Friday, May 8, 2009

Disney Podcasts Update, 05/08/2009

It’s that day, folks…time for the weekly update of Disney podcast episodes!

Please note that this again is not a comprehensive list of the Disney Podcasts that are out there. Mike Hamilton has created, which he periodically updates with new podcasts and removes dead casts. He also has the automated RSS (historical) feeds of the podcasts. This is more of a cross-section of what is currently being talked about…perhaps something may sound interesting, and you'll subscribe to listen to that topic.

Any and all comments are welcomed! Also, if you know of another podcast that fits here, let me know.


  • Above the Firehouse
    • 5/2/09 – The hosts put up a teaser video highlighting Westfest 2008: 1 year later (?). We’re ready for the next update already…the suspense is killing me (I hope it lasts). Time: :45
    • 5/7/09 – A short promo for the upcoming Friends of the Magic meet at Disneyland in July. Time: 1:35
  • All About the Mouse
    • 5/8/09 – Episode 108, The hosts talk with Tinker Bell herself! Margaret Kerry stops by for an interview, who served as the model for Tink in Peter Pan. Another roll call for the new AllAboutTheMouseketeers is included (including their first pro-wrestler), as is a segment for Disney news. Time: 1:34:54
  • The Disney, Indiana Podcast
    • 5/3/09 – Episode 21, Scott and Tracey wish the Studios a Happy 20th Birthday. Looking at old guide maps from the park, they bring you an interesting look back at the park and what things have changed over the years. Time: 1:10:55
  • Inside the Magic
    • 5/3/09, Episode 213. Ricky begins the podcast with his "Trip Around the World" news segment. Next comes some binaural audio of the opening ceremony from Disney’s Hollywood Studios last Friday, where Studios Vice-President Rilous Carter gives a short presentation. Following that, Ricky discusses a special presentation that he attended with Imagineers on the history of the Studios, concept art, and other talks. One of the more interesting items hinted at during this presentation revolves around the possible future of Sorcerer’s Hat. Skipper Ben gives his weekly "Cruisin' the World" segment where he shares some rare Jazz music recorded in a Disney theme park. Time: 1:22:56
    • 5/3/09, Special Video Addition to Episode 213, video of the Studios special Opening Ceremony on Friday May 1. Time: 8:13.
  • Micecast
    • 5/7/09 – Mike and Shaft recap the Westfest experience that recently wrapped up at Disneyland. Time: 1:13:07
  • Mouseguest
    • 5/2/09 – Episode 197, Eric, Cathy, and Dan talk about Dan’s recent trip to Disneyland with his “non-believing” brother. Later on in the show, they mention the upcoming Mouseguest Experience as well as celebrations of their listeners. Time: 1:35:28
  • Mousestation
    • 5/5/09 – Episode 307, Mark and Mike have a talk about Star Tours and the rumor that production of a new version has started. After this, they provide a review of Mama Melrose’s in the Studios and end with listener feedback. Time: 37:09.
    • 5/7/09 – Episode 308, This episode details a listener’s experience on a Disney Cruise Line’s repositioning from California through the Panama Canal back to Florida. Time: 45:24
  • Northern Mouse
    • 5/5/09 – Episode 45, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we get an audio cast of the Mexico pavilion, featuring the Gran Fiesta Tour and Mariachi Cobre. Time: 33:31
  • Those Darn Cats
    • 5/5/09 – Episode 51, (Rated PG). The cats are on a rampage! Starting with the problems of finding a good cup of coffee at the World, the hosts discuss the things at Disney World that make them cranky, cranky, cranky! Time: 36:42
  • The Travelears
    • 5/1/09 – Episode 44, with Westfest fast approaching, the hosts discuss some of the new updates coming to California, including the Disney Wonder upcoming repositioning to the west coast, a new barbeque location, Disneyland’s new resort-stay promotion, and more! Time: 44:38
    • 5/5/09 – Episode 45, the Travelears crew, along with dozens of their friends, record live at Westfest! This is proof of how much fun that can be had when you’re in the parks with friends. Time: 37:20
  • Trapped on Vacation
    • 4/26/09 – Episode 121, Earl provides 2 episodes that day, both dealing with Earth Day. The audio portion has him and the bleepin' wife over at Rafiki's Planet Watch listening to Grandmother Willow. The second upload is a vidcast from the same day where they get assaulted by Pipa the Talking Trash Can. Times: 25:45 (Audio) & 3:29 (vid)
  • WDW News Today
    • 5/2/09 – Episode 92. The hosts begin with an interesting “What Were You Thinking” segment where they look at why Disney decided to build a working studio and then why Disney pulled out of the Studio concept. After that is a good segment bringing music and audio from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Finally, they finish up a countdown of Studios’ biggest moments. Time: 2:08:49
  • WDW Radio
    • 5/3/09 – Episode 117. Lou has one of the most amazing interviews about Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Jim Korkis, a Disney historian and author. At the end of the episode, Lou announces the winner of his last contest (I didn’t win). Time: 2:10:51
  • WDW Today
    • 5/3/09 – Episode 560, Matt, Scopa, and Len look at DisneyQuest in 2009. Time: 30:13
    • 5/6/09 – Episode 561, More listener questions for the crew, fielded by Matt, Scopa, and Len. Time: 34:58
    • 5/8/09 – Episode 562, Matt, both Mikes, and Annette discuss character dining, 2009-style. Time: 28:52


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