Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WDW Family Trip, December 2008, Day 3, Part IV: Happy @#$^&&)#$!#@$* Birthday!


As we approach the Contemporary Resort from the water side, Sheri and I both pause to look at it. We've never seen this side of the resort, and, with Bay Lake Towers going up, we both agree that this is a much neater resort than originally thought. When we hit the lottery next year, we may have to give serious consideration to finally becoming DVC members and getting points here.

We hop off of the boat and thank the captain for the great ride over. We look around a bit and really like the outside of the resort…there seems to be so much more over on this side than on the west side of the resort.



I hit the bathroom at the first floor of the Contemp (7:35 for those of you keeping track). Afterwards, we look around for a minute or two and find the entrance to The Wave and the check-in for the California Grill. We then take the escalator up and again up and again up to the Monorail. It is then that I realize that I did indeed make the right call on which boat to get on. Right in front of us waiting to get on was a younger couple that I'm assuming either finished dining at the Cali Grill or were heading over to Victoria and Albert's, and the woman had a backless little black dress on. Seriously…most guys actually snapped their necks when she walked by, and I actually heard a couple of guys behind me utter a "DAMN!" under their breaths. The Rudolph family from the Ft. Wilderness dock is also in line, and they follow us onto the same monorail car.


I didn't get elbowed in the gut by Sheri, so she either didn't see her (if she did, she would have automatically assumed I was checking her out) or she was afraid of what would happen if I got punched in the stomach. We hop on and do the Spanish version of the doors closing announcement (the boys even start saying parts of it in Spanish). As we get going, I look out at the Magic Kingdom and wonder how busy it is. The people next to us said that they closed the park early for some reason.


Sheri and I both enter Disney Guide mode.


We explain what the Christmas Party was and why that particular day was likely sold out and when the remaining parties are and...


I think they were going to try to get tickets after our little talk. We stop at the TTC, which is remarkably quiet. The Poly is next, and the folks we were talking to hop off. Out of the corner of my eye, I also see the backless little black dress walking towards the Poly. I contemplate asking Sheri if she wanted to check out the sights (and by sights, I, of course, meant the Christmas decorations) here, but decide against it.

We get to the Grand Floridian and look around a bit. The ginormous gingerbread house appeared to be closed, so we'd have to forego the traditional gingerbread cookie feast that we traditionally do. I'm deteriorating rapidly again, and the boys are starting to act a little tired, so we hop back on the monorail over to MK. Seeing the decorations just by the entrance makes me really hope we can do the party on Thursday! We'll see how things are going.


We hop on the bus to the Movies and are back there by 8:30.

I'm in the bathroom at 8:45. I pause long enough for the boys to get baths in and in bed.

I write a bit in the note pad and am back in the bathroom. I'm really hoping that this is just a 24 hour bug. The boys are acting up, so Sheri grabs Aaron and throws him in bed with her, while I take Eric, who claims that it's not fair (he wanted to be the one in Mommy's bed).


I start to drift off to sleep around 10:15…




…and again at 11:20


…and again at 11:40


…and again at 11:55


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