Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WDW 10-year Anniversary Trip, Pre-Trip: Part 2

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To further add to the insanity, we have Mother's Day the day before we leave. Oh, and my sister's graduation from Illinois State University in blind education on Saturday…the day before Mother's Day. Did I mention that we were having the graduation party at our place? AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa……….

Oh, and another sister just had a baby a few days before.

Oh, and the last sister was going to house-sit for us while we're gone (the residence halls closed, and she couldn't get into her apartment until the 20th, the day we get back).

We leave on Monday, and we've made it to Friday. This is where things finally get interesting (yeah…finally). Friday morning we awoke to find Shiloh in our backyard…literally! This was our first exposure to Tri-Valley's Civil War Day…I blogged about the 2009 version a few posts back.

While we were trying to get ready for the graduation party, they had the cannons going off every few minutes. The high school chemistry classes created pyrotechnics, and the history classes helped supply some of the troops. All the grades saw the battle.

I have a video of the cannon fire, but it's a bad vid. I was watching the Union prepare to fire their cannon without realizing that the Confederate was also readying theirs. I was zoomed in on the Union's troops when the South fired theirs (and they were about 50 yards closer to me than the one I was watching). Sufficed to say, it scared the crap out of me!!! For the next 20 seconds, you can hear me trying to suppress laughter after I about threw the camera in the air. You actually see the sky for a second as the first cannon is shot.

This was the highlight of the day…

1. The meat that was for the party wasn't ready…they had to grab it from scratch.

2. At 4:55, I'm running in to pick up the boys from daycare when a rock cracks the windshield on the Santa Fe. Too late to call it in for them to fix it.

3. Sheri and I about kill each other.

Saturday…graduation and the party at our house. It goes off well! Lots of relatives, including my Aunt Jean, who I don't get to see very often, and all 4 of us siblings together at the same time.

Oh yeah, Disney trip! T-minus 1 day. Casey spends the night at our place, and helps with the boys. Sheri pays her by fixing her an awesome breakfast! I notice that the crack in the windshield has actually spread about a quarter of an inch (yeah, I'm that anal that I could tell it had moved that small amount). That means we're taking my car to Iroquois County…the car that has tons o' crap in it from moving out of my office. It's a small Elantra, and it's gonna take the 4 of us as well as the suitcases for the boys for their stay. We get to Danforth and see Sheri's family for a while.

We planned on leaving around 6 pm. We got out of there a little before 9 pm. About 4 minutes out of Danforth, I look over at Sheri, and she's already near tears. Though I've been on a few trips where I've been away for 5-6 days at a time, she's never been away from both of the boys for more than 4 days. This one's gonna be 7 days. We were actually on the plane the last trip when she started missing Eric. Now it's both of them away from us, and she's not taking it too well. I do what I can to reassure her that they'll be fine with both sets of grandparents. The vacation is just not looking so hot right now to her, so I try talking it up and getting her mind off of the boys for a while. It kind of worked. Kind of.

We got home to an empty house as Casey let us know up-front that she would likely be staying at someone else's that night. Oh, those college days seem so far away sometimes.

We did that last-minute frenzy checking of bags to see what we're forgetting and finally crash around 12:10 in the morning.

Oh yeah, we're going to Disney World tomorrow, or today since it's past midnight.

I hope.

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