Monday, May 4, 2009

The Victory Garden (?), May 2nd

Well, here we are again, a couple of weeks into the season:

From Mush's Blog

As you can see below, the radishes and onions are growing well, and, though it's hard to see, in front of the tomato cages are lettuce (on the right) and spinach (really sparse to the left). Believe it or not, I'm going to throw a row of green beans between the radishes and onions (that's the fun part of intercropping).

From Mush's Blog

In case you're trying to count, there are 8 tomato plants in that back row...we should be able to supply the county with tomatoes if it all works out well. Since they're so close, I'll be doing a lot of pruning, going with the "sacrifice quantity for quality" approach. Also, the darker soil you see is a combination of compost and top soil worked into the ground. Those two patches of darker soil on the right of the first picture are going to be where squash is going to be planted. In between that darker soil is a hidden row of just-planted radishes.

In the picture below, there is a row of lettuce/spinach in front of these tomatoes (planted over a week later than the first planting) Also, you can see the cabbage coming along nicely. It's amazing what Miracle-Gro can do for you as I planted cabbage just 2 weeks ago!!!

From Mush's Blog

Okay, the seeds I planted didn't germinate too well. 2 of the 4 seed areas germinated, and those 2 didn't make it, so I went out and bought some transplants.

We're expecting radishes in a couple of weeks, and the onions can be used not long afterwards. Broccoli and beans will be going in soon, followed by the squash. So far, so good!

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