Friday, October 30, 2009

Disney Podcast Updates, October 1-AAAAAAAA

Over 100 updates!!!

Okay, I cheated…I had to.

What you'll see here is mostly updates from the show descriptions. I was so far behind that I realized that I'd never get caught up if I listened to each one and wrote my own recap for every show. The logjam of shows was making it nearly impossible to get them on the iPod (I had over 36 hours of new material on iTunes). While I may have to do this again on occasion during the school year, I hope that this will catch me up to the point where I won't have to. I just about decided to just put the updates on hiatus, but doing this took relatively little time (no, I didn't listen to all of the shows…I probably got to less than 50% of them if I had to be honest). I added Mouse Magic HD to the master list (that was the new one that nobody found) as well as a couple of feeds to the WTTM entry (the HD vidcast feed and Patrick Hurd's personal feed for WTTM).

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 9/25/09 – Episode 129…Actually for the week of 10/04/09. This week we're joined by Marissa Gordon and Greg Grimsley to discuss the must-do attractions and even som tips for people visiting Walt Disney World for the very first time. Also Jonathan gives a recap of his experience working with the Everett Symphony Orchestra on their Disney music concert. And Bryan recaps the All About the Mouse meet at Disney's Animal Kingdom with some audio from the park. Time: 1:26:00
    • 10/9/09 – Episode 130, This week we have lots of Disney news to talk about and lots of additions to the AllAbouttheMouseketeer Roll Call. Since we weren't able to do either of these last week we're making up for lost time. Later in the show we'll have the 2nd Edition of the Disney Pyramid featuring Steve Swanson from the Muppetcast and our very own Princess Fee from Scotland competing with Steve's wife Ashley and another one of our listeners, Ramon Rodriguez. We'll also get to another one of our Mousecalls where we surprise one of our AllAbouttheMouseketeers by calling them out of the blue and asking them our AllAbouttheMouseketeer interview questions. Time: 1:32:36
    • 10/16/09 – Episode 131, This week we're joined by Steve Barrett, author of the Hidden Mickeys Guide to WDW and Disneyland, to talk about Hidden Mickeys in the parks and some of the new additions to his new editions of the WDW and Disneyland books just released. Also this week we finally get ahold of famed AllAbouttheMouseketeer Kiley McLean for her Mousecall. This pro wrestler/Disney fan/AllAbouttheMouseketeer has created quite a stir on our show and this week we finally get to talk to her and get her answers to the AllAbouttheMouseketeer Interview questions. In the news this week: Disneyland gets a new president, Innoventions gets a new attraction, and much more. As usual, we'll add more AllAbouttheMouseketeers to the Roll Call and even get to a couple of listener email. Time: 1:24:57
    • 10/16/09 (yep…right download date) – Episode 132, This week Jonathan takes a break to be with his new-born baby, Elizabeth. So we're joined by Chuck Canzoneri who's filling in as co-host. Later we'll be talking with Glenn Whelan about all of the festivities, events, and atmosphere that is offered at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland during the Holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In the new this week: WDW gets a new monorail color, Animal Kingdom gets 2 new giraffes, and much more. We'll also be playing another piece of park audio, adding more listeners to the AllAbouttheMouseketeer Roll Call, and answering some of your listener email. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Time: 1:59:37
    • 10/30/09 – Episode 133, This week's show is a Halloween special with special guest co-host Paul Barrie from A Window to the Magic. We'll be joined again by Chuck Canzoneri to talk about The Haunted Mansion on both coasts. We'll talk about the idea for the mansion from its inception, some of the folklore that's surrounded the mansion over the years, some of the differences between the 2 mansions, as well as our favorites scenes and much more. In the news this week: Tiana's Showboat Jubliee opens in Magic Kingdom, Disney refunds money from Baby Einstein sales, Florida residents get a new pass option at Walt Disney World, and much more. Time: 1:59:26
    • 10/03/09 – Episode 22, Enjoy Scot Bruce in his tribute the Elvis, The Early Years at Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace. Time: 4:39
    • 10/1/09 – Episode 164, Happy Friday! Today the panel discusses the 2010 Disney Promotion - Give a Day, Get a Disney Day! Hear what we all think about this idea! Also, we discuss the return of the "Buy 4, Get 3 Free Deal" in its modified form. We also address some frequently asked questions when booking the "Buy 4, Get 3" deal. Thank you for listening to our show! Please visit our website at! Also, please check out our radio station at! Magical Mouse Radio plays the best Disney in-park audio and music 24/7! Time: 39:28
    • 10/4/09, Episode 165, Today we continue Rikki's recent Walt Disney World vacation during Free Dining! Today we start with a virtual ride-through on Splash Mountain with Debbie aboard! This might be the highlight of the trip! We also hear some audio from some fun pre-shows around property, and hear Rikki and Brian's thoughts on their adventures. Rikki also interviews a great Cast Member from the Cicle-D Ranch at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground! Time: 1:03:31
    • 10/8/09, Episode 166, Today the panel discusses their favorite "sweet treats" at Walt Disney World. We mostly focus on those things that you can "take and go" from around the parks and resorts. We also get some feedback from our listeners on their favorite treats, as well as read some email and play some voice mail! Time: 51:13
    • 10/11/09 – Episode 167, Robert from Tennessee joins us today to discuss his recent trip to Walt Disney World during August 2009. This was a very special trip, as it was his 3 year-old daughter's first experience with Walt Disney World. We discuss his thoughts on what she seemed to enjoy, as well as an in-depth discussion about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. You are truly going to enjoy Robert's thoughts on all-things Disney! Time: 41:48
    • 10/13/09 – Live Show rebroadcast. Originally Aired 09/20/09. Part 1. Time: 57:16
    • 10/13/09 – Live Show rebroadcast. Originally Aired 09/20/09. Part 2. Time: 58:13
    • 10/15/09- Episode 168, Today we discuss places to eat in the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney when you do not have an ADR. We give some options for sit-down meals as well as counter-service options. We also play some of your voice mails, and discuss the upcoming Live Show on Sunday night. (Mush: sorry…didn't get this up in time for the live show). Time: 45:36
    • 10/18/09- Episode 169, Today, we wrap-up Rikki's recent trip to Walt Disney World during Free Dining. We play the live audio she took while at WDW. Rikki and Brian discuss their dinner at Yachtsman's Steakhouse, touring with friends of the show, and much more! Time: 59:36
    • 10/22/09 – Episode 170, Happy Friday! We are honored to be joined by a special guest on today's show - WDWTweets! If you are on Twitter, you need to follow WDWTweets! We start off by discussing how Twitter is changing how we "see" Walt Disney World. Next, we all discuss our top 3 lines from WDW attractions, shows, and nighttime spectacles. What are your top lines? Time: 29:13
    • 10/25/09 – Episode 171, Today we lucky to have Listener Loretta from New York joining Pam, Rikki, and Mike to sit down and plan a trip for next October. We discuss ideas for resorts, taking some first-time WDW travelers, using the Dining Plan or not, and ticket options. Thank you for listening to the show! Time: 34:53
    • 10/29/09 – Episode 172, Happy Halloween, everyone! For today's show, we discuss things that have scared us in the past, or currently scare us now when it comes to Walt Disney World - it is not what you are thinking! I would LOVE to hear your items that would make this list as well! We aren't talking scary attractions here, just true fear! Time: 36:56
    • 10/6/09 – IYEE #50, Rock N Roll with Mom and Dad. Time: 19:57
    • 10/9/09 – BMS # 73b, 2007 Hallowishes at the Magic Kingdom. Time: 13:57
    • 10/16/09 – BMS #74, Short scary films from BMS Productions and a Ghostly Bob comes back. Time: 20:30
    • 10/11/09 – Show 41, The First Public Performance of Disneyland's Halloween Fireworks spectacular. Join Jack Skellington and numerous Villains as they take over the night sky over Disneyland. (Mush: AWESOME return to the podcast!)
      Time: 15:10
    • 10/3/09 – Episode 79, The CB Crew addresses some Disney news, emails, and the return of Monorail Station and the Disney Dining Experience!, On this episode: The World In News - Disney World News; Pluto's Rumor of the Week - Pluto's Return; Monorail Station - Beauty and the Beast Stage show; Email Time - Listener Questions; & Disney Dining Experience - 1900 Park Fare. Time: 1:03:03
    • 10/21/09 – Episode 80, The CB Crew gets a Disney music submission for review....COOL! On this episode: The World In News - Disney World News; Disney Musical Review - Grim Grinning Ghosts Remake; Monorail Station - The Oasis; Email Time - Listener Questions. Time: 1:05:08
    • 10/4/09 – Episode 16, This week on the show, Kyle and I have our first major interview with Kat Cressida, better known as the Haunted Mansion bride in the attic scene. Big changes to come on the DISCAST next week, so be sure to listen in! Time: 20:05
    • 10/12/09 – Episode 17, On the DISCAST this week, we start our new format of the show with our first ever round table. Kyle and I are joined by Marc Moran, from the Remember the Magic Podcast, as we discuss our top 10 must see things at Walt Disney World. If you would like to be on the next DISCAST round table, please e-mail me at or DM us on twitter at @DISCast. Time: 24:00
    • 10/17/09 – Episode 18, The opening of the Apple Store. Time: 3:27
    • 10/3/09 – Episode 30, Let's finish The D23 Expo hootenanny, what say you to that? It is 2:30 in the am & I need sleep. In less than 8 hours Wayne & Trace are going to see Toy Story 1 & 2 in freakin' 3D!! Time: 1:20:20
    • 10/11/09 – Episode 31, The Disney Dudes have a wild-assed weekend! As always fun with voice mail and emails! (Mush: Spoilers for Mary Poppins, the musical, are included in here…just a warning) Time: 46:07
    • 10/18/09 – Episode 33 ( I must be off one), It's show 33 and that means The Disney Dudes have fun with emails and voice mails! You know that there is much crude bathroom humor and infantile banter, ..It's definitely not your mothers podcast...that is unless your mother is BAD-ASS! Time: 27:34
    • 10/5/09 – Episode 79, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #60, an I.P.L.S. Random Selection Contest, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, an interview with Chris Chapman, and much more!!! Time: 2:23:24
    • 10/9/09 – Episode 80, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #61, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, John Rick's Disney Pin Investigation, Finding the DeeBees with Tom Corless, and much more!!! Time: 1:20:59
    • 10/16/09 – Episode 81, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #62, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resorts, and the Soda Fountain and Studio Store in Hollywood, the complete Disney Pincast Live! show from October 10th, and much more!! Time: 2:55:58
    • 10/23/09, Episode 82, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join hosts Tom Corless and John Rick for Disney pin news, upcoming pin trading opportunities across the United States, a profile of I.P.L.S. member number #63, all of this week's pin releases from the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resorts, and the Soda Fountain and Studio Store in Hollywood, an interview with Mike Sullivan, and much more! Time: 2:02:23
    • 10/11/09 – Episode 61, If it is tough to be a bug then it must be miserable to be shrunk down to that size and have no precedent on miniature mannerisms. (Mush: Headphones are suggested for this one with the attraction audio). Time: 11:51
    • 10/4/09 – Episode 32, In today's episode, Scott is feeling the ill effects of a visit to the Main Street Cinema to view Mortis' handiwork. Once he feels a little better, he and Tracey review two new video games both called Toy Story Mania - one for the Wii and the other for the iTouch/iPhone.After playtime is over, they talk about their next trip to Walt Disney World, which is roughly a month away. After some music from Buzzy over at WWED, our hosts wrap up the episode by going over some listener feedback about the merger between Disney and Marvel and then welcome two new residents to Disney, Indiana. Welcome! Time: 1:00:24
    • 10/18/09 – Episode 33, Tracey and her two guests sit down at Alice's Tea Room to discuss how Disney portrays women in its animated features, with a slant towards those who are not the typical princess-type. After the panel discussion, we continue our Holidays Around the World Throughout the Year with a visit to Epcot's Italy pavilion. Welcome to Disney, Indiana! Time: 1:20:12
    • 10/14/09 – Episode 26, Hello and Welcome to Episode 26 of the Disneybrit Podcast. In this episode we round up all the important Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris news especially the continuing secret project currently being built in Disneyland Paris' Walt Disney Studios!!!! We bring the 6th and 7th day of Adam's Walt Disney World Diary as well as a new set of questions in the next edition of the Disneybrit Trivia Quiz. Dean Rice from Deluxe Kingdom Tours joins us on this deluxe themed edition of the show as we talk about the things they can offer visitors to the World and how you can make that trip a little extra special. Finally, as if that wasn't enough, Cara Goldsbury, author of the Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World joins us to look at some of the ways you can add luxury to your stay without actually blowing the budget. Time: 1:56:06
    • 10/27/09 – Episode 27, Hello and Welcome to Episode 27 of the Disneybrit Podcast for Wednesday 27th October 2009. We once again have a jam packed show for you starting off as always with our News and Rumours. With the current tour of Disney on Ice taking place in the UK, Adam had the chance to see it on its stop in Birmingham. Listen to what he, a listener and his niece thinks to the show. Not only are we offering our opinions on Disney on Ice but we are also offering the chance for to win a family ticket to one of the remaining stops on its tour. Listen to the show to find out more. The answers to the 16th edition of the Disneybrit Trivia Quiz come next and with Craig off on another jaunt to Orlando, we catch up with him to find out what he thinks of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, live from the park!!!! We have the next installment of Adam's Daily Disney Diary and finish off the show with a bit of Halloween content as we bring you a ride through audio from Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor. Time: 1:21:25
    • 10/2/09 – Episode 160, Star Tours Fantasy. Time: 38:02
    • 10/7/09 – Episode 161, It's a full large can of sugar free red bull for David O'Neal tonight that sets the stage for another wild Tuesday night full of Disney news, trivia and the magic of Disneyland. Time: 1:29:34
    • 10/9/09 – Episode 162, Disneyland Esplanade Audio CD. Time: 16:22
    • 10/21/09 – Episode 163, Its a 90 minute show today as Lady Liana declares that "Anything Goes!" We have contests, Disney news, Trivia, and a little dancing by our own Brian Sommer. Time: 1:31:33
    • 10/24/09 – Episode 164, Disneyland Virtual Audio Tour Collection is now ready for download. Over 3.8 hours of music, edited to highlight each attraction, past and present. Time: 1:11:24
    • 10/29/09 – Episode 165, Who moved my Almond Milk (Mush: yep…that's the actual title). Time: 1:08:17
    • 10/4/09 – Episode 235, After a couple of slow weeks, there's plenty of Disney news to share on this week's show. Beyond the news, listeners review Toy Story and Toy Story 2 3-D in theaters, and we return to the D23 Expo one more time for a press conference with John Lasseter. Time: 1:07:42
    • 10/11/09 – Episode 236, We get into the Halloween spirit this week as we discuss the attractions and shows at Disneyland's Halloweentime, including a complete recording of the new Halloween Screams fireworks show. We also bring you an Imagineer panel discussion from the Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary celebration. Time: 1:42:48
    • 10/18/09 – Episode 237, During the news, I give you my thoughts on the new Sum of All Thrills ride at Epcot. Take a binaural ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority featuring the newly-updated narration. Skipper Ben brings us a complete trip report from Disneyland. Finally, the halloween excitement continues with part two of the Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary event including a wedding reception dinner show and a second panel discussion with Imagineers and Disney Legends. Time: 1:52:35
    • 10/18/09 – Video extra, Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary dinner show. Time:
    • 10/25/09 – Episode 238, It's the Halloween 2009 episode! Frightening fun includes an all-new spirited conversation with the voice of the Haunted Mansion's black widow bride, Kat Cressida, a special Backstage Pass to Alien Encounter, and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy audio from Skipper Ben. Plus, as a bonus, we have an audio trip through several haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights and Howl-O-Scream. Time: 1:46:16
    • 10/25/09 – Video Extra, Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary dinner panel discussion with Imagineers and Legends. Time:
    • 10/05/09 - Our first time in DCA. More California Adventure footage coming real soon! See you next week! Big episode!!
    • 10/12/09 - Castles coast to coast. And other things you may not be able to see at WDW anymore. And something else...HALLOWEEN IS COMING!!!!!
    • 10/18/09 – Lauren's birthday. Part 1. A Bibbity Bobbity Boutique make-over for Princess Lauren!
    • 10/4/09 – Nathan Rose and Jim Hill are back this week discussing the shakeup happening at the Walt Disney Studios, and the future of the famous division of the Disney Company. Time: 31:38
    • 10/11/09 - On this week's show, Nathan Rose and Jim Hill explore The "New" Disney...the Disney that is represented by Rich Ross, who is replacing Dick Cook, signing the deal to acquire Marvel, as well as runs shows like "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", on ABC Family. It moves into family-friendly horror films like "Trollhunters" with the creation of Disney Double Dare You, as well as the new Epic Mickey steam punk game for WII. How are the hardcore fans going to handle all of this radical change? More importantly, how do all of these recent developments mirror what happened back in 1984 when Eisner, Wells, and Katzenberg came on board at Disney and reawakened the sleeping kingdom. Time: 27:30
    • 10/18/09 - On this week's show Nathan Rose and Jim Hill explore the recent changes happening at the Disneyland Resort, how it affects the current culture at Disney's west coast theme park, what changes to expect, and much more. Time: 26:47
    • 10/12/09 – Episode 97, Join myself and Superdry as we make our way through the streets of Hong Kong and onto the metro system headed to Sunny Bay Station which connects to the Hong Kong Disneyland line. The one and only stop, of course, is Hong Kong Disneyland. Afterwards, I make my exciting steps onto property thus marking the end to my Disney Park World Tour. Looking back, I visited all 11 of the Disney Parks across the world in under a year's time. Here is a rundown of that busy year of travel: May 08 - Disneyland (2 parks); July 08 - Tokyo Disney (2 Parks); Sept 08 - WDW (4 Parks); Oct 08 - Disneyland Paris (2 Parks); Dec 08 – WDW; Jan 09 – WDW; April 09 - Tokyo; Disney / *Hong Kong Disneyland* So there you have it. All Disney parks on Earth in less than 12 months. It's far from an impossible feat but, dare I say, a dream come true for a Disney park fan *cough* dork. Hong Kong Disneyland is a small park which most would consider a "half day" park attraction wise. What it lacks in the realm of attractions, it makes things up with some of the most beautifully landscaped grounds and surroundings. The spit and polish witnessed at the park itself is just as impressive as the Tokyo Disney Resort. However, the "newness" of this park mixed with the culture leaves things feeling a little sterile, empty, and there is much room (literally) for improvement. During this podcast you will experience most of the park's attractions with us, STORIES ABOUT HOOKERS, an edited portion of their daytime parade called Disney on Parade, and various other Meanderings. It's most interesting to spend an entire day Meandering with us at this somewhat odd Disney Park. It was an interesting experience which left a handful of things to be desired. Overall, I do have high hopes for this Disney destination in the future. It's a promising Disney park located in one of the most amazing destinations in the East. Got ya wondering about the hookers, don't I? LOL Time: 2:04:51
    • 10/7/09 – Your hosts offer their review and opinion of the D23 Expo. Time: 1:55:29
    • 10/11/09 – This is audio was captured at the D23 Expo. Among other things, you will hear a couple of Walt Disney Imagineering employees give rundowns on the improvements to Hong Kong Disneyland. It is being called the Mystery Audio since there have been references to it on other shows, but it had yet to make an appearance. Until now. Time: 28:01
    • 10/14/09 – Your hosts take you on a tour of the website/blog known as Mesa Verde Times. Time: 1:32:02
    • 10/16/09 – This episode (recorded some time ago) was a chance for all the hosts to catch-up on then-current events. Some of the topics include; Shaft's take on the D23 Expo, Dick Cook's Departure, and the Marvel comics acquisition. Time: 1:52:49
    • 10/25/09 – Your hosts discuss the new Disney Parks promotion for 2010. We get to it after approximately one hour of miscellaneous other discussion. Time: 1:37:43
    • 10/26/09 – Episode 16, This is a special music only show just for Halloween. Time: 38:18
    • 10/1109 – Episode 63, Tairy and I take on the insect world when we watch It's Tough to be a Bug in Animal Kingdom. I propose a hard ticket event for the new Fantasyland. Tairy drops some knowledge about It's Tough to be a Bug, and we hear a news story about a live Hopper animatronic. So put on your honorary bug eyes, and enjoy the show. Time: 46:59
    • 10/28/09 – Episode 64, In this show, Tairy and I discuss our top 5 villains. In the news we discuss a possible iDisney Store (I claim rights to that name), and we re-visit Princesses Gone Wild. And then we finally come to the results of the first ever MCP Contest! One caller gets disqualified while we pick a winner. Time: 1:28:59
    • 10/12/09 – Episode 15, Matt sure has a lot to celebrate with this episode: Tequila, His friend Burnt Toast's migration to WDW, A half-year of podcasting, Margaritas, 50% more episodes than he had at Episode 10, Tequila, Oh, and membership in the Disney Podcast Network! Join Matt and Toast as they enter the Tequila Cave in Epcot's Mexico Pavilion and are introduced to a variety of products of Tequila Town. You'll hear about foam, girls that take too long to get dressed, horns, dancing, and Jerry Lewis! Time: 45:42
    • 10/19/09 – Video Supplement, Celebrating Tequila. (Mush…loved the facial expressions, but why did you have to stop the recording just as #s 1 and 3 walked in???) Time: 4:41
    • 10/29/09 – Episode 16, Join Matt and Will (from the Magic Never Ends podcast - as they ride the Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Later in the show, we salute an over eight billion dollar industry with a list of possible new ventures based on rides in Orlando. Be sure to attend the upcoming Drop a Shot before you Drink a Lot event in Epcot's Club Cool on December 11th at 3:30pm, a part of the DPN World Holiday weekend! Also, join us on at 8pm on November 7th as we have our first video chat party! Time: 19:26
    • 10/3/09 – Episode 219, This week, we discuss Disney Parks' next promotion, the "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" volunteer effort! We also share your happy celebrations and your thoughts on Star Tours 2, your tips on baby travel, and your questions about fireworks cruises. Finally, we wrap things up with a special presentation from the Disney Cruise Line! Be a part of MGW! Email us at or call the MGW voicemail line at 206-666-5952. Join the forums at to share your show feedback, song requests and more. Time: 1:26:03
    • 10/10/09- Episode 220, Okay, I'm going to break my own rule and make my own comments. This is the 4th annual MGW vidcast, and the first one I've seen. OMG!!!! Several serious laughing out loud moments here. Great job, guys!!! Time: 15:57
    • 10/17/09 – Episode 221, Semi-live from the Mouse Guest Experience 2! Recorded live from the World, we bring you portions of the first day's festivities! First, join us as we welcome everyone at the "Hey There, Hi There, Aloha There! Meet", then we hop over to the "Spectrowishes Meet" and get guests' impressions on the heat and more. Finally, we wrap things up with a trip around the Carousel of Progress with Casey by your side. It's good to escape the humidity, no? Time: 53:59
    • 10/24/09 – Episode 222, The Mouse Guest Experience 2 review rolls on, with audio from Day 2's exciting meets! First, we have Mouse Guest Ma's "I Have a Very Bad Feeling About This" Meet, featuring a very abbreviated Star Tours queue and ride. Then, we follow that up with our viewing of Fantasmic that very night. It's like you're right there with us, minus the sweltering heat! Time: 54:26
    • 10/20/09 – Episode 1 of Season 4, In this episode of the Mouse Lounge, we take a look back at 40 years of creepy creeps, happy haunts, stolen kisses, and God knows what else. . . and say goodbye to someone very special in Walt's life. Also, a full docket of Disney News from departments Entertainment, Theme Parks East, Theme Parks West, and Business. From the Walt Disney Family Museum: On the heels of the D23 Expo, meet someone who was there the year Walt made his inauspicious arrival in Hollywood; Virginia Davis of the Alice Comedies. Each week, in From the Vault we sample a clip from a classic Disney film, short, television or radio program, or Disneyland Record. This week we go into the studio with Paul Frees, circa 1968 and hear a few alternative takes of the ghost host spiel. Eerily familiar yet very, very different. Also from the vault, a unique opportunity to delve into the Walt Disney educational archives with this 1974 presentation, Magic and Superstition. Be sure to log into the multimedia area of for a look at the images that accompany this interesting production. Each week we present a high definition ride-through from a Disney Park East or a Disney Park West. This week, I take you into the boundless realm of the spirit world inside the Haunted Mansion. The show closes this week with interpretations of X. Atencio and Buddy Bakers, Grim Grinnin Ghosts with a very special All Hollows Eve Finale! Time: 1:33:10
    • 10/9/09 – Episode 64, This week's episode is a follow up to the last episode. Last episode we took a train to Rafiki's Planet watch and now we talk the train back from Rafiki's Planet Watch. Time: 4:48
    • 10/5/09 – Episode 351, Gadget's Go-Coaster, Pizza Oom Mow Mow, a wake-up call tip, plus listener feedback and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 41:47
    • 10/7/09 – Episode 352, Steven Ng interviews Imagineer Kevin Rafferty about Carsland and Imagineer Josh Gorin about Animatronics. Time: 29:44
    • 10/12/09 – Episode 353, The Tower of Terror, the Hungry Bear, a Magical Moment, plus listener feedback and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 53:22
    • 10/14/09 – Episode 354, Steven Ng joins Mark to discuss the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3-D double feature and the upcoming Toy Story 3. Time: 37:48
    • 10/19/09 – Episode 355, The Frontierland Shootin' Gallery, Carnation Cafe, a Magical Moment, plus listener feedback and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 30:05
    • 10/21/09 – Episode 356, Mike and Mark talk about places that they're least likely to go at the Magic Kingdom. Time: 32:52
    • 10/26/09 – Episode 357, Matsuriza, the Grand Floridian Cafe, a Magical Moment, plus listener feedback and more in this week's collection of short subjects. Time: 35:29
    • 10/28/09 – Episode 358, Steven Ng brings us interviews from the D23 Expo on what's coming from the Disney Cruise Line and the new Mystic Manor coming to Hong Kong Disneyland. Time: 32:36
    • 10/1/09 – Episode 50 (Congrats!!!), Welcome to the Northern Mouse Podcast Episode 50 and the start of season 4 with your Hosts Carlos and Kevin and Robb. In this show we will be reviewing what changes have come to Disney since we started the show as well we will have a two part campfire chat part one will be a topic we pick out of the hat if your topic was picked e-mail me at with your contact information for part two we talk about our December dining reservations and my experience with the online booking system. We are lucky enough to be able to extend our camping season one more weekend. There are still a lot of topics in the hat but we can always use more so keep them coming for your chance to win something from our prize vault which we've recently replenished from the local Disney Store. If you like the show we would appreciate a review on on iTunes and as a celebration of our 50th episode for anyone who leaves a review on Itunes I will put you name into a draw for a northern mouse prize pack. Time: 1:34:45
    • 10/5/09 – Episode 33, Gordon interviews THE Len Testa, Co-Author of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (ding), manager of, and co-host of the WDW Today Podcast. They talk about running, running at Disney, and the upcoming Fantasyland expansion at WDW. Later in the show, Gordon shares an epiphany he had while on a fabulous 14 mile run, he shares news about the very wet Expedition Everest Challenge, and reads listener emails and plays voice mails. Time: 1:11:35
    • 10/9/09 – Episode 34, Gordon interviews Lou Mongello of in another in his series of Disney Podcasters who run. He shares thoughts about regaining the joy in running, he fails miserably in an attempt to surprise his kids with a trip to WDW, and he gets some nice voice mails. Blog of the week: Hey, Gordon, you've just published Episode 34 of Running to Disney, where are you going now? I'm going to Disney World! (Mush: Loved the audio with the boys…sounds exactly like what would happen at home here!) Time: 55:25
    • 10/25/09 – Episode 35, (Mush' note: there are two downloads for this show, with the other being on 10/27, but they are the same. The second one downloaded has come audio issues corrected.)Gordon takes a trip to Disney World and runs the final Race for the Taste 10K. He has an awkward moment in the men's restroom at Disney. And he gets nice voice mails from people he admires. Time: 1:04:35.
    • 10/6/09 – Episode 73, This week, it's a round table free-for-all about Festing in the World! (Mush's Note: okay, this one had me in stitches, and I got to have a little fun with it. I was listening to the episode in my car with an FM transmitter, and, occasionally, I'll get someone in a car nearby on the same frequency. Well, it happened while I was listening to this episode. I start getting Taylor Swift on my speakers, and the girl in the car right next to me starts getting the feed from this show, just as y'all start talking about Gay Days at WDW. I looked over at her (high school girl) when I figured out what car it was, and the look on her face was absolutely priceless as she started listening to the show – sort of a combined horror, interest, and hilarity. I was hoping she'd look around and try to find what vehicle was broadcasting…I was just going to wink and blow a kiss). Time: 46:03
    • 10/13/09 – Episode 74, A Day at Disneyland Resort Paris. Time: 35:58
    • 10/20/09 – Episode 75, Two More Days at Disneyland Paris. Time: 32:42
    • 10/27/09 – Episode 76, Tambourines! Drums! Candles and Wicks! This is Episode 76!! Time: 45:38
    • 10/2/09 – Episode 53, Welcome Foolish Mortals! This week, Greg, Ryan, and Chris talk about the new additions to the Disneyland Halloween Time celebrations. Hear our thoughts and review of Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, Halloween Screams fireworks extravaganza and Haunted Mansion Holiday. Along with the new special events we also have a dining review of the Celebration BBQ located behind [...] (Mush: that's how it ended!). Time: 1:08:11
    • 10/08/09 – Episode 54, Video Extra…Enjoy our latest video podcast of this year's EPCOT spectacular Flower and Garden. See you on the next show, Aj, Chris, Greg, Ray, Ryan, Shannon and Will. Time: 5:36
    • 10/8/09 – Episode 11, Van from joins us on this week's episode and we have a special announcement about an upcoming (major) guest! (Mush's note: No, it's not me). Time: 29:55
    • 10/13/09 – Episode 12, We are very pleased to welcome legendary actor, Eddie Carroll, on this week's episode! Aside from a thriving actor career, Carroll has been providing the voice of Disney's Jiminy Cricket since 1973. You may have heard his voice as the famous cricket in Wishes, Spectromagic, Share a Dream Come True, Mickey's Christmas Carol, House of Mouse, Kingdom Hearts and well as countless other attractions and productions. Carroll has been in show business since the early 60's, appearing on television, in the movies and on the radio. He has appeared in TV classics such as The Andy Griffith Show, Life with Lucy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Gomar Pyle Show, Love Boat, Frasier, Spy TV, Sanford and Son and much, much more. He has also had recurring roles in Maude as well as Alice. In the early 70's, Carroll co-starred with the legendary Don Knotts the weekly variety show The Don Knotts Show. Carroll has also appeared on Broadway as well as in many theatre productions across the country. He currently stars in a one-man, Broadway style show, paying tribute to the late-great Jack Benny in Jack Benny: Laughter in Bloom. Now, join us as he discusses his career as Jiminy Cricket, as well as his acting career. Hang on every word as he tells us what it was like when he re-recorded "When You Wish Upon a Star". Be entertained as he goes into details about why he loves working for the Walt Disney Company. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our exclusive interview with the one and only, Eddie Carroll. Time: 48:34
    • 10/20/09 – Episode 13, Sound quality is a little off in some places. We recorded in a number of different locations and used a number of different mics. But, the weird quality in some parts helps add to our theme this week... Halloween! Matt Hochberg joins us once again for a segment all about Halloween at Walt Disney World, focusing on the Tower of Terror and the Haunted Mansion, as well as Halloween in general at the World. Katie and Shawn also have a great segment about some hidden secrets at the Mansion. Spoilers are included in this episode, so be advised. We hope you enjoy the show. Next week our show will be late, if at all, since we will be at Walt Disney World for a few days. We look forward to bringing you a trip report in our 14th show. November will be filled with special guests, so keep checking back! Now, as they say, "look alive". Time: 40:16
    • 10/5/09 – Episode 113, To kick off this week's show, we have your Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. In this week's report, we'll be discussing some surprising changes to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA) at the Magic Kingdom, Disney's first official step into the wonderful world of online blogs, and information on how showing kindness in your community can earn you free admission to a Disney theme park in 2010. Following the report, we have a special SURPRISE audio segment we hope you will enjoy!!! To conclude the program, we have another edition of one of our newest segments, "The World's Finest";. In our continuing effort to find the best of Walt Disney World in each and every category, we'll be trying to decide what is truly the best roller coaster in all of the Vacation Kingdom. Time: 1:05:14
    • 10/16/09 – Episode 114, To kick off this week's show, we have the return of our newest segment, "The Golden Age". In this controversial discussion featuring the wilds of Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom, we will continue our quest land by land, area by area, and space by space, throughout the Vacation Kingdom to find what is truly the Golden Age of the entire Walt Disney World Resort. Following that, we have a very special audio segment from our own Brandon Struve, as he take us inside the brand-new "Sum of All Thrills" Innoventions exhibit presented by Raytheon which opened earlier this week. Brandon will walk us through the entire interactive attraction and you'll even get to hear the entire pre-show for this thrilling new Epcot experience. Time: 41:19
    • 10/19/09 – Episode 115, We're celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Wonders of Life pavilion at Epcot on this week's show. To kick off the celebration, we'll go back in time with some of the sounds of the pavilion, including audio from Body Wars, Cranium Command, and Goofy About Health. Following that, we have a very special edition of our newest segment, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", where we will be dissecting the pavilion's many "wonders" from top to bottom. This pavilion may be gone, but we hope you enjoy our celebration of the "life" of The Wonders of Life this week on the WDW News Today Podcast. Time: 2:18:59
    • 10/26/09 – Episode 116, To kick off this week's show, we have a not-so-scary edition of the Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. In this week's report, we'll be discussing some fresh paint being applied throughout the Magic Kingdom, some major character meet and greet changes at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, and the addition of the first new monorail color to the Walt Disney World fleet in over 38 years. Following the report, WDWNT Reporter Brandon Struve takes on another audio adventure, this time to the debut of Tiana's Showboat Jubilee at the Magic Kingdom. To conclude this week's show, we have another installment of our Walt Disney World history segment, Back to the Future. In this week's trip through time, we'll be looking at the history of one of the scariest and most amazing thrill rides in Disney history, the original Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's a fun discussion as we delve into the fascinating story of the Hollywood Tower Hotel and the Disney magic behind this groundbreaking E-ticket attraction. Time: 2:12:58
    • 10/4/09 – Video Extra, Join Lou Mongello as he interviews Gary Vaynerchuk from in Walt Disney World at Epcot's World Showcase. They discuss not just the Food & Wine Festival, but Gary also offers a beginner's guide to trying wines, practical advice about tasting wines at the pavilions and, of course, his favorite places to eat (and drink) in Walt Disney World. Time: 7:35
    • 10/4/09 – Episode 139, There is some exciting and interesting news coming from Walt Disney World this week, starting with two big ways for you to not only save on an upcoming vacation, but even get in to the parks for free, and feeling good about doing it. We'll also look at how Disney is moving forward online, before looking at two trains – one that's slow and relaxing, and one that may be coming that's quite the opposite. This past weekend in Walt Disney World was fun and exciting for many, as Guests from around the world came to participate in one or more special events. In this week's roundtable, we'll look at the WDWRadio private event at the Adventurers Club, our walk around and review of Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival, the Expedition Everest Challenge race and more. Stay tuned to the end of the segment for a new contest, where you can win a limited edition giveaway from the Adventurers Club willed with goodies. As a bonus this week, I'm also including a number of new videos, featuring my interview with Gary Vaynerchuk about trying wines at the Festival, as well as a two-part video chronicling our walk around World Showcase and live review of the kiosks and event. I'll announce the date and location for our next Meet of the Month in Walt Disney World before playing more of your listener voicemails at the end of the show. Time: 1:33:35
    • 10/11/09 – Episode 140, We'll start off this week's show with some news and some rumors coming from Walt Disney World, including the introduction of a new ride, a new tour and a new princess. With the recent opening of the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, and some recent reminiscing about the extinct Walt Disney Story on Main Street, USA, the importance of Walt Disney, the man came up, especially in relation to the Disney parks. And while there are many references to him throughout Walt Disney World, many people unfortunately overlook an attraction that is much more than an interactive museum, as Walt Disney: One Man's Dream is a tribute to the man who started it all, and an inspiration to future innovators. This week, friend and Disney historian Jim Korkis joins me from Disney's Hollywood Studios as we take a tour through and detailed look at this attraction filled with hidden treasures. Time: 1:49:35
    • 10/14/09 – Video Extra, Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2009 Walk Around & Review Part 1 of 2. (Mush's note: You WILL be hungry and thirsty after watching this one!) Time: 9:53
    • 10/14/09 – Video Extra, Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2009 Walk Around & Review Part 2 of 2. Time: 8:29
    • 10/19/09 – Video Extra, Video Interview with Art the Greeter from Disney's Beach Club Resort. Time: 9:52
    • 10/19/09 – Episode 141, Walt Disney World is filled with some incredible, unique dining experiences, and this week, we visit Mexico's San Angel Inn, where the atmosphere is as wonderful as the cuisine. Modeled after a Mexican hacienda dating back to 1692, the restaurant sits in perpetual twilight on the banks of a river, across from a Mayan pyramid and ruins, and features authentic dishes evocative of traditional Mexican fare. This week, we offer a live review from inside the restaurant as we enjoy some of the Inn's appetizers, main courses, and of course, desserts, as our serve explains every aspect of the meal, and the culture to us along the way. It's a fun segment that I think will not only make you hungry, but will make you want to visit the restaurant and pavilion as well. This week's show is a little shorter than usual due to my schedule and some other projects I'm working that I'm going to share with you soon, but I'm also releasing a number of new videos as well, including an interview with a true Walt Disney World icon. At Disney's Beach Club Resort, Art Lark, known affectionately to guests from around the world simply as "Art the Greeter," has been a fixture at the resort for years. And on one of his final days at the resort before retirement, I had a chance to talk with Art about his experiences, and what this role, and the Guests, have meant to him. I'll also have more videos from Disney's D23Expo, and a few other surprises as well, so stay tuned! I'll announce a new trivia contest, and give some additional information about upcoming events before playing more of your voicemails at the end of the show. Time: 47:42
    • 10/26/09 – Video Extra, Tiana's Showboat Jubilee in Walt Disney World. Time: 5:41
    • 10/26/09 – Episode 142, The big news this week from Walt Disney World is the debut of a new show, and a new princess, and Tiana's Showboat Jubilee starts this week in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. The live musical production based on The Princess and the Frog starts with a parade processional that leads to a show aboard the Liberty Square riverboat. There, Princess Tiana, the first new Disney Princess since Mulan debuted in 1998 leads a cast in a fun-filled musical show. And rather my describe it to you, this week I uploaded a preview video to the iTunes feed, and the entire show video to And while Walt Disney World Guests are being treated to a new show this week, sometimes we lose some of our favorite attractions, shows, shops and restaurants as new ones are introduced. So this week, we're going to look at the Top Ten Things We Miss at Walt Disney World. I'll play more of your voicemails at the end of the show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio Show. Time: 1:28:51
    • 10/2/09 – Episode 625, Today, developer Henry Work joins us to discuss the The Ultimate Touring Plan To The Magic Kingdom. Time: 21:56
    • 10/5/09 – Episode 626, Today, Deb Koma of and Beci Mahnken of Mousefan Travel joins us to give a review of this year's Food And Wine Festival at Epcot. Time: 23:58
    • 10/7/09 – September Live Show post. Time: 2:01:58
    • 10/7/09 – Episode 627, Listener Questions
    • 10/9/09 – Episode 628, Today, WDW Today listener Lee writes in with examples of things he likes at WDW and asks for similar comparisons that we think he might enjoy. Time: 16:22
    • 10/12/09 – Episode 629. Today, Len discusses Unofficial Guide research on how room descriptions are not always what they say they are. Time: 13:32
    • 10/14/09 – Episode 630, Listener Questions. Time: 36:57
    • 10/16/09 – Episode 631, # Today, 2009 Disney Mom's Panel member Erin Forster joins us to discuss the best ways how and where to meet your favorite characters around Walt Disney World. Time: 22:50
    • 10/19/09 – Episode 632, Today, Shawn Slater returns to talk about his work on The Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom. Time: 23:00
    • 10/21/09 – Episode 633, Listener Questions. Time: 30:33
    • 10/23/09 – Episode 634, Today, we discuss the pros and cons of a short or long stay at WDW. Time: 26:35
    • 10/26/09 – Episode 635, Today, Fred Hazelton from the Unofficial Guide joins us to discuss basic everyday tips for touring WDW. Time: 23:27
    • 10/28/09 – Episode 636, Listener Questions. Time: 31:57
    • 10/29/09 – October Live Show post. Originally aired 10/25. Time: 1:59:37
    • 10/30/09 – Episode 637, Today, AJ from The Disney Food Blog joins us to discuss this new dining option at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (Mush's note: Awesome, AJ!!!) Time: 19:18.
    • 10/11/09 – Episode 26, In this episode Matt compares his experiences at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland at Halloween for Nate. Also, the crew interviews Byron Royal, the creator of Reedy Creek Radio. The show concludes with a new rendition of the classic Grim Grinning Ghosts by Keith Lubrant. Time: 53:39
    • 10/11/09 – Episode 208, Paul welcomes back guest hosts Adrienne and Eliot, and their VIP Parkhopper for a magical adventure in the Disney Parks. Mush: some REALLY good audio here…the Illuminations audio at the end is fantastic! Time: 1:39:03
    • 10/17/09 – HD Feed 006, Surry Ride…A one way trip up Main St. USA on one of the original transportation experiences at Disneyland. Video. Time: 4:13
    • 10/17/09 – HD Feed 007, Omnibus…A one way trip up Main St. USA on one of the original transportation experiences at Disneyland. Video. Time: 4:29
    • 10/18/09 – Episode 209, On the final day of Paul's July vacation to Southern California for the FriendsoftheMagic gathering, he spent the entire afternoon alone at Disneyland, and he brought along his recorder. Part 1 of 6. Time: 48:12
    • 10/25/09 – Episode 210, Mouseketeer Greg, Justin and GloMom are back with more split perspective binaural adventures from the Friends of the Magic gathering last July. Ever wonder what podcasters' family and friends talk about when they forget the mics are hot? Find out in this haunted episode, which features (what else?) a ride through Disneyland's original Haunted Mansion and takes corny Ghost Host gags to a new low. And remember, it's not over until you hear Greg scream. Time: 1:09:32
    • 10/29/09 – Episode 44, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod revisits its original 2006 "Top Disney Villains" audio montage with an updated and substantially expanded Disney Villains audio experience! Then, discussion shifts to the Hidden Mickeys phenomenon and some new books detailing those secret silhouettes. Time: 45:18

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Only Two Weeks Left!

Okay, folks, here's where we currently are with the podcast contest. I had planned on getting more updates with this, but it had to take a back burner to that thing called life. We've seen a few big movers over the past (I hate saying this) 50 days. The Travelears podcast has climbed up 5 spots, and WEDWay Radio has jumped up 6. The big mover, again, is Waltcast – with 33 additional votes (only WDW Today had more votes in that time frame), Waltcast has rocketed up an very impressive 23 positions!

Matt, Mike, Mike, Len, and Annette still hold the top spot, while Gordon's runners maintain second place. Lou's Box People are still out in force, adding 17 votes and holding on to third place. Mike, Rikki, Debbie, and Pam are in a fierce battle with Ricky's Inside the Magic for 4th place, and Van, while still in the 5th position, has closed the gap significantly. Eric, Cathy, and Dan from Mouse Guest are holding on to the next spot, with Bryan and Jonathan's AllAboutTheMouseketeers inching closer to moving up a notch. Shawn and Katie's surge now has them in the top ten, bumping Dis Unplugged down to 10th and Tom Corliss and the WDWNT crew down to 11th, though they are really close to getting back in. The podcasts are really grouped up after that. Only 14 votes separate spots 11-23.

Remember, I'm not asking you to vote for your single favorite podcast…I'm asking for what ones you listen to on a regular basis. This means that you can vote for more than one podcast. Luckily, this poll is set up so that you can go back and change your vote if you'd like to. Also, if you would like to vote for a podcast that's not included in the selection, just send me an e-mail with your additional votes. I'll send you a confirmation that I've added them.

Don't forget to read the updates that I do on here every week or two to see if any episodes sound interesting to you. Please feel free to try out some of the newer ones that you may not know about. You never know…you might end up adding a vote for them too on here!

…and I can't end this without the reminder to Keep the votes coming in!!!

Total Voters: 432 (I wonder if we can get to 500 by the end…)

Total Votes Cast: 1,295

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Park Hopping Podcast


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scouting...The Newest Phase of My OCD Lifestyle

Between teaching at two different schools, doing the hubbie/daddy thing, dissertating, and listening to countless Disney podcasts, another item has been thrown into the mix. Aaron has found scouting and really likes doing the items in the handbook. I had to teach the night of the information meeting, so I didn't get a chance to gauge his interest. It didn't take long to realize that he wanted to do it, and not just because he had friends that were also interested.

Aaron and I headed to the first "official" meeting the following week, and his interest grew even more as he found out what den he was in and who all was in his den. I think he was hoping to have only one den so all of his friends would be together, but they did split the first-graders up into 2 dens (definitely a good decision there...that would have been too many people). One of the first items of business was to select the leaders for the Den. A committee member of Pack 53 has a son in the den (Den 3) and is serving as the Den Leader. He asked for 2 Assistant Den Leaders in the event that he and his family moves out of the area (better potential employment opportunities). One volunteered, and I slowly raised my hand to offer my assistance.

Oh boy.

The learning curve had begun. I was a Scout for a couple of years back when I lived in Hoopeston...I got the Bobcat badge, the Wolf badge, and was 75% of the way to the Bear badge before dropping out. I don't recall ever really attending a pack meeting...only going to Mrs. Montour's house, doing some stuff, and having her sign my book. Well, I do still remember two outings: the pinewood derby (I had a wheel fall off half-way down the track...was in therapy for a month) and a breakfast at the Hoopeston Conservation Club (I remember manning a fly swatter and accidentally hitting someone with it...made him cry...more therapy). I also remember reading Boy's Life magazine and loving it. I loved reading the White Mountains strip every month! Other than that, I don't remember too much, other than the ranks, the beads, and the arrowheads.

Regardless, things have changed just a bit in the 28 year-span between when I started and now. For example, WHAT THE HECK IS A TIGER CUB???!!! They used to be called Den it's Den Leaders (and, yes, Sheri occasionally calls me a Den Mother)? Advancement is by grade now?

Again...oh boy.

First thing was a uniform . We searched around and found the Scouting Store in Bloomington. Aaron was about to burst as he picked out his shirt and saw the badges that were to go on it. While there, I picked up a handbook on helping plan den meetings (the Program Helps). His first pack meeting was a mere 5 days away, so we had to get those badges on the uniform. Being a Veteran coming from a military academy where perfection of the uniform is expected, I started searching for where to put all those badges (Badges? We don't need no steenking badges!).

Now, y'all are going to see how my warped mind works. The primary debate going on in my brain was tied around whether to sew on the badges or use "badge magic", which was an adhesive. I spent several hours researching blogs on that topic and even put up a status post on Facebook soliciting feedback. While not 100% unanimous, most agreed that sewing, while more difficult, was the way to go.

Next came the placement of the badges. Sheri was getting ready to head out for a conference for work, so I started working on my sewing skills (more research on starting/ending knots), which I haven't used for several years. I made the mistake of trying to do the largest patch first, which was also the oddest shape. After three tries, where I got 1/3 to 1/2 way around and then unthreading it (my index finger bleeding from trying to push the needle through the thick embroidery), I finally got it to where it was close to being where it was supposed to be. It wasn't perfect, but it was on, and the thread was pretty much invisible. I then switched about putting badge magic on to get the patches in the right position (at least the permanent ones...I didn't use that stuff on the ones that were likely to change, such as the Den number) and then sewing around it? Perfect idea! It will take care of the edges curling, as is common with the badge magic, and we can dry clean the uniform if needed without losing the badges.

One problem...when you pushed a needle through the badge magic, the goop got on the needle and made it harder to push as well as really sticky. Still, they looked pretty good. Of course, it took a LOT longer (I was up until around 1-2 am several nights in a row working on this). In between classes, I researched the proper placement of the World Emblem Badge...I agonized over lots of conflicting information and, after several hours, decided on ignoring many of the pictures and going with the official placement instructions on the web site (which was higher than where most people placed it).

Like I get feel for how my brain works here.

Okay, with Aaron's uniform done, I had my work cut out for me. Added to this was the notion that there is a chance of actually filling in as Den Leader, I went in full-bore trying to figure out what all there was to figure out. I started off by going to our Pack's web site to see what they had to help. Looks like there's some training required. Okay, on to the main scouting site, where I saw tons of training, most of what I did in one evening. When it got to the point where I was going to be considered "trained", I was told that I could probably receive my own badge noting the trained status. This, of course, led me to ask if they wanted the assistants in uniform, too.


Oh boy.

It's only a day before the pack meeting, and I'm back in the Scout Store getting my shirt. We get all the stuff for my shirt, and I run home to wash it and start applying the badges (using badge magic, of course and then sewing). I didn't have time to get everything sewed, but at least I got the stuff on the shirt.

After my third night in a row of about 4 hours of sleep, we finally get to the day of Aaron's pack meeting. The school PTO is the chartered organization, and the scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to school the day of the pack meeting. Aaron was stoked...he was ready to wear it!

Of course, we had to check out the sewing outcomes:

Yeah, he was liking the uniform!

Sheri was still in the Chicago area for her conference, so I uploaded pics for her to see. This led to quite a few comments over on Facebook on how happy he looked.

I finished up my shirt about 45 minutes before picking up the boys from school. I didn't have any starch (it's the Academy in me...I can't help it), but I did iron the heck out of both of our shirts. As we're getting dressed for the meeting, I could see Eric taking a keen interest in all of this, which means we'll probably be doing this again in a couple of years. Aaron gets the neckerchief on, and I wasn't thrilled with the way it looked (I knotted the chief to avoid losing the slide...more on that in a later post). Back out to the porch for more pictures:

When it came to the salute (his idea, not mine), he got all serious and, despite my requests, refused to smile. You can't see it, but Eric is right next to me saluting back to him.

We head over to the meeting (a whole 2 blocks away), and the first thing the Tiger Cubs are tasked with doing is a little song:

Remember, I'm used to teaching college, so I'm not used to working with this level. I'm starting to wonder what I'm getting myself into around this point. The Tiger Cubs then go through a short ceremony where they get a little bit of face paint symbolizing whiskers:

Two things here...#1, I really need to lose weight (I've taken off 12 pounds in the three weeks since this picture was taken); and #2, Aaron wasn't big on the face paint...he rubbed it off after about ten minutes. BTW, there are more (and better) pictures at the Pack's photo link.

Then he got his first badge, which he thought was uber cool.

Well, it was cool for about ten minutes. Then, being a first grader, he was on to other things.

After the meeting and helping clean up a little, we headed home, where I asked Eric to take a picture of Aaron and me in our attire:

It's easy to forget that Eric is only 4 years old, and he framed up this picture...pretty darn good job by Eric!!!

Throughout the meeting, I noticed that the shirt that I was wearing was slightly different from all the other leaders. This, of course, led to several more hours of researching to see what was up (new "centennial" shirts just came out this summer, which, of course, means different rules on badge placement on the sleeves). I also found that the numerals I had for the pack, while allowed, didn't quite go with the rest of the patches. Since I had used badge magic on the numerals, I then had to research the proper way to remove them (a couple of hours...seriously, I need to cut down on the information-gathering). Sure enough, following the directions and using "Goof Off" worked perfectly! I got the green numerals as well as a Tiger Cub Den Leader badge (the Den Leader suggested that as the proper identification), and I finished up all the current sewing with my stuff as well as Aaron's newest rank.

In the next installment of the Scouting Saga, we'll talk popcorn, a "launch", and the first den meeting.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Disney Podcast Updates, September 21-30

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, so I can get this posted. Ten more days are here…I am only 70 episodes behind! This will wrap up September, folks. Still nobody mentioning the new podcast that has yet to be announced. Oh, and the contest for the podcasts you listen to is (finally) getting close to ending!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

    • 9/25/09 – Episode 128, This is the catch-up show with tons of listener feedback. Also, news, roll call, and a Mousecall to #1,000. Time: 1:23:35
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 129? Waaaaiiiittt a minute. Two shows got released with a date of the 25th, though the second one is actually for October 4th. I'll wait for this one.
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 162, Memmmooorriesss….all allooooone in the moooooonnligggghtt…I can smile at the oooooollld daaaays…Mike Rikki, Pam (protecting the seas), and Debbie think back to some of the memories from older trips when they first caught the Disney bug. Tears are shed (again) as they talk about the experiences. Time: 44:00
    • 9/27/09, Episode 163, Rikki's rubbing it in that she's down at WDW and we're not with part 1 of her audio captures. What we find out in this show is that the BOG folks have a knack for forcing you to face your greatest fears, with a listener's ride on Haunted Mansion and a teaser for the long-awaited Splash Mountain ride-along. After this show, I so want to find a hammock on the Poly Beach to watch Wishes. Time: 49:04
    • 9/23/09 – IYEE # 49, Ray (TiggerRPH) joins Lou ('Sup?) to give a first-hand account of the D23 Expo. Time: 47:56
    • 9/29/09 – Show 73, This episode contains…very little "Disney"…NOT much Lou…ABSOLUTELY no Bob…AND lots and lots…of Fall and Halloween fun! Lou takes a Disney hiatus (which we all need at times!) to look at Vala's Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, NE. Looks like they put a lot into that place! And, No, that dragon at the end of the clip is not Lucky. Time: 27:01
    • 9/22/09 – Show 78, Man, I love their intro music (the MK opening ceremony music). Everyone but Chris is here for the show to do a D23 recap and other news…all live, along with listener feedback. Time: 1:25:06
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 30, Trace is still bitter as this show is still D23-based. They bring on guests Doug, Hugh, Karl, and Shelley to talk about the Expo. Time: 1:32:25
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 78, This show breaks from the traditional format to allow for an interview with member of the Disney Design Group Tyler Dumas. Time: 1:05:46
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 79, Tom is glad that Tom is not lost at sea (he was on a DCL cruise, where all voice-over IP (what Skype uses) is blocked, so he couldn't record). They start the show about 20 minutes in with pin news…again, I'm LOVING the way they use the enhanced features of the podcast to show you the pins as they talk about them. Pin Trading events is next, first with the Disney-sponsored events, followed by the fan events. Releases is next, including those from Sep 19-Oct 02, since they didn't get to it last show. IPLS # 59 Cynthia Jorgensen from Meridian, IDAHO (sorry John, had to). I need to stop watching the enhanced podcast because I'm going to start down the pin path. Time: 2:25:35
    • 9/30/09, Episode 60, Tairy's back (she's fine…she was on vacation). Everyone was all aBuzz about this show (grrooaannn…that was bad, even by my standards, if I had any). To keep this rating PG or above, I'll forego any Woody jokes here. Yes, folks, she's talking Toy Story and the Buzz Lightyear attractions located throughout the parks. Some hints on how to score big are included (I'm writing these down). Time: 12:40
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 25 (Congrats!!!), Adam, Juz, and Craig start off by giving us some news from the WDW and Disneyland Paris parks. Adam brings us days 4 and 5 from his audio diary of his most recent trip to WDW. The answers to the most recent trivia quiz are revealed and then they give a segment on what to consider when planning a Disney World trip with younger children. Time: 1:55:16
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 158, I was getting spoiled with the enhanced podcast. This show is back in the mp3 format, and their show description is classic: Liana returns after two weeks to find Deb, Brian, and David have changed the shows format. What will happen when Liana returns is anyone's guess, take a listen and find out why the chat room does not always win
      Time: 59:54
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 159, this show is a little different. David is Lost in Love to start off the show…I had a flashback to those junior high dances with that song. Senor Coconut ruined that flashback, though. No Deb tonight, but they'll still function (mostly). In this show, they've got news and rumors in the Lowdown with Liana segment. Leo Holzer of the Northern California NFFC joins the show to talk about the newly-opened Walt Disney Family Museum. Time: 1:18:18
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 49, It's the final D23, recap show. I love how Greg gives his references for each segment. Live audio from the expo, featuring the DeFore brothers talking about a historical restaurant in Disneyland's Frontierland, the Silver Banjo Barbeque. Time: 1:10:11
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 234, More D23 audio (this one is with Imagineers about the Pixar presences in the parks) and Skipper Ben's recounting of when he ran over Britney Spears (he's still alive to talk about it). Ricky also talks with executive chef of the International F&W Festival, Jans Dahlman. Time: 1:10:50
    • 9/24/09, Mikey and Lauren heard that they had the Food and Wine Festival in a soft opening, and they had a Pavlovian response and headed over to the park to see what was up at Epcot. Their first food? Beef skewer from the Buenos Aires kiosk! For you DPNers, you'll have to restrain yourselves from screaming GOATGOATGOAT at the video of the CapeTown kiosk (not sure if that was on the menu or not). It looked like the Bologna kiosk had more than lunch meat on their menu, too (I'll be here all weekend…be sure to tip your waitress!). Oh, and I'm with Lauren on the avocados. One thing I noticed…where the heck is everyone? It almost looks like they're the only ones in World Showcase. Time: 8:07
    • 9/30/09, the show starts off a little blue (literally), but the MCM couple continues their vacation line of shows. They've arrived in Anaheim just in time to ride Space Mountain before it goes down for a refurb (guessing the Halloween Overlay). They also tour Fantasyland and give some ride through of the rides over there). Time: 9:50
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 70, This show is full of all sorts of things…it's an A.D.D. sufferer's nirvana! Shannon gives a restaurant review…The Wave from the Contemporary (insert Will interjection), news, a little discussion about the upcoming feature film, The Princess and the Frog, D23 updates, a review of the tween movie, and The Wizards of Waverly Place. But Wait…there's more! Carlos De Sousa, from the Northern Mouse podcast, and his daughter join MNE for a review of a recent concert featuring the Jonas Brothers. I can't comment on either of those last two because my oldest is only 6. Phineas and Ferb…yeah, I could do pages of commentary, but not Selena Gomez or the Jonaseseseses. Some interesting listener feedback ends the show. Time: 1:40:24
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 15, Watch where you step…the Mortis Family is watching Darby O'Gill and the Little People! Some audio from the movie is included (Banshee??). Scott and Tracey chime in with their movie trivia. The verdict? "Cool effects", "Sean Connery sings pretty good" (the kids asked who Sean Connery was…I'm graying from that comment), "kind of dry" (the movie…not the Irish whiskey consumed while they watched it), all in all, it was one thumb up and one thumb down. FYI, I love the kids' commentary throughout the show. Time: 26:26
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 62, I'm trying to get caught up here, so I'm dumping in the description from the show: In this show, Tairy and I discuss the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland expansion, and what we really don't like about it. We witness the future of Mickey and Minnie in a Toontown Demolition skit. (Mush's note…I'm still going to listen to this show…just for that skit alone!) We then debate touring styles of Commando vs. Spontaneous. I go to the extreme with the "D-Team" as we tour Epcot in another skit.; Finally, we finish the show off with the first ever contest in Mouse Comedy Podcast history Time: 1:23:39
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 14, MATT IS AT THE RICHARD PETTY DRIVING EXPERIENCE!!!! I HAVE TO SHOUT ABOVE THE NOISE OF THE WIND AND THE ENGINE!!! THIS IS DEFINITELY ONE THAT YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR HEADPHONES ON TO LISTEN!!! AFTERWARDS…wait…afterwards, Matt gives his review of the new Toy Story Mania game on the Wii. (and, yes, Matt, I do read the show notes) Time: 40:36
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 28, More D23 talk with Julie Neal and Matt Hochberg. Julie talks about the Fantasyland refurb, while Matt weighs in on Star Tours 2.0. Time: 1:04:48
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 63, Video of Rafiki's Planet Watch train ride from Africa. Time: 4:24
    • 9/22/09 – Episode 347, It's the short day…well, you know what I mean! Mike dons his spacesuit and does the show while doing a spacewalk. After the tip of the week. Mickey's Toontown Fair (the mouse's houses and the duck's boat) make up the featured attraction. One of my favorite restaurants is the subject of the review system spotlight: the Crystal Palace (I'd like an 8:05 reservation, please, and just give me an entire batch of the breakfast lasagna). Andrew does the MousePlanet site update before getting into listener feedback. Time: 35:30
    • 9/26/09 – Episode 348, the Featured Topic for this show is an awesome event that occurs this time of every year at WDW: the International Food and Wine Festival! Time: 35:46
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 349, They do Off-Kilter for the Featured Attraction, which is on my to-see list. They then head over to the west coast to give a review of Disneyland's Bengal Barbecue and give a bonus review of the new Toy Story Mania game on both the Wii and the iPhone. They were going to do listener feedback, but NONE OF YOU SENT ANY IN THIS TIME! Time: 40:10
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 350, Mark's giving Mike the night off for this recording. In this episode, Steven Ng has an interview with Donna Tuggle, who works at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Donna serves as the Director of Education and Public Programming. Time: 22:20
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 140, I really think I should have been using the enhanced features of these podcasts a lot sooner…I never knew Netcot had chapters and images! After the news and a little talk about Steve Barrett's new Hidden Mickeys book, friend and comedian Tim Babb joins Van for a talk of the rumor of Captain EO's return to the parks (Mush's note: I'm with Van on this, though I'm still thinking of a reason why. In all seriousness, I've never seen the attraction, but I simply think that it's time has passed). After that and a little churro talk, the show wraps up with just another part of Van (Michael Jackson audio). An outtake wraps the show. Time: 28:10
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 32, Gordon talks about Southern hand-gestures of greeting in this episode. Okay, there's more…it's some audio from him doing a "short" (that's relative) jog to the local WalMart to get some drugs (yes, they're legal). It's audio that was recently found, and it has him reflecting on all sorts of things pertaining to life, child-raising, and more. Time: 43:54
    • 9/22/09 – Episode 71, This is one of those episodes where you'll just want to spank the hosts (and, no, it's not the cats starting off the show). Special monkey hosts give their view of D23. After that, they get to listener "feedback"…words really can't describe a couple of the phone calls (one involving a gorgeous, large-breasted woman wearing a smile and not much else). I think the guy was smoking something from the 60's. Sufficed to say, let's put a PG-13 rating on this one LMAO!!! Time: 41:44
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 72, This is one of those "learnin' episodes" for me. The cats talk about Disneyland Paris's Animagique and Cinemagique, which I don't know the slightest bit about! Educate yourself and listen in. They include a pretty substantial audio piece of Animagique. Time: 36:32
    • 9/24/09 – Episode 9, Another nice, short show (he's recording while in New York). Katie provides the news segment, and Shawn gives a little tease for their upcoming 10th episode. Time: 6:50
    • 9/29/09 – Episode 10, they made it to 10! While this may not seem like much, I've seen a bunch of podcasts fizzle out after only 5-6 episodes. Shawn and Katie bring back some of the funnier clips from the first shows. Also included is some audio of Katie getting a Mousecall from Bryan and Jonathan from AATM. Time: 1:00:01 (yes, there was one additional second on it!)
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 112, More D23…roundtable discussion with Chris Lastrapes, Anthony Yacullo, Justin Heyman, and Scott Smith. When I also heard that they were going to have a "Back to the Future" segment, I nearly screamed because these are awesome segments, but they tend to be 2+ hours long!!! Luckily it was a quick trip (not much fuel for the flux capacitor, apparently)…they look at an attraction that never really set sail (groan). It's the Discovery River Boats. Time: 1:29:38
    • 9/22/09 – Video extra. Lou has a little homage to the fun had by all at D23. Trace over at the Disney Dudes will be even more bitter when he sees this! Time: 2:43
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 138, From Lou's excellent description: There's no news this week, as I prepare to head out to Walt Disney World this week for the Adventurers Club event, Expedition Everest Challenge, and of course, the start of Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival. And to that end, we'll begin this week's show with an interview with Epcot's Executive Chef, Jens Dahlmann. We'll discuss what's new and exciting during the six-week, entertainment-packed events, filled with fine cuisine and wines from around the world. And since planning your Walt Disney World vacation is the first and often most critical step, I'll talk this week with three experts in doing just that, as members of the 2009 Walt Disney World Mom's Panel join me to talk about the panel, share their stories and experiences, as well as some tips and advice for travelers and potential future panelists. I'll play many more of your listener voicemails at the end of the show, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's episode of the WDW Radio Show. Time: 1:22:23
    • 9/21/09 – Episode 620, The guys and gal kick off their 5th year of podcasting with a "remember when" show. Keep up the great work, folks! Time: 32:58
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 621, psst…it's Fwednesday…y'all know what that means…That's crazy!!! This listener question episode will have people around you worried about you as you will find yourself laughing several times throughout the show (still have tears from the new Peter's Pants flight attraction). Enjoy your coffee during the show, just please don't disclose those "special" pictures of Matt (Ocheemonee??). I know that only those who have heard the show will get all this, but do yourself a favor get yourself as part of the "in" crowd and listen. The inside jokes are part of what keeps making this show fantastic! Time: 33:01
    • 9/25/09 – Episode 622, The crew work with listener Rick Altman on planning an upcoming WDW trip. Time: 23:57
    • 9/28/09 – Special Extra, audio from the "MagicTunes" event that raised funds prior to the 2009 Magic Meets. Good audio trivia in this one! Time: 41:31
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 58:20
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 54:26
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 58:17
    • 9/28/09 – Extra, Magic Meets Audio, Part 1. Time: 42:07
    • 9/28/09 – Episode 623, Part IV of the Planning From Scratch Series. Time: 19:35
    • 9/30/09 – Episode 624, Listener Questions from 1985 (okay, they're not that far behind, though I'm starting to know what it feels like! Time: 30:34
    • 9/23/09 – Episode 206, For those who were left hanging from Episode 203, NEVER FEAR! This is part 2 of the Audio Adventure. Some bonus audio is included (around 20 minutes!). Time: 1:04:53
    • 9/27/09 – Episode 207, Paul brings on guests Kathy and Joe for a talk about the new Walt Disney Family Museum, opening in San Francisco. Time: 1:19:07