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2017 Escaping Insanity...Blowing the Dust Off and Finishing the Report!


(insert a dream sequence with blurry edges. Fade to a vision of Mush walking through a library and coming across this blog, only it is in the form of an old book instead of an electronic journal.  He grabs hold of the blogbook and wipes off the cover; in the process, his allergies kick in, and he is seized by a sneezing fit....)

Hi Folks!  It has been a VERY long time since I last updated this blog.  Surprisingly, I’ve recently had several people ask about the end of this cruise, even though it is over 4 years old.  Who am I to disappoint my fan base of probably about 12 people?  I’ll warn you though…there’s a reason for not posting it…it was a boring day for me, which likely means that it will be a REALLY boring read for you.  As you read it, I think you'll understand why the report really never got finished up.

For those who may need a refresher, you might want to check out the previous several days' worth of posts.  Trip Report Index is the place you'll want to go to if you want to do that.

Sooooooo, without further ado, here is the conclusion to Escaping Insanity.


(For those keeping track, this is late June of 2017)

I think I woke up, though I’m honestly not entire sure – all I knew was that my mind and body decided to take a vacation day from our vacation.  We grabbed breakfast in Garden CafĂ©, where I enjoyed a pretty good version of eggs Benedict.  We then headed back up to the room to chill for a while as we made our way to Nassau.  I hopped out on the balcony and could see Atlantis in the distance. 

We had already decided that we were not going to be getting off the ship, so we headed down to the Atrium on Deck 6 and took part in a napkin folding demonstration…well…three of them did.  I was content just to sit back and watch the molecules move around me.


Yeah, I was definitely a bit tired.


Once we were done with that, we wandered around the ship a little bit; eventually, we made out way up to Deck 8 outside and chilled for a while on the Waterfront.  We enjoyed seeing the ships also in port with us, especially Disney Dream, the first ship that Sheri and I cruised on. With the comfy chairs out there, it was a struggle to keep focused.  It was not long before I curled up and started snoring – I think Sheri was actually talking to me when I fell asleep.  I vaguely remember someone saying that they were going to grab a bite to eat for a snack, and I told them I’d catch up with them later…..






About 15 minutes later (that's what I keep telling myself), I woke up and sat up for a bit to watch workers touching up some paint on the Dream.  

Then I curled back up on those really comfortable sofas on the Waterfront.  





After what seemed like about 15 more minutes, I grabbed my phone and texted the rest of the Mushfam to see where they were…and I noticed about 4 texts that I missed.

“You coming?”


“At Atrium…eating…got tired of waiting for you”


“In atrium to watch a movie”


“You alive???”


I was out for over three hours on the Waterfront.


In my periphery, I thought I saw someone shoo away a priest prepared to give me last rites.


I sat up and contemplated laying back down for a while, but I made my way to my feet.  Once I realized that I hadn’t eaten for at least six hours (a mortal sin on a cruise ship), I nearly panicked, but then I realized that I wasn’t hungry.  The boys grabbed a game of air hockey and successfully played a match without killing each other.  We then noticed that there was no line for the bowling alleys, so we played a game there.  My high in actual bowling is 217 – I think I might not have even broken 100 there.

After bowling, we did a bit more exploring of the ship and found the game room and the portrait studio.  Then we went back to the room, as we had an hour or so before our reservation at Teppanyaki.


As soon as we made it back to the stateroom, I was out for the count, and I woke up only after several attempts by everyone to again make sure I was breathing. In what had to look like a scene from Weekend at Bernie’s, I somehow found myself at Teppanyaki.  We met a family from New York, and I did my best to carry on a conversation with them. I may also have told our chef that he kindly remove my face from the grill surface if I fell asleep during the meal.  Normally, I absolutely LOVE teppan-style dining, and I could tell that both the food and the show put on by the chef was awesome; however, I barely ate 50% of my meal.  For those who know me, this was an indication that Mush wasn’t quite right.  I felt terrible wasting the food, but I was simply in “try to continue existing” mode.  I wasn’t sick at all…just exhausted.  It was a lesson that I had to learn on a cruise.

After eating, we moseyed to the aft of the ship to check out our photos and bought some to bring home...there were some really good ones:

I had grand plans for our last night – we were going to check out all the favorite places one more time, see our favorite crew members one more time, and enjoy the heck out of it! 


I told the others to go out and enjoy the last evening, but they opted to stay in the room, despite my protests.  The evening was not a complete bust, though; we were graced with an amazing sunset:

For all I know, they could have gone streaking on the pool deck…I wouldn’t have known any difference.  I was down for the count yet again at around 8:30, and I slept through the night.


When I woke up the next morning, I did a little math, and I found out that I had slept nearly 14 hours of the past 24.  I readily admitted that I felt a lot better on the day that we were getting off the ship.  Sheri and the boys had packed up most everything the previous evening, which made the last couple of hours onboard a lot easier, though I felt terrible for not helping at all.  I think my feet may have supported a suitcase that they threw on the bed; other than that, I did nothing.

Sunrise at Port Miami gave us another awesome sight:

We headed out and grabbed one last breakfast at Taste/Savor.  We all were dreading the disembarkation and the flight back to reality, but I could tell that it was a very successful family vacation - and that the boys were definitely into cruising! 

At the appropriate time, we headed out and crossed the threshold off the ship and back onto dry land - this is the point in the cruise that hits me the hardest as I know my time on the ship is done.  As this was only my second cruise and just the first cruise for all four of us, it hit a little harder than I had anticipated as I stepped off the ship and onto the gangway.  The four of us were relatively quiet as we made our way into the terminal.  We found our bags fairly quickly and made our way to the line for Customs We helped the boys a bit as it was their first time with Customs, though we were not quite experts ourselves was only our second time doing it.

Once we were out of the terminal, we found our meeting point for our shuttle, and we were on our way to FLL in no time at all.  As we departed Dodge Island, all four of us found ourselves looking back at Norwegian Escape a few more times before it was out of sight.

...and that, folks, wraps up the trip report!

Since this vacation, we have taken several more cruises.  I still plan on writing about what we do, though the format may be a bit different from this report.  To help with readability, I'm thinking of transitioning to more of a video/photo format with a notes-style writing to supplement...essentially, the pictures and videos will be the primary format instead of the writing.  I already have the first half of our next cruise completed and am working on the second won't have to wait four years for this one.

Thanks, all!

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2017 Escaping Insanity Norwegian Cruise Line Trip Index

Pre-Trip and Introduction

Day 0 (Arrival Day)

Day 1 (Embarkation Day)

Day 2 (Chilling at Sea)

Day 3 (MORE Chilling at Sea)

Day 4 Swimming in (the) Trunk (of the) Bay

Day 5 (Tortola - Spending our 20th Anniversary in a Bath(s) in Another Country

Day 6 (Ropin' and Glowin' ... the beginning of the end)

Day 7 and Disembarkation

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Escaping Insanity: A Cruising Trip Report. Day 6: Ropin’ and Glowin’…the beginning of the end… (Part 2)

You can read part 1 of this day HERE.

After eating, we did a little more exploring around the ship and stumbled upon the Dolce Gelato store when it was open.  For research purposes, we all had to get one.

The other three decided that a nap sounded good.  Me?  Nope!  First, I called the box office to cancel our reservation for that night’s 7:30 showing of The Brat Pack; I would have definitely seen it again, but I think everyone was a little tired and wanted a down day.

I think that this may be a place to stick a pin for future reference…the other three decided on a nap, but I kept on going…just like I did the previous day.

Folks…this is known as “foreshadowing”

I headed to the casino and was looking for either a craps table or a blackjack table with $5 minimums.  Unfortunately, it appeared that $10 was the lowest min on any table that I saw, so I opted to head into the Skyline and have a drink or two while I did a little video poker.  I decided early on that $40 was the max I would play with, and I actually only played $20…I made it last about 45 minutes before it was gone.

I headed back to the room around 5:00 to see who was up.  I think Aaron was the only one awake, so we watched a little TV while the others slept.  A little while later, the other two arose, and we decided on the Manhattan Room for supper.  Being that it was nearing 7 pm, we were hoping there wouldn’t be too long of a wait, and we were seated within 5 minutes of arriving #yesssss

Geronimo was our server…he was awesomely insane!!!  He had a huge smile and a wit that just comes naturally to some people.  The entrees were a bit more hit-or-miss with this particular meal, but it was still a great experience with the waitstaff.

We asked to see if he would be able to take a family picture for us, and I jokingly said that he needed to be in the picture...the result?

Afterward, we headed outside to the aft to watch the wake…well…we tried to, but I think Sheri was getting a little vertigo from watching the wake fly behind us though the motion was the opposite direction.  We didn’t stay in that area too terribly long.

We still had a little bit of time before the Glow Party was slated to start. We walked around the shops a bit and checked out the photos that had been taken; Sheri and I were both noting which ones we were planning to purchase.  We checked out the art for a bit, too.  Eventually, we worked our way back to the stateroom and put on our now (just about) dry Glow Shirts.  Aaron decided that he didn’t want to go, despite prodding from me (teenagers…).  Around 10:30, Sheri, Eric, and I made our way back to Spice H2O, where the Family Glow party had just wrapped up.  I wanted to get some video of the party to post, so I wanted to get a couple of different locations over time.  We first started out near the front, just a little left of center.  This ended up being what I think was a perfect location to experience the party.  I’ll let the video speak for itself here.

More pics:

We then headed up a deck to get an overhead(ish) view of the party...yep...still insane!

After about a half-hour of footage, we all decided that we had received our fill of techno music, so we meandered around a bit and checked in on the Chocolate Cowboy, who had his regulars at the bar.  Sheri and I ordered a draft, while Eric got his usual cherry soda. 

…and then…

…it hit me.

Yeah, I probably should have paced myself over the past several days.  Exhaustion came over me, and I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for about ten hours.  I dragged myself up to the room, and I collapsed.  As I (quickly) fell asleep, I hoped that I’d be back to 100% for the last full day of the cruise.

Yeah, right.