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Disney Podcast Updates, Jan 21-31, 2010

Here is a list of the shows released by the majority of the major Disney podcasts out there. I've had a few more contact me over the past few weeks, and I'm trying to figure out what to do in order to include them. To those hoping I'll start doing updates for their shows, please have patience…it's a LOT of stuff to listen to, and I'm starting to fall behind a little bit again (not so much because of equipment…it's just the sheer amount of shows).

Anyways, some of the highlights in this round of 41 show updates include a great interview on WEDWay Radio with former Imagineer Tom Gilleon, actress Melora Hardin on Waltcast, more great Pixar history on Disney, Indiana, good eating suggestions on WDW Today, lots of great audio from Mouse Guest Weekly, and much, much more!

If you are interested in listening to any of these episodes, I have links to subscribe for most of these shows in my post HERE. Also, if you're willing, you can help these shows out by posting a review over on iTunes. The more they get, the higher up they appear on searches. If you do start listening to a podcast as a result of what you've seen on here, please let the podcasters know!

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic. Also, for updates that are more concise but also more timely, be sure to follow @dis_pod_review over on Twitter…he covers a few podcasts that I don't report on, so you'll get a little more coverage with him.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.



    • 01/28/10 – Episode 14, In this Westfest '08 footage, Jason in SD rocks the house with his version of TOV's Earl-ioke! Mississippi Queen has never sounded better! Time: 3:59

    • 01/26/10 – Episode 63, Keegan arrives for a short trip a day after his family arrived and does battle with tour groups as they always seem to sneak into a fastpass return queue as he arrives at an attraction. We get a ride-through of the new Space Mountain in this show, too, as well as Keegan's impressions of that as well as the new spiel on the TTA. Time: 1:00:57

    • 01/29/10 – Episode 146, Jonathan is away for part of this show, and Sir Paul Barrie steps in for the main segment. You know that means that insanity is going to ensue! After the news, Bryan and Paul have a discussion on the differences in dining between Disneyland and Disney World. You have to listen for the story of the $28 parakeet appetizer in here! They do another Mouse Call, and, taking the advice of a listener request, they contact Steve Swanson from the MuppetCast to answer the survey! Time: 1:40:01

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 197, It's the Marathon weekend recap show…it's a Mongello-esque panel (in number of participants) as nine folks (Including Kidani Katie, who was also on Running to Disney's last show). This, along with other podcasts recently, is likely to motivate people who otherwise would not do something like run a half-marathon to sign up to do just that. Time: 55:15
    • 01/28/10 – Episode 198, Debbie is out of quarantine to rejoin the crew for this episode. Taking a cue from a recent WDW Today episode (episode 673, listed below), the hosts present their top) 2 and bottom 2 resorts from each category and give their reasoning for the rankings. Time: 1:02:11
    • 01/31/10 – Episode 199, (They're almost to 200) This is a live show recorded with several listeners at Animal Kingdom during Marathon Weekend from the Flame Tree Barbeque! The sound quality is a bit sketchy at times, but that tends to happen when a lot of people are spread out. Time: 35:51

    • 01/25/10 – BMS 81, in this show, Lou gives us Day 2 of his Solo December trip from Pop. Included are ride-thrus of some Fantasyland attractions and a great ride along from a carriage down Main Street (complete a serenade from the Dapper Dans). He then heads over to Epcot to meet up with several DPN'ers for another installment of "drinking around the world". While much of the footage from the actual drinking around World Showcase is not in here (I'll pay good money if anyone has it), Lou does give us an indication of how it went at the end as he attempts to make his way to the Epcot entrance. (Note: our family started with Day 1 of our October trip and ran it through to our TV so we could watch it and the rest of the days from the October trip…we'll be at Kidani in June, and we got some good insight from these vids…thanks for posting them!) Time: 25:39
    • 01/27/10 – BMS Mobile Extra, re-release of BMS 62, which shows how you can view episodes on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Time: 11:53

    • 01/25/10 – Episode 25, while this update is a little late (sorry…need more hours in the day), Marc gives his predictions for the highly-anticipated Apple presentation. Disney and tech news ends the show. He mentions a new segment where he requests listeners to submit recordings on reviews of Disney topics. Time: 9:05

    • 01/23/10 – Episode 96, Standard show, with a DPI added by John Rick…he stumbled on some really interested pins over on PinPics, including a Disneyland with Mickey climbing a mountain on the 44th birthday of Disneyland. IPLS #75 is showcased, and that is (cue the waiting music)…Greg Rickert from Dingman's Ferry, PA. Time: 1:38:17
    • 01/30/10 – Episode 97, As the creep ever closer to 100, they start off with releases, news, meets, etc. before getting into another "John's Ten" segment. Tonight it's ten pins from 2002 pin celebration. Tom looks for the DeeBees in the Wonder series in the next segment,and IPLS#76 is up…that's Christopher Scott from Mishawaka, Indiana. Time: 2:16:51

    • 01/31/10 – Episode 66, Tairy does "Did You Know" in a slightly different look…she lets you know some things that can be done at Disneyland when it's raining. Time: 13:38

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 40, this show gets the award for "Best Use of a Phineas and Ferb Song in a Podcast" with My Nemesis (in reference to the ongoing feud with the Mortis, who runs the theater on Main Street. Speaking of movies, this episode continues the Pixar story…it picks up where the last show left off and takes us to the present-day status of the Disney-owned company. They also include their usual amazingly in-depth review of Pixar's first film release, Toy Story. Listener Feedback wraps the show. Time: 1:01:53

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 193, Tuesday night chat show, with a lot of ABBA…Mamma Mia! Time: 1:20:45

    • 01/24/10 – Show 251, news and rumors before Skipper Ben's review of T-Rex from his last trip…wait, before Skipper Ben, we get Skipper John to a GREAT cruise on the jungle (we can't wait to get the boys on this ride for the first time this summer). He gives Robin Williams a run for his money! Time: 58:55

    • 01/26/10 – After an important public safety announcement, Mikey takes us to the newest land at the Magic Kingdom…Refurbland! There is a LOT currently down at MK, and he gives a little viewing of all that's being fixed. Towards the end, he provides a little teaser of the pre-parade that the Muppets are doing…the one celebrating volunteerism. Time: 8:00
    • 01/26/10 – Another PSA from Mikey before heading into DHS. We start on the great movie nap (sorry…that's always what I call it), with a mobsterette before switching gears and getting a little animated and then heading on a little elevator ride (first time I've ever seen less than a 13 minute wait for that one!). Oh, and a big WOOHOO!!! I made the end credits on this one…thanks! Time: 9:59
    • 01/30/10 – It's the next installment of their Disneyland Trip report…Mikey and Lauren have a great pic opportunity about 1:23 in when they're in a Matterhorn Bobsled…they include a ride-thru of the attraction, too. The show then becomes the Mongello Hunter (where's Bindi?). They search high and low to find the rare Mongello, in briar patches and in Pooh. Eventually, they find themselves at the end of the show with snow in September. Time: 9:54
    • 01/31/10 – More from Disneyland, as they enter a true Animation Courtyard (man, I missed a LOT of that when I was there!). We get to hear the pipes on our hosts before bumping up with the end of the show. I'm really liking the updates! Time: 8:59

    • 01/23/10 – Episode 72, Will and Shannon start off in an airplane and take us through the first part of their December '09 WDW trip with the Princess Peanut. Time: 1:05:58

    • 01/24/10 – Nathan and Jim put D23 in the spotlight in this show, with a review of the first year as well as a look at what is coming up, including the new pricing structures and events. Time: 39:11 (Note…there are two downloads of this show)

    • 01/31/10 – Episode 70, Though usually a really humorous show, they start off with a pretty good discussion on the proposed high-speed rail in central Florida. Then Jonathan and Tairy turn to the maternal figures in Disney movies and compare/contrast/look-for-a-trend them. One item…they talk about no mention of Aladdin's mother – in the platinum DVD edition, there is a deleted song by Clay Aiken that is titled "Proud of your Boy." There was intent to have the mother as part of the story line at one point. Time: 1:04:02

    • 01/23/10 – Episode 235, Eric and Cathy are back! They do a lot of catching up with voice mail and listener feedback. The treasure for this show, however (no offense to the hosts) is the audio of Walt talking about Mickey's 20th birthday from the Disney Treasures CD. Time: 41:36
    • 01/30/10 – Episode 236, first off, my boys than Dan for the "totally wicked" intro (that's their favorite). They're still working on catching up a little from Eric and Cathy's break, so they talk about all sorts of items. Like the last show, a great audio piece is included, with the Sherman Brothers talking about some of the music from Mary Poppins…you'll love it! Time: 57:11

    • 01/25/10 – Episode 383, Short subjects show, including the single-rider line (don't mention EE to them), POTC on both coasts as the featured attractions, Roger Rabbit II (via the Kid). The show wraps as usual with the week in review and listener feedback. Time: 47:10
    • 01/27/10 – Episode 384, I accidentally deleted my notes on this one before I got them typed up, but it had Steven Ng doing an interview with descendants of Disney's first female imagineer, Harriet Burns. Pam Burns-Clair, Chelsea Clair, and Don Peri talk about Harriet's history and role in the Disney company. Time: 35:44

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 46, Gordon starts off with a WDW marathon recap that was accidentally left out from the last show before getting into the meat of this show. In this show, he takes on listener questions – he expected stuff like "what's your favorite color" and "what's your favorite TV show". What he got surprised him…there were a lot of questions on running. Hey Gordon: I think you've found that you're reaching to a lot of people on the Disney side of your audience who are not runners but have considered starting up the sport. This, I feel, is a great thing for the podcast! You've got two different populations: the runners and the Disney freaks. I think your show is generating interest on both sides about the other side, which is fantastic! But wait…"Project Housewives???" And, yes, I've heard of humping it in the Air Force, though humping the elliptical does provide a mental image that is just wrong (that should get you 300 new listeners right there). Time: 1:17:50

    • 01/26/10 – Episode 88, with Lisa getting engaged, we knew it was only a matter of time before a show on Disney weddings was coming. I have to bow down to the first ladies of Disney podcasting…I can usually stifle any reactions when I'm walking on campus while listening to shows. The second I started hearing the song that you intro'ed the topic with, however, y'all nearly had me doubled-over with laughter. That, my friends, was the best song you could have ever used! As they get to talking about what Trace and Lisa could do for the wedding, Jennifer lobs in the idea of going to Marceline for the ceremony (she's thinking about it). Also, I think that, somewhere in this episode, the Tony Caggiano fan club may have been formed. Time: 37:10

    • 01/25/10 – Greg and Ryan report from a Disneyana/NFFC meet/all Disneyana Show & Sale. I'll have to admit that I don't know a whole lot about NFFC (soon to be known only as Disneyana), but it sounds like a very interesting organization. They talk a little about the event as well as the history of this group whose purpose is to preserve the heritage of Walt Disney. Time: 1:48:04

    • 01/26/10 – Episode 27, Shawn and Katie welcome Actress Melora Hardin onto the show for a talk about what all she has done (yes, she has done several Disney-related projects). Time: 47:49

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 127, in honor of the 35th anniversary of the opening of Space Mountain and of the Carousel of Progress, Tom, Jason, Anthony, Jose, Banks, Chris, and Scott all take part in two major segments. The first one is The World's finest, where they decide the best version of Space Mountain, and, well……let's just say that they may have to rethink this one. I won't spoil the winner, but only one person has actually ridden the winner, and he said that it was likely the worst. Still, it makes for a good comparison of the various SM attractions at the theme parks. As for the COP, they apply "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" segment to it, and fans of the attraction can probably guess what each section contained. Time: 1:33:14
    • 01/31/10 – Episode 128, News and rumors start off the show…this one's got a lot of info in here, with "R2MK" being one of the really interesting ones (Jedi Mickey's new droid…not the phone, either). Lots of refurb info in here too. They then hop in the Delorean for another trip back to the future. In this segment, they take a detailed look at DHS's attraction: The Great Movie Ride, from its initial concept to be in Epcot to its current state. Time: 2:36:33

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 155, Lou brings on Tim Foster after news and rumors to talk about what to do at WDW when it's cold outside (in reference to the unseasonably cool weather that central Florida has experienced in January. This is an interesting show, but it leaves me with a few questions: 1. How did Tim find footie pajamas in a men's extra-large; 2. How does one get images of Tim and Lou in a hot tub with cocoa out of one's memory? Intrigued? Just listen…it's a good list of things to do! Time: 50:07
    • 01/31/10 Episode 156, Fire up the Wayback Machine with Lou and Ryan Wilson (I always think of that Brian Wilson song by Barenaked Ladies every time he's on the show)! This time, they take a look at EPCOT Center soon after it opened…they head to around 1986 and see what the theme park was like back then. Considering I didn't see Epcot until 2001, I learned a ton on this show. Lou must have heard my lamenting about always getting to these shows too late to enter a contest, for he introduces Listener Fact or Fiction. Be sure to listen to the end for more details. Time: 1:12:21

    • 01/25/10 – Episode 673, In this show, the crew takes on an e-mail challenging them to explain their not-so-positive views of the Grand Floridian Resort. If any of you follow my trip reports here on the blog, you'll know that I'm in complete agreement with Matt, Len (with whom I've lost all respect for after announcing that A: he's not a baseball fan; and B: reads the Twilight series of books…my wife, however, now loves you), Newell, and Annette on this topic. For some, the Grand Floridian might be a perfect fit for them; for me, however, it's too stuffy. If you look around Pop or the All Star resorts, you see people in shorts, crazy hats with duck butts on them, and smiles everywhere. At the Grand Floridian, I feel almost afraid to breathe for fear of being flogged by a horsewhip for disturbing the peace. I guess that means that the theme is done perfectly, but it's just not the type of magic I want to experience. I'd rather stay at the Poly or Contemp. This show will likely cause some discussion among the listeners on both sides of the fence regarding the GF. Time: 16:39
    • 01/27/10 – Episode 674, It's the Wednesday show, which, as all listeners of this show know, means it's time for Listener Questions. Fred Hazelton joins Matt, Mike, Mike, Annette, and Marvin. Marvin? Who's Marvin? Why, he's the Unofficial Guide, of course! Fred's reaction was great when he met Marvin on the show. Topics covered include using Magical Express, convincing friends/relative to use touring plans, Characters in Flight, and more. Time: 33:37
    • 01/29/10 – Episode 675, one of the acquaintances I've come to like from the blog world and Twitter, AJ Wolfe from the Disney Food Blog, joins the crew to discuss how to attempt to eat healthy at WDW. Whodathunk Dole Whips were fat free (killer in carbs, but they are fat free)? Interesting show! Time: 22:49
    • 01/31/10 – Episode 676, This is an interesting show…they look at some of the resorts that are considered "twins" of each other (i.e. Y&B and the Swolphin). Time: 17:45

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 33, They start off with some news, including lots of pet pics (the tie-in is the announcement of a pet-resort on Disney property). As an FYI, the Bonnet Creek resort technically is not on Disney property (we own a timeshare with Wyndham). The Bonnet family was one a handful of folks who refused to sell their property to Disney when he was buying up the land for the Florida project, and, WDW had no choice but to build around their land. When the Bonnets sold their land, Wyndham (among others) got it and started building. Since the only way to get access to that land was via Disney property, Disney had no choice but to add streets/easements/etc. to access the property. After the news, Matt and Nate bring on imagineer and artist Tom Gilleon for an outstanding interview with a seasoned Disney veteran who took part in a number of projects, including concept art (working alongside famed imagineer Herb Ryman) for Epcot, the parks in Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong. His credits also include work on the movie Dick Tracy (he mentioned how "tough" it was watching Madonna every day at on that project). If you ever meet Mr. Gillion, do not, under any circumstances, mention The Black Hole Time: 1:17:05 (note…there is another download of the same show with the audio quality enhanced a bit).

    • 01/24/10 – Episode 223, This is a powerhouse lineup as Paul brings on Greg McNaughten to help answer an e-mail received that asks what to do in Southern California over a 7-day period. There is no other way to describe this other than they did an excellent job on this. While they do talk about how much time to spend at Disneyland and California Adventure, they escape the Disney bubble and delve into what to do in San Diego and the Los Angeles area. Time: 58:11

    • 01/23/10 – Episode 46, Aaron tests the storage space of most MP3 players with this mammoth trip report from December of 2009. Some of the highlights include the logistics of planning with friends with different schedules near the beginning; some good audio from Whoopi Goldberg's narration of the Candlelight processional; his review of Finding Nemo, the Musical (FYI: wait until you have kids, Aaron…then this attraction takes on an entirely new meaning, and you'll appreciate it all the more). One item to note: if you ever are in the parks and meet up with Aaron, expect him to run you into the ground with his ultra-commando style of touring – he actually ran his friends into the ground so much that one of his friends actually fell asleep on Star Tours…HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???!!!! Good report…fun one to listen to. Time: 2:19:12

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