Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mushfam Disney Family Vacation, June 2010; Day 2, Part 3: Nautazu!!!

Part 2 is located HERE.

We were getting hungry. We had penciled in the Yak-n-Yeti counter service but decided that, since Flame Tree was nearby and, as we walked near it, was fairly not busy at all, we'd eat there instead. I get my usual…ribs with the key lime pi…..waaiiiiiiiiiiiiittt just a dog-gone minute. They took away my key lime pie!!! It's a lime/chocolate mousse instead. 

I need my adopted family for comfort.

We all order, and Sheri and Eric head to find a spot while Aaron and I get the food. I know that I told Sheri something about sitting in the covered areas instead of outside, but she didn't listen to me. So what if I told her back in 2007…she should have remembered. We're in the open, which means it's open season on humans for the birds. Sure enough, a woman nearby got attacked – I think it was because the bird wanted a rib and only got part of a muffin thrown to him. A CM nearby witnessed the assault/battery and offers to get the woman a new meal. He brings it to her a couple of minutes later, and the woman has the cojones to wonder why there were no napkins brought along.

I nearly threw some of my muffin at her feet for an encore performance by the birds.

The ribs were good as usual, and the beans were average as usual. Another family with kids around the boys' ages stopped by, and the kids messed around for a couple of minutes together.

After we got done, we packed up the trash, threw it away, and made our way back to Discovery Island for IITBAB. I was worried about this back in December of 08, thinking that Eric would freak out. Sheri reminds me every day that Eric loved the show (it's about time to trade her in for a new model…preferably a supermodel). This year, I'm not worried at all! We hop in the queue…

Get the requisite bug eyes pic…

And, before we know it, are ushered into the theater…and, before we know it, the first family in decides to stop right in the middle of the row. Before we know it, we find ourselves a little closer to the end of the row than anticipated…

…flippin' right next to Hopper!


As you can guess, it didn't go as well this year. They boys were still okay with it, but the laughing wasn't as loud as it was last year. Muttering unspoken obscenities to the family that was obviously more important than anyone else in the theatre, we make our way out and gauge the sun. I couldn't find an egg to fry on the walkway, but it was definitely in that "Animal Kingdom hotness" range. I wanted to try to see the parade today (we still have yet to see an afternoon parade at WDW) but agreed that the heat was just too much, especially this early in the trip. We make an executive decision to hit Kali and then head back.

We make the turn off of Discovery Island into Asia and find the Fastpass return line for Kali River Rapids. The looks we got from those sweltering in the standby line made us feel like we were accused of molesting collies (anyone know where that reference comes from?) Our wait was pretty much AFAYCW…for those who haven't read a trip report written by me, AFAYCW is short for "As Fast As You Can Walk"…there was essentially no line. We get on and stow our gear for the hopefully wet ride. We're released to start our journey just as I realize I still had something in my pocket that I should have put in the waterproof center column…



This was our first time riding this attraction, and it was fun…short, but fun. I think that, had I not known the background story, much of the theming would have been lost on me. Still, I rate it much higher than any other standard, run-of-the-mill inner-tube ride at other theme parks. We got wet but not soaked, so it was pretty much perfect...


I pulled out the trip planner

Oh, the horror!

I knew that DiVine was going to be performing really soon somewhere between Africa and Asia, so I wanted to high-tail it over there to see her. Sheri had other ideas and wanted us to stop to get snacks for everyone . You know who won that one. I get a ice cream sandwich, Sheri got chateaubriand (can't remember what she got), and the boys got messy frozen fruity things. I devour mine in about 3.7 seconds flat (no brain freeze!) and try to get us moving to see the vine thingy. Eventually, we get everyone in first gear and start to make our way…it's 13 minutes past when she was supposed to start, and we've never seen her. 

Great, we're going to be running around trying to find a camouflaged character who may already have left.

Wait…what was that? The leaves are still, except for this small clump about 50 yards ahead of me, to the left!

It might be…

It could be…

IT IS!!!


The boys were a little freaked out at the viney thing. Sheri and I thought DiVine was kind of cool!

After this we head through Africa and over the bridge for one more ever-important picture…our "measuring up" pic at the Africa gate by the bridge.





We make our way out and find a Photopass dudette to snap a pic of us and then make our way out to the buses. There was a line waiting for AKL/Kidani, and, thinking that, since AKL was really close, a bus would be pulling up any minute.

It took 15 minutes.

That's what I get for rationalizing and using common sense.

All wasn't lost, though. Aaron found himself a girlfriend, though he was robbing the cradle (literally)…she was maybe 15-18 months old. Her shoe fell off, and, being in a stroller, she couldn't get it. Aaron sees it, grabs the shoe, and helps her get it back on. The parents gushed over Aaron and wanted his address so they could look him up in about 17 years. Also in line was a guy with a Cubs shirt; however, he was holding a bag from Collinsville, which is just outside of St. Louis. Being the shy person that I am, I immediately asked him how that was possible (he went to a conference in Collinsville). We spent a couple minutes lamenting the pain that is the 2010 season for the Cubs before seeing the bus pull up.

5 minutes later, we're looking for sherpas to take us to our room. Seeing none, we grab the oxygen tanks and make the trek to the unit. I look outside for a moment before realizing that I haven't slept well at all for the past couple of days. I look at the bed and contemplate taking a short nazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz