Thursday, July 9, 2009

WDW 10-Year Anniversary Trip, Day 6, Roses are Red, Bad Busses are Blue: Part 1

Day 6: Roses are Red, Bad Busses are Blue

Good Morning, Good MOOOrning. It’s great to stay up late. Good Morning. Good Morning to You!

That was my response to Stitch when he called at 7:30, and I put him on speakerphone.

For wardrobe selection, I went with the Mickey/Donald attitude shirt that I’ve seen at least 12 others wear. Sheri opts for a lime green shirt.

Lime green? NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo........

Good Lord, woman, have I taught you nothing?!! I told her I was going to count how many people stared at her in the parks wondering what her name was over there. In case you haven't figured out yet, I'm not a huge Disboards fan.

We’ve lasted 5 days without really eating at the Pop food court (except for the first day there when we grabbed lunch) (and the donuts) (and the rice krispie treats) (and the pop refillable mu…OKAY!!!!! SO I’M WRONG!!!). I was in the mood for a Mickey waffle with fruit topping. We get ready and head down to the food court and…ummm…there’s no Mickey waffle.

This is what I want:

They don’t have that…they have this instead:

It just ain’t the same.

I manage to choke down the PopWaffle (because in my mind, it tastes nothing like it's supposed to, despite the fact that they're exact same recipe), and we head to the bus stops. A quick SNAP of the fingers, and a bus for MK rolls on up. Now, I’ve heard the horror stories about the busses…this is the second time we’ve stayed on site, both times at a value resort. We have no complaints whatsoever, whether it’s just our luck, our not worrying much about it, or whatever.

We get to Magic Kingdom at 8:35 and immediately notice that it’s a little more crowded than last time, though it’s still really quiet. 8:48, and... case you missed it from Day 2.

Sheila Shufflehop was just a touch early because there was a long, awkward pause once before Mickey started to reply, and she almost started laughing as Mickey had his hands up in the air ready to talk, but he just couldn't say what he wanted to say for some reason. We watched them finish the first time, so we didn’t feel guilty about heading into MK while the CMs were still smiling and dancing. As we entered Main Street USA, I looked back for PandyPaws/Donna/Erika/insert_name_here (sorry Donna). Nope. It’s about this time that I start to question whether I missed a post where she’s not on the trains anymore (Okay, I cheated as I’m writing this…sounds like Donna is also conductor, Main Street driver, trainer, etc.). We’ll look for you and wave if we see ya in December.

Sheri has a mission today…hunt down every Photopass guy/gal on Main Street and have him/her take our picture with the castle in the background to maximize our chances of getting a good pic. Obviously, as this was 2 years ago, the Photopass pics aren't available anymore, but Photopass dudes and dudettes are almost always fine taking pics with your own camera too.

We went through the castle and walked onto Peter Pan and then over to iasw. We really didn’t have any agenda today…just wanted to take in the rides and the atmosphere. While waiting to get on the iasw boat, the CM tells us that she’s going to put us lovebirds in the back of the boat but that they’d be watching us to make sure we weren’t doing anything bad. I asked her if they had cameras every couple of feet. She said that we should be more worried about the motion sensors on the boat. I about fell in the water laughing...wasn't expecting that from a CM.

Sheri and I (okay, mostly me…Sheri usually just rolls her eyes when I come up with this stuff) have decided to come up with different storylines for the ride to make it more appealing:

A Dingo Ate my Baby!

Mafia Platypuses – the way they toss their eggs like that cracks me up.

Animatronics Gone Wild – Upskirts

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena

For the record, wifey had the camera the whole time taking these shots. She physically harmed me when I told her I'm using these shots in the TR...she thinks they're all bad pics because of the lighting.

We headed out and walked back towards the castle. For some reason we always go around the castle from the back on the right-hand path. This time we decided to do the left-hand path. We saw the wishing well for the first time (Again…how in the Hell did we miss this?). We also saw the garden where they do Story Time with Bell. Then we saw the rose garden for the first time.

Sheri starts reading the variety signs out loud to me, and I respond that yes, I can read. She fires back in a little girl’s voice “I CAN REEEEEAAAAD!!”

Catchphrase of the day.

We attack another photopass guy near the roses. While we’re getting the pics taken, another Photopass dude starts doing the bunny ears on the one taking our pics. They look and act like they enjoy what they do. Afterwards, Sheri asks if I want to do Space Mountain since we’re close to Tomorrowland. SURE! I didn’t think she’d want to ride it again so I steered us to Fantasyland first. We skip over to Space Mountain, where the posted time was 20 minutes…on in about 8. This ride was different…we were in the front car for the first time, and, when there’s no car in front of you to tell you which way you’re going, it’s a LOT more exciting. Sheri’s laughing not knowing which way we’re turning next, so I’m trying to shout back to her where we’re going.


Lindsay was definitely right when she mentioned that it’s better up front when it’s warmer!

We got off the ride and proceed to commit a major touring faux pas…we stopped to talk about where to go next.

I see the Carousel of Progress turning around, so I suggest that. Hey, it’s something we haven’t done before, so let’s hop on! Not bad…though the jump in time between the last 2 scenes is quite astonishing.

We cross the Tomorrowland Bridge and head through the hub. The characters were heading off the castle platform to sign autographs, so there was a slight bottleneck. We walk around a bit just looking at things and ultimately find ourselves in front of the Haunted Mansion. We hop in line and are in the stretch room in less than a minute. From there we head around the river towards the raft for Tom Sawyer Island. This is another research trip for us to see how the boys would like this area.

Oh, Gawd, we’d never be able to pull them off the island!!! We’d be nervous wrecks trying to keep up with them and not losing them, but they would have a blast over there. I think Sheri was a bit freaked with the bats in the caves. Yeah, we’ll have to take them on here next time.

Back over to Adventureland so we could devour another Dole Whip. While sitting there, it looks like the Dream Team was at work with some folks nearby. Not sure what (or even if) they won. They seemed pretty happy, so I’m guessing that they did win something.

We head towards Main Street as it was getting to be around noon time. Nick and I had talked via AIM a few days before we left for Florida, and he said he’d be arriving at MCO around noon and might swing by WDW to meet up for lunch. We decided to head back and rest, and, in case he came over, Pop would be near the entrances. We stopped at the Confectionary to pick up some cotton candy for the boys. I recall hearing about how good Wonka bars are (from Matt Hochberg of and the WDWToday podcast), so we bought one and had it for lunch. As we devoured the bar, we headed out under the train station for the busses. More ducks assaulted us at the bus stop while we waited for the bus. It showed up after about 8 or so minutes (I forgot to snap), and we head to Pop.

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Timberline said...

Great waffle pictures! I'd never seen those pop century ones. They still do those?

Mush said...

I wish I could take credit for those waffle pics, but they are heisted from the interweb. We haven't stayed at Pop since December of 07, but I think they still do those waffles.