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Escaping Insanity: A Cruising Trip Report. MORE Chilling at Sea (Part 1)

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Freestyle Daily for Day 3!

We all slept in until after 7 this morning…hey…that’s progress!

We had nowhere to really be this morning, so we took our time getting ready.  We all took in the next installment of the Tyler and Jacky show before heading up to the Garden Café to see how its breakfast was.  For a large buffet, it wasn’t too bad.  There was definitely a wide variety of dishes to try.  I opted for an omelet, and I noticed that the name tag of the crew member working the omelet station made mention of Teppanyaki, so I made a mental note of his face in case we had him as our chef later on in the cruise.  There was a guest or two that was making his job a bit tougher than it needed to be, however; a guy first tried cutting in line to get his order, and, then when he put his order in, he vanished for a while…his order was ready for a good 4-5 minutes before he strolled up to get it.  I would have paid money to see the Teppan chef, in the flash of a spatula blade, expertly toss the omelet in the garbage can, exclaiming, “Japanese cold breakfast!” as the guy watched.

We enjoyed the breakfast, but we could definitely feel the motion.  The weather channel on the television warned of 11- to 14-foot swells with high winds from the ship’s 10 o’clock position.  For the sake of Aaron and Sheri, who were not quite green but definitely not 100%, we decided to stay lower and opted for trivia in the atrium.  As luck would have it, there was trivia as 9:30.  We arrived a little after 9 am, and the “Guppies: Big and Little” program for toddlers was still going on

At 9:30, JoJo (another member of the Director’s staff) led trivia, and the Mushfam finished in a 4-way tie for first place with 16 of the 20 correct.  All the team members won koozies.

The ropes course was set to open at 10:00, but, based on the winds, I was reasonably confident that it wouldn’t be open.  I took the forward elevators up to Deck 17, hopped outside, and took stairs up to Deck 19.  It was 10:05, and there was nobody on the Ropes Course; it was either that or everyone was holding on for dear life over the wake behind the ship.  I headed back down to the atrium to deliver the news, and we all agreed to hang out there for a while.  One of Aaron’s hobbies is origami, and there was an origami class at 10:15.  It was a no-brainer to stay.  JoJo again was our host, and he had us making basic tulips.  The first three steps were easy; however, everyone was lost on step 4, and Aaron ended up helping about 10 people around him with the step.  Then came step 5, and every looked to Aaron for guidance.  While waiting for steps, he also made a crane and dropped it off next to JoJo, who exclaimed that it wasn’t one of those rocking ones.  Aaron smiled and asked if he wanted one of those made, too.

In the end, we (kind of) had a set of tulips.  We had an older couple next to us that we were talking to, and the gentleman took a piece of paper and turned it into a paper airplane.  Of course, he launched it towards JoJo.  It took a lot of effort on Aaron’s part to not make a better one and show him up.  I think my glares helped him with his decision.

JoJo gave Aaron’s crane to one of the kids nearby, and she immediately fell in love with it.  I joked with Aaron that he might finally have his first girlfriend, but that he might have wait about 8-9 years before her parents would allow her to date.  She flew that crane around everywhere…landing on chairs…taking a drink from the paper tulips…I even saw her fly it into the elevator as they left the atrium.

The food carving demonstration was up at 11.  What the heck…we were there…we decided to watch that too!  The atrium started out fairly quiet but filled up quickly during the demonstration.  Eric had to head out for a couple of minutes, and, having been standing since before the origami class, I grabbed his chair as others were also heading for it.  One of them I recognized from the Cruise Critic meetup – it was danddgrandma!  Had I known that Eric was going to be more than 3-4 minutes (which he ended up being), I would have offered the chair to her.  When he got back, I stepped back and talked to her for a couple of minutes to see how the cruise was going for her and her family.

This guy was good!  It was fun trying to predict what the food would ultimately end up being.  It was so popular that everyone got up to take pictures/videos of the final products.  You can see in the video that he was trying to start clean-up but always had another request for a picture of his art.  As we have seen with most every other member of the crew, he was extremely professional and smiled as people continued taking pictures, even though he probably had to be somewhere else at that time.

“How to Run a Floating Hotel” was next up at noon in the atrium, and I was interested in seeing this one; however, we had already been there for three hours, and we needed a change of scenery.  We decide to grab lunch at Taste.

For appetizers, I actually skipped it (bikini body, remember?).  Sheri got the pineapple/grapefruit, Aaron got the potato skins, and Eric got popcorn shrimp.  I did order a Rebellious Fish to drink, though.

Rebellious Fish

For the entrée, I wanted to test out their burger.  It was decent…not the best I’ve had, but nowhere near the worst I’ve had.  I honestly cannot remember what the others had.  No pics, either…Sorry!

Dessert:  The boys, as expected, opted for the peanut butter cup cheesecake.  I went for the Key Lime parfait, and Sheri ordered the Crème Caramel.  All were good!


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