologies for advancing LCI. One of the neat possible ideas includes implementing the tech into take-home toys like WALL-E and Buzz. That's all the spoilers I'll give…there's a lot more in here. 43:36
    • 7/15/09 – Greg and Shaft spend a lot of time on the Disneyland Monorail in this episode (though it takes them a while to actually get on the rail…they spend some time in Innoventions, among other things, first). This episode is devoted primarily to the attraction/ride they're on. I feel compelled to warn that, though you probably can figure on your own, it does include a fairly significant discussion on what happened with Monorails Pink and Purple. This was taped only a couple of days after the accident, so a lot of what is discussed is speculation at the time of the taping. For those sensitive to the accident, this might be a difficult one to listen to. Time: 2:42:35
    • 7/14/09 – Episode 9, The Esquire heads back over to the west coast to drop in Mickey's Fun (so-so) Wheel…well, the funny part of this show is actually not the wheel, but the people (particularly, a seemingly sweet and innocent grandmother in the same car who develops a sailor's tongue when they start swinging). Time: 17:57
    • 7/11/09 – Episode 207, It's finally here…the finals of the Disney Villain's tournament! Maleficent vs. Ursula…who wins? Who's the most evil of them all?! Listen in to see who won! The news of the monorail accident is talked about briefly before going into more news, including some discussion on the new Diana exhibit at the former Virgin Megastore. They then work on the listener mail, which ultimately ends up with a debate on the new parades in the parks…or are they parties (Block Party Bash, Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!, etc)? Celebrations are announced, including the announcement of an upcoming trip for Eric and Cathy in a few weeks. About 43-44 minutes in, it's the announcement of the winning Villain. As a celebration all nearly all the villains meeting their untimely demise, they Mouse Guest crew then gives some really good audio from Disneyland's version of Fantasmic! (which, coincidentally, the winning villain has a significant role in). Time: 1:19:41
    • 7/14/09 – Episode 327, This week, MILF is the featured attraction. Yes, folks, Disney changed the name quickly after realizing what acronym the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor created, but it will always be MILF to me. After the Featured Attraction, they bring back an old segment, called "Ask the Kid! (Mark's 10 year old son). Another old segment makes its return…This week's Magical Moment is up next. After that is Andrew's update on MousePlanet over the past week. The last 22 or so minutes is dedicated to listener feedback. Time: 46:24
    • 7/15 – Episode 328, Mike's absent for a family birth, so Mark takes the show solo. In this show, he talks about planning a WDW trip for large groups (20+ people). Time: 30:00
    • 7/10/09 – Episode 144, After starting off with the news, including talk about the monorail accident, the mobile room notification service, the Hong Kong Disney expansion, and more, the Top 7 of this show is sure to get some feedback as Van provides his list of attractions that just don't fit in the land that they are located in. Mush's note: I talked to Van and got permission to add the following link. Van also did a short discussion about some of the coverage by Disney fan sites of the monorail tragedy but chose not to include it in the downloadable show. He provided the link in his show notes, and the audio can be listened to here. I am in full agreement of what Van said and applaud this effort. Thank you, Van for saying what a lot of people were thinking. Time: 35:18
    • 7/12/09 – Episode 25, Gordon talks about one of the major hurdles that plagues runners…the "grand canyon" of running funks (which I would likely live in). He brings on Hope Jones, a former student and leader of the primary group that sets up and times distance events in North Carolina, to discuss the loss of motivation, the lack of desire, and other pitfalls in the canyon. This episode is the first part of the interview. He then introduces a new segment where he spotlights a blog every week. This week's blog (one that I follow…the link is on the right-hand side of my blog) is disneyfrankness's "The At-Large Disney Fan". Frank is blogging his efforts to get into a healthier lifestyle. If his name sounds familiar, he was the spearhead behind the Twitter tribute to Austin Wuennenberg. Gordon then wraps up the show with listener feedback. Time: 1:08:24
    • 7/14/09 – Episode 61, The Cats hop in their own time machine to head back to the 1964 World's Fair in New York, which played such a major role in many of the attractions that are now in the parks. This is going to be extremely interesting for those who like learning about the history of the Disney company. Included is about 11-12 minutes of audio from the attractions as well as from an interview with Walt on the '64 Fair. Time: 25:38
    • 7/12/09 – Episode 101, after the monster 100th episode, this one clocks in at a mere 2.25 hours. They start off with the Weekend Update (the news name for the news and rumors segment…I can't wait for Opera Guy to do a bit). After that, they turn the content over (with wavering hand) to Jeff Arauz, who brings in a roundtable discussions on some interesting topics (characters meet-and-greets, Photopass, and "to EMH or not to EMH"). Jeff then does a Disneyfied version of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" (called "The Bibbity, the Bobbity, and the Boo") on Expedition Everest. Time: 2:18:46
    • 7/12/09 – Episode 127, I don't know how he does it, but Lou brings on one of the biggest names associated with a Disney production. Lou brings on none other than Dame Julie Andrews to talk about what it was like filming Mary Poppins. There simply isn't much more to be said…it's JULIE ANDREWS! A must-listen for fans of the film. Time: 36:53
    • 7/13/09 – Episode 590, In a major faux pas in podcast reporting, I accidently listened to and then deleted this one off the iPod (I usually just uncheck the listened to one and only delete them after I put the update in the draft). Oops on my part. Yeah, I could have done the "unsub" and resubscribe, but they usually have over 100 available for downloads, I didn't feel like going through the entire list. ANYWAYS (sorry, guys…A.D.D.) I had to go to the site to refresh my memory on what this one was about but remembered it as soon as I saw the show title. Beci's back with Matt, Newell, and Annette to give the pros and cons of one of my favorite perks of staying on-site: Disney's Magical Express. Time: 23:19
    • 7/15/09 – Episode 591, Wednesdays mean one thing…Listener questions! In their fruitless attempt to get caught up on the mountain of e-mails, the crew (Matt, Len, Newell, and Annette) tackle questions pertaining to Magical Express (sound familiar?), what other podcasts the hosts listen to, DDP vs DDE (sorry, I'll still be calling Tables in Wonderland the DDE for a while yet), how to pronounce Oconomowoc (oh-CON-oh-mow-wok…when I write it, it'll be a breeze as I live in the village of "Downs"), changes to the crowd patterns with Space Mtn/TTA closed and HoP open, and more. Time: 31:27
    • 7/17/09 – Episode 592, the crew brings on former Imagineer Shawn Slater (author of one the blogs I follow…DisneyShawn…check the list on the right of the screen of my blog for the link), to talk about some of the magic he was able to make in the parks, including work on the DRU-1 at Epcot's Living Seas. Don't know what the DRU-1 is? It's a "Dolphin Robotic Unit" (YouTube video is at the WDW Today website…this thing was amazing!). Unfortunately, it only saw the light of day for a short period of time…way too short in my opinion. This one's really informative, with some absolutely laugh-out loud funny parts too (They gave it an '8'). Time: 17:55
    • 7/13/09 – Episode 199.75, well, we're inching closer to episode 200 (in case you haven't figured it out yet, show 200 will be from the Friends of the Magic meet. I'm giving the description to Above the Firehouse, so read that for more information. Time: 53:25
    • 7/15/09 – Episode 40, Aaron takes on one of the tougher tasks, ranking the ten Pixar movies. This one's sure to get some feedback. My list would differ drastically (if I were even ever able to create such a list), but Aaron's insight and personal views on the storylines of the movies is really in-depth and thought out well. Good job! The winner of Contest #5 is announced, and he ends with a statement from Jesse, a former host of the extinct Mousepod podcast, who comments about a new podcast of the same name. Time: 1:24:42

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