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Disney Podcast Show Updates: May 22, 2009

This was a fun update as I added the Netcot podcast, which adds to the list to listen to. Also, many of the bi-weekly podcasts were updated in the past week, which I think nearly caused my iPod to almost start smoking as much as I listened to it. I had the thing on almost nonstop: while mowing, while driving, while walking to class, while sleeping, while eating, while showering, while… I can't wait for the monthly podcasts to update – my wife may very well just divorce me.

As always, please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know. Without further ado, heeeeeeeeeerrrreeee we go!

    • 5/15/09 – Jason and Tony use this episode to reflect on the recent Westfest 2009 experience and talk about the new "Friends of the Magic" online group. This episode is different from the vidcast episodes from the past…it's all audio this time. Time: 1:13:08
    • 5/15/09 – Episode 110, After news and the AllAboutTheMouseketeer Roll Call, Bryan and Jonathon invite several members of the online Disney Fan community to discuss WDW's new restaurant, Sanaa. Included in this roundtable is DVC owner Marissa Gordon, Glenn Whalen of the Passamaquoddy blog, and Ryan Wilson of the Main Street Gazette blog. Following that is the next matchup of THE DIISSSNNNEEYYYYY FFEEUUDDDDDDDD, pairing up Matt Hochberg of the WDW Today podcast and Studioscentral with Team Those Darn Cats, including Lisa, Jennifer, and "the whatchamacallit." The winner takes on Steve Swanson of the Muppetcast. Time: 1:41:37
    • 5/16/09 – Episode 70, Sorcerer, Jeff, Fantasmic, Imagine, and Pluto are back for their bi-weekly podcast. Jeff gives the news to start things off, with a discussion on how to save money for that much-needed Disney trip afterward. Pluto gives an "interesting" rumor on Disney and Swine Flu (insert Piglet joke here) and then teams up with his wife for a look at the Italy and German pavilions at Epcot (NOT Norway…you'll have to listen to understand). They then review a version of "Yo Ho" that you'll just have to listen to…once. The main event is an interview with Jim Henson's daughter, Heather. Rounding out the episode is the e-mail segment. Time: 1:21:38
    • 5/15/09 – Episode 60, Tom Corless and John Rick have their usual pin segments. They also talk with I.P.L.S. #42, Buddy Lique. THEN comes the long-awaited interview with a special mystery guest (hint, read the WDWNT update below). Kudos to the podcast for a great interview! Time: 2:06:53
    • 5/17/09 – Episode 46, Tairy talks about the story behind the oft-forgotten Lilliputian Land. This ultimately became the Storybook Land Canal Boats. Time: 11:18
    • 5/17/09 – Episode 22, Scott and Tracey bring home more magic when they invite Paul Barrie of the Window to the Magic podcast to Disney, Indiana and discuss how to keep the Disney "magic" with you when you are not at the parks. They also tune in to see what's playing on the town's radio station, WWED (there's an audio segment with Disney-related music). They respond to listener feedback to end the show. Time: 1:24:02
    • 5/17/09, Episode 215, In his usual style, Ricky starts off with a segment on news around the world. Skipper Ben follows with a review of Bolt, both the movie and the Blu-Ray package of discs (I may have to start buying Blu-Ray even if I don't have a player yet). After Ben's segment is a really good piano rendition of a Tomorrowland Favorite. The show is wrapped up with listener feedback. Time: 1:00:42
    • 5/17/09 – This show is Up in the air. Nathan and Jim discuss Disney/Pixar's upcoming release of the movie Up, including a review of the film by Jim. Spoiler Warning!
      Time: 44:30
    • 5/16/09 – Episode 199, After trying to stump Eric and updating the bracket in the Disney Villains Tournamant, the Mouseguest hosts set sail aboard the Disney Magic for some audio from a popular stage show. Time: 1:18:31
    • 5/18/09 – Episode 311, This is Tuesday's Short Subject show. After the tip of the week, Mark and Mike tackle the Liberty Square Riverboat in the Magic Kingdom (including its history from the dual boats Admiral Joe Fowler and the Richard F. Irvine to the current boat, the Liberty Belle). In the spotlight this week is the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Time: 37:02.
    • 5/20/09 – Episode 312, DisneyQuest is the featured topic for this week. The hosts go into much detail on the history of the attraction, from its inception in 1998 and give a review of its current state as well as its potential future. Time: 38:02
    • 5/15/09 – Episode 140, In its very first episode to be included in my podcast updates, Van provides some news from the parks and then gets into a Top 7 ranking of breakfasts at WDW. Van then takes on the two Toontowns (say that five times fast) and compares the WDW version to the Disneyland park version. Rounding out the show is topic-appropriate audio from Toontown in both parks. Time: 28:24
    • 5/19/09 – Episode 53, In this episode, it is humorously proven that cats HATE water with audio from the MK's Splash Mountain (but they kind of like a certain pixie on film). Jennifer and Lisa also talk about the newly-available theme park merchandise that's available online. The show is wrapped up with some more audio. Time: 34:10
    • 5/20/09 – Episode 47, The Travelears continue their recap of their monster trip to Westfest in Anaheim and immediate trip east to Walt Disney World. Think of it as an audio trip report from the parks! Time: 2:52:22
    • 5/17/09 – Episode 94. A short news segment is followed by my pick for the best interview of the week (maybe month…maybe year)…Tom and John have an awesome discussion with actor Lee Arenberg ("Hello Poppet"). This interview is also aired on the Disney Pincast. Time: 1:58:52
    • 5/17/09 – Episode 119. Lou begins with the news segment and follows that with one of the more interesting Top "Ten" (more like 42) theme songs for Disney World Attractions, with Top Ten guest host Tim "Dancing With Wolves" Foster. For you east-coasters, you'll want to pay particular attention to this week's trivia contest, as winners have a chance to win tickets to see The Little Mermaid or The Lion King on Broadway (Mermaid show Friday May 29th at 8 pm and Lion King show Saturday May 30th at 2 pm)! Time: 1:35:35
    • 5/18/09 – Episode 566, Matt, Newell, Len, and Annette talk about the Unofficial Guide (DING) stats guys' (Len and Fred Hazelton) recent data collection trip to Anaheim and the Disneyland Resort. Included is a review of some of the nearby hotels.
    • 5/20/09 – Episode 567, Matt, Newell, and Annette answer listener questions. Many questions revolving around music and DVC were in this episode, much to Mike Newell's chagrin. Time: 34:19
    • 5/22/09 – Episode 568, Matt, Newell, Annette talk with members from the Disney Mom's Panel, including Jody Grundig and Doug Ingersoll about what the group does and what the experience is like. Time: 22:20
    • 5/17/09 – Episode 197, another "Disneyus Non sequiturium…Paul's in the car on a long drive for a tux fitting, so he gives us more Disney music from his iPod. Good one for headphones! Time: 51:01

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