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Disney Podcast Updates, July 17-24, 2009

Yeah, it's not Friday the 24th, is it?

Jury Duty.

That's all I can say: jury duty. I had jury duty last week, and I wasn't able to listen to very much. The result: no blog update for Friday YET AGAIN!!!! I finally got through the shows and am putting up the episodes released from the last update to last Friday (the 24th). There is hope that I will be able to get caught up to be back on schedule and give updates for this Friday (including the ones that have been released on the 25th-28th).

In this weekly wrap-up of wonderful waxing of Walt, I include the Mouse Lounge for the first time, and I'm already a fan! If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created Disneypodcastdirectory.net, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 7/24/09 – Episode 119, Bryan and Jonathon (PUSH!) start off with news. They've also got the Roll Call and the last semifinal of the Disney Feud (Dude…well, Dude, to be precise…vs Muppets). They include the full audio of Skipper Dan in the news (after all the podcasts talking about this song this week, I'll NEVER get it out of my head…it's the earworm of the century). Free dining is the topic du jour after the Feud, and they bring in AATM fans Laura Menson (spelling might be wrong…couldn't find her on FB) and Stephanie McNulty to give their inputs on it. I'm sooooo disappointed that they didn't mess up, so there is no outtakes reel at the end (they do decide end the show in a really weird way). Time: 1:25:14
    • 7/19/09 – Episode 143, Have you ever thought about just telling your boss to take a flying leap (had to be careful there…the cream sherry wanted me to put something else), picking up the stakes, and moving you and your family/possessions down to Orlando? Show friend Debbie talks with Mike about doing that very thing (well, the moving part, anyway). Debbie recently made the move from Dallas to Orlando and gives a detailed account of what it's like making the move and how living near Mouseworld affects one's perspective of the theme park. Time: 31:34
    • 7/23/09 – Episode 144, Rikki and Pam are back to join Debbie and Mike for this show. This show centers around the recent trip from Mike's perspective. Topics include the monorail accident (the shows that aired during the trip were recorded prior to them leaving…they weren't ignoring the tragedy), the justification of twittering (tweeting?, twitterpating?) from the parks, trying to be an American Idol, dining at the Kona Café, and watching the space shuttle launch in WDW. Time: 45:45
    • 7/23/09 – Show 40, Chris brings us one of the few extinct attractions that I have actually seen. In this show, we are treated to a high-definition video of Buzzy's first piloting skills in Cranium Command. Watch this, or you will be piloting this chicken! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR???! Time: 18:16
    • 7/18/09 – Episode 74, Virtual Jeff joins the crew live (and nearly reaches through Skype to throttle Sorcerer for all the soundboard antics)…he's good for 8 months now. They all do the news with Jeff, including more information on the monorail (Mush's note…in case you haven't heard yet (haven't seen it on the srsounds forums…I lurk over there), for a transfer onto a spur line in between the lines, the MAPO (the collision avoidance system) has to be overridden temporarily). Also in the news is talk about the rumored increase in ticket prices in August, the assault at Typhoon Lagoon by a youth minister from New York, and more Chris reviews the ABC Commissary over at DHS, with mixed reviews all around. They then review a version of Desert Rose by MoRockin' … let's just say we'll have to agree to disagree on the review (for most…one of them gave them an 8) and leave it at that (I'm a big Sting fan and love the song). Après, Pluto et Imagine regardent les pavillons de la France et du Canada chez Epcot. E-mail is next, and the show wraps with audio from Living With the Land (with a live announcer). Time: 1:23:03
    • 7/19/09, Episode 35, Lester does the news again in only the way that he can do it…I have to admit that I still crack up every time I hear him! A REALLY hidden Mickey is next (Good Morning, George!), followed by the refurb recap. Duuuuuuuddee, the ears to the ground segment so totally ROCKS! This Crush is probably the best one I've heard…he's got the voice down almost perfectly. Listener feedback follows, and the results of the last show's poll comes after that (apparently, we all lie to our kids). Shane wraps the show with a little personal commentary about the monorail accident. Time: 25:18.
    • 7/24/09 – Episode 70, Tom and Jon again co-host this packed show. A little bit of news starts the show. Then cone trading events and new releases segments follow. John does another "10-pin list" revolving around the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. A new segment, called "Finding the Deebees" debuts. Cindy Stabile is IPLS member number 51, and she's profiled this week. A pin giveaway ends the show. Some of the upcoming events include Central Jersey's "Swap til you Drop", a new group meeting every Saturday at Tony Romo's on International Drive down in the WDW area, the North Jersey traders meeting August 4th, the Windy City Pin Traders event on August 15th at Fuddrucker's in Addison, and, for those Chicago folks that can't make it up to Addison, the south-siders (REALLY south) also have a meet on the 15th at Flipper's Pizzeria in Orlando. Time: 1:41:56
    • 7/22/09 – Episode 53, As Tairy prepares for the FOTM meet, she brings on Jonathon from Mouse Comedy to give some tidbits on one of my favorite attractions at any of the parks, Soarin! Time: 14:50
    • 7/17/09, Kevin Yee joins the EA crew in a pre-recorded section (the live show is below). Kevin talks about his experience at Disneyland. For those who don't recognize the name, Kevin is a former cast member who spent 15 years working at DL in a variety of positions, including foods and entertainment…he did a lot with entertainment arts (temporary installations like meet-and-greets or holiday overlays like the HM at Christmas) Time: 41:49
    • 7/22/09, This is the aforementioned live Tuesday show from above, entitled "Heaven's Gate." Time: 2:22:04
    • 7/19/09 – Episode 224, Skipper Ben's back again for this episode, which means the news is going to take a while (in a good way…they discuss the news). In a tribute to the passing of Walter Cronkite, Ricky plays the audio to "Return to Neverland." Skipper Ben then talks about Skipper Dan before turning to a more serious discussion about a former cast member's views of the monorail crash. Ricky and Ben then tackle the newest viral discussion point of Disney Podcasts…the blueprint image of a renovated Fantasyland at WDW. Listener questions/feedback ends the show. Time: 1:17:10
    • 7/24/09 – Episode 64, Will and Shannon are back after a short hiatus. The mobile studio is being used for this show, where they discuss what it's like traveling all across the nation with a princess peanut (infant, for those new to the show). From airport fun with a kid & stroller to takeoffs/landings with an infant's ears to keeping them cool in the heat to the baby care centers in the parks, those with new infants will definitely want to listen to this one. Time: 1:29:45
    • 7/19/09 – Nathan and Jim turn their sights to G-force, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring a whole slew of voice/acting talents. Time: 32:28
    • 7/11/09 – Video Extra…this one finally got downloaded…folks on the DPN forums mentioned having a slight delay in getting this one on iTunes. This is a video of Tokyo Disneyland's One Man's Dream, which, unlike the attraction with the same name at DHS, is a stage show. Mush's note here: I had problems playing this one, even after closing and re-opening iTunes. It was stuttering and giving it a Wang Chung Everybody Have Fun Tonight look to it. I didn't see anyone having this problem on the DPN, so it may have been just me. Time: 32:02
    • 7/19/09 – Show 57, Tairy and Jonathon start off with a fight and then get into the show, first with a new listener e-mail and then getting into a discussion on Stitch's Supersonic Blunder and it's record-setting run in Tomorrowland. They then get into "Hidden Treasures" in the theme parks…stuff that people tend to overlook in the parks. They then provide some audio of what may just be one of the worst jobs in the Magic Kingdom – being a Boardwalk barker for Stitch's Great Mistake. Time: 1:01:32
    • 7/14/09 – Episode 10, Shhhhhh…they're sneaking onto Toy Story Midway Mania for a chance to get the high score (289,000 points) of the day. Listen to the ride-through, including a few pointers on scoring. Time: 25:45
    • 7/18/09 – Episode 208, Cathy, Eric, and Dan do a lot of looking at what's going on at DCA with all the construction going on. More news follows, with the celebrations segment after that. For those who have been following this show from the beginning, the four-year anniversary of this podcast is coming up! Expect a vidcast soon. Another attempt to stump Eric ensues, with Eric prevailing (cue the We Are the Champions music). There's a Great Big Beautiful music request, and the mailbag is opened, with a neat suggestion by a listener on modifying the rankings of reviews. Time: 37:27
    • 7/22/09 – Season 3, Episode 8, The Lounge is Back! Gary gives a really interesting return show…after the news segments, he sits in the lounge and takes a look at the history of it's a small world. No, you won't be driven crazy by nonstop singing (except for the last couple of minutes, where he gives several different renditions of the song, ranging from ska to techo to metal to…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA). Lots of older audio is included in here, including some of Disney himself talking about the attraction. Also included is some good audio from Rollie Crump on isaw. Time: 52:09
    • 7/20/09 – Episode 329, the hosts start with the tip of the week on the Behind the Seeds tour (DO IT!). The attraction for this week is DA JAAAAAAAAMITTOOOORRRRSSS over at Epcot (SEE THEM!). Ask the Kid is back for another week, and the kid talks about his favorite restaurants at WDW. Andrew does his weekly segment on what's going on at MousePlanet, and the show concludes with listener feedback. Time: 48:42
    • 7/22/09 – Episode 330, Mike and Mark are joined by listener of the month Dan Weckerly for this show, where the discussion revolves around music in the parks. Time: 32:38
    • 7/20/09 – Episode 145, It's Satu….Sund….MONDAY (Van, who's such a phony) got this one recorded later than he wanted to). News is first, followed by something that I really can't put words to. The result is something that has me liking Van more and more with each episode. His literary tale of fiction had my children wondering why I was laughing at what was coming through the radio in the SUV. Now, I want everyone to try to use the word "shant" at least three times today in casual conversation. Time: 13:08
    • 7/24/09 – Episode 146, Video podcast! Van gives a look at WDW from a perspective different from what most would see it from…that of a conventioneer. WDW hosts thousands of meetings, conferences, and conventions annually, and Van showcases one of these in particular: Lotusphere 2009. Hopefully the videographer doesn't press charges. After not getting the Netcot love he so richly deserves, he dons the conference backpack and joins the throngs of attendees. The introduction has him feeling a little blue, but he geeks out with the sessions…until he realizes that he just doesn't have the toys to keep up with this crowd. Time: 7:07
    • 7/19/09 – Episode 26, Gordon continues his talk on the grand canyon of running funks which I would likely live in. After concluding the first interview in the last episode, former student Hope Jones, who is a leader of the primary group that sets up and times distance events in North Carolina, realized that she had a lot more to talk about (likened to realized what you forgot to put in your answer on an essay test), so Gordon brings her back for more discussion on burning out on running. He then follows with how he got out of his own funk. A funny audio piece intros the blog of the week: Running the Bouroughs. Listener feedback ends the show. Time: 54:43
    • 7/21/09 – Episode 62, The Cats have the fever to open this show! Music dominates the show today, but, before the audio takes over, the topic of sucking face in the parks is re-addressed from their most-popular episode to date, with one of the hosts being the target. They then get into a talk about the kiss of Doom (buggies), "hidden Mickey hickeys", and bugfest at the Poly, manly men and chest-hair, K-Y explosions, and embarrassing moments in junior high with contraceptives, adult catalogs, and Lindsay Buckingham (you try to make the connections). Somehow, they manage tom transition from Barry White to Mickey and Goofy, which reminds me of a great joke about Mickey wanting a divorce. I'll stop there. They end with a high school broke hoedown escapade in a submarine on the Caribbean with Janet Jackson, Leota, and Peter (you try to make the connections). Time: 36:58
    • 7/20/09 – Episode 102, The hosts start off with their new usual opening, the Weekend Update. After that is the shortest new segment in the history of the podcast, "The World's Finest", where they unexpectedly almost reach a consensus on which deluxe hotel is the finest in Walt Disney World. To make the segment a little longer, they argue over the next best one. Tom, I love the piano rendition of Spectro at the end! Time: 1:02:32
    • 7/19/09 – Episode 128, I tell you what, this guy has a great life! Lou brings together fans Ryan, Rachel, and Scott for a roundtable discussion to talk about the D23 special tour of the Disney Studios, including once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This is one of these where you simply have to listen. I can't give any spoilers, other than the fact that they were blown away by the accessibility to the archives and studios and "the bird" (how's that for a teaser?). Time: 1:36:34
    • 7/20/09 – Episode 593, The WDW Today crew (sans Scopa, who's busy changing the weather patterns in central Florida) take a listener suggestion and rank the top pools on the WDW property (hint, it's not at the Pop). As they do that, Len gives the relative rankings from the Unofficial Guide (DING!). Time: 17:57
    • 7/22/09 – Episode 594, TADDAAAAAA! It's the weekly (DING!) Wednesday (DING!) listener (DING!) question (DING!) show (DING!). The hosts nearly stage a mutiny against Scopa (and replacing him with Annette), and Len is elevated to deity status temporarily. Time: 30:13
    • 7/24/09 -- Episode 595, Scopa hears of the attempted mutiny from the last episode and rejoins the crew to discuss some of his takes on what he saw in his most recent trip to Disney World. Time: 21:05
    • 7/23/09 – Episode 21, Matt and Nate are both back from the parks…one from each side of the country. Nate headed to Disneyland (and did some Micecast while over there), and Matt did a short trip to Orlando. After a short tribute to Walter Cronkite, they do news and then get into a really good segment where they compare and highlight their trips. Time: 40:26
    • 7/20/09 – Episode 41, In this show, the man behind the mic takes on The Man Behind the Myth. Aaron goes in-depth on a 2001 documentary on Walt Disney's life, produced by his grandson, Walter Elias Disney Miller. Also included in this episode is some speculation on who the next Disney Legends to be named will be. Time: 36:55


Matt said...

Thanks for including Mouse Droppings in the blog! Tackling this long list of podcasts every week certainly deserves some recognition!

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