Friday, April 30, 2010

Disney Podcast Updates, March 16-31, 2010

Man, these podcasters did a lot of talking over these 15 days…there are over 80 shows here!! Sleeping Beauty is awoken several times; fools are made in a few shows (with more in the next round of updates); some more adult content is included; several videos (not adult-content) are featured; and a LOT of informative segments are included here. Once again, real life is getting in the way, and it took longer to get this posted than I had hoped. Summer is coming soon, and I hope to have a few days to get caught back up and back to weekly updates.

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic. Also, Shawn Rees does excellent reviews of some shows that I don't cover over at The Disney Blog, and, in an effort to improve efficiency, in the future, I might start referring people to his site for a couple of shows that both of us traditionally update/review (the show still gets coverage by at least one of us, but it reduces the number of shows I have to listen to, take notes, and type up).

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 03/23/10 – Vidcast 15, Those with a weak stomach, or those prone to vertigo may want to make sure you're sitting down with a fan on when you watch this. We get to witness a first-timer on the Tea Cups at Disneyland. (bllleeuuuucccccchhhhhhhh). Time: 4:49
    • 03/25/10 – Vidcast 12 (yes, the numbering is correct). This is a reposting from last summer. If you missed it the first time, you can see who's behind the voices of several of the shows in this list. Time: 10:39

    • 03/19/10 – Episode 153, This week we're talking with Chad Emerson who is the author of a new book entitled "Project Future: The inside story behind the creation of Disney World" about some of the challenges that Disney was faced with in acquiring the land for and building Walt Disney World. We'll talk about the creation of the Reedy Creek Improvement District as well as other behind the scenes events that took place that just may surprise you. (Mush: REALLY informative show…provides a lot of information on the Florida Project and how and why Reedy Creek was created). Time: 1:12:16
    • 03/26/10 – Episode 154, This week we're joined by Producer Don Hahn (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame) and Peter Schneider (former President of Feature Animation for Walt Disney Studios) to talk about their new film "Waking Sleeping Beauty". The film talks about the ups and downs and that led to the animation renaissance at Walt Disney's Animation Studios from 1984-1994. The film features archival footage and interviews with Disney animators and legends like John Lasseter, Roy E. Disney, Tim Burton, and Michael Eisner. Don and Peter not only had an interest in getting this story out to the fans but they also experienced these times at the studio first hand. Time: 1:25:54

    • 03/18/10 – Episode 212, Today, Pam and Mike talk about the Disney Cruise Line with Marci from Disney Sales.  She tells us why the Disney Cruise Line is a step above the other cruise lines.  We discuss the Disney Wonder and Magic, as well as the new Disney Dream that will be coming to the US in January, 2011.  We also talk about Castaway Cay, the things we love about the Disney Cruise Line, and places you can visit aboard the ships of DCL! Time: 38:03
    • 03/21/10 – Episode 213, We are lucky to have Heather joining us from New Jersey today to share her surprise trip that she planned for her younger sisters.  This trip took place during the Food 8 Wine Festival in September, 2009.  We discuss her thoughts on Free Dining, her sisters' first trip, as well as shares an awesome way to break the news that "we are going to Walt Disney World!" (Mush: cool way to spring the news…buried treasure!) Time: 29:10
    • 03/24/10 – Live Show Rebroadcast from March 21, 2010. Time: 2:08:26
    • 03/25/10 – Episode 214, Happy Friday everyone!  Today we take some time to answer listener emails!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to write our podcast!  We discuss how to surprise your significant other without them finding out, the best times to visit the Flower and Garden Festival, and share funny and inspiring emails! Time: 55:11
    • 03/28/20 – Episode 215, We are lucky to have Sarah from New Jersey join Rikki and I today to talk about her recent honeymoon at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge!  We discuss many different experiences at Walt Disney World today from staying Concierge to Disney's Honeymoon Registry to the Fort Wilderness Segway Tour!  We talk about being on the Deluxe Dining Plan and even eating at Victoria 8 Albert's as well! (Mush: bummer about the bed size, though, at AKL…still, it sounded like an awesome time!). Time: 45:39 

    • 03/18/10 – Episode 7, On this week's episode of the Betamouse Podcast the team discusses location services apps and how one might use them in the Disney Parks. (Mush: for those luddites and non-geeks unsure of what "location services apps" are, think FourSquare and Gowalla). Time: 40:32
    • 03/25/10 – Episode 8, On this week's episode of Betamouse the crew discusses the way new tech has enabled Disney Meet Ups to happen with ease. Time: 45:19

    • 03/20/10 – IYEE 57, Lou belches his way through the show (well, no, but we do get to hear one or two early on) on unprofessionalism in podcasting. Lou gives us a little "stream of consciousness" audio as he walks around World Showcase. I've got one big question, though, Lou: when those scantily-clad co-eds were walking nearby in World Showcase, why didn't you turn this into a BMS episode??? Time: 39:57

    • 03/20/10 – Episode 88, Disney Trip planning is the theme and the crew gets into some craziness with Uncle Sorcerer. On this episode: The World In News - Disney World News; Disney Dance Floor - Travel Talk; Disney Dining Experience - Crystal Palace; Storytime - Disney Trip Planning 101; Email Time - Listener Questions; and – outtakes. Time: 1:18:19

    • 03/17/10 – Episode 16, Unfortunately this might be what you call a LOST episode... And that has nothing to do with the UBER-popular ABC drama. No someone on our staff forgot to upload this episode last week and SOMEHOW no one noticed. We have your Disney News Update as well as what you might call an homage to the Main Street Electrical Parade (Mush: Piano Jack? Like it or not, you gotta admit that the guy can play!). Time: 21:32
    • 03/17/10 – Episode 17, This week we are proud to present this special edition of DisFanReview's SHORTS! It's Disneyland Week at DisFanReview and we have tons of fun surprises for you! Of course we have your Disney news updates and such. This week's music is a tour of Disneyland with cover songs from Los Lobos, Bare Naked Ladies and The Dave Clark Five. Time: 20:04
    • 03/18/10 – Special addition: ROPE DROP! DisFanReview's Morning Show 3/18/10. (FYI: RopeDrop! is Admiral Duke's morning show on Reedy Creek Radio on Live365.) Time: 1:00:53

    • 03/26/10 – Episode 104, Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney Pin Trading news, upcoming pin trading opportunities around the world, an in-depth look at "Dateline Disneyland 1955", a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #83 (Aaron Bregel from Seattle), all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and much more!!! Time: 3:08:16

    • 03/16/10 – Special show, Tairy reads an emotional e-mail from a fan (including a Disney-related poem written from the e-mailer's son) and offers up her heartfelt thanks to her listeners. For those who may not know, Tairy is recovering from some recent surgery on her back but still does both Mouse Comedy and the LRWH family of shows. I don't think she's a huge fan of the "First Lady" title she has been bestowed, but it's a fitting title. Tairy, we really do love you, even if we don't explicitly say it! Hopefully our paths will cross one of these days so I can meet you. Time: 11:24
    • 03/25/10 – Episode 70, to help out, WTTM's Paul Barrie steps in to do a show for Tairy and highlights the People Mover from Disneyland. Time: 8:44

    • 03/21/10 – Episode 44, Running Disney, Indiana is about ready to drive Scott out of what little mind he has left.  Tracey has a wonderful suggestion to cope - get out of Dodge.  Our hosts then talk about their next trip to Walt Disney World (Mush…we'll miss you by just a couple of weeks!). Then they continue their year-long Perspective on Pixar by looking at 1999's Toy Story 2 and provide some details, history and thoughts on this film. (Awesome job, as always!) They wrap up the show with some feedback, but not before listening to WWED and the Epcot JAMMitors recorded live in 2008 (The JAMMitors are always a hit with us). Time: 1:02:50

    • 03/16/10 – Episode 37, We once again a jam packed show beginning as always with our news and rumours. We discuss many things about the parks as well as our views on the latest D23 offerings and premiere annual Passport. Next, Adam brings the final installment of his trip to Orlando as he takes you through a day at Busch Gardens in Tampa. To round the show off we bring you the next installment of out new segment "Around the World in 80 Segments". On this edition we take a look at the rides, shows and attractions of Frontierland and give you some planning tips as well as we hope some interesting stories and facts. Time: 1:15:44
    • 03/16/10 – Extra download, PDF file of the Events Guide for the upcoming MouseMeets Event.
    • 03/31/10 – Episode 38, The show begins with our usual news and rumours as we explore everything going on in the Disney parks in the Europe and Orlando. We also give you a Mousemeets update as the event begins to draw ever nearer. Continuing our tour of the Magic Kingdom, we take a look at shopping and dining in Frontierland as we talk about some of our favourite locations and some that we quite frankly can't remember where they are! To end the show, we bring you a brand new segment entitled "Disney Island Discs". For the first edition, Craig brings us his top 3 favourite pieces of Disney music that he would take with him if stranded on a Desert Island. Wait till right at the end of the show to hear his favourite piece of music in full. (I'm liking the interaction among the hosts more and more with each passing episode (Wacky Races????!!!) Also, I agree with your comments on how varied the reviews are on the Tronorails. Interesting song choice, Craig...that one's permanently residing on my iPod too.) Time: 1:25:53

    • 03/17/10 – Episode 204, "I'm just a lesser Deity" (Tuesday chat) Time: 1:49:04
    • 03/21/10 – Episode 205, The King of Anaheim meets the Mayor of HOJO, and we answer your questions LIVE. Time: 1:36:52
    • 03/24/10 – Episode 206, A young man Brian Sommer gets his wish fulfilled as he meets MUK MUK for the first time, share this special journey with a loved one or elderly neighbor. (Tuesday Chat) Time: 2:57:17
    • 03/31/10 – Episode 207, "White Teeth and Clean Shoes"; Another show that proves once again, we are right back where we belong (Tuesday Chat) Time: 2:23:08

    • 03/19/10 – Show 53, Mike starts off with a Report Card on the Kilimanjaro Safaris (I learned some stuff here on myths about when to ride this). After that, he lease a bulldozer from CAT to take out the Disneyland restaurant similar to the one overlooking WDW's it's a small world, the Village Haus Restaurant. Though I haven't eaten at the WDW version, I've heard that it can safely be bulldozed too without anyone complaining. DIY Imagineering is next. He claims to be "shooting from the hip", but he still has a coherent segment here. He looks at the Fantasyland Chalet from the old Skyway attraction as well as a PeopleMover redo with a new idea, "the history of tomorrow" (what we have lost from Tomorrowland). He looks around in the mailbag and finishes with a lesson on McCoy field. If that name doesn't ring a bell, does MCO help? MCO isn't the only item discussed, though, because there actually was (is?) an airstrip not too far from the TTC at WDW (the IATA designation for this strip is DWS), and Greg gives some interesting information on this. Time: 1:01:47 (note: there are two downloads of this show in the feed).

    • 03/21/10 – Episode 259, After the weekly Disney news roundup, Skipper Ben chimes in with his thoughts on the upcoming MuppetVision 3-D refurbishment. Then listener Chad brings a report from a recent special event for the new documentary, Waking Sleeping Beauty. Finally, Ricky tries to catch up on listener comments and questions. Time: 1:08:26
    • 03/21/10 – Video Supplement to #259, Video of the Tronorail cars on the Epcot loop. Cool music to go with the video! Time: 3:20
    • 03/28/10 – Episode 260, Following the week's exciting Disney news, we announce the theme for Inside the Magic's 5th anniversary show in 2 weeks - and we want you to be involved! Plus, we take you to the grand opening of Ridemakerz (Mush: that's a store where you can create your own model vehicle) at Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney including several interviews. Skipper Ben joins us with a bit of sneaky trip planning and we discuss a few creative Disney marriage proposal ideas. Time: 1:19:37
    • 03/28/10 – Video Supplement to #260, Video of the Ridemakerz grand opening, including interviews. Time: 4:57

    • 03/16/10 - Today's show features latest Disney News and events and a little beginner pin trading advice. Each member of the podcast team lists their favorite and least favorite Disney Value resorts. Time: 1:06:54
    • 03/26/10 – Today's show features latest Disney News and events and even a little information from Universal Studios Orlando. Each member of the podcast team lists their favorite and least favorite Disney Deluxe resorts. Jason and Mary are joined by Mendy Huffman and Jennifer Evans, Karin Worth is off due to sickness this week. Time: 1:10:47

    • 03/17/10 - Once again, our lack of creativity forces us to turn to listener mails as a way to generate Disney Discussion. As usual we are all over the place. (Mush: yep…they were! Vader gets to reply to a previous e-mail show, Carl the brain challenges a couple of facts from a couple of recent shows, talks of Elvis vs. Michael Jackson, Toyotas, GalacticHero rants on tax and snack carts, Susan Pleshette, and a whole lot more). Time: 1:12:22
    • 03/22/10 - A listener writes in seeking advice on what to do while making an extended visit to California. A few of the points of interest covered are: Las Vegas, Yosemite, San Francisco, Monterey, and San Simeon. (Mush: planes with parachutes??? Also, if you are ever planning on driving in these areas, listen to this show as they get into a big debate on the various routes in Cali.) Time: 1:44:02
    • 03/31/10 – Let's welcome the hosts of the latest podcast to join The DPN. Electric Mic and Kiltboy from the Disney Park Hoppin' Party. We spend almost two hours getting to know Mike and Steve and have some fun along the way. (Mush: ran out of time to listen to this one, but I'm keeping it in the queue. I went over to the DPN forums, and the feedback was all resounding "GREAT"s.) Time: 1:56:55

    • 03/21/10 – We review the 1976 Walt Disney classic Freaky Friday. (Mush: as I listened, I never realized that there was another version. I loved hearing the Mortis's reactions to his kids' comments on how much more they liked the Lindsay Lohan version over this one). I definitely learned something new with this show. Time: 25:43

    • 03/28/10 – Episode 73, Jonathan is manning the microphone himself while Tairy recovers from her surgery. We get to hear the background loop from the Jungle Cruise (around 20 minutes). Then, well…there's no bug zapper, but we do get to hear Disneyland from a cat's perspective (no, not Jennifer or Lisa). Time: 25:28

    • 03/16/10 – Episode 25.2, if you remember the last batch of updates, Matt gives us some Non-Disney Spring Break audio from around the country. In this show, we're at Six Flags America for interesting "theming", and evening rope drop (no, not an April Fool) and several roller coaster rides, including the Batwing, Joker's Jinx, and the Ride of Steel (I'm still jealous at your being at the cheerleader tryouts) Time: 47:38
    • 03/17/10 – Episode 25.3, Continuing the super-hero theme, Matt takes us to Islands of Adventure for the Spiderman Coaster! More Time: 19:25
    • 03/18/10 – Episode 25.4, Next up is Busch Gardens (not Tampa…Williamsburg) for a ride on…waaaaiiiiittt a minute! Matt must be hung over (he was) because his show cover has tea cups. Well, like some other theme parks, Busch Gardens has a spinning tea cups ride. First, we get to ride the Scrambler. Also, we get to hear a fight about Pepsi vs. Coke between Keegan and Matt. Time: 18:41
    • 03/19/10 – Episode 25.5 (Matt's pulling a Paul Barrie with his numbering), As a result of show 25.4, we're in Atlanta to check out the World of Coke (that's Cola, not the drug). Good shows, Matt! Time: 27:11
    • 03/26/10 – Episode 25.6 26, I have to cheat and use the description for this one as I haven't listened to it yet. I can't just delete it, though, because the lineup of people on here has to make this a funny show. "If you had a time machine, where would you go? We take our very on Toontown Time Machine all the way back to 2009 during this episode! Tag along as Matt rides his first ride in Disneyland EVER! We'll be joined by Earl (Trapped on Vacation), Mike (MiceCast), and Electric Mike & Kiltboy (Disney Park Hoppin' Party)" Also, more Toy Story Midway Mania hints are included. Time: 19:55

    • 03/20/10 – Episode 243, This week, all is back to normal. We cover two of the hottest news items to come out of Disney in the last few weeks - the introduction of a Premiere Passport, and the announcements regarding the D23 Expo and this year's "Destination D" event. Plus, we're having a sale. We're crazy! Time: 34:20
    • 03/27/10 – Episode 244 1, Ummmmm…well…since there are so many Disney podcasts, Eric, Cathy, and Dan throw away the idea of talking Disney and introduce the first Disney-Podcast-that-doesn't-talk-about-Disney-that-doesn't-yet-have-a-title. (it's close enough to April 1st). News of the weird and classic April Fools' pranks are included (spaghetti trees!). Time: 26:06 (or is it?)

    • 03/17/10 – Episode 398, Steven Ng brings us to the Disneyland ceremony celebrating Disney's magical songwriting duo. (Mush: remember that MouseStation is going to a weekly format now). Time: 1:05:24
    • 03/24/ 10 – Episode 399, Steven Ng chats with Don Hahn and Peter Schneider about their new documentary on the rebirth of Disney animation in the 1980s and 1990s. Time: 23:50
    • 03/31/10 – Episode 400 (Congratulations on #400!), Mark and Mike celebrate the 400th episode and honor their previous show by remembering their favorite Magical Moments. Also, a new "@ the Station" comic, poll results and listener feedback. Time: 59:20

    • 03/22/10 – Episode 3, Frank, Margaret, and Heather are joined by one of the hosts of DHS's American Idol Experience, Sean Kitzner. Aside from a good interview with some great questions, we find that Sean is a darn good comedian, too! Also in the show is a news segment and another Mousetapiece Theatre, with Mickey and Goofy getting Victor's Vector, Clearance from Clarence. Over! (Under). Time: 1:28:15
    • 03/22/10 – Episode 4, Zanna's on the show! Disney Mom's panelist and fellow Disney blogger Suzannah DiMarzio of join Margaret and Frank to talk about the Mom's panel experience and more. Can you handle the truth? Listen to another Mousetapiece Theatre to find out. Also, Doug Ingersoll is on to talk about his writing of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Walt Disney World. FYI: Zanna, for your first time on the air, you sounded great! Time: 1:12:28

    • 03/27/10 – Vidcast 34, I started to do my own write-up on this, but the way Carlos wrote it beats anything I could say: "In this episode I bring you a quick video tour of The Magical Garden of Tinker Bell which appeared for the first time at Canada Blooms along with her Fairy friends. This four season garden takes you through the talents of each Disney Fairies character - Rosetta the Garden Fairy, Silvermist the Water Fairy, Iridessa the Light Fairy, Fawn the Animal Fairy and, of course, the most popular Disney Fairies character of all, Tinker Bell a Tinker Fairy. The garden looks like it was build for a child perspective. The garden was put together by Teamscape member Frank Ferragine, also known as Frankie Flowers of CityTV's Breakfast Television and CityLine." Time: 6:06

    • 03/23/10 – Episode 52, Gordon reports on his Cruise experience, how he lost a half a pound on a cruise, rants about the idea of "Athena and Clydesdale" divisions in road races, and shares audio from his cruise. (Mush: waaaaaaiiiiit a minute…you're not a Skynyrd fan? Next thing you know, you'll be telling me you don't like Marshall Tucker or Molly Hatchet! You have to cut Gordon some slack, though…the audio from the cruise is evidence that throwing people overboard while at sea may not be a bad thing (and throw the piano overboard too!)). Good show! Time: 1:10:10
    • 03/30/10 – Episode 53, Gordon discusses stuff: his nutrition, his training, his plans. He also shared Disney Endurance news. Nice VM at end of show. Really Nice VM! (Mush: really interesting info on the nutrition before and during a race. The lawn mower talk had me cracking up, though! The voice mail at the end comes from one of my newly-found Facebook contacts and occasional RTD caller Dominic.) Time: 1:07:45

    • 03/16/10 – Episode 95, This podcast is one of the reasons I do these reviews. Every one of their shows has so much to comment on! This is a listener feedback show that, after hearing from Carlo(s), takes an interesting turn towards spas, and the innuendo just pours out! Happy Endings? Trying to pronounce "Wailea" without cracking up? (because I think you're hot!). Oh, and I have to give a "Thank You!" for the parental warning included. I followed your advice (with a 5 year old in the car), and it saved a lot of potential explaining. Fun show to listen to! Time: 37:18
    • 03/23/10 – Episode 96, Bridezilla is back…well, no, but the cats are talking about wedding music in a way that only Jennifer and Lisa can do. Who else could link Pachelbel's Canon with teenage suicide and drowning. May I just say the Fantasmic idea with the glow sticks and crowd control is CLASSIC!!! If you YouTube that, I can see it becoming viral and taking out the JK Wedding Entrance Dance as the most watched. (I'm more of a traditionalist, so I always like hearing something like "There is Love" by Paul Stookey (yes, I'm giving him the credit)). Definitely make sure the kids aren't around for the last part, though, because of two words: Scurvy……Monkeys! Time: 48:33
    • 03/31/10 – Episode 97, It's close enough to April 1st, so it's time for some insanity (wait, that's most every show). The voice of Disney, Jack Wagner, is presented with a plethora of bloopers (Wagner's dog scares me at the end). After that, we get some vibrating phones and Mickey on Quaaludes (oh…my…Gawd!!! I'm never going to be able to look at my kids' Pal Mickey the same again.) Great show title too! Time: 29:32

    • 03/30/10 – Episode 127, Special Vidcast from Keystone! Some DPN'ers met up for some snowy fun, and Earl brought his camera. Included is a tubing run and some on-hill dancing. Afterwards, we see a promo for the upcoming Westfest (with Toast eventually making everyone dizzy). Not sure if it was my playback or if it was the file itself, but it was really jerky – it looked like a Wang Chung video. Did anyone else have this? Time:

    • 03/16/10 – Episode 34, Shawn and Katie bring you some news this week, including some major announcements about D23. Time: 26:30
    • 03/23/10 – Episode 35, Katie and Shawn talk about Disney (and non-Disney) related news and talk about what is coming up for next week. (Katie is working on 4 hours of sleep…makes for an interesting show :P. Fingers are crossed that I'll get on "friends of the show" segment one day). Time: 27:29
    • 03/30/10 – Episode 36, Welcome to this week's episode of WaltCast. Bryan Ripper from All About the Mouse joins us this week to discuss "Is Future World still the future?" We also discuss some news. (Interesting topic, guys! Since I didn't see Epcot until 2001, I had no idea how to answer this one). Time: 58:49

    • 03/20/10 – Episode 133, On this week's show, we'll present another edition of one of our signature segments, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". This time around we'll be dissecting the nighttime spectacular from Disney's Hollywood Studios, the ultimate battle between good and evil, Fantasmic! (Mush: Ban the Wave!!!) Time: 1:14:48
    • 03/26/10 – Episode 134, To kick off this week's show, we have a huge edition of the Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. In this lengthy report, we'll be discussing big changes to one peak of the Magic Kingdom mountain range (Mush: Splash…sounds like a GOOD refurb just completed), a few new details pertaining to the upcoming Fantasyland Forest expansion, and we'll be talking about an Annual Pass that gives you admission to nine Disney theme parks in the United States. Following the report, we have another edition of Town Square Talk with Mayor Justin Heyman. On this trip down Main Street WDWNT, we'll be providing information on some changes and additions to the WDWNT Network, including a new addition to our website that will allow you to track the biggest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom step by step (Mush: I'll be lurking over there to check the progress pics…great idea!). I'm still laughing at the Tron Showboat Jubilee! Time: 1:40:03
    • 03/26/10 – Episode 135, To kick off this week's show…uh oh…it's another WDWNT "The Top '10'". After hearing the segment on the Top Ten attractions, I was scared to listen to this one. This one focuses on the Top Ten Counter Service Spots in WDW. Following that, they have the first edition of WDWNT March Madness. (from the description: In this segment, we'll be reviewing and previewing rounds of a 64 attraction tournament of Walt Disney World attractions where you decide the ultimate winners. This week, we review round 1 and look forward to what exciting match-ups round 2 has to offer). Time: 2:20:04

    • 03/21/10 – Episode 162. I'll open up the inbox and answer more of your listener emails this week on topics such as Walt Disney and the Olympics, "date night" in Walt Disney World without the kids, hidden tributes in the parks, the Utilidors, Port Orleans, unused passes, in-room dining and much more! Walt Disney World is all about making dreams come true, and special moments that remain timeless. And during our visits, parents, grandparents, husbands and wives, and nervous young men about to propose look for ways to makes vacation experiences, or even individual moments or occasions even more magical. And you may not know this, but there is a team of people behind-the-scenes at Walt Disney World whose job it is to do just that - help create those special memories with some very unique gifts and experiences. Time: 1:18:07
    • 03/24/10 – Video Extra, Join Lou Mongello on his continuing "Quest for the Best" at Walt Disney World. Today he explores Disney's Hollywood Studios seeking out the very best snack in the park! (Mush: the winner can be found at a place I didn't even know existed! Between Lou and the's A.J. Wolfe, I'm going to put on about 30 lbs on our next trip!). Time: 10:00
    • 03/28/10 – Episode 163, This week we get to know the Dads from the 2010 Walt Disney World Moms Panel, and discuss some of their tips and recommendations, and things for guys to do on their "mancation." We'll continue our detailed tour through Mickey's Toontown Fair, as Jim Korkis and I do a DSI: Disney Scene Investigation through Minnie and Mickey's Houses as well as Donald's boat, pointing out the details, secrets and history before Toontown makes way for the expansion of Fantasyland. Time: 1:32:18

    • 03/17/10 – Episode 695, Listener questions. (Mush: questions include Olympics in the parks, Webcams at WDW, cramming everything in 5 days, and more). Time: 32:43
    • 03/19/10 – Episode 696, Erin Foster from the Disney Mom's Panel joins us to discuss traveling to Walt Disney World solo. Time: 19:50
    • 03/22/10 – Episode 697, The panel (Matt, Mike, and Mike) gives out recommendations for resorts for a variety of guest situations. Time: 20:34
    • 03/24/10 – Episode 698, Listener questions are fielded by the entire crew of hosts. Questions include: dining suggestions outside of the parks, questions on tickets and annual passes, flying into Sanford instead of MCO, and trying to fit the Tomorrowland Speedway into the touring plans. Time: 33:37
    • 03/26/10 – Episode 699, Matt, Mike, and Mike discuss what attractions they think may disappear in the future (Mush: my seeyabyebyes go to Sounds Dangerous and Stitch's Great Mistake) Time: 19:57
    • 03/29/10 – Episode 700 (WOW! Congrats to all of your for this landmark!), Werner Weiss of re-joins us to discuss the Fantasyland of the past (Loved his Tomorrowland one, and loving this one!) Time: 20:50
    • 03/31/10 – Episode 701, Hochberg, Newell, and Testa field listener questions. PUNCH BUGGY! River Country, weddings at Disney (not at River Country, however), a "World of Yesterday" park, and more make up the bulk of the questions this week. Kungaloosh! Time: 30:45

    • 03/18/10 – Episode 38, In this episode Matt and Nate remember the original Mexico attraction, El Rio del Tiempo. From its Native American influence to its tropical get-away projection screens this attraction was a favorite of ours. When the attraction closed in 2007 the Imagineers at Disney dug deep within the archives and brought back a feature than many had forgotten in The Three Caballeros. Matt and Nate discuss the history of the film including the very interesting circumstances that brought Disney and his artists to South America in 1940 when the features Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros were inspired. Also discussed in the episode is the new Disney Premier Pass that allows guest annual access to all U.S. Disney Theme Parks. (Hola mis amigos…running through my head for hours after listening to this show). Time: 56:30
    • 03/27/10 – Episode 39, In this episode Matt and Nate discuss a growing trend in the Disney community the ultimate touring plan (getting through all attractions within a theme park in a single day).  To accomplish this; Henry of returns to the show to discuss what the ultimate touring plan is, some strategies for completing and the rules that they have come up with in order to complete an official tour.  There is also some good discussion about touring the park as well.  Don't forget to sign up for the FIRST EVER WEDway Radio contest as well.  In the news this week we discuss the planned closing of the Exposition Hall within the Magic Kingdom and what we think of its new tenant Enjoy! (Mush: Henry finally gets Betamouse mentioned on here!!!) Time: 1:11:32

    • 03/18/10 – Episode 230, This week... Disneyus Non-Sequiturium #09 A tribute to the Sherman Brothers. (Mush: this is a special mid-week DNS. Paul did a fundraising appeal and, thanks to the donations of a lot of folks, he followed through with his promise to put this show together in honor of Main Street USA's newest window recipients!) Time: 55:40
    • 03/21/10 – Episode 231, This week, a tribute to Fess Parker. Fess, you will be missed...Time: 52:58 (Mush: you'll learn a lot about this Disney legend, who sadly passed away March 18th). Time: 52:58
    • 03/24/10 – Extra download: Steve Swanson Promo for the Muppet Madness Tournament (I voted about 100 times for Fozzy). Time: 1:07
    • 03/28/10 – Episode 232, This week, My Disneyland Memories #14 Paul's working on the April Fool's Day show... (Mush: Loving the Magic Joe shows. This one has recordings with unexpected audio pickup (Loved the audio you picked to cover an expletive (hint: he said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the "F-dash-dash-dash" word!)) Time: 46:48
    • 03/31/10 – Episode 233, I'm not even going to try to put in Paul's show description – the subtlety that most didn't even see would be lost. When I first started listening to podcasts, WTTM was probably the 4th or 5th show that I downloaded. Not long after I started listening, I heard what I consider to be one of the absolutely funniest shows ever, and it solidified me as a lifelong fan of Paul and Patrick. In that episode, they pulled what I consider the Mother of all April Fool's jokes, where they announce the breakup up WTTM, using almost the EXACT same script used by Lou Mongello and Nathan Rose when MouseTunes announced their end ("yeah, right" still cracks me up). The annual WTTM April Fool's show is now one of the most anticipated shows in the Disney Podcast universe, and Paul once again does not disappoint. His sense of humor is one of the best out there, and some of his funniest stuff in this show is quietly delivered, almost nonchalantly (though there is also some damn funny stuff on here that is "not-so-quietly" delivered). My hat's off to you, Paul – both sections were true classics (But Did You Know…my boys even commented on the look of confusion on my face as I listened to the beginning of the second part). Time: 53:49

    • 03/26/10 – Episode 50 (Congrats, Aaron!) What will you celebrate? 50 episodes of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod, of course! Join your host and a bunch of listeners in a retrospective look at nearly five years of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod and discussions dedicated to all things Disney. Emails & voicemails from all of you add to the anniversary extravaganza. (Plus: The winners of the Amy Grant contest are announced). Time: 1:49:49

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't Tell Me...You're Going to Disney World Again, Right???!!!! WHY?????????

For those who have never been to Disney World or have been there perhaps once and didn't think much of it, you are probably reading this and contemplating running into a panic room and locking your doors the next time I come around. I'll admit...that's exactly what I thought of about some of those families who would go down to the exact same place time and time again. It wasn't until I was several days into our trip in 2005 that I really started to understand. Since we're getting within spitting distance of our June 2010 trip, I figured that now might be a good time to explain it to friends, family members, students, and anyone else who hears of our planning another trip and thinks we're either filthy rich or mentally unstable (granted, the latter accusation may be true regardless of the Disney fixation…).


A lot of people (some of my friends and family included) make a big mistake about WDW in thinking that it's just a place to visit and ride the rides. I had that very mindset myself early on; to me, WDW seemed like it would be nothing more than a really expensive alternative to Six Flags. Still, my wife and I decided to give the place a try in 2001. Sheri had been there once before on a quick one-day trip, and I had never been there. There was really no planning involved, other than booking the Polynesian Luau dinner show and one ressie at the Coral Reef restaurant in Epcot. We stayed off-site at the Holiday Inn on Black Lake Road (nice hotel…even nicer once we discovered the back road into WDW near Animal Kingdom).

I was kind of "eeehh" on Disney World with this trip.  Granted, I think a part of the reason as to why I didn't get into the place that much was because I qualified to appear on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" about 2 days into the trip, which set off a whirlwind of events that put my hyperactive mind in overdrive (and, yes, you can read the Millionaire story on here).  

Even before I qualified for Millionaire, we did the same routine every day…we'd drive over to the parks whenever we were ready to go (usually with me cursing under my breath at how far it was to get there and wondering why everything was so spread out), park the rental truck, take the tram, pass through the turnstiles to get into the parks, grab a map, look at each other, and say "whaddyawannado?"  I remember the first full day…we went to the Magic Kingdom. We walked around without a clue and were overwhelmed…we ultimately found ourselves over in Tomorrowland, where we saw the wait time for Space Mountain to be ugly; in fact, most wait times were rather ugly. We hopped in the shortest line…Alien Encounter. Yeah, that was the first attraction we went on for our Disney World experience. Sheri and I came out of the ride with this look on our faces that words couldn't capture. What the Hell was that???!!! We then opened the map back up, looked at each other, and said "sonowwhaddyawannado?" The process repeated itself ad nauseum. We dashed from ride to ride without regard for the experience between the attractions. 

We stayed there the entire day until we got to the point where we were really tired and cranky (you know, the people I make fun of now). I do remember that we tried the new Buzz Lightyear ride and were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it. I also really liked the Main Street Electrical Parade, which was being shown there for a short time. For the entire trip, we outright planned only a couple of meals…we didn't even know what restaurants there were or where they were or how they were. We were on a fairly strict budget, so we went without any table service meals (except for Coral Reef and the luau) and only an occasional counter service meal. We'd grab a free continental breakfast at the hotel in the morning, and, throughout the day, we snacked in the parks, but we were hungry quite often. Worse, we were idiots for not keeping hydrated (we didn't realize how hot it was going to be and how much walking you did in the parks...chalk that up to being young and na├»ve). 

The other parks gave me a similar vibe to what I thought of the Magic Kingdom. Epcot seemed like a big waste of space…We walked through Innoventions and yawned at most of the things we glanced at as we walked by. We ate at the Living Seas, and we looked in the Wonders of Life pavilion. Okay, so we did like Test Track and Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Over in the World Showcase, with the exception of that movie in France, we didn't realize you could walk around and in the country pavilions…we just walked by them on the promenade.

I'll pause here for a moment for everyone to call me a moron.

I had similar thoughts about MGM (though I liked the Tower of Terror and Rock and Roller Coaster, and the Backlot Tour seemed neat) and Animal Kingdom (I do remember being really wowed by the Festival of the Lion King, however). We left the parks and this vacation more stressed than when we got there (again, thanks in part to Millionaire and the heat). Pretty much the most relaxing part of the trip was the first evening, when we made a trek up to Universal's Citywalk to phlock with fellow parrot heads at Margaritaville.


Fast-forward to 2005. As the 2005 TR pre-trip post mentions, we toyed around with the idea of taking Aaron down when he was about to turn 2. There really wasn't a huge reason to do it as best as I can remember. We bought into a timeshare in Vegas but could use the points to stay within the Fairfield (Wyndham, now) resort family. The Bonnet Creek resort was just opening up, so we could save on lodging costs. Aaron wasn't going to cost us anything (they don't charge until they're 3 years old at WDW and could be a lap kid on the plane)…we could do this kind of cheaply. There was no "magical" pull to go back. It was more a budgetary decision than anything else…plus, we knew Aaron was starting to get into some of the shows on The Disney Channel with their Playhouse Disney lineup.


As we planned for this trip (yeah, we actually planned this one, compared to the first trip), we tried paying attention to some of the guide books we finally bought (we started with Birnbaum's 2005 Walt Disney World and Sehlinger's & Testa's 2005 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World) and focusing the trip around our son, rather than all of us. I cringed at the thought of missing the rides I liked (the coasters), but everything I had read was telling me to NOT push it with a child. As we went through the books and web sites (particularly and, we started realizing just how much we missed in 2001 (e.g. people actually ate meals with employees running around in costumes or that artists actually snuck images of Mickey Mouse in the artwork). The planning consumed my mind as we got we realized the amount of money we were spending on this vacation, I wanted to make sure we made the best use of that money.


My "transformation" occurred in several steps. I bring this up now because, at this point of the 2005 trip, the first steps had already occurred during the planning stages with all the information-gathering. The pictures from the sites I frequented and the reports of trips that people had just taken got me intrigued in their experiences. I still thought they were loony, but my interest was at least piqued. Unlike the first trip in '01, the anticipation was building up with all the newness we were all going to experience. There was also quite a bit of apprehension that goes along with the unknown, however.


The next step of my transformation occurred in Florida on our very first day, at the Visa Meet-and-Greet in Epcot.  This was the place where we witnessed our son meeting his first characters. When Aaron (not even 3 years old yet) ran as fast as he could to hug Minnie and Goofy, despite the fact that Goofy was a flippin' 8-foot tall dog, I realized that they weren't people in costumes to really was Minnie and Goofy, and Aaron was beside himself with happiness. And there I was, a grown man, an Air Force Veteran who didn't shed a single tear at his grandfather's funeral (the grandfather who he essentially lived with for over a year), who went through an ugly custody battle from the ages of 9-14 (which made me grow up a lot quicker than I wanted to)...there I was…with my eyes watering up. That sight alone, scarcely an hour into our first park (the one that I called a waste of space a few paragraphs ago), made the entire trip totally worth it.



The final stage of my transformation was spread throughout the trip. I remember that we went to MK on the first full day of that trip. I remember looking out the window of the Disney Transportation bus with Aaron and trying to see the castle for the first time. Once we saw it as we passed the Contemporary, I found myself keeping my eye on it as long as I could. Finally, we got to the bus stop and were let out. We've arrived, but we could no longer see the castle. The train station is in the way, blocking everything behind it. I heard the music, however…calm, playful, and recognizable. It made you think of what lied behind the train station. It made the anticipation of getting in the park rise in me and in everyone around me. Finally, we made it into the park and under the train station, only to realize that we still could not see the castle. The Town Square entrance was created in such a way as to build the anticipation even more. It's only when you make the turn past the Confectionery that you can FINALLY see the entire castle. The music around is of the era Main Street is created in…the turn of the century Midwest small town. The trolley and the carriage harken back to what you'd expect from that era. The crispness of everything can't help but make you feel like you've been transported to the early 1900s…that is, until you reach the hub and turn left into Adventureland. You don't even realize when it happens, but the Main Street music is long gone, replaced by the drums. The atmosphere takes you away to a place where you believe pirates really do exist. You keep moving along and, again, somehow, without you realizing it, the feel changes into the wild west. You imagine what it was like in the frontier area of the U.S. in the 1800s.



And then it happens.



Your brain shuts off, and you find yourself using your imagination.


We spend much of our childhood yearning for the day we turn 18 (or 21, for some)…where society considers us to be "adults." It's funny that, once we are labeled adults, we often yearn to be children again. Society, however, dictates otherwise, and that inner child is kept under wraps. We are supposed to accept the responsibilities inherent in the role of employee, spouse, parent, borrower, owner, etc. As those of you who are in any number of those roles know, we (hopefully) love these responsibilities; however, the stress levels that go hand-in-hand with what we do are always there. 

Here is where the Magic of Disney is created, in my opinion.  It is found right here, in its ability to transport us, even for just a short time, to a place where many of the stresses we consistently deal with simply vanish.

Whether it's when you leave your house, land at the airport, pass under the big Welcome sign, or wherever, I'm willing to bet that those of you who make the return pilgrimages to WDW have some experience where you find yourself suspending reality and leaving most of the day-to-day stresses behind.  I'll have to admit here that having Aaron as the primary focus of the 2005 trip planning really helped. He changed our perspective of the place to the way I think Walt Disney had intended us to see it – as that of a child…the inner child within us that will always be there. When you shed the "I have to be the adult" skin that you spend so much time wrapped in, your eyes start to see things that you swear weren't there before. 

A Disney theme park is a place where the impossible is possible…provided you are able to actually imagine the impossible. Those who have never been to Walt Disney World as a child or who don't have children in their lives (either their children or perhaps nieces/nephews) may have problems understanding the effect that the place has on us. They haven't seen the movies…they don't know the underlying stories behind the attractions. I vividly recall riding Peter Pan for the first time and wonder just what the heck the appeal was with that attraction. I commented on this in the May '07 trip report. Imagine not knowing the story line and then experiencing the ride…it might justifiably be compared to an odd acid trip. Once I rode the attraction after seeing the movie however, it immediately became one of my favorite attractions. As we fly over London and towards Neverland, I think back to the a place where only a child (and a band of misfit pirates) can get to…a time of innocence and a time where you don't have to worry about the bills and the kids and the job and the…


As I write this, I recall something I heard a couple of years ago online that puts into words what I am trying to say. Mike Scopa, a blogger at AllEars and co-host of the WDW Today podcast, gave a wonderful keynote address at a Disney gathering called Magic Meets in 2007 titled Why We Do What We Do.  I truly wish I would have heard back in 2001.  In this presentation, he calls what I am trying to describe as the "Disney Zone", where, as he puts it, "that state of mind which a Disney park guest finds him- or herself at a point where they forget any problems they have, any stress they've recently felt, and, more importantly, an emotional uplift that presents itself in a manner that even establishes a moment of carefree happiness." To those who don't quite understand it, I try to compare it to something else that they might be familiar with…the state of mind known as "Margaritaville."  It serves the same purpose, though with a much different approach.


Going back to "The transformation" continued all throughout the 2005 trip. I developed a huge appreciation for the imagineers who created this place, with their attention to detail that would make a perfectionist blush. Absolutely everything in that park is there for a reason. I remember reading that they had to come up with a way to make the top of the Tiki Birds roof seem to fit in with both Adventureland and Frontierland, as you could see the top from both lands. Other theme parks wouldn't take the time to do this. The theming that goes into Walt Disney World is simply astounding. At AK, everywhere you look, you'll see an animal. The background story behind Dinoland and Chester and Hester's makes me appreciate that area even more (yes, it's tacky for a reason). If you go to Wilderness Lodge, watch what happens to the trees as you approach WL…they all become evergreens in a place where palm trees rule. The minute details in the MK lands…the costumes of the ride operators there…the seamless transition from one land to another…everything has a purpose and a story. The adventure of finding the story and the detail (and the hidden Mickeys) makes the place different and fresh every time I step foot on WDW property.


One thing I like to do is stand on the sidewalk on Main Street and watch people see the castle for the very first time.  Granted, there are some who are like the Griswold's Vacation experience with the Grand Canyon (run out...look for 2 seconds...and get back in the car).  But then there are some who just stop in their tracks, awestruck at what they see.

Parents interact with their children.  Children giggle.  Couples become younger.  People smile.
I think that all of those would be considered by most to be very good things. 

There's a reason that those who "get it" experience similar emotions...the excruciating buildup towards a trip; seeing that first monorail; passing under the gates; entering the turnstiles and experiencing all those familiar sights, sounds, and smells; remembering past times on an attraction/location; and, yes, even the mini depression that most feel when a trip is over and we are confronted with reality again...

...which is why us Disney Freaks often start planning our next trip immediately after we return from the last trip.

If you're one of those who don't quite "get it", please try to keep this in mind when dealing with those who do "get it."  It's not easy to describe why Disney Freaks exist.  It's kind of like trying to explain what graduate school is like to an undergraduate student or like trying to explain childbirth to a guy (I'm guessing). 


We Freaks hope you get it eventually.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Party...It's Carnival Time!!!!!

Who's riding with me on the Rock-o-Plane?

I mentioned Dismarks in my previous post...the admins over there have started what I hope to be a trend with the Disney Blog Carnival.  Yours truly is a part of the second "carnival." 

What is a blog carnival?  According to, "(a) Blog Carnival is like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis (e.g. every monday, or on the first of the month). Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the contributions that have been submitted, often with the editors opinions or remarks."

If you are looking for some Disney blogs to add to your reading pleasure, head on over to the Disney Blog Carnival.  Jordan, one of the main admins there, has links to 31 various blog entries from around the world, ranging from planning to history...from food to personal opinions.  Be sure to head over and take a look at some of the great writers in Disneyana!

Disney Podcast Updates, March 1-15, 2010

Heeeeellllooooooo Blogosphere! I'm looking at the calendar, an we're nearing the One-Year Anniversary of chronicling shows from these podcasts, and, with the exception the loss of about 25% of the shows back in November, it has been a continuous listing of these shows.

As I worked on this specific set of updates, though, I started having serious doubts as to "why" I keep doing this. I know that my readership is not that high, and I know that others have taken what I've done and "upped it" to a larger audience. Shawn Rees, an author over at the Disney Blog, has begun to do the same thing that I have been doing here over on their blog. While I have a broader coverage of podcasts and a much longer history, especially with some of the smaller shows, Shawn includes several shows that I don't have on here, and he reaches a much bigger audience teaming up with the Disney Blog (which isn't a bad thing…I'm not knocking on their blog – both of us doing this gives more exposure to the shows). However, when you add to this the notion that those who actually make the podcasts seem to take more significant notice of both the Disney Blog and (especially so) the more timely updates on Twitter, and it seems that the amount of time it takes me to do these updates can be better served doing other things (my wife would definitely agree). Heck, I even had a disparaging comment posted on my main list of podcasts about a particular show, and, when I went to defend the show by asking a host for some subscriber data refuting the comments (and, thus putting the commenting person in his place), I got zero response and, after a couple of weeks, ended up simply deleting the comment. Taking all of the preceding issues into consideration, I very nearly decided to make it to the one-year mark and then just end the podcast updates.

But there's always a silver lining…my main goal for doing these has always been to try to get people to subscribe to the shows that these Disney fans make for us – that has always been my goal, and it always will be. I take a look at my feeds most days, and I still on occasion see a new location hit my blog for the first time and, more importantly, leave my blog via podcast feeds to check out a new show. Although the podcast owners may not see where a subscriber comes from, I know that some of the shows have gotten some new listeners because of these updates. I also do occasionally hear references to the blog…most recently from the Zannaland (Thank you so much for the unexpected post, Zanna!!!). Also, I do occasionally get a reply or two from podcasters wondering why a show wasn't included (often because iTunes burps and nothing gets downloaded)…at least they're checking up on me. Then there's Dismarks…if you've never been to this site and/or don't know what it is, please do yourself a favor and check it out! I'm always amazed that people still put these podcast review posts up for others to see, and I truly am grateful to those that "mark" it.

Because of everything from that last paragraph, I'm going to continue on with these.  Starting with this one, though, you'll see a slight change in the format. Because of time constraints, I simply can't go as in-depth on the reviews as I want to, and, quite frankly, I'm seemingly always one month behind in getting these posted (which probably explains why many of the podcast creators seem to favor the Twitter updates over my blog updates). I'm going to be cutting back on my comments some and posting more of the show descriptions. Time is going to become more of an issue for me in the coming months because…well…you'll just have to wait for an upcoming blog post to see on what's on my plate. I still will offer my comments – just not as in-depth as you may have traditionally seen. I still have the hope that I'll get caught up and will be able to get back into my original format where I offer my comments/critiques of the shows and their material (I always love throwing in off-the-wall teasers to get people to listen to the shows just to see what I'm talking about). For now, though, the reviews are going to be a little less-personal, as much as I hate doing it. This way, I can manage my time a little better and still get the updates out so that new listeners can find the shows.

Okay…onto this set of updates. 61 shows are included in this two-week span of updates. DisFanReview makes its first appearance in the list (welcome!). D23 is a popular topic on many shows, as are the Sherman Brothers and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.



If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 03/15/10 – Episode 44, This episode I give you my thoughts of Captain EO.  I also have my friend Tammy come along.  This is her first time at Disneyland.  Come aboard for a bad Jungle Cruise experience, get patriotic and I did it again.  Listen to understand. (Mush: the Jungle Cruise Skipper really WAS bad!) Time: 30:57

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 151, First off, our heartfelt sympathies go out to Jonathan with the passing of his father. This week Charlie Conrad joins us but not for a review of the Walt Disney Family Museum. This time he is joining Bryan and Deb Wills to talk about planning his first ever trip to WDW during 2011 Marathon Weekend. We'll talk about resorts, Extra Magic Hours, dining, attractions, and much much more. This segment is great for people who have never been to WDW, someone who is helping someone else plan their very first Disney vacation, or just someone who enjoys hearing others get excited about their first trip to WDW. Later in the show Chuck Canzoneri joins us for a look at the return of Captain EO to Disneyland in California. This is definitely not spoiler-free as we'll be talking about what kind of shape the film is in, if the technology and style used in Captiain EO in the 80's stands the test of time, and how Disney was able to use an effect that they brought in for Honey I Shrunk the Audience in Captain EO's favor. In the news this week: Tinkerbell's Fairy Treasures closes for refurbishment and will reopen with a unique photo opportunity for patrons of the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, Champion provides a unique service to competitors at ESPN's Wide World of Sports, and Tim Burton and Johnny Depp talk to MTV about their worst ideas that they have each presented to each other. (How was the "They Might Be Giants" show?) Time: 1:45:20
    • 03/12/10 – Episode 152, This week we're joined by Tim Stenzel from The Main Street Cinema and Amy Hall (our 1,000th AllAbouttheMouseketeer) to talk about Disney and Tim Burton's new film Alice in Wonderland. Later in the show we'll take a stroll around World Showcase while Bryan talks about some of the highlights of his latest trip to Walt Disney World including Mousefan Travel and WDW Today's Tentfest, a first-time meal at The Plaza, and Epcot's 2010 Flower and Garden Festival. (Welcome back, Jonathan!) Time: 1:46:12

    • 03/01/10 – Live Show, Part 1 of the Be Our Guest Podcast Live Show originally aired on 2/21/2010 on Magical Mouse Radio. Time: 59:32
    • 03/01/10 – Live Show, Part 2 of the Be Our Guest Podcast Live Show originally aired on 2/21/2010 on Magical Mouse Radio. Time: 59:22
    • 03/04/10 – Episode 208, Happy Friday, everyone!  Today the panel discusses the pros and cons of surprise trips to Walt Disney World.  What things need to be considered when planning a surprise trip to WDW?  We also discuss being surprised with trips, and how to best pull off a surprise for loved ones!  Also, make sure you listen to the end of the show, as we are lucky enough to be a small part of a big surprise for one of our listeners!  (Mush: hint: they'll be castaways with some online friends). Time: 39:55
    • 03/07/10 – Episode 209, Today we are lucky to have Jay Griffith joining us giving us insider tips for flying to Walt Disney World.  Hear about things you can do before your flight to help make things go smoother.  We also discuss ideas to make your in-flight experience better, as well as hear tips for nervous fliers like me! (Mush: well, not me…I'm an aviation geek who actually learned to fly on the eastern front range of the Rockies (the turbulence was "interesting" in our little Cessnas out there)…great information and really interesting show…from someone who usually has the DP/STAR charts with him on the plane as he's flying into KATL and KMCO). Time: 33:37
    • 03/11/10 – Episode 210, Happy Friday!  Today, we sit down and talk with Pam about her trip to Walt Disney World last week.  She toured many of the Disney Resorts and Vacation Club Properties and gives some great insight into rooms you may not typically think about when you book your next Disney vacation.  We also discuss some different dining options as well.  Finally, we talk about Pam's visit to Universal Studios and her thoughts on the new Harry Potter Land. (Mush: Pam will forever call it Harry Potter Land. Oh, and some interesting discussion on the differences between FP and how Universal does it…I totally agree with the panel here). Time: 51:06
    • 03/14/10 – Episode 211, Today we are lucky to have Tricia from Florissant, Missouri joining us to share her trip to Walt Disney World during early December 2009.  Tricia took the Be Our Guest Podcast recording equipment and got some great audio from the trip down to Walt Disney World as well as all around the parks and resorts.  Join us for some shows, parades, rides, Candlelight Processional, Holiday Illuminations, and much more!  This is a great show for anyone missing Walt Disney World! (Mush: 58 days…58 days….58 days…If you haven't heard the holiday tag on Illuminations, you HAVE to get down there or see it on YouTube…the audio here unfortunately gets cut before the earth-shaking finale). Time: 51:30

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 5, Today we talk about lifestreaming from the Disney Parks… how to best use twitter, stream video, and more. (Mush: I was really interested in hearing this show, partially because what I talked about in the intro. It was definitely interesting in hearing about how the panel tends to separate the social media, and it kind of explains why there's just not a whole lot of "oomph" with my blog..many of them tend to focus much more on Twitter than on Facebook for Disney content, where I do the opposite – not having a smartphone may be a big reason why I'm not on Twitter as much. I am thinking of ustreaming our Kidani Savannah view in June…we'll see Good show!) Time: 29:30
    • 03/11/10 – Episode 6, Today the Betamouse Team talks bringing laptops (and labtops) into the Disney Parks. Learn tips for traveling, the best bags to carry them and if any of the crew have actually taken a laptop into the parks! (Mush….grrr…I was gonna use "labtops" in my section, but y'all beat me to the punch! An interesting discussion on bell service and storage of electronic items is also in here). Time: 30:31

    • 03/06/10 – Episode 87, Jeff, Pluto, Imagine and Sorcerer get into some serious Disney talk.... nah it's mostly funny. On this episode: The World In News - Disney World News; Monorail Station - Romance at WDW; Disney Dance Floor - Animals Attack?; Email Time - Listener Questions. Show Members: Sorcerer, Pluto, Imagine, Jeff Time: 1:18:46

    • 03/08/10 – Episode 28, This week on the show, With Caption EO making its return, I bring you my list of other attractions that I would like to see come back. Plus we catch you up-to-date with your latest Disney and tech news. Time: 7:45

    • 03/01/10 – Episode 15, It is indeed time for us to "...Change The World" as we bring to you "Another Part Of..." DisFanReview's SHORTS! This week we celebrate the return of Captain EO to Disneyland and we recap all of this week's Disney headlines and other fun tid-bits. This week all of our music comes to us from the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Both of his song's from Captain EO, "We Are Here to Change The World" and "Another Part Of Me" as well as the "When You Wish Upon A Star" medley from 1981's Disneyland 35th Anniversary. (Mush: New entry!!!! This podcast is an interesting niche…it reminds me a little bit of "Buzzy's" WWED segments on Disney Indiana (which is also a new podcast) and WTTM's DNS shows.) Time: 22:28

    • 03/15/10 – Episode 41, This week Wayne, Trace and Lisa discuss CruiseFest! (Mush: you HAVE to check out the cover for this show…AWESOME!!! Good show…I've never taken a cruise, so I learned quite a bit here. Hints: Take magnets to identify your door (Hilarious story about this!); drinking when the seas are rough leads to "interesting" times; Don't propose at sea when they can't call anyone to tell the news; don't wear a Santa outfit in lieu of Mr. Smee's (LMAO at that!!!; remember caveat emptor at the spa; and focus more on Castaway Cay beach than on other ports' beaches.) Time: 1:02:03

    • 03/08/10 – Episode 102, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney Pin Trading news, upcoming pin trading opportunities around the world, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #81 (Mush: John Learn), all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and much more!!! Time: 1:25:17
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    • 03/03/10 – Episode 36, In this Episode of the Podcast we are Craigless but we still bring you: - The latest news and rumours from around the Disney World; - Day 19 of Adam's Daily Disney Diary; - A look at Adventureland's Dining and Shopping options; and - A detailed look at just how to plan your Orlando holiday, DIY style. Time: 1:28:18

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    • 03/03/10 – Video Supplement to #257, Richard Sherman performs 'Feed the Birds' at Disneyland (Mush: this is also one of my favorite songs ever, too…Amazing video, Ricky!)
    • 03/03/10 – Video Supplement to #257, Sherman Brothers song medley featuring Carousel of Progress characters (Mush: "Mother" and "Father" make this video even better…only Disney can do a one-time presentation like this, and they do it perfectly!) Time: 9:04

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    • 03/07/10 – Episode 160, With the Academy Awards having honored the very best in the film-making industry recently, it's appropriate that this week I'm joined by two legends of Disney feature film animation. Don Hahn, animator, director and producer of such films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King talks with me about his career at Disney including being trained by Disney's Nine Old Men, creating Roger Rabbit, and his hand in the renaissance of Disney animation that began in the mid-80's. We also talk about his newest project, Waking Sleeping Beauty, a documentary chronicling and celebrating that time, and one that he produced with my next guest, Peter Schneider. The former President of the Walt Disney Studios talks about the rise and fall of animation during Disney's second golden age, as well as working with people like Michael Eisner, John Lasseter, Roy Disney and Jerry Katzenberg. We discuss the new film and how it tells the stories never before told, from the creative minds that actually lived it. (Mush: Another awesome set of interviews!) Time: 1:00:10
    • 03/14/10 – Episode 161, Last weekend, a number of special events took place in Walt Disney World - one celebrated the first anniversary of D23, the official community for Disney fans with a private party in the Magic Kingdom, and the other brought out thousands of princesses, and a few princes, to take part in the 2nd annual Disney Princess 5k and Half Marathon Weekend. This week, I'm joined on the roundtable by fellow D23 members who attended the event with me to discuss the event, and other news coming from Disney and D23 during the recent shareholders' meeting. We'll also recap the marathon weekend, and talk about some other Walt Disney World News and even a few new rumors as well. Time: 1:35:48

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 689, Listener Questions. (Mush: Kiss my Grits!!! I'm still laughing at that. Some of the topics include pre-paying for Photopass, possible decreased service from job cuts, and more). Time: 37:42
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    • 03/03/10 – Episode 37, Matt and Nate dive into Splash Mountain and discover its amazing story from the initial concept that was helped by the traffic on the Santa Ana freeway in LA to the near disastrous idea of synergizing this attraction with the Touchstone Pictures release of Splash.  Also, you can't tell the story of Splash Mountain without getting into the politics of Disney's relationship with the films of the Jim Crow and so we briefly discuss Disney's legacy regarding their films and Splash Mountain's theming itself with the political correctness of the time.  It's an interesting topic and we ask a few important questions.  After that we go into the rich theming surrounding what many consider Disney's greatest attraction.  After this segment Matt and Nate thank the listeners for a year of support and go over a few personal highlights while telling how WEDway Radio came to be.  "Thank You Again." Enjoy! (Mush: CONGRATS on 1 year…I'm glad to have found your show! With regards to this one, fantastic detail in the show, and I loved the enhancements. I always smile when I see someone in my feed click out on your link). Time: 1:02:04

    • 03/01/10 – Episode 227, TJ Steps in to celebrate Women's History Month with a tribute to Harriet Burns. (Mush: Some amazing interviews in this show from some very well-known Disney Legends). Time: 52:58
    • 03/08/10 – Episode 228, This week... Disneyus Non-Sequiturium #08 The "What's in Paul's iTunes?" show where you get to hear audio that you won't hear anywhere else... Enjoy! (Mush…I love the DNS shows…keep 'em coming!) Time: 58:11
    • 03/14/10 – Episode 229, This week... D23 turns one, and afterwards, Paul kicks it with some local bachelors. Enjoy! (Mush: I think I want to marry the voice of Charlotte! Oh, and stick around after he "ends" the show) Time: 57:50

    • 03/03/10 – Episode 49. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod looks back on the 2000-2009 decade in Disney history, comparing it to the 1980s and counting down the best and worst of the last ten years. 40 things make their way into the countdown(s) before all is said and done! (Mush: interesting selection…another one of those that undoubtedly caused some discussion over on the DPN. Good show!) Time: 1:00:52

Saturday, April 10, 2010

WDW Family Trip, December 2007, Day 4, Part 4: A Whole New World

Part 3 can be viewed HERE.


We bolt out the door quickly and realize that we have no idea where we're going. I look up and see the Haunted Mansion looming nearby. The smile starts to grow, and I look down at Aaron who, bless his heart, has the same smile and is looking at the same thing I am (it could have been gas, but I think he wanted to go on it too). I look at Sheri for her take on it.


Sheri looks at Aaron to gauge how much crap would be scared out of him if we were to ride it.


Aaron looks back and forth between Sheri and me for confirmation.


Eric looks at a leaf blowing by.





Aaron pleads with us to let him ride it, we agree to split up. I'll take Aaron into the Haunted Mansion, while Sheri takes Eric on it's a small world. Sounds like a good tradeoff to me! As they start to head towards Fantasyland, I look at Aaron and ask him if he's ready for HM.


He jumps up and down with a YESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!


I guess he's ready.



This is one of those attractions that I have been looking forward to riding with the boys for a while now. We have a CD in the car that I drive that has the Grim Grinning Ghosts song on it, and I played it quite a bit before we went on vacation. Yes, we never told them that we were going to Disney World, but we gave them every clue imaginable. Aaron knows what to expect…somewhat.


He's really excited until we start to see grave stones, and the luster in his eyes start to fade a little. There's no wait, and we head directly into the holding room and hear the start of what he knows from the CD… "When hinges creak in door-less chambers…" His eyes light up for a moment until he realizes that the picture in front of him is in varying stages of decomposition.


I blame Sheri…she gave the go-ahead for him to ride.


He's a little hesitant to walk into the stretch room, and I point him towards the pic with the three guys standing on top of each other. I warn him that the lights would go out for just a second, and then we'd get to go on the ride.


"Daddy? This is kind of spooky."


Damn you for letting us on this attraction, wifey!!!


Aaron escapes from the stretch room at approximately Mach 3.5 and heads towards the loading dock for the doom buggies. I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket and realize that I have a new voice message. It was Mare, letting us know that they were on a Santa hunt over in Epcot and weren't going to be able to make it over to the Magic Kingdom that night…they'd try to see us there tomorrow morning, however.


I tell the now-traumatized Aaron that Renee won't be able to make it tonight but that we'd try to see them again before we left. He takes the news remarkably well…my guess is that he's more worried about the size of the spider that left all the cobwebs in the hallway than not seeing his friend.


We get in the buggy, and something just kind of snaps in Aaron…he's completely fine now – actually smiling as the ghost host lowers the bar for us. We get going, and I point out one or two of my favorite parts (the shadow playing the organ is one of my favorites). I keep kind of quiet to let him take it all in.


Then things start to get spooky.


Madame Leota develops laryngitis a couple of seconds after we enter her room. Then we get to the ballroom and there's no music. I'm getting a bit concerned about what's going on (are we going to get stuck?), while Aaron starts clapping and laughing at everything.


I should have anticipated this. Remember…this is the kid that was rooting for the dragon over at Fantasmic a few days ago.


Then it happened.


The doom buggy stopped just as it rotates and starts going backwards. We crawl to a complete stop by the caretaker. I look at Aaron, fully expecting a full-blown panic attack.


"Daddy, this isn't so scary!"


Good…he's not scared. Now if he would just let me lay back, close my eyes, and take a short nap. Don't bother me, bud.


"This ride is AWESOME Daddy!!!"


"uh huh" Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz






Charlie Brown's teacher gets on the intercom and says something. I think it was either something about remaining inside your doom buggies as it could restart at any moment or something about installing a slide that starts near a Monet. Aaron thinks being stuck inside HM is the coolest thing ever, and we spend the next several minutes looking and pointing out everything in the graveyard scene. The ride starts back up after something like 5-6 minutes, but with no audio the rest of the way, so Aaron couldn't hear Grim Grinning Ghosts.


We exit the ride and see the mass exodus emerging from the front as the ride goes 101 for an extended period of time. We head over to the gate for the Liberty Belle to wait for Sheri and Eric. While there, a CM who was cleaning up the area was doing everything he could to keep from getting run over from the hordes of people heading away from HM. He mentions that almost all of "North" is down, so something major happened (3 attractions in Fantasyland were down too). I could just imagine Sheri and Eric stuck in the middle of IASW, the music droning on endlessly, Sheri leaning over the edge of the boat chumming the water as a result of her motion sickness, and Eric (noticing that Mommy was hurling) escaping to go dancing with the dolls.


A few minutes later we see them heading our way. We meet up and start making our way to Tomorrowland for a ride on the TTA. On our way (and after passing about 6 souvenir carts), we finally cave into the incessant demands and buy the boys the Mickey light up toys. Aaron had been begging for one since Day 1 at Fantasmic…which occurred about 1.5 years ago.




Immediately they start doing the Star Wars thing, but we keep it somewhat subdued so they don't slice off the arm of an unsuspecting bystander. We hit the bathroom over by Cosmic Rays and then hop on the TTA. I'm really glad that Debbie, Mark, and Mare dragged me on this attraction back in '05 because this one has quietly become a popular attraction for us. As we head around, the castle comes into view with the shimmering icicle lights blazing away. Sheri and I just look at each other and smile. It is the rare occasion that I am truly content with things, but this is one of those times. The weather is nice, it's quiet, everyone's happy, and I temporarily don't care about the multitude of things constantly running through my mind.


We are heading back home tomorrow, but it's tempered by the fact that, for the first time, we have a somewhat later flight and can go to a park before hopping on, as Sheri calls it, the "bad bus" (the Magical Express bus that takes you back to the airport). We decide to head out now before Spectromagic starts and the bus lines get really ugly. I always take a little longer to leave the Magic Kingdom the last night we're there to absorb the atmosphere. I take in the lights, the smells, the sounds…everything. We head out under the train station, and, as always, I take one last look behind me.























The trek to the Pop bus stop is taken at a leisurely stroll…so what if it's the farthest bus stop?! I always wonder why I'm not like this at the beginning of a vacation…why doesn't it happen until the last day??!!!


There's a line for the Pop…guessing about 10-15 minutes, but it's moving at a decent pace as busses arrive every couple of minutes. The boys are doing their best Skywalker/Vader impersonations with their light-up toys. "Daddy…I love the light saber!!!"


"It's not a light saber, Aaron."


Sheri: "Then what IS it?"


Me:……………………gives up It's a…ummmmmmmmm………….I…….guess….SCREW IT!!! IT'S A LIGHT SABER, OKAY!??????!!!?!!!!


We pass the time by talking with the folks in the line for the bus. In what seemed like no time, we are on the bus and back at the Pop. We wave at the dog's ass and head up to our room. After baths, books, and brute force, the boys fall asleep around 10 pm.