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Disney Podcast Updates, August 16-31, 2010

Hi there!  If you arrived here from a search for something Disney-related, chances are that it's a topic in one of the podcast episodes listed below.  Just search for the text you're looking for, subscribe to the podcast, and enjoy the show!  

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes or are looking for Disney podcasts, you've hit the jackpot!  While I'm behind schedule, I've got nearly 15 months of Disney podcast shows chronicled here, with continual updates. I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE.  Also, if you’re willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes.  The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches.  If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you’ve seen on here, please let the podcasters know that you found them from my blog!

If you're a podcaster checking up on what I'm saying about you, then all I have to say is, "quick making shows for a week or two so I can get caught up!!!!!"

57 shows are included in this round of updates, with a whole slew of different topics.  It was kind of nice having more variety this time - when major events happen, a lot of the shows cover the same thing.  Enjoy!

As always, please note that this again is not a fully comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there (it's close, but there are a few that aren't included). Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.  Also, Shawn Rees does an absolutely amazing job posting more real-time updates on Twitter.  Follow @dis_pod_review if you aren't already doing so.

Any and all comments are welcomed!  Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.

  • Be our Guest
    • 08/17/10 – Repost of August Live Show, originally aired August 15th.  Time: 2:10:51
    • 08/19/10 – Episode 256, Today we have a discussion on the many discounts that Disney offered this week for travel through most of 2011 to Walt Disney World.  We discuss our ideas on what we think this might mean for the future, and we give our thoughts on unique ideas that Disney hasn't tried yet that might entice folks to book a new Walt Disney World vacation.  We know today's show was kind of all-over-the-place, but thought we needed to discuss this important topic!  Time: 43:01
    • 08/22/10 – Episode 257, Today we take a virtual walk around Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.  We discuss our thoughts on the attractions, shopping, and dining in this area.  Time: 39:35
    • 08/26/10 – Episode 258, Today we take some time to look at Disney's Port Orleans - Riverside Resort.  We discuss the two distinctly different experiences within this one resort - The Mansions and Alligator Bayou.  We also discuss the theme, recreation, dining, shopping, and more!  Finally, we wrap-up by discussing when moving from a Value Resort to a Moderate might make sense for you!   Time: 37:35
    • 08/29/10 – Episode 259, Have a super week everyone!  Thank you for starting your week with us!  Today each of us gives our "Top 7 Experiences" that we want to see during our October trips.  Hear the things that are going to mean the most to us when it comes to visiting WDW during this time of the year!  Please let us know what you are really looking forward to in "Top 7" style!  Time: 38:35
  • Betamouse
    • 08/19/10 – Episode 27, This week we have a very special guest, Matt The Esquire from the Mouse Droppings Podcast, (not for the kids in the room), and the new Table for One podcast (find it on iTunes!).  He was lucky enough to test something VERY BETAMOUSE in the parks a couple of weeks ago, and joins us to discuss this very exciting new playtest from WDI. (Mush: big WOOT having Matt on there!  It was interesting – I wonder how it ties in with the Gowalla partnership…FYI: that’s a future show on Betamouse…look for it in the December updates). Time: 34:53
    • 08/26/10 – Episode 28, This week Team Betamouse discusses the new and innovative technology on the yet to launch Disney Cruise Line ship the Disney Dream! We’re sorry about the audio on this one folks! The Panel watches a video posted on the Disney Parks Blog that demonstrates some of the fantastic new technology on board the Disney Dream and then weighs in with their thoughts. Make sure to watch the video before listening to the show if you can! Special thanks to listener Damien Zoomers for sending this our way! Some of the new technology includes: The interactive magic play floor for kids; A Turtle Talk with Crush like experience; Virtual portholes; Interactive art; and The AquaDuck.  The Panel discusses the positives and negatives to each addition such as: The technological advances of the play floor; How the Turtle Talk with Crush show will interact with guests on the ship; Are the virtual portholes cheesy; and how will guests interact with the art on the ship and will the technology be outdated too soon?  Time: 29:08
  • The Disney Pincast
    • 08/29/10 – Episode 125, Welcome to another edition of The Disney Pincast. Join John Rick for Disney Pin Trading news, upcoming pin trading opportunities around the world, profiles of I.P.L.S. member numbers #109 #38; 110 , the Random Selection Contest a review of the Trade City Silent Auction Catalog, pin releases from the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, and much more!!! (Info on the IPLS is on the DiPLA group over on Facebook).  Time: 1:26:24
  • Disney Tidbits
    • 08/22/10 – Episode 82, Falling down the “rabbit hole” to the reality of Wonderland. Time: 15:46
  • The Disney, Indiana Podcast
    • 08/22/10 – Episode 55, Scott and Tracey (I’LL BE THE NEW CO-HOST!!!) tackle Ratatouille…no, not the food, the Pixar movie.  As is now the norm for this show, they provide tons of great info the film, including Easter Eggs (Toyota Pizza Planet truck, for example).  ZombieHunterTony joins them for an interview – Tony is a Disney (and Zombie) fan as well as a restauranteur (professional trained) who loves the movie.  Buzzy provides the music for the atmosphere (from Ratatouille as well as other French-based Disney music…then segues to other Disney music (I haven’t heard the one from Bolt for a long time!)).  It’s a good segue as they then talk about “Disney Dogs”…it is the dog days of summer, you know.  The Mortis crew temporarily suspends the domination of Scott’s ego to join Disney, Indiana for the dog days discussion.  After a call from the clairvoyant projectionist at the Main Street Cinema, they wrap the show.  Time: 2:07:23
  • The Disney Brit Podcast
    • 08/18/10 – Episode 48, We finally reach our first big milestone as the Disneybrit Podcast celebrates its 2 year anniversary. This special show is packed with some very different segments along with the very familiar. Join us as we take another wander through the Magic Kingdom in our Around the World Segment. This week, we take a look at Tomorrowland's Shopping and Dining offerings.  Next is the return of the Disneybrit Trivia Quiz as we bring you the questions and answers on this special edition.  (Mush: Congrats on 2 years!!)  Time: 1:40:14
    • 08/31/10 – Episode 49, Join us for the first show of our third year as we take a look at the latest news and rumours found around the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris Resorts. Next up we welcome the return of Adam's Daily Diary in Walt Disney World and to finish off the show we take a look at the Disney Dining Plan and decided if it is worth the money or not. Follow us on an in-depth discussion of the financial implications and just how free, free dining is. Time: 1:50:38
  • Inside the Magic
    • 08/22/10 – Episode 281, After the news, we visit the World of Cars Online premiere event including interviews with actor Cheech Marin and Pixar's Cars Franchise Manager Jay Ward to learn more about the new online community and more Pixar fun.  Then Skipper Ben takes us to Neverland on Peter Pan's Flight and ITM listener Reid reviews the Toy Story 3 video game.  Time: 57:04
    • 08/29/10 – Episode 282, Halloween season is approaching in Central Florida so this week Ricky previews the three area's major spooky events: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom, Halloween Horror Nights 20 at Universal Studios, and Howl-O-Scream 11 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Included is an interview with Halloween Horror Nights creators Mike Aiello, Patrick Braillard, and TJ Mannarino.  Plus, we have plenty of Disney and theme park news and we share your questions and stories.  Time: 1:08:04
  • Keys to the Kingdom
    • 08/19/10 – Episode 138, Today we look at the new specials potpourri that Disney has released. We will try to help you decide which deal might be best for you while trying to figure out why Disney continues to drop so many specials at one time. Also on today's show: latest Disney news.  Time: 1:13:59
    • 08/26/10 – Episode 139, Have you been concerned about traveling to Disney and getting stuck in the rain? Today's show covers the rainy day theme. Find out what the podcast team does when it rains at Walt Disney World. Also on today's show latest Disney news.  Time: 1:19:30
  • Magic City Mayhem
    • 08/18/10 – DisFanMayhem, Part 1, Admiral Duke of the DisFanReview comes to Orlando for the first time! (Mush: they hit IOA and ride Spiderman, Jurassic Park, and WWOHP for a butterbeer test.  Duke’s younger than I thought he’d be!)  Time: 5:51
    • 08/22/10 – DisFanMayhem, Part 2, Duke visits the Magic Kingdom for the first time!! (Including a classic “That’s what she said” moment…yeah, you can guess what was said before when he first saw the castle).  Time: 5:35
    • 08/25/10 – DisFanMayhem, Part 3, TEST TRACK!!!! We get stuck for a little bit, meet up with Lee Scott and a couple other tid bits. (Mush: nice job getting Duke’s reaction to the semi in TT!)  Time: 6:18
  • Magical Definition
    • 08/22/10 - On this week's show, Jim Hill and Nathan Rose explore the world of Disney's Gaming, including the upcoming Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii, and Tron Evolution. Time: 35:29
    • 08/29/10 - Even though Halloween is two months away, the Magical Definition Disney Podcast is ready to scare you up some information about Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.  Time: 40:07
  • Micecast
    • 08/22/10 – Episode 171, Shaft makes his first trip to Walt Disney World since MiceCast went On-The-Air. Indeed, he calls into this show live from the shores of Crescent Lake.  Time: 1:42:58
  • Mouse Droppings
    • 08/28/10 – Season 2, Episode 2 (you threw me with the Mouse Lounge numbering).  On this episode, we join Matt on a trip to Epcot, literally!  (and he does mean literally…I screamed ‘NINE!!!’ and scared a student.  Best line of the extra song: “You never say ‘hey’, just ‘GET OUT OF MY WAY!”)  Time: 47:11
  • Mouse Guest Weekly
    • 08/21/10 – Episode 265, Mouse Guest talks music this week!  Specifically, about some of our favorite musical acts in and around Walt Disney World.  First, we have a little feedback on the TTAPMBBQ, or whatever they're calling it now, previous shows and more.  Then, the news of Toy Story 3's dominance and the latest deals from Disney Parks.  Finally, it's on to the music, highlighting our favorite acts, and calling on you, the listener, to share yours!  Time: 54:34
    • 08/28/10 – Episode 265, Since it's a slow news week in the Disney universe and Eric hasn't seen his family in a week, we decided to put together a WMGW show for you.  The theme this time is "Happiness," and we've picked out 20 of the happiest tunes from the Disney library.  Enjoy!  Time: 56:42
  • Mouse Lounge
    • 08/29/10 – Season 5, Episode 1, Pixie Dusted Productions presents... Disneyland's, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies (Mush: AWESOME!!!!!  We definitely have to see these guys next summer when we head out to DL.  Thanks for sharing this one!)  Time: 23:28
  • Mousetalgia
    • 08/16/10 – Episode 94, Lines and Tiggers and bears, oh my! Team Mousetalgia looks at Critter Country and the defunct Bear Country Jamboree in the latest listener email show. Other topics include Disneyland candy, DCA can't-misses, park gumbo, favorite eats, Disneyland memories, the Haunted Mansion's brides in the attic (old and new), penning Calhouns, Pixar lands in Oakland, and more. Plus - Newsies!  Time: 1:13:42
    • 08/23/10 – Episode 95, Mousetalgia reports on the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet, where the team met Bob Gurr, Margaret Kerry, Disney author Jeff Kurtti, and more fascinating Disney insiders at a fan gathering near Seattle, Washington. Kristen beats trivia master Lou Mongello at the Disney Pyramid game, Dave greets Mousetalgia listeners, and Becky talks education with Bob Gurr. Meanwhile, Jeff reports on a John Canemaker event at the Walt Disney Family Museum featuring John's new book about animation legends Joe Grant and Joe Ranft. Plus - help send Jeff to the Archives, Mousetalgia plans a meet-up, and more! Time: 1:24:48
    • 08/30/10 – Episode 96, Tommy Kirk tells stories from his career with the Disney Studio at the Walt Disney Family Museum, and Team Mousetalgia reports on the event. Also - the team remembers Disneyland's Swiss Family Treehouse, listener feedback, and the return of Kingdom Comedy! Plus bonus features - Kristen pulls out the accordian, Becky explains the threat posed by ostriches, Dave glimpses Pete Docter, Jeff talks tall trees - and more!  Time: 1:17:59
  • Passporter Moms
    • 08/18/10 – Episode 30, Join Jennifer and Sara as they discuss this week's news and countdown their Top 10 Snacks at Walt Disney World! (Mush: fun one to listen to!).  Time: 42:43
    • 08/25/10 – Episode 31, Listen to two of the "Dads" from the Disney Moms Panel talk to Jennifer and Sara, plus hear our answers to listener questions.  Time: 38:03
  • Remember the Magic
    • 08/16/10 – Episode 42, Hello everyone and welcome to Remember the Magic, the show where the magic of Disney is brought back to you in the form of attraction discussion. In this week’s show we'll be giving you MarcRTM's Trip Report from Walt Disney World, and also have special guests on to share their Disney Parks Magical Moments.  Time: 30:29
    • 08/24/10 – Episode 43, In this week’s show we give you the last of our two parter of Disney Parks Magical Moments, some news, and a shocking announcement at the end of the show. Just relax as we bring you to the magic.  Time: 21:46
  • Running to Disney
    • 08/16/10 – Episode 76, Gordon completes his first Triathlon!  Mountain Lakes Sprint Triathlon, August 14, 2010. Total time: 1:38:11   Swim 600 yds: 11:47;  Bike 16.2 miles: 55:47; 3 mile run: 24:41. (The swim is still the thing that scares me from doing one of these…congrats!) Time: 1:06:18
    • 08/30/10 – Episode 77, Ride along in his car, as Gordon reflects on a recent article in Triathlete magazine about the mental aspect of racing, training, and running. He shares examples from his life and what he has learned from his running and from others more seasoned than he.  (Another awesome show, Gordon!)  Time: 1:02:06
  • Those Darn Cats
    • 08/17/10 – Episode 117, Can Disney movies help with midlife crisis? Maybe . . .Time: 29:39
    • 08/24/10 – Episode 118, The Peoplemover is back! Or is it? (make sure to add an exclamation point at the end LMAO!!!)  Time: 22:50
  • WaltCast
    • 08/17/10 – Episode 56, A short show this week - Mainly excited about the return of "Wishes".  Time: 12:08
    • 08/24/10 – Episode 57, This week we discuss which attractions should have single rider lines that don't.  Time: 42:49
    • 08/31/10 – Episode 58, Bryan Ripper makes his first post-AATM appearance on a Disney Podcast this week! Katie and I also discuss how to avoid bad weather in the Parks.  Time: 41:20
  • WDW News Today
    • 08/18/10 – Episode 157, To kick off this week’s show, we have your Walt Disney World Resort News and Rumor Report. In this week’s report, we have a lot to discuss, including the extension of the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom, the end of High School Musical at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a few updates on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, and we’ll tell you why you may soon be able to spend a night inside the Haunted Mansion on your Walt Disney World vacation. Following the report, WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth joins me to recap the events of Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, as well as the one-night-only mega-event that was “Last Tour to Endor” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Time: 1:56:43
    • 08/23/10 – Episode 158, On this week’s show, we have one of our signature segments focusing on one of Walt Disney World’s signature attractions. It’s “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. We’ll go step by step through what we like and don’t like about the original version of the world’s most famous roller coaster.  Time: 1:13:16
  • WDW Radio Show
    • 08/16/10 – Episode 183, There is so much more to experience in Walt Disney World beyond the attractions, shows, resorts and dining options. In fact, part of what I enjoy doing on this show is introducing you to things to do beyond the parks that might enhance your vacation, or even give you yet another reason to come and visit. So this week, we’re going to take a look at golfing at Walt Disney World for both the seasoned golfer who may not realize the world-class courses available to them, and those amateurs and ever first-timers who may be looking for yet another way to spend some time on their visit. In a new Disney contest this week, I’ll ask you to use your ears to see how well you know Walt Disney World. I’ll then have a few announcements about some upcoming Disney meets and events and then play more of your voicemails at the end of the show. Time: 1:16:01
    • 08/20/10 – Video Extra, Join Lou Mongello and friends from WDW Radio as they explore and enjoy the exhibits, characters, and more from Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA.  Time: 9:58
    • 08/23/10 – Episode 184, This week, I’m pleased to be able to share with you an interview with another Disney Legend. And this one is special because I had the rare opportunity to speak with one of the original Imagineers, and a man who is credited with designing just about anything with wheels for the Disney parks.  He is Bob Gurr, whose work on designing the Monorail, OmniMover, Audio-Animatronics, Main Street vehicles and countless others earned him the Disney Legend status in 2004. I had a chance to sit down with Bob and interview him on stage in front of a crowd of Disney enthusiasts at a recent meet, and recorded the audio to share with you. It’s a fascinating look at the life of a man whose work was instrumental in the development of attractions which continue to delight millions of guests to this day.  (Mush: If you haven’t heard Bob Gurr interviewed yet, do yourself a favor and take the time to listen.  This guy knows probably as much about Disney parks history as anyone, and he’s not afraid to shoot from the hip with what he thinks.)  Time: 1:29:07
    • 08/29/10 – Episode 185, This week, we’re going to visit with the first real wizard in to make his home in central Florida, as we step aboard the Walt Disney World Wayback Machine and talk with Merlin, from Disney’s Sword in the Stone. Merlin crowned the Temporary Ruler of the Realm for many years in Fantasyland, and we’ll talk one on one with a truly magical man who played Merlin - Jim Korkis. He’ll tell us about the show, what it was like to play Merlin, and we also get a chance to learn more about the man who is a real magician, Disney historian and true storyteller. (Mush: good show – never realized Jim was a character in the parks).  Time: 1:09:24
  • WDW Today
    • 08/16/10 – Episode 760, Today, we discuss recent increases in ticket options at WDW.  Time: 23:55
    • 08/18/10 – Episode 761, Listener questions.  Topics include good seafood on property, what pavilion they would like to see added in WS, Safaris causing labor/pregnancy problems, strategies with the “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” promotion, and more.  Time: 31:18
    • 08/20/10 – Episode 762, Today, Matt, Mike, Mike, and Len discusses different ways to attack the parks during Extra Magic Hours (Mush: with kids, hit the am EMH and skip evening.  Adults-only, depends on timing in the vacation…yes to am EMH early on…perhaps yes to pm EMH if we can make it to the last hour without crashing).  Time: 22:22
    • 08/22/10 – July 2010 Live show, originally aired on MWR 07/18.  Time: 1:59:14
    • 08/23/10 – Episode 763, Today, we discuss extra things we'd do if we had extra time at WDW. (Mush: The visual image of Len doing Tea at the Grand Floridian still has me snickering…such a lovely scene.  Oh, and trying to commandeer the Irvine (AVAST!) LMAO!!!). Time: 20:49
    • 08/25/10 – Episode 764, Listener questions.  Topics include: Le Cellier increasing to 2 TS credits next year, seeing if the Cinderella suite can be used for special events (proposal), what kids can do at the Flower and Garden Festival, potential Poly issues, and more.  Time: 32:21
    • 08/27/10 – Episode 765, Today, Mike returns from WDW and discusses what worked and didn't work with his vacation. (Mush: Matt “Paul McCartney” Hochberg, actually sang!!  Oh, and Kim Possible: New England sounds interesting).  Time: 24:05
    • 08/30/10 – Episode 766, Today, Matt, Mike*2, and Annette (she’s on a roll with consecutive shows!) talk with Len about a new developed Touring Plan for families that have older and younger kids. Time: 17:07
    • Unsure – August Live show, originally aired 08/29/10.  Time: 2:07:49
  • WEDWay Radio
    • 08/21/10 – Episode 48, Matt and Nate take a look at the progress made at Disney California Adventure.  We originally looked at this topic in March of 2010, but much has changed since our original show covering the California Adventure expansion/refurbishment and Nate takes us on a tour through the changes after a recent trip.  Time: 1:11:31
  • A Window to the Magic
    • 08/18/10 – Episode 249, This week, Paul fulfills a request by "Yo Paulie" from the wttm forums for a show about the transitions that naturally occur in the ambient sounds at the Walt Disney World Resort. As usual, Paul takes this concept WAY too far, and presents a show that demonstrates the awe and wonder of a newbie (Tairy) exploring WDW for the very first time. This show is 86 minutes long if you are a casual listeners, and if you are a hardcore WTTM fan, enjoy part 2.If you have never been to WDW, blame Paulie for this show... Time: 2:58:10

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Mushfam Disney Family Vacation, June 2010; Day 3, Part 1: Every Silver Lining’s Got a Touch of Grey

Need to go back to Day 2?  It's HERE.

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeppppp…the thumb finally calmed down a few hours after everyone fell asleep, allowing me to join the slumber party and get a little bit of shut-eye.  Everyone got some good sleep.  We dress, hop out onto the balcony to say hello to the giraffes, and dive head-first into the donuts.  Sheri makes coffee, and we’re good to go for our long adventure…wait for it…all together now…to the lobby.  On the way, I start counting the number of steps from the door to the lobby and find that it’s 600 steps.  We make it to the bus stop, get a pic, and, within 1 minute, hop on an arriving Epcot bus.  The boys choose to sit together…away from us.  I’m not sure which I’m more worried about…when they always fight or when they get along and are plotting evil things together.

Within no time, we make it to Epcot.  As we get in line at the turnstiles, I hand out the tickets (“Mickey!  Pluto!  Goofy!”).  A minute or two later, I get a text from the neighbor saying that the cat was still lethargic but was at least at a different area and was eating a little bit of food.  Since he was eating less food, I made the executive decision to cut back on the insulin a bit to avoid him going into diabetic coma.  A couple more texts are exchanged between us before ending textfest, and I am grateful to put the phone away.  A bit later, we switch lines as we realize another side of the turnstile is going to be open.  They start letting us through, and we head through the gravestones and under the golf ball en masse to the rope near the fountain of nations.  We still have about ten minutes to go before the rope is dropped, and, with the boys calm, I take the time to listen to some of the conversations and watch the actions of some of the folks around us.  Now, if this describes any of you who read this, sorry!  I got to see people constantly trying to push forward, with others commenting that they couldn’t understand why they had to hold us up (“why can’t we just go now?”).  Some were complaining that there was no need to be there so early because there’s still a crowd, while others griped about the heat.  I had one woman next to me make it her personal goal to explain to me and wifey all sorts of information about WDW that we know is rubbish but didn’t have the heart to tell her, until she mentions something way out there like buying special Fastpass tickets or taking the monorail to Studios.  I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and corrected her.  I could tell she didn’t believe me as she pushed forward past us to get nearer to the rope.

We do the countdown to the rope drop and start walking west towards the land as folks go running past us, some dragging their kids behind them.  We team up with a couple other families also walking to Soarin and laugh at those sprinting.  More than once we utter under our breaths something like “the attraction will still be there in ten minutes!”  As we enter The Land pavilion, Sheri and I get into the classic argument of riding it versus getting a Fastpass.  My view: grab a Fastpass for Soarin and head over to TT so we can get it knocked out before the FP return starts up, which slows the standby queue.  Sheri’s view: ride Soarin now because it’s her favorite ride and her stats-geek husband doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  We go back and forth for a couple of minutes while we head down to the lower level .  Wifey ends up winning (like there was any doubt), and I hope that we get out quickly enough to make it to TT and in the loading area before 10.  We fly through the Soarin queue and walk up until just before the right curve where the CM has us go left or right.  We only wait a few minutes before we are directed right.  We are queued in the bottom row of the center section and are listening to Kronk tell us about those little beauties.  We’re in, we’re off, and we’re up over the clouds!  Eric remembers the fireworks at the end and is already apprehensive about it.  I see him putting his hands over his ears at the finale.  We’re dark, we’re down, and we’re out of the erector set in fairly decent time.  As we head out of Soarin, the boys and I peel off to the side and grab Fastpasses. 

I look at the watch and see that it’s around 9:40.  I want to get us over to Test Track as quickly as possible in the hopes that we can get on before 10.  We head up the stairs and out of the Land, and I’m sprinting…dragging the kids behind me.  Okay, we walked, but I knew that, if the TouringPlans folks saw what we were doing, they’d revoke my membership to their site.  We make it to Test Track around 9:45, and the wait time is posted at 30 minutes. 

Uh Oh.

Sure enough, around 10:00, in comes the FP returnees, and the standby line slows down dramatically.  We finally get to our cars around 10:25.

Forgive me, oh Len, for I have sinned. 

It’s a good ride, and the four of us love the outside speed test!  The on-ride pic is great, so I put them on my Photopass card.  We then head outside and let the boys mess around in the water area of TT for a minute

Up next is out of this world yet right next door.  Yep, despite Sheri’s protests, there are three of us that want to do Mission: Space.  I want to go with the Orange version, but I’m out-voted 3:1 on that.  At least I was in the majority to get in the attraction in the first place.  We go green and walk into the video room.  Lt. Dan gives us the encouragement we need, and, before we know it, we’re not spinning  (Did I mention I wanted to do the orange version?).  The boys both love it, and Sheri tolerates it.  I almost ask to see if they want to go again in orange but decide against it – mainly because we have the next surprise lined up for the boys.  We first try to get a picture.


We head through the Innoventions East breezeway and head past the fountain…

Yes, folks, we’re going to forego the Parent of the Year Award and introduce them to Beverley…

…only it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Well, at least we got Eric.

Sheri likes the multicultural tables and has to get a pic of it.

Part 2 continues HERE